More Photoshop Chaos on Latest 'World War Z' Poster with Brad Pitt

April 4, 2013

World War Z

Smoke. Helicopters. Brad Pitt. That's all you really need to sell an action movie! No zombies. Though plenty of those can always be Photoshopped into the rubble if they really want. Paramount has unveiled a second poster for World War Z, the Marc Forster-directed adaptation of Max Brooks zombie book. We've seen multiple trailers, presentations and at least one other official poster, now it's time to toss this one into the mix. Alas, there are no zombies, but there is lots of smoke. And zombie destruction. But I want to see more zombies! For all the concepts they can play with here, I'm surprised we're getting such lackluster poster art.

World War Z Poster

A UN employee racing against time and fate travels the world trying to stop a growing zombie pandemic.

World War Z is directed by German filmmaker Marc Forster, of films Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace and Machine Gun Preacher previously. The screenplay was written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom, State of Play) and revised by Damon Lindelof (Star Trek, Prometheus). It's adapted from Max Brooks' beststelling zombie book World War Z. Paramount will release World War Z in theaters on June 21st after being delayed from December last year.

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the movie looks shit but honestly alex there is nothing really wrong with this poster

hg on Apr 4, 2013


It just looks like shit.

Nielsen700 on Apr 4, 2013


Maybe nothing "wrong" but, as the commenter above said, it just looks like shit. Helicopters. Smoke. Nothing else. Are you really that excited by this poster? Or are you just saying that it doesn't have any Photoshop problems?

Alex Billington on Apr 4, 2013


I think that saying it "looks like shit" is pretty harsh and exaggerated. It looks OK. But, I have to agree that there's nothing there to really get me excited about the movie, and I do think too that a zombie movie poster should depicts zombies.

Moutchy on Apr 4, 2013


Sometimes the promise of mass destruction alone gets people to see movies. While it's not an amazing poster, if I saw it and hadn't heard of the movie I'd be intrigued.

davidshaw on Apr 4, 2013


Also, to note: the headline is a play on words. The poster shows chaos, and Photoshop was obviously used to put it together, so it's "Photoshop Chaos", even though the chaos isn't exactly a Photoshop disaster.

Alex Billington on Apr 4, 2013


Its not that the concept is bad, it's all about execution, and frankly, the execution he was awful (and by the look of te trailer its a constant on this project)

Ricardo_PT on Apr 4, 2013


The background looks awesome but the foreground looks like sh*t. The photoshop looks so bad that it looks Polar Express-esque.

si1ver on Apr 4, 2013


Hope he falls...who would be near the edge while the heli or whatever is moving. And look the way he is looking, like if nothing is happening......dude even i can pose better than that!

Angelo on Apr 4, 2013


It's mysterious. A city is in ashes. Smoke. Fire. Does Brad Pitt look at the chaos? No, Brad Pitt does not look at the chaos. Brad Pitt looks into the distance. Somewhere just directly out of frame. There is something more interesting there than a burning city of zombies. What would it be? It's mysterious.

Snev De la Fontaine on Apr 4, 2013


Sun is on his right side, light is coming from his left side. It's mysterious.

Guest on Apr 4, 2013


Look at his face, no reaction. If he was a human being he would actually be crapping himself in the face. His face expression looks like, "Oh, ....Im at the edge of the helicopter no harnes, just day dreaming!!

Hello on Apr 4, 2013


Waiting for the next poster, I think they are going for the Uncharted theme here 🙂

David Banner on Apr 4, 2013


If I was an art directior on this, I would use film/photo footage of the fall of Saigon as inspiration as part of the reference for this poster because I dont buy any sense of drama or desperation in this piece of crap, furthermore, I think a lot of cues from some of the poster art from 60s - 70s to bring a sense of exagerrated dynamism is needed.

Joe the ad exec/plumber on Apr 4, 2013


I am smoking the biggest bowl of weed before I see this. Can't wait. on Apr 4, 2013


Dull poster. They destroy cities in just about every other movie these days. Pitt should have bloody scrapes and dirty clothes, too, at least to make it a little interesting. Instead he looks like someone cut and pasted him out of a fashion catalog.

$126191 on Apr 4, 2013


It's not only poster but also good achievement.

Imran Ahmed Rubel on Apr 4, 2013

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