Must Watch: First 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Teaser Trailer Hits

December 18, 2013
Source: YouTube

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Teaser Trailer

"I need to speak to Caesar!" Fox has debuted the first teaser trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the Matt Reeves-directed sequel to 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes. While James Franco is not back, we do get Andy Serkis returning (in motion-capture) as Caesar, the ape who is now leading a revolution. We also get a glimpse at newcomers Jason Clarke, Judy Greer, Keri Russell, Kodi Smit-McPhee and of course Gary Oldman. I really, really love the tone and dark, brooding sci-fi feeling of this movie, I think Reeves is really pushing himself to bring us something fantastic. And you thought we'd already seen some great sequels, just wait until this hits next summer. Fire up the quick first teaser below, with the volume up!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Matt Reeves' Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, direct from YouTube:

A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth's dominant species. Besides Serkis, the apes cast includes Judy Greer as Cornelia & Toby Kebbell as Koba. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the sequel to Rupert Wyatt's revival of the sci-fi franchise Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Directing is Matt Reeves, of Let Me In and Cloverfield previously, from a script written by Mark Bomback, Scott Z. Burns, Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver. 20th Century Fox has Dawn of the Planet of the Apes scheduled for 3D release on July 11th next summer.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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That is a teaser trailer. Somebody show it to Chris Nolan.

ChrisIlls on Dec 18, 2013


C'mon Nolan's was effective in its own way.

Tey on Dec 18, 2013


Once people have boarded the Nolan hate train it's hard to get them off.

axalon on Dec 18, 2013



JohnDoe on Dec 18, 2013


Totally agree. Wow, why do people go off on one when you mention Chris Nolan. I like Nolan too, but like a lot of people I just didn't like the teaser for Interstellar, doesn't mean I hate him.

ChrisIlls on Dec 18, 2013


It's like religion. If you have an opinion, it's better to just stay quiet or people get pissed.

ProjectionistHP on Dec 19, 2013


I don't hate Nolan in the slightest, he's a fantastic director and I am very excited for Interstellar; But that trailer didn't do it for me, sorry. Just seemed like a cheap way out.

Guy who comments on things on Dec 18, 2013


I really like the work of Nolan. But this teaser did more for me that Interstellar did.

Nash on Dec 18, 2013


Because this isn't a free country and not everyone is allowed to their own opinion, right?

Buzzfunk on Dec 18, 2013


hahahahaha....oh please

JohnDoe on Dec 18, 2013


haha... Lots could be said about Nolans teaser, but that is all it was. As this with maybe adding a few more seconds is a full on trailer.

Armitall on Dec 18, 2013


How dare Nolan expect people to use their imagination. Please mister Nolan spoon feed me plot details.

Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2013


WOW! That is a badass teaser! Chilling and dark - Love it!

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 18, 2013


Now that's how you do it. Damn good teaser.

IamSlave on Dec 18, 2013


Sony needs to hire some of those CG artists. The VFX looks terrific!

axalon on Dec 18, 2013


Of the recent batch of trailers, I think this one has peaked my interest the most. The look and feel of it has really caught me by surprise. I like Matt Reeve's previous work a lot, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this.

Nathan D on Dec 18, 2013



JohnDoe on Dec 18, 2013


Yeah, that looks cool too.

Nathan D on Dec 18, 2013


Holy chills that's a teaser!

Danimal on Dec 18, 2013


There you go...

Quanah on Dec 18, 2013


I'd love to see this trailer in theatres. That shot of Caesar and co. is just phenomenal.

thejon93rd on Dec 18, 2013


The set design looks fantastic.

OfficialJab on Dec 18, 2013


I like the way this looks. It most certainly has the potencial to be the best in the planet of the apes filmography.

Armitall on Dec 18, 2013


DEM GOOZEBUMPZ!!! So excited for this.

Nielsen700 on Dec 18, 2013


At least they didn't go with the cheap Nolan archive footage cut n paste route and just went straight out to show some actual footage all the way through, I'll applaud them for that.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


We know, we know, you don't like Nolan...

Nash on Dec 18, 2013


Okay troll whatever you say if your just under a fire I don't like Nolan. I loved some of Nolan's earlier films including Momento. All I did was point out on how cheap he is being these days when it comes to marketing ie the infamous use of archive footage. If you don't agree with me it's your own opinions but don't just come out and outright slander me saying don't like this and that whatever. Be more professional.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


Don't panic. Once you are 16 and have a girlfriend, you'll be less frustrated.

Nash on Dec 18, 2013


Is this what you do? Write up the lamest jokes in the world and just going out of your way to try so hard insulting people? Okay I know now you don't want to be serious about whatever your saying so cool. Your succeeding in being a comedian and making me laugh. You don't have a professional attitude and your probably some guy living without a job because of how hard life is. No need to share your problems with me pal. Life is hard but move on.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


You sure are trying hard to flame the guy who thinks you spout off about Nolan too much, FYI, you do.

Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2013


Thank you for the kind comment. I apologize if you love Nolan so much and you were thinking I myself was spouting off on him too much. Just define for me for once, how much is too much in your opinion. FYI it seems your trying hard to also defend an utter jackass who has no form or take of what definitions really means.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


Man you get riled up easy.

Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2013


Dude, I've read your post -- all you do is insult people. And what is it with you condemning people for a lack of a "professional attitude"? Where are all these professional anythings you're referring to?

Tinwoods on Dec 18, 2013


If your trying to be a bigger gazook than the other guy then congratulations for you. I don't insult people but it seems there is always people like you and him who have the instant knack to want to take the bite of my apple. You want to know what professional attitude is? It's called acting mature and grown up which it seems I am the only one among this conversation. Take the assumption I insult people and also take the assumption I am not the one trying be aggressive at all but if it's all your wanting to do is just shout back then I will change my attitude and do so on your level to reach out to you in a way you would understand. Well maybe I have just misunderstood you for a moment, maybe you are a good intelligent person but you just wrote up that comment as quick as you could. If your supporter for people like Nash who writers in the most utter sarcastic and comedic tone then it's your style. Take professionalism as a way of making yourself sound less than (how do I say this politely)...a donkey and making yourself sound more like a normal person.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


Be more professional? The very existence of these comment sections is to give every m o r o n out there a voice. And it's Memento, not Momento. So, for get professional, just be more literate. Oh, and the sleight was written, so it's "libel" not slander. See note on literacy.

Tinwoods on Dec 18, 2013


Stoked! Caesar, your wish is my command!

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 18, 2013


Matt Reeves is one hell of a director. Let me in was stunning. Must see.

Buzzfunk on Dec 18, 2013


Let the right one in, was better.

Why? on Dec 19, 2013


Agreed. But I think it still is an accomplishment that Reeves managed to create a remake that was almost as good as the original.

Nash on Dec 20, 2013



Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2013


It is a teaser and could care less about another movie's teaser. Based on that criteria alone I would have to say that this is a pretty damn good teaser, looking forward to the full trailer now

Tester on Dec 18, 2013


"Criterion," not criteria.

Tinwoods on Dec 18, 2013



mooreworthy on Dec 18, 2013


Blood Boiling

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 18, 2013


From now on let's call this one DPA, okay?

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2013


Brilliant. So chilling, this will be stupendous.

DAVIDPD on Dec 18, 2013


The Damn Dirty Apes are back!

Nathan Williams on Dec 18, 2013


I want MORE!!!

JBrotsis on Dec 18, 2013


Caesar is a Pharaoh now? This should be Fire .... Please Don't *UCK this UP!

PillowPantz on Dec 18, 2013


Let Slip The Apes OF War!

Jimmy Love on Dec 18, 2013


This looks pretty cool. Great teaser, great impact.

Payne by name on Dec 19, 2013


Ouright, I'm sold. Looks gritty, exiting and I liked the first one. Good teaser too...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 19, 2013


anyone for the old cast returning ?

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Dec 19, 2013

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