Must Watch: Two Incredible Trailers for Darren Aronofsky's Epic 'Noah'

November 14, 2013


"My father said that one day, if man continued in his ways, the creator would annihilate this world." Following yesterday's tease and first poster, the amazing first full trailer for Noah from The Fountain and Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky has arrived. The film shows just how the story of Noah (Russell Crowe) building an ark to survive an enormous flood has been expanded, complete with Ray Winstone and an army of savages opposed to his plan handed down from God. We get a good glimpse at Anthony Hopkins as Noah's father along with Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly and all record-setting ILM created animals boarding the ship. This looks gorgeous, intense and just plain spectacular! Watch below!

Here's the first trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Noah, originally from Apple:

And here's another awesome international trailer for Noah with more footage direct from Paramount:

In Darren Aronofsky's take on the Biblical tale, Noah (Russell Crowe) suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge, and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood. Paramount/New Regency are behind the project, being produced by Aronofsky & Protozoa Pictures partner Scott Franklin with Mary Parent. Darren Aronofsky & Ari Handel wrote the script, with a revision by John Logan before production. The cast includes Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. At this moment, Paramount Pictures has Noah scheduled for release starting March 28th, 2014 next year. Look good?

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This looks good

D 'Dawk Lawd' West on Nov 14, 2013


Holy sweet jesus! this has got to be one of the best trailers I have ever seen!

Tey on Nov 14, 2013



Gustav Minnie on Nov 14, 2013


The International trailer is pretty amazing too!

statostatostato on Nov 14, 2013


I trust Aronofsky to not get heavy-handed with the god aspect

hooch on Nov 14, 2013


I imagine there will be plenty of God stuff in it. Old testament mad god, should be funny.

Carpola on Nov 14, 2013


Not a single shot of the six-armed giant angels? They might alienate audiences if you don't present them right up front.

Josh Rosenfield on Nov 14, 2013


Interesting how they've managed a way around that.

97point6 on Nov 15, 2013


I love all Darren Aronofskys (with the exception of requiem for a dream lol) work and this is fucking insane. I can`t wait to see this!

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Nov 14, 2013


Requiem For A Dream IS his best work.. no other film can compete with how haunting and beautiful it is!

Jordan Russell on Nov 14, 2013


I`m not saying its a bad film by any means. But I am saying its depressing to the point where watching it more than twice for me is like a masochistic experience lol.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Nov 14, 2013


I hated Requiem. Everything about drug abuse already has been said with Trainspotting; you get trouble with law, you lose your job, you hurt your family and your friends, and you will end up dead.

Nash on Nov 16, 2013


Good cast, will be worth a watch, the practicalities of a real ark are ridiculous, but I can take it as a metaphor.

Carpola on Nov 14, 2013


Yeah, how about not spoiling everything in one trailer Paramount.

Robbie on Nov 14, 2013


I agree, the book is better anyway. this adaptation will suck.

Anon on Nov 14, 2013


I hope this is this story has been around........a LONG time.

Brian Sleider on Nov 14, 2013


It is...

davidshaw on Nov 14, 2013


At least we still don't know how it ends...

dessaintes on Nov 15, 2013


This looks more than Epic, This will be I think one of the best Films to come out early 2014! I can't wait, the visuals looks stunning and I don't think Crowe, Connelley or Watson will disappoint at all. I mean come on Anthony Hopkins is in it! very excited.

Tyler Cobaugh on Nov 14, 2013


Dude, what's up with your capitalization?

davidshaw on Nov 14, 2013


Aronofsky knows symbolism. I trust he will utilize it very well here.

Xerxexx on Nov 14, 2013


So much better than that teaser from yesterday. Extremely excited am I.

Brian Sleider on Nov 14, 2013


Yesterday wasn't a teaser trailer, it was part of the trailer that was coming today.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 14, 2013


SO it was TEASING today's trailer? Wonder what you would call that.

Brian Sleider on Nov 14, 2013


What IS this movie?

TheOct8pus on Nov 14, 2013


A movie about a guy who gets apocalyptic visions of a great flood and decides to build an ark to save himself and his family.

Xerxexx on Nov 14, 2013


and every animal by 2s

Michael Baldwin on Nov 14, 2013


Actually to save anyone who repents of their wicked ways. Plot twist: no one repents.

PauloGabrielAntunes on Nov 14, 2013


Sorry for Darren's talent that wasted for religious propaganda! N0ah's fucking ark!

Guest on Nov 14, 2013


Really? The story is good to translate on the big screen. I'm sure God won't be flat out chill a little and let your mind wander.

Xerxexx on Nov 14, 2013


based on some dialogue Hopkins character speaks in the trailer God is basically inferred

desispeed on Nov 14, 2013


Such a bad thing?

Xerxexx on Nov 14, 2013


not at all...just pointing out God's prob gonna make a cameo

desispeed on Nov 14, 2013


Wonder how that'sgonna go.

Xerxexx on Nov 14, 2013


Sorry for Darren's wasted talent for a religious propaganda! n0ah's fucking ark!...a floating zoo!

Бабак on Nov 14, 2013


Just because it comes from a mythology people still believe in doesn't mean it can't be a good story. I'm sure Aronofsky did something in it that will upset bible thumpers anyway.

calciferboheme on Nov 14, 2013


im anti-religious but still consider "the prince of egypt" to be one of the best animated movies. These are just fantastical stories with immensely talented people working on them. And its not like its possible to make america any more religious.

Anon on Nov 14, 2013


Truth is here! just a couple of people on a little boat.

Бабак on Nov 14, 2013


Aronofsky never disappoints!

Ron on Nov 14, 2013


So, it's The Fountain ... :/

Bo on Nov 14, 2013


This looks great! High hopes.

Nielsen700 on Nov 14, 2013



L2 on Nov 14, 2013


I came here for the main topic debates, oh well surprised to not see many of them. Movie looks totally epic. I definitely be checking it out. I wonder when the trailer for Exodus is coming out.

Charlie Hard on Nov 14, 2013


It looks great, have no doubt it will deliver, but as soon as I saw the animals arriving it took me right out. It defies all common sense and makes otherwise a good looking trailer cartoony (evan almighty vibe). I can deal with religious nonsense, but when you try to visualize it, you actualy see how ridiculous it all is.

Armitall on Nov 14, 2013


Its apart of the story just accept it.

Xerxexx on Nov 14, 2013


I know, I know... Just saying...

Armitall on Nov 14, 2013


And that's why I don't understand why Darren went after this movie. You expect some gritty, dark stuff, not a fantasy...

dawko on Nov 15, 2013


Like The Fountain??

Linkfx on Nov 15, 2013


You wanna compare Noah bulls*it with Fountain?

dawko on Nov 15, 2013


Looks really good! I can't believe so many on here are hating that this a based on a religious story. Do they really not want to at least believe there is a God? Sad life

Stewart Scott on Nov 14, 2013


But there isn't one.

davidshaw on Nov 14, 2013


Nope, and certainly not the one here.

Reznik on Nov 14, 2013


Do we want to believe there's a god? Why? So we can be depressed at what an underachieving, narcissistic sociopath we have in charge of the universe? I mean, bloody heck god, if you're going to claim to be all powerful and all knowing, then you're not actually logically allowed to make a mistake that even needs rectifying. Get it right the first time, or we'll have to rename you beta-god.

RoosTah on Nov 15, 2013


Waaaay too serious for something so absurd (let's pair up animals in there, guys!)

Riki on Nov 14, 2013


Agreed, plus there's no way in hell they'd all fit. There's dozens of problems with this story, but beyond that it looks like a well made movie and I plan on seeing it.

davidshaw on Nov 14, 2013


Looks like about a hundred of every animal.

OfficialJab on Nov 14, 2013


Needs more Baby Jesus.

Trey Wilson on Nov 14, 2013


Baby Jesus as a baby, but with a big beard. That might be in the pre-sequel.

Carpola on Nov 14, 2013


That music felt really sappy. Could be that we get saturated with tracks meant to be epic, but I didn't feel that way when the first trailer for 2012 came out.

OfficialJab on Nov 14, 2013


Aronofsky is on the same level as Ron Howard and perhaps Ridley Scott, so Im sure he'll do this movie justice. Trailer looks great!

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 14, 2013


I'm surprised at all the criticism. This IS a biblical story. Why would anyone expect it to be told from some other point of view? Why not mention God? It's like saying you can make a Hercules movie but just don't mention Zeus.

Cal J. on Nov 14, 2013


I'm sorry, that looks ridiculous and overblown, especially with Hopkins and Crowe attempting to add weight to this story. Roland Emmerich probably just creamed his jeans though.

cobrazombie on Nov 14, 2013



Riki on Nov 14, 2013


"And God said he'd destroy this chat log if people couldn't get along and treat others opinions with respect and love" We build an ark-NOAH -"How do you think you can run from us and take away our chat hate posts!..You can't do this alone!"-Bloggers from this chat "I'm not alone" NOAH Sweet Jesus in the HOUSE..PRAISE God AMEN

Frater Iacobus on Nov 14, 2013


Wow this looks HORRIBLE!

ff on Nov 14, 2013


All caps is not necessary.

Xerxexx on Nov 14, 2013


WHAT?? They forget Ray Winstone was in the movie? NO credit.

AstroMac on Nov 14, 2013


Really? This is a "must watch"? Some pious, overly serious nonsense about a clearly half-baked creator having to destroy "the world" because his humans were too destructive? Please, spare me... I'll tell you one thing, if the 20th century didn't convince "the creator" to send another flood, his standards are clearly dropping, or he's asleep at the wheel.

RoosTah on Nov 15, 2013


There's the door. Its a movie directed by Darren Aronofsky. Of course a trailer for his film would be a must watch.

Xerxexx on Nov 15, 2013


So the status of the trailer is determined by the reputation of the director rather than the quality of what's being produced? Wow... ok. The trailer looked cheesy and the source material sucks, so I don't care who the director is, I'm still gonna call it like I see it. If you can't handle that though...

RoosTah on Nov 17, 2013


Handeling your opinion is no issue.

Xerxexx on Nov 17, 2013


So it's a remake from Emmerich's "2012" but the twist is mixing the family's journey with the building of the big ships (they had a great original name in "2012" but it eludes me at the moment). I was hoping for a never heard of story but I see it's just a rip-off from a recent movie. At least, unlike Titanic, we don't know how it ends. Does this thing float, does it sink, do they reach the Grey Havens?

dessaintes on Nov 15, 2013


How can it be a rip off if the story has been around for hundreds of years in the Bible? This looks way better than "2012."

RobotProphet on Nov 15, 2013


In the bible? You mean it was developed as a tv series first and this is a rip off of this tv series' bible? Then this noah is probably based in the noah character in vampire diaries... or the noah in grey anatomy maybe?

dessaintes on Nov 15, 2013


Wow, sorry but it looks pretty goofy. I'm usually a fan of Aronofsky's too so here's hoping it's just the trailer that's overblown and half-baked.

cuckoozey on Nov 15, 2013



Dingo on Nov 16, 2013


Noah = badass Evan Almighty = Super baddass

whoafilms on Nov 15, 2013


YEAH!!!! This looks freaking epic and very well done--totally meant for the big screen! Really want to see it.

RobotProphet on Nov 15, 2013

79 that's some great Sci-fi

liamthecunt on Nov 15, 2013


Religion aside this looks fantastic. I'm not sure but I am pretty sure that Aronofsky is an atheist so it will be interesting to see a religious story as seen by a non-religious person. Kinda crazy everyone is hating on it because it is religious. Yet so many modern day stories draws from religious beliefs. I mean Superman, Star Wars, The Matrix etc. I'll give it a shot. I mean a story is a story and we have seen so many book adaptions over the last few years, what's wrong with the Bible being adapted to the big screen? Surely it is more deserving then Twilight????

TK on Nov 16, 2013


I'm hating on it because it looks laughably cheesy

Dingo on Nov 16, 2013


"THAN Twilight" Not "THEN" Twilight....THAN is a comparison, THEN is a reference of time....Greater THAN...Less THAN....."That was THEN...this is now"....Get it? GOOD!

Serpentine on Nov 25, 2013


This looks beyond horrible....laughably cheesy

Dingo on Nov 16, 2013


I just have to say the negativity that's here is ridiculous haha. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion but wtf, first off its a film from Darren Aronofsky, a great director & a proven one if you don`t agree. 2nd how the fuck else is a big budget film about Noah suppose to look?! Lol.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Nov 16, 2013



Nick Henderson on Nov 19, 2013


another example of those unnecessary movies...

shiboleth on Nov 17, 2013


Slightly confused since Darren Aronofksy has stated how much he doesn't like CGI especially with how he made "The Fountain" and by looking at this trailer it seems he very much changed his mind. CGI animals not sure if that's the best way. It might make the audience feel the same way when they used CGI zombies in I AM LEGEND..

Frater Iacobus on Nov 17, 2013


Looks epic.. no complaints.. not interested in any religious flaming... my only issue is for once i'd like to see a culturally diverse cast in one of these biblical stories. That said... really good cast. Crowe is on his usual gravitas.

Duane on Nov 18, 2013


CGI OVERKILL. My eyes are bleeding. To bad Crowe didn't make Gladiator 2 instead.

Nick Henderson on Nov 19, 2013


At least this movie will entertain the hopes millions who are still waiting for god to destroy the world and bring them to deliverance. I know of several friends whose religious orders have been warning that 'Armageddon's just around the bend' since the 19th century!

ahlan1972 on Dec 24, 2013

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