More Hints at the 'Never Been Done' Mentality on 'Jupiter Ascending'

June 23, 2013
Source: Collider

The Wachowskis

Let's kick the hype up a notch. Production is underway on the next movie from the Wachowskis, titled Jupiter Ascending, a sort of grand space opera take on Snow White about the Queen of the Universe who hunts down a young destitute human woman who will be the end of her reign. The cast includes Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, James D'Arcy, Terry Gilliam, Doona Bae and Channing Tatum, who co-stars as one of the leads. We've been watching for quotes from him already, but talking with him for White House Down recently, Collider got a juicy one and I can't help but repost it because it's what I love hearing about - that the Wachowskis are challenging themselves to do what's "never been done" once again on this movie.

Here's the key Jupiter Ascending quote that Collider posted. Channing Tatum is responding to a question about what he could say about the movie and if they're doing anything groundbreaking. Tatum's answer:

"We are breaking ground on—I mean it’s a tough shoot. We're doing stuff that’s never been done, inside the camera, in the CG world, and the physical stuff. There's very little, if not no, digital stuntmen in the movie. All the stuff is really real and it’s been hard figuring it out because they don't like doing anything that's been done before. So we're definitely doing some new stuff, so hopefully everybody likes it. And it's fun, it's got some cheek to it. It's a cheeky movie a little bit."

He hints at numerous interesting details in his one answer: there are apparently no "digital" stuntmen in the movie, but there is a "CG world" and most of the physical effects or stunt work is being done "inside the camera" (not unusual). Reading into his statements, this sounds like a combination of the Avatar digital shooting style and Zack Snyder's stunt work, with the vision of the Wachowskis behind it all. Earlier this year during the Sean Bean casting news, we posted a quote from Tatum where he said what they're planning "is the craziest shit he's ever seen." I'm still wondering when exactly we will get to see a hint of any of this.

Speaking of Channing Tatum and his involvement, while his character name in Jupiter Ascending is listed as "Caine", he's not exactly playing a regular human. "I'm a splice, splices are essentially built in a test tube. I'm a hybrid wolf and human. And half albino, so I'm a little defective." That is definitely going to throw everyone off, but these mutations are part of the world this is set in. It's set "in a universe where humans are near the bottom of the evolutionary ladder," and splices are higher up. All this continues to sound incredibly fascinating and I'm anxious to get a glimpse, since the movie is due in theaters July 25, 2014 next summer.

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I've heard this film is a complete and utter mess from those in the know

Guest on Jun 23, 2013


Can you elaborate?

axalon on Jun 23, 2013


Indeed. I ca attest to that.

G Burton on Jun 23, 2013


That could go plenty of ways. There are stories about people on the set and 'in the know' for the original Star Wars just being quite baffled at exactly what it was they were involved in. Not to say that Jupiter Ascending will either be absolute greatness or utter crap...but sometimes people 'in the know' simply aren't aware of the new, big thing on the never know how audiences will react to something that is 'new' and different.

Chris Groves on Jun 23, 2013


This "never been done" thing will go straight out the window if Sean Bean's character is killed off at some point.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 23, 2013


Their yellow facing in Cloud Atlas was despicable.

Bruce Lee on Jun 23, 2013


Yes but about the black, brown and white face ???

Call me the Guest on Jun 24, 2013


Yet you were ethically fine with with Doona Bae playing a white ginger, though, right?

Guest on Dec 9, 2013


It just sounds terrible from top to bottom.

Gurgle on Jun 23, 2013


Do people still care about movies from these 2?

Brian Sleider on Jun 23, 2013


I do.

N. on Jun 23, 2013


A lot of people, so much that many critics placed Cloud Atlas as the best if not inside their top ten films of 2012

Héctor Pérez Tovar on Jun 23, 2013


Too bad pretty much every one else fell asleep during that bloated waste of film.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2013


I'm skeptical. The Wachowskis are quickly turning into the next M. Knight Shyamalon. This movie needs to be a return to greatness, or I'm writing them off.

EmagSamurai on Jun 24, 2013

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