Must Watch: Amazing 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' First Teaser Trailer

October 29, 2013
Source: YouTube

X-Men: Days of Future Past

"I don't want your suffering! I don't want your future!" Ever since we saw footage from Comic-Con, we've been waiting to see the first trailer for Bryan Singer's return to the X-Men franchise in the form of X-Men: Days of Future Past. With the cast of the original X-Men franchise and the new series X-Men: First Class coming together for this film, it looks like it will undoubtedly be the biggest X-Men film to date. This is pretty much exactly what we saw at Comic-Con, including the use of that The Thin Red Line track, but with some new shots we didn't see in San Diego. Next summer needs to be here now. Watch it below!

Here's the first trailer for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, originally from X-Men Movies:

X-Men: Days of Future Past is directed by Bryan Singer and written by Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg. The sequel features cast members from the original X-Men franchise like Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Cudmore along with X-Men: First Class cast members like James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Fassbender. The present day X-Men are in danger from a mistake in the past, and Wolverine is sent back in time to fix it in order to avoid a dark, terrifying future timeline. Fox releases the film on May 23rd, 2014.

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Ohhhhh shit this looks great

rickvanr on Oct 29, 2013


This isn't "the powerful track from Inception." The Comic-Con trailer for "Days" used a piece of music that was simply a rip-off of that powerful track ("Time"). The music from this version of the trailer is another powerful track by Hans Zimmer, from "The Thin Red Line." Yes, it's the same one they used in "Man of Steel"'s Comic-Con trailer. I'm just wondering why they'd used the same music.

Krishna Shenoi on Oct 29, 2013


No I believe it's John Murphy - Surface of The Sun from the movie Sunshine they used for this trailer.

Charlie Hard on Oct 29, 2013


No...the second part of the trailer is CLEARLY The Thin Red Line

Buford on Oct 29, 2013


I meant the first part of the trailer. It's John Murphy - Surface of The Sun. They switched it for the second part.

Charlie Hard on Oct 29, 2013


I'm referring to 1:25 seconds and onward, after that abrupt cut. It's Hans Zimmer's "Journey to the Line" all right. I pointed that out because it was, in the article, mistaken for Zimmer's "Time." Before that, during the dialogue bits, yes, it is "Surface of the Sun." Incidentally, they used it in a superhero film before, "Kick-Ass." Incidentally, directed by Matthew Vaughn, who later directed "X-Men: First Class." Connections.

Krishna Shenoi on Oct 29, 2013


This is pretty common practice really. They'll find a powerful bit of music from a movie that isn't directly identifiable (ex. they wouldn't use a music segment from Star Wars or Harry Potter), and then they'll throw it into a trailer typically for cost savings or because they haven't recorded much yet.

Gregory Richmer on Oct 29, 2013


No, I get that, and it's completely understandable. It's just strange that they'd use the same music that they used in another incredibly popular superhero film's trailer. Isn't the point to set yourself apart, at least in some sense? Will this kind of music become the new Inception BWOOOM?

Krishna Shenoi on Oct 29, 2013


Once they have a fair amount of recording done and we're closer to the release date, they'll release a trailer or two with original music. As for the logic behind the song choice, who knows. Probably a bit that the studio execs liked.

Gregory Richmer on Oct 29, 2013


Yeah I don't care that they used music from other trailers. It still works and it's done all the time. They probably haven't recorded the score for film to have original music yet anyways.

David Diaz on Oct 29, 2013


Looks OK

Buford on Oct 29, 2013


Holy time travel Batman! Wait different universe. Sorry.

Carpola on Oct 29, 2013


I love the fact that none of these things are in the trailer: 1. A shot of a whole skyline being fucking scraped off the surface of the Earth in an explosion of pixels ("Star Trek Into Darkness," "The Avengers," "Man of Steel," "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," and so on). 2. A shot of a blue/white beam of light shooting into the sky, or down from it ("The Avengers," "Man of Steel," "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," "The Amazing Spider-Man," and so on). 3. A huge ship rising out of the clouds/water (You get the drill). Maybe it's because this is just a teaser, but this film seems different.

Krishna Shenoi on Oct 29, 2013



Chris Purdy on Oct 29, 2013


This trailer looks bomb and so will the movie when it comes out. I been waiting for this trailer it feels likes years now. Shout out to my wife Halle Berry, who plays Storm/Orora Monroe. Trailer would have been even better if they showed the sentenials 0_0

Malik Henry on Oct 29, 2013


Definitely a not must watch...the trailer is terrible, bad selection of music/footage, looks like the editor was on a holiday...

dawko on Oct 29, 2013


Hmmmm. Not sure what to make of it. FIRST CLASS was pretty awesome and full of energy. I know this one is darker but I hope it's still full of energy. Am still very curious - bringing all these guys together has a lot of potential and Singer is always solid.

SV7 on Oct 29, 2013


I just loved that this first trailer focused on the story and gives none of the action away. Total opposite of the Captain America trailer which was all action and no story.

David Diaz on Oct 29, 2013


What's with the never land kids? Rufio's not a mutant, is he?

Dan Hibiki on Oct 29, 2013


Looks like they are taking the best from the franchise (all things X) and putting it into this film...except Jean Grey. The original "Days of the Future Past" was such a great story, this seems like it might work. BUT... 1. There are a lot of story bits used int the original "days..." that would be considered tired now. 2. Tired cliche #1 - Because it's a future story, let's kill some major characters - if I see that right off the bat, I will be sad. 3. Tired cliche #2 - stopping a specific thing in the past makes everything better in the future. What could the ending to this movie possibly be that we haven't already seen? It has to stand apart. I hope it does.

l.21 on Oct 29, 2013


what the MAJOR change is : Wolverine NOT Kitty Pride is only time traveler 'back" . and he has to reside in his past body . A new 'scifi' convention for Hollywood ?? that only a mutant with healing powers can go back or forward ? in time . And no Senator Kelly - it's all about stopping Dinklage ( Trask ) ... I think we'll get your story bits in 1 as Singer has to since they've changed the story focus .. As for your 2nd point if they DON"T kill somebody people will bitch about that . 3rd well it IS Hollywood . Logan will end things in the PAST to return to a better FUTURE . Not the Reverse . That's the other major plot change

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Definitely looks good, but I was not blown away by any means. It's important to remember that as much as Bryan Singer is the director of X-Men and X2, he is also the director of Superman Returns and Jack the Giant Slayer. The latter two films are also arguably more representative of 'Present Day' Bryan Singer. Not trying to be a negative nancy, I hate it when people just try to rain on someone's parade, but still. Like I said, it looks good, and I'm cautiously optimistic...but this trailer didn't 100% sell me like a trailer for...say...The Avengers did.

Chris Groves on Oct 29, 2013


Plus one must consider the very extensive cast...hard to imagine that everyone will get a properly fleshed out role. For my money, my 'May 2014' list of priority viewing is as such: Godzilla(Very excited) Days of Future Past(optimistic and interested) The Amazing Spider-Man 2(not very interested as of now)

Chris Groves on Oct 29, 2013


If you watch the ComicCon panel and press conference from the link after the trailer , you find out that it is described as 'two movies in one " the two casts don't meet . Jackman is the go-between So it's halvsies ... ok c'mon we don't need ANOTHER Godzila remake Please . Get Encore : there's a Godzilla movie on every Friday or Saturday ..

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Except Singer himself has said that the film is about 30% future and 70% past. Meaning in the 'future' story, where a lot of these characters(Storm, IceMan, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Colossus) are appearing, is going to make up a much smaller portion of the film. You clearly don't know anything about this new Godzilla film. It's not some low budget Japanese film(as fun as those films are) it's a blockbuster, one staying true to the character, unlike the 98 film. Plus, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are the leads...and I'm sure you'll recognize their names as the ones playing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Chris Groves on Oct 30, 2013


my point is not that I don't want a Japanese remake ; it;s that I don't want ANOTHER reboot/remake AT ALL . Esp. a Godzilla one . what was wrong with the last one that came out in 2011 ? Because I take it that this new one is not a continuation of the Broderick one ? I won't recognize those two until I see the new Avengers movie . think I've seen the 3rd Olsen somewhere ; not gaga over her

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


I kind of enjoyed Jack the Giant Slayer, of course I went into ti with REALLY low expectations.

Brian Sleider on Oct 29, 2013


I never expected a transition from Sunshine into The Thin Red Line could be so great... This trailer really makes me excited for the movie. A+ trailer

Sycophantic Sockdrawer on Oct 29, 2013


All it needed was a little Requiem for a Dream and this would have been a hat trick of the most epic trailer music.

Tyler Hayes on Oct 29, 2013


I would like for this to be the first and last trailer for this movie. It's very good because it concentrates on the story without any major spoilers regarding either action or plot

CosminD on Oct 29, 2013



Fidel Reyes on Oct 29, 2013


I'm more excited by the stuff they didn't show i.e. the drones or Peter Dinklage. This looks amazing though.

ion677 on Oct 29, 2013


Not satisfied until wolverine is in his comicbook wolverine outfit! Okay, we all know Hugh Jackman works out, we all know his hair is cool - give me his gawdamn uniform! Tired of these movies not portraying their comic book character.

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 29, 2013


it's his CANADIAN yellow-and-blue uniform . Which is why you'll NEVER see it . As they have erased any notion of a " Weapon Alpha " Watching the 1st movie again I remembered they had Cyclops make a joke about wearing "yellow spandex" . Which is a director's/writer's way of saying you'll never see it ..

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


1st - I didnt ask what uniform it was. I know what he wears! 2nd - I am fully aware that they wont ever bring it to the big screen cause Marvel producers suck!

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 30, 2013


if u knew then there was no point is complaining about it NOW . Phased it out in the comics the same way ... hmm more of the director's choice ( Singer ) telling the writers not to even bring it up . in fact joke about it .. they've made their focus too specific on certain heroes and their origins . thus they won;t introduce the WHOLE universe that they need to ., for us fanboys . More of the canadian heroes would be great another reader may not know ur reference

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


argh! I said "I-AM-NOT-SATISFIED"! I simply stated what is wrong with the character! It was never a complaint but more of a statement. Whatever their "said" reasons are as to why they're not bringing it to the big screen is nothing but excuses. AND for your information, the suit was never phased out! The suit was used for some issues and not used for other issues, depending on the situation or the comic plot, but was never phased out. And another thing, by Singer saying "not to bring it up" loses fanboy respect even more so. He would of been the first one to do so and if done right, well needless to say, he would of gained tremendous respect not just from fanboys but from a general audience as well. However; I have grown tired of Singer's efforts for a decent Xmen and I am tired of all the small but yet important details being overlooked and some not even considered so that hollywood and their pockets stay happy.

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 31, 2013


:o) your emotion proves my point to others on this page Wolverine STILL Rules .....u gotta remember he WAS in almost every mutant book . So yes sometimes the scripter puts him in B&G . Cause he's just as big a fan as you . Overall tho , the suit got phased out . Logically ( as logical as Hollywood an get ) , since Singer wrote any Canadian reference OUT of his " Origins " or even any of the other movies , B&G fans are SOL ... sorry Not excuses ; CREATIVE decisions . your emotion makes it OBVIOUSLY so much more than a "statement " . However , it's not as if this should be surprising , AS EVERY Marvel or DC hero has been written somewhat contrary to their comic book personas . Superman Batman ? yeah they're hard to screw up , cause they've BEEN in Hollywood since the 50's( Superman) and the 70's ( Batman ). the rest of the Hollywood hero world is 15 years ( XMen 1 ) new . And the science of SpecialFX STILL can't reproduce then as we comic fans know them . try to be happy that we're getting any Hollywood respect AT ALL... Granted cause they need us ....

Dominic on Oct 31, 2013


Dont get it twisted Dominic. My emotions are not created by the source of the teaser. The emotions shown on the previous statement are frustrated emotions created due to your resilient reasonings to justify Wolverine. "Creative Decisions"??? Pfft! Let me tell you something Dominic, all the creative decisions are unnecessary. Unnecessary because you have all the original and raw creativitiy already on paper, in the comic, in a perfect blueprint. Alls one has to do, is properly distribute it to the big screen. Theres no need for "Hey what if we do this? or Hey, what if we change that?" NO! These comics sold millions and continue to make millions because we love them for what they are. The creativity put together. When "creative decisions" are made in the studio for whatever need they want to satisfy, then thats when these movies lose credibility and respect. Now there are only a few .......just a few select directors/producers who have done some of these movies justice, and im sorry BS fan but Bryan isnt one of them. His vision is lacking in the way of transferring. Im not saying hes not talented or a great director, what i am saying, is that i dont believe he is capable of doing this in that regard. Sure, not all movies are perfect but some can be made to where you say to yourself "wow, they did a pretty good job understanding what made the originality great". For gods sakes, Magneto didnt even have his magnetic bubble when he was floating in the teaser (something i was desperately waiting for in the original trilogy), and still, nothing there. Thats the kind of shit im talking about. As i digress, I am simply stating simple facts that have brought down my excitement to want to watch anything Bryan Singer. I have made my point and am done with this back and forth argument. Good day!

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 31, 2013


:o)) I laughed out loud at " all the creative decisions are unnecessary " what you are unsatisfied at then , was the point I made last post . Hollywood CAN'T reproduce all that we have seen and read in comic books . If there was really such a thing a Holodeck ( pardon the ST reference ) they we could make these stories come to life PERFECTLY the 'red bubble' ( because it was a shield ) and flying ? yes they have never explained how Mag and his band get around . a scene with him transporting all the mutants from X3 . would have been nice I grant you . CREATIVE decisions govern that Prob not that they couldn't fake this . But that they thought it was too silly , that the NON-fan (as we aren't) who needs to be educated on the characters , won't just crap on it as being unrealistic . Because THAT is the key ! Singer , and anybody else , are trying to make the UN-realistic believable . And still as human as possible . Try to remember , as I believe Singer himself and other movie types have said . They're NOT making this for you and me and THEMSELVES , per se , us fellow comic book nerds . It's made to make as much MONEY as possible from the TRILLIONS of people in the world .. the good shit gets lost in the shuffle in that process

Dominic on Nov 1, 2013


Dumb! Thanks for reinforcing my point tho. "They're NOT making this for you and me and THEMSELVES , per se , us fellow comic book nerds . It's made to make as much MONEY as possible from the TRILLIONS of people in the world .. the good shit gets lost in the shuffle in that process" Now that i laughed out loud at. Moving have your opinion, i have mine. This is my final post and not returning so you can choose to make a final entry.........or not.

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 1, 2013


I thought u weren't replying to any more posts :o)) BTW i just saw some photos of movie scenes . Maggs WILL fly for you this movie . Red bubble IDK ... yes I'm not really arguing with you ; ur point is correct . Just telling you to get over it ... we've gone over this upset-with-movie-versions for years already

Dominic on Nov 1, 2013


This looks more like a superhero drama flick. Where is the action? Where's the excitement?

Jon Odishaw on Oct 29, 2013


Frankly, that's why I'm interested in it. We've had a generous helping of superhero action lately, and many X-Men flicks full of it in the past - I'm cool with a focus on the drama this time. (Besides, the Sentinels will bring enough requisite "excitement," I'm sure.)

Ali Miller on Oct 29, 2013


I'm sure it's coming soon. Bryan Singer mentioned yesterday in a twitter Q & A that this trailer would be mostly character driven, since a lot of the FX aren't finished yet.

Jeff Koenig on Oct 29, 2013


Teaser Trailer.

Brian Sleider on Oct 29, 2013


Perfect for a teaser, still no idea on the plot and only very short glimpses of possible action. Anything more would give to much away IMO.

Steven on Oct 29, 2013


Beast looks way better in this than he did in First Class.

Robbie on Oct 29, 2013


I think my biggest problem with the X-men is that Wolverine always has a huge part. I mean I like him but he has never been a favorite of mine. Looks good but you just never know with these Marvel movies anymore. They operate on their own separate rules which take away from the magic that made them huge comic series. First class was great and kept me entertained even though things were changed. This movie I'll have to see first before I can really make a judgment call. I will say Thor had a better trailer.

blkstar on Oct 29, 2013


Yes but Thor and X-Men are not made by different studios which is why their marketing approaches are different, they are both "Marvel Movies" but not "Marvel Studios Movies". I will agree with never knowing by the trailer, I think we all learned form the Iron Man 3 trailers, false advertisement... But this is just a teaser, it isn't supposed to be plot driven it's just supposed to get the attention of the public.

Fidel Reyes on Oct 29, 2013


Finally someone who speaks my language. I tip my hat to you Sir as I hated everything about the false advertising of Iron Man 3.

blkstar on Oct 29, 2013


No lines delivered by the Mandarin that were presented in the trailer were even heard in the film, well only "You'll never see me coming" ,but the rest where just recorded for the trailer voice overs, that was indeed False Advertisement.

Fidel Reyes on Oct 29, 2013


you may not be a fan of Logan BUT the character has DOMINATED the comics industry since the middle 80's . thank God Hollywood finally respects the industry , but if it's X-Men , it's Wolverine ( check out my icon ;o)) ) get over it .. And you're QUITE incorrect . The WHOLE industry has created comics and characters that don't 'follow the rules ' other scripters have made up for other characters . " The magic " is in the writing/storytelling , which will either make you believe in THAT character with THOSE rules , or it won't For ex. what other character gets his powers because he's under a yellow sun ? and if the character does , is it an alien ( like Superman obv ) ?? Do ALL aliens get powers under a yellow sun ? etc ...

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Then don't go see it. Let the rest of us enjoy it. Sheesh.

haybarn on Oct 29, 2013


To be fair if he is right you wont enjoy it.

Brian Sleider on Oct 29, 2013


Indeed. If you look at Bryan's track record, his ratio for movies gone bad tips the scale vs movies gone good.

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 29, 2013


My biggest problem with X Men is the character of Mystique. They over use her in fooling everyone and then have her possessing the fighting abilities of the individuals she's meant to be mimicking. Add to that, you have Wolverine dominating everything (as blkstar said) and you end up with characters like Cyclops being totally sidelined because they aren't deemed 'sexy' by the writers and makers who can't make a franchise from them. X Men has never reached the potential that it could in my eyes.

Payne by name on Oct 29, 2013


HMM yes part of this resembles the line from the WWE " Creative has nothing for you " ... which always makes me blame Creative more than the actor . However they have NOT ramped up Mystique that much , as I remember one scripter giving her that mimicking -powers-completely ability . Plus THAT has been set since the 1st movie - no need to complain now AGAIN Wolverine Rules Get Over It

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Stupid costumes, sappy sad music, tears from everyone! Aww yeahhh! Wait... what!?

Matt Stuertz on Oct 29, 2013


Thank god im not the only one. its like, please stop already with the superhero garbage.

Buzzfunk on Oct 29, 2013


To everyone saying it's a bad trailer "Bryan Singer ‏@BryanSinger 28 Oct Tomorrow's trailer is primarily a character piece, as most of our VFX are not yet finished."

Mxyzptlk on Oct 29, 2013


This is why I respect Zack Snyder so much. He did justice to The Watchmen. And by doing that, he knew he had to sacrifice mostly all of the general audience with making it rated R, including, knowing he was going to take a huge paycut by having it reflect the graphic novel comic book to the tee. The movie was brilliant! All high points were hit and I'm sure Zack is getting endless royalties from the comic book readers, cause in the end, thats what matters. Sure the guy gets endless shit for some of his movies, but lets face it, the guy is fans first, audience second. This is the problem with the majority of the Marvel movie producers. No one has the balls to do this cause they want to make hollywood happy and "get paid" large amounts of money on the weekend the movie hits theaters. Another example is with the new Judge Dredd. When i saw that, i was like "DAMN! Now thats the Dredd that i know in the comics!" But of course, just like Watchment, this movie was targeted more for the readers, and not the general audience; hence no not a great profit return and no promise for a sequel (which in my opinion would love one).

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 29, 2013


YEAH!!!! Another person who speaks my language. I'm not alone.

blkstar on Oct 29, 2013


Agreed. I liked Watchmen quite a bit. However, he undid everything good hes done before with the pos called Man of steel. But I did love JD!! Needed more violence :))

Buzzfunk on Oct 29, 2013


i disagree. i thoroughly enjoyed MOS for multiple reasons. could it have been done any better?.........possibly. but there arent too many directors/producers who could have done a better job. moreover, we still dont yet know why certain desicions were made (decisions many had to complain about), because this is the opening to the justice league.

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 29, 2013


The music is from 'Sunshine' by John Murphy.

Spencer Hamilton on Oct 29, 2013


Adagio In D Minor

somaxd on Oct 30, 2013



Quynh Truong on Oct 29, 2013


Even if this turns out to be garbage, you have to respect the audacity of the idea.

DAVIDPD on Oct 29, 2013


I don't know the story and this teaser is just that, a teaser. But it seems to me like this movie needs to run longer than the average action/comic flick. There seems to be a lot of material. Am I wrong in thinking that?

Neuromancer on Oct 29, 2013


Actually making this 2 parts could have been wise, more story to tell especially with the scope and complexity.

Fidel Reyes on Oct 29, 2013


they the actors/movie staff THINK of it as two movies in one ( look at the ComicCon panel/press conference ) . I think they look at it as that the story has to end in one movie , as a "PART 2" 2-3 years later is horrible for continuity . even a year apart . and if it's over 2 hrs 20 mins , people get fidgety and Theatres lose a showing time

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Makes sense, nevertheless they have a lot of material to play with.

Fidel Reyes on Oct 30, 2013


30 years of mutant stories yes they do have a lot . I have to give Singer credit for even trying to adapt this AWESOME story arc . was this the 1st major time travel story in Marvel ???

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


I'm not too sure I know about the comics but not about their release dates sorry, but I do know this was what put X-Men on an even more popular state and Marvel on the map for darker themed stories.

Fidel Reyes on Oct 30, 2013


Neuromancer : KITTY PRYDE comes back to our uni's XMen tells then the future is horrible( desolate , mutants always on the run ) because of Senator Kelly's Mutant Registration Act , and the Sentinels made to enforce said registration . They go to the FUTURE( the reverse of what Singer has written ) to help THOSE XMen kill Kelly , and stop Trask Industries and the Sentinel program . They don't kill OUR Kelly when they come back , but they pledge to watch the situation and not allow it in our uni .... The story in a nutshell . omitting the taller Ororo and squat , hairier Logan and THEIR love story . Plus Kitty being the leader of the future XMen , with Iceman .A more active Colussus , with Rogue as gf . And I guess they can't have Kelly in it as they killed him off already .. you can find the 2(3 ?) issues of Uncanny X-Men story arc . It prob will be better than the movie for you

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


actually I mixed that up should be Coloussus with Pryde , Ice with Rogue . But since they have Paige looking up at Ashmore so lovingly , IDK

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Interesting, I might have to check it out!

Neuromancer on Oct 31, 2013


Very uninspired trailer. Same trailer music from Sunshine we've heard a dozen times before, in a dozen better trailers. Meh, Brian Singer is a pretty average director at the best of times. Sorry guys, but I think this one smells like a stinker.

Trey Wilson on Oct 29, 2013


that song is a guarantee to make any trailer better...

somaxd on Oct 30, 2013


This has the potential to be the best Xmen movie. I like that it really didn't show any action. They should keep it that way as long as they can. I like what they did with 1st Class. Although their were useless characters (Darwin), atleast we got to finally see a mutant villain other than Magneto! That shit was played out. I can't wait to see what the sentinels are gonna look like on screen. On the next flick they should consider Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse.

PillowPantz on Oct 29, 2013


Poor Storm. Her lightning looks just as shitty as the first movie.

Guest_of_Honor on Oct 29, 2013


I noted this to a Halle-hater in another forum : Ororo in the comics is taller than Halle , long-legged . She flies more (can't remember it in the movies ) creating an updraft to float on and winds to push her . She can climb in the air AS HIGH as the storm clouds she's created . And she's skilled in the same martial arts as the Panther , so she don't NEED her lightning bolts all the time . Technically , when using her powers , only Jean is stronger . Which they used to mitigate in the comics by getting her knocked out ..

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Yup - iirc, she's been mentioned as Omega-level (same as Prof X, Jean, and some others) in power if she let loose. But much like Prof X, she keeps her powers on a relative tight leash most of the time, since I remember her powers being affect by her emotional state.

VAharleywitch on Oct 30, 2013


yeah I mean the scripter would tell the inker to color a panel where Storm is getting knocked before she had a chance to do anything or get really angry. Because otherwise who can fight her BUT Jean ?

Dominic on Nov 1, 2013


I'm not commenting on how bad of a character Storm is! She happens to be one of my favorite Omega's. But these producers and film makers never gave her a chance. On the first movie she looked ridiculous with the stiff wig and looked even more stupid flying out of the elevator with bent legs. On the second she was demoted to pilot. On the third she was stuck with one lousy opponent and they gave her blue highlights to make her look even more dumb. And her lightning effects on all movies are.......shitty. Some kind of low budget electricity effect. David Bowie walking out of an electrical shower in the movie The Prestige looked more like Storm than all these movies combined! So please spare me the xmen lecture.

Guest_of_Honor on Nov 3, 2013


did I call you out on this by NAME , as a Halle-hater ?( I didn't say " ...ANOTHER Halle-hater like you ...) OR was I AGREEING with you ? I think it's easy to tell I was agreeing with you , and as upset with 'Creative" as you read better please

Dominic on Nov 3, 2013



The Infamous Derpa on Nov 7, 2013


people gotta read better so they don't have some incorrect emotional outburst . Like u just did.... I AM agreeing with him . Love Halle HATE how they've scripted Storm in the movies

Dominic on Nov 8, 2013


For those of you who haven't seen the CC panel/presser , Singer notes that SOME of the continuity problems will be "fixed " not saying who or how of course . They have to do something to fit Kitty in , and more time for Coloussus . I think Paige and Ashmore are "in the future" ( 3 years after 'The Wolverine " ) bur Rouge and Coloussus are in the past . From the trailer ... since they've changed much of the premise , i don't see him changing ALL the characters we would wish scripted like the comics version ..

Dominic on Oct 30, 2013


Be still my beating heart. I'm so excited.

TVJUNKIE_ on Oct 30, 2013


Trust me when I say I don't trust you.

Ethan Anderton on Oct 30, 2013


So boring. Not Magneto again. Can we have Apocalypse or atleast Mr Sinister.

Virgil Spruit on Oct 31, 2013


Maggs is NOT the villian . In this case rallying the hero ( Logan ) to go back in time to fight someone who in OUR time is oppressing mutants . And thus most other humans with mutant potential

Dominic on Nov 1, 2013


I just meant that I want to a classic 'evil villian'

Virgil Spruit on Nov 22, 2013


hmm ok it's just that they are REALLY in the baby steps of adapting the Marvel universe to celluloid , instead of paper . Thus not enough Heros yet to combat a "World-Class " villian . 2nd Avengers movie is slated for that type of character , with Thanos . after they introduce more mutants they'll get to the mutants' Prime Time Villians . . Singer has them in the past for Trask . So the next movie should be that type of villian in this time Remember they have to create the mutants that work for the Villians TOO . So many villians led UP TO Sinister and 'Pocolypse

Dominic on Nov 22, 2013


Sinister is the villain. Saw him clear as day.

Outlaw86 on Nov 21, 2013



Virgil Spruit on Nov 22, 2013


0:38 BISHOP!!!(?)

Morvidus on Nov 1, 2013


So... Logan collects the Dragonballs and resurrects Prof. X... or wtf? I believe that killing off both Cyclops and Prof. X in the third film was the worst decission ever... but now what? I don't expect much from fox, but some continuity would be apreciated. These giant corporations keep insulting mine and everyone's intelligence with their projects, they keep forgetting about the Art and focus on the money... and me and everyone here is to blame for consuming their products.

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on Nov 3, 2013


Dude... you obviously didn't watch the post-credits scene in The Last Stand did you?

Trizzy on Nov 5, 2013


it will be in IMAX 3D

Jesse Gendelman on Nov 4, 2013


I feel like the are going to use the "back in time" excuse to fix past mistakes which could be lame.

adam lamonica on Nov 10, 2013

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