More Zombie Mayhem in Second 'World War Z' Trailer with Brad Pitt

March 25, 2013
Source: Apple

World War Z Trailer

"Is there anything left out there?" Honestly, the adaptation of Max Brooks' beststelling zombie book World War Z hasn't fully captivated our interest yet. While the approach to zombies looks intense and against the normal slow, feet-dragging undead we've come to expect, the hordes themselves looked a little weak in the visual effects department. We were hoping it's just because the shots weren't perfected for the first trailer and Super Bowl spot, and this new trailer has definitely cleaned things up a bit. They've finally made this look exciting, we just hope it lives up to the book, too. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, with Mireille Enos.

Watch the second full trailer for Marc Forster's World War Z movie, in high def from Apple:

A UN employee racing against time and fate travels the world trying to stop a growing zombie pandemic.

World War Z is directed by German filmmaker Marc Forster, of films Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace and Machine Gun Preacher previously. The screenplay was written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom, State of Play) and revised by Damon Lindelof (Star Trek, Prometheus). It's adapted from Max Brooks' beststelling zombie book World War Z. Paramount will release World War Z in theaters on June 21st after being delayed from December last year.

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No longer avaible.

Xerxexx on Mar 23, 2013


Working fine now and looking good 🙂

Steven on Mar 23, 2013


Rather watch The Walking Dead instead of this CGI'd garbage..

Rick on Mar 23, 2013


I just can't get on board with this, the new trailer did nothing for me.

Zade_92 on Mar 23, 2013


People flying out the sides of planes appears to be a new trailer trend haha.

Erik Scoggan on Mar 23, 2013


From what I have been reading this doesn't come close to the book

snazzle23 on Mar 23, 2013


doesn't seem to, no. plus, only long distance shots of only slightly improved CGI zombies? it's a slight improvement, but only that. this *is* the first time it appears that he is a UN employee tracking down the source of the outbreak, but during it, rather than afterwards, and apparently still from his perspective only. i guess during one of of their many studio-led rewrites, Paramount figured multiple viewpoints after the fact was too difficult for its target audience. shame, the book is aces (and, of course, will remain so).

son_et_lumiere on Mar 23, 2013


What I don't get is why even call this World war Z, the multiple international perspectives was what made the book so great and unique. Paramount could've just slapped a different name on it and it wouldnt of made a difference and would probably be received better cause it would totally slap fans of the book in the face.

Cody W on Mar 23, 2013


The answer is simple. It is an existing franchise, it is ALWAYS easier to sell tickets to an existing franchise movie. Do you think We would have suffered through 3 shitty Transformers movies if it was just a generic "cars that turn into fighting robots" movie? No

Brian Sleider on Mar 24, 2013


Your right, but I dont think Transformers is a good example. You ask someone on the street about transformers anyone knows it, World war Z has a much smaller fan base. This isnt really an existing movie franchise either.

Cody W on Mar 24, 2013


that's my view as well. if it was something like Transformers, as @facebook-1847907840:disqus says, then i'd get it. but it's a single piece of literary intellectual property with a very strong fan base that's relatively small compared to some obvious recent adaptations. the film in the trailer (and, yes, it still is only that) is nothing like the book. they could have just stated only 'based on the novel by', given it one of those fashionable one word titles, and i reckon i and many other fans of the book would have minded less. i think @Neil below got it right - comparing the book with this trailer is like comparing The Running Man book to its adaptation.

son_et_lumiere on Mar 24, 2013


They've made an action movie adaption of the book. The book was entertaining, but it was a slow horror drama, while this looks like an action thriller. I prefer the way that they've gone with the concept in the film.

michael on Mar 23, 2013


There is nothing wrong with doing an action film with zombies, but it shouldn't be using the name. It's looks like it's going to be as big a travesty as The Running Man is to Stephen King's book. The films might be entertaining, but they should stand on their own merits, not try to cash in on a name that is out there

Neil on Mar 23, 2013


How many people have gone on to read a book after watching a film that is tied to it though? If it inspires people to also read books it can't be a bad thing.

Steven on Mar 24, 2013


Why does it have to come close to the book? Video and Print are different medias. As long as it's good I don't see why it matters.

Chace White on Mar 24, 2013


That's like changing batman's origin and giving him superpowers like superman...better to base it on something the fans have loved for a while then make some bullshit story like this movie has to sell TICKETS.

Abel Villa on Mar 26, 2013


The problem is that most people don't know any of these characters origins as they were told from the comic books. I sure as heck don't and I've seen just about every super hero movie. Comic books are a niche market, which is to say no one really reads them. Where as movie blockbusters are made for the masses in order to generate huge profits from the larger budgets required to make them. Of course the two are going to be different.

Chace White on Mar 27, 2013


I, for one, am glad about that - I really disliked the book's entire framework.

zey on Mar 24, 2013


Looks all right to me.

Nielsen700 on Mar 23, 2013


Does look better than the first trailer but the CGI zombies still bother the hell out of me.

Akwasi Asabere on Mar 23, 2013


This looks like its going to be nothing more than a popcorn flick, based off all the turmoil this film has gone through in production, Im surprised it even got this far. Studios should take a lesson from film history, whenever a film goes through so many pre-production changes they should just shitcan the project and save themselves the hurt.

Cody W on Mar 23, 2013


Still not convinced the special effects were done by a world-renowned studio.

Mithun Divakaran on Mar 23, 2013


Check your brain and CGI doubts at the door people. Lets do this!

eyedea on Mar 23, 2013


Marshall Law is a really fat cool chinese cop.

Ricardo Ono on Mar 23, 2013


Lies and slander! Marshall Law is a totally ripped American fighter of Chinese descent who fought in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, in hopes he could open his own dojo with the prize money.

SuicidalOptimist on Mar 23, 2013


wow great stuff

A5J4DX on Mar 23, 2013


this i want to see, looks spectacular and Brad Pitt is always in a great movie. He wouldn't do it if he thinks it won't work. And Marc Foster is a fine director.

avi on Mar 23, 2013


Brad Pitts personal production company Plan B is behind this.. He also has bought options on some impressive comic properties.

lando on Mar 23, 2013


I have only watched two of Mr Forster's movies out of his body of work, and I can say, he can handle smaller budgets, but QoS, not so much. The production was fraught with problems, and the script was not fully realized when they uncapped the lens. Stranger Than Fiction was a special movie. The CGI is par on this trailer...We will see about the film.

Random on Mar 23, 2013



J Pitt on Mar 23, 2013


I think the humpback whales look fake.

Zu on Mar 23, 2013


Max Brooks is turning over in his grave. This is a farging disaster.

Frank Sorbello on Mar 23, 2013


His grave? Max Brooks is alive and well, dude.

jn on Mar 24, 2013


Max Brooks may be alive, but they sure as hell buried his book.

Frank Sorbello on Apr 3, 2013


Really wish that they just wouldn't call this "World War Z" this is nothing like the book.

IamSlave on Mar 23, 2013


Seriously, this just looks like another Michael Bay film. I think I'll just read the book again. What a disappointment!

So disappointed! on Mar 23, 2013


Zombies don't need to run they have numbers. How can a rotting corpse sprint? They should have read the book and not turned a wonderful story into a popcorn action CGI lade dross-fest. Huge disappointment.

Mike Nuttall on Mar 23, 2013


Meh. on Mar 23, 2013


I've come to terms with the fact that this movie and the book only share the name. So, looking at this as just a new zombie movie, this looked pretty awesome. Yeah, the CGI is still looking pretty bleh, but that didn't ruin I Am Legend for me, and their vampire-zombies weren't exactly top notch, either. I am very confident that Brad Pitt's acting will save this movie if need be.

SuicidalOptimist on Mar 23, 2013


I really love the direction so far, my problem is the special effects, but people talking about how zombies move slow, please shut the hell up as long as the movie is good why does that even matter

Anthony Donovan Stokes on Mar 23, 2013


That trailer was just as god awful as the last one. Only Hollywood could be so f**king retarded as to make a PG-13 "zombie" movie & expect it to just succeed because of the amount of money thrown at it. If that was their aim then it deserves to fail from the start. The Walking Dead is just about the most brutal show on TV (after Spartacus) & definitely about the biggest show on any channel, free to air or cable yet these Hollywood muppets are afraid they'll lose money showing zombies for what they really are? What they should have considered was "how many potential ticket buyers are we automatically excluding because we're too thick to portray zombies & what it takes to kill them realistically & because we think these people are stupid enough to buy a ticket just because it has running "zombies", Brad Pitt & a metric f**kton of shiny, sparkly CGI"? Anyone who knows anything about zombies knows that damage to the brain, decapitation, burning & a sufficient enough explosion are the ONLY ways to deal with the undead, not just blasting away indiscriminately with an assault rifle or a mini-gun from a helicopter from an ultra safe distance. Sure there were a couple of explosions there but also a hell of a lot of indiscriminate bullet wastage taking down "zombies" with lucky body shots. They can take all of the time they want with rewrites & re-shoots, this movie will still flop & it will flop hard. They can blame the director, they can blame the writer, they can blame the producer, they can try & blame the economy, they can even try to blame the delay & say that interest had peaked leading up to the expected release & then waned after the delay but anyone with a brain who's honest enough knows that it's all as simple as this; the majority of zombie fans will never pay good money to see a sanitised PG-13 "zombie" movie, period. Even those who do pay to go & see it, many will walk out afterwards & say they much prefer The Walking Dead and honestly, who could blame them?

CrouchingWeasel on Mar 23, 2013


The Walking Dead is just about the most ridiculed show on at the moment, too. For its boring episodes, dreadful dialogue, and characters no one can remember the names of.

$126191 on Mar 24, 2013


I remember the names.

Xerxexx on Mar 24, 2013


Looks like they're trying to write the stories of the book in a present time with the journalist.

tra la la la la di da on Mar 24, 2013


There is no way this movie will be good. The book was poetic and more cerebral than what these trailers seem to indicate. So why take what imo could have been the Dancing With Wolves of zombie films (as I sated on this site 2 years ago when the project was announced) and make a general action "epic" blockbuster. Don't kid yourself if you read the book you know I am right.

Jon on Mar 24, 2013


You are correct sir.

grimjob on Mar 25, 2013


I assumed brad Pitts chatacter was the author the UN hires to write world war z. The only story not in the book is his.

Corey Vire on Mar 24, 2013


If the script has been 'revised' by Lindelof, then expect that to make little or no sense. But given the fact that Foster likes to 'shake the camera around' to add edge to his action, then it's likely that what you are trying to see won't make much sense either. Always interesting how the trailers never contain shakey cam. Almost as if it's deemed important to show what's on the screen when you are encouraging someone to buy a ticket but deem it unnecessary once they've paid up.

Payne by name on Mar 25, 2013


This trailer hasn't convinced me yet. I'll wait and see. It's seems like this year's I Am Legend.

The Mechanic on Mar 25, 2013


I loved the book and still feel the drama and suspense is what they should have leaned towards, not this hyper action direction. I personally don't mind fast zombies. Especially when they are based off a virus like the book or the movie series 28 Days. Speaking of which, 28 days is as fast as I want and expect from my zombies. If any human body went as fast as these trailers claim the zombies go, it would quickly disintegrate into a broken bones and torn muscles and ligaments imo.

Johnny Neat on Mar 25, 2013


I was waiting for Iron Man to save them

Tyrell Antonio on Mar 25, 2013


Looks pretty cool to me. It's got the wall in Israel from the book, they mention Russia which goes through a crazy shitstorm of its own, and there's no way it's not the Battle of Yonkers that leaves New York smoking. Plus there's the Battleship out on the ocean that I'm really hoping runs into a floating mass of zombies like the submarine in the book. As for the CG zombies, they're getting more polished as we get closer to release, tell me you guys didn't notice that. And I'm sure we'll get a better look at them in the final film. I think it's gonna be pretty sweet. Max Brooks said it was gonna be cool and he wrote the book. If he can get behind it, I can.

Buttass on Mar 25, 2013


How about pretending like you've never seen a zombie movie before and stop comparing this to the rest?

edgesight on Mar 25, 2013


Looks good to me; walking dead is awesome too.

Ben Sharkey on Mar 26, 2013


I so badly want this to be good. The book was so unique! Uhg. I would even take another delay to really hit a homerun with the CGI because as of right now, there is some visible cheese :(.

Scoot on Mar 28, 2013


Sorry, but this looks like shite.

Mckool on Mar 29, 2013

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