Must Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Gareth Edwards' 'Godzilla' Movie

December 10, 2013
Source: YouTube

Godzilla Teaser Trailer

"Frankly, none of us have faced a situation quite like this before." He's here. Warner Bros has debuted the first trailer for Godzilla, a brand new take on the classic giant Japanese lizard monster, being directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters). This ain't no wimpy teaser, this is a full-on 2 1/2 minute trailer packed with smokey glimpses of the giant monster(s) and some gritty, epic action. This movie looks huge in scale and badass in every way (love the opening scene). Aaron Taylor-Johnson stars along with Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe & David Strathairn. Hell of a trailer. This looks so f&!kin' awesome.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, direct from Warner Bros' YouTube:

Godzilla, being directed by Gareth Edwards (of Monsters), comes from a screenplay written by Drew Pearce, Max Borenstein and Frank Darabont. The cast is lead by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, with Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe and Juliette Binoche. An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures send Godzilla stomping into theaters May 16th, 2014 next summer. Follow:

Godzilla Poster

"Your courage will never be more needed than it is today." Brand new Godzilla teaser poster added above.

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Looks pretty great! Can't wait to see this!

Chris Amaya on Dec 10, 2013


Oh hell yes baby!!!!!!

The Truth on Dec 10, 2013


the sky diving scene would really look cool in 3d

me on Dec 10, 2013


It WILL look really cool in 3D

Chris Groves on Dec 10, 2013


Shit, scene looked good in the pop up box lol.

Brian Sleider on Dec 10, 2013


Doesn't Look bad at all

Luke Hanna on Dec 10, 2013


Wouw! So unexpectedly cool! Love the opening, with the music also used in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

NUKA WØLK on Dec 10, 2013


That was a cool way to start the trailer. I hope they keep Godzilla mostly concealed in any future trailers.

David Diaz on Dec 10, 2013


Why? We all know EXACTLY what he is and looks like.

Brian Sleider on Dec 10, 2013


The design of Godzilla always changes a bit. I just want to get a full reveal as I watch the film rather than in a trailer. It's always epic when you get that first full body shot and you really get a sense of his scale.

David Diaz on Dec 10, 2013


Hrm....I could agree that full reveal should be for the film, but small glimpses like what we saw here is fine with me. Would LOVE to see them tease the other monsters, and get a clearer understanding of how many there might be,

Brian Sleider on Dec 10, 2013


true, but why blow your load early? the anticipation in Alien, Jaws, Jurassic Park, King Kong, hopefully Hobbit / Smaug, is what keeps you more on the edge of your seat.

son_et_lumiere on Dec 10, 2013



Sky on Dec 10, 2013


Not sure why HALO jumpers would affix smoke flare's (?!)... but ok!!

avconsumer2 on Dec 10, 2013


Maybe so that the team themselves can keep track of one another as they fall through the haze? I suppose limited visibility could run the risk of them colliding into one another?

Chris Groves on Dec 10, 2013


Nailed it. Its not a covert drop, It is a fast action drop into a hot zone, the squad members have flares so they can have eyes on the whole way down.

Brian Sleider on Dec 10, 2013


Interesting. Perhaps there's a more detailed explanation in the film. Looks like a giant "Here we are!!! Eat us!!!" sign to me. ;P (not that Godzilla traditionally eats folks, but you get my meaning)

avconsumer2 on Dec 10, 2013


Possible they are not quite sure what they are jumping into at this point? Or maybe they thought the drop point was a bit further away from the hot zone.

Brian Sleider on Dec 10, 2013


It's possible that they are so small that they hope/anticipate that Godzilla will hardly notice them. If planes and vehicles get too close, he would definitely notice them. But if ants were sky-diving onto us from high up...they could occupy a very small portion of our field of vision, even if they had ant-scale flares on them.

Chris Groves on Dec 10, 2013


lol - this is true. Maybe there was even a previous test flight where they threw a bunch of dummies with flares out, which were ignored. I'm silly. I digress.

avconsumer2 on Dec 11, 2013


Now that's how you make a god damn trailer! I was impressed with everything I saw. Wholly excited for this movie now.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 10, 2013


Hell yeah. That was truly impressive--bring on 2014!

Scopedog on Dec 10, 2013


agreed, outstanding, and it actually *trails*. a real sense of what you will see, but no giveaways, freebies or spoilers. tense, dramatic, massive. and i love the logo and distorted roar at the end. that's me done on the trailers for this film, i'm already bought and paid for.

son_et_lumiere on Dec 10, 2013


SICK. This looks awesome.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Dec 10, 2013


Hmm? This is what my trailer looked like

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 10, 2013


Upvote for that--and yeah, you just made me really nostalgic....

Scopedog on Dec 10, 2013


Rampage ruled!

Carpola on Dec 10, 2013


So many quarters lost...-sniff!-

Scopedog on Dec 10, 2013


That's all I have to see and that's all I wanted to see. Do not watch anymore trailers unless you want this movie ruined for you.

Ben Moore on Dec 10, 2013


I was just waiting to hear how they made Godzilla sound. Not only does the look need to be spot on but the roar must also be perfect. Having said that, I look forward to watching this movie, but if this Godzilla gives birth to baby godzilla's in a basketball stadium again, I swear I'll walk out.

blkstar on Dec 10, 2013


うわー!ゴジラが来ている! Translation: Ahh! Godzilla is coming!

Guest on Dec 10, 2013


これまでに素晴らしいですね! Translation: Looks great so far.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 10, 2013



D6 on Dec 10, 2013


That's a really solid 2 minutes. Super excited for this, I want to see a bit more though- cant wait for this one

rickvanr on Dec 10, 2013


Yeah, the every typical Sci-Fi movie teaser with people running around everywhere and a crap load of CGI destruction. Just show us some Godzilla action already why do they have to keep it all mysterious. I don't understand Hollywood now. We already know what Godzilla is he is in the damn title of the movie so just get to the point. It's like almost every film these days is suffering from the "we have to keep this very dark and mysterious" trend. Make it seem like this is a Godzilla movie not the next Transformers or Pacific Rim. The trailer didn't convince me at all.

Charlie Hard on Dec 10, 2013


Doesn't seem like it is trying to be the next Transformers or Pacific Rim, just because it stars a giant monster doesn't mean it has to fit some sort of 'fun, entertaining adventure' mold.

Chris Groves on Dec 10, 2013


And the last time I checked, they're following the mood of the original 1954 film....and that sure as hell was not some "fun entertaining adventure".

Scopedog on Dec 10, 2013


Exactly. The "dated" nature of the effects cause modern audiences to take a black and white film with suit-mation less seriously...but at the time, that movie certainly wasn't made to be a cheap, brainless popcorn flick.

Chris Groves on Dec 10, 2013


And what else would a movie about a giant monster destroying skyscrapers have in it other than people running around everywhere and and CGI destruction? People standing around smiling and a $4 Trillion production budget to build a real giant monster and destroy real skyscrapers?

Whoever on Dec 10, 2013


So rather than tease you with snippets of the film, you expected the teaser trailer to smack you in the face with blatant exposition of every detail of the film? Was the haze just barely obscuring an otherwise fully visible Godzilla to subtle for you?

Wafffles on Dec 10, 2013


Woah. Definitely a new type of trailer.

Chris Silva on Dec 10, 2013


That Godzilla sound--classic....

Peter Grey on Dec 10, 2013


Maybe it's just me...but I feel like they enjoyed making that movie...or maybe it's just a goddamn good editor hah...

dawko on Dec 10, 2013


Could be both....

Scopedog on Dec 10, 2013


I've grown up watching Godzilla on VHS. I can't remember a time where I didn't know what Godzilla was. I never would have imagined that a new Godzilla film would be made on this scale, with this sense of realism and terror. I'm 100% sold.

Chris Groves on Dec 10, 2013


This movie gives off this super cool "ALIEN" vibe which I think is a good thing

Frater Iacobus on Dec 10, 2013



Reznik on Dec 10, 2013


Why are they skydiving toward Godzilla? Couldn't they drive?

TheOct8pus on Dec 10, 2013


Well see as how godzilla with his size taking out a whole city AND roads will make it hard to drive. Plane is the only option.

Josh Avery on Dec 10, 2013


From the *%$*#@ stratosphere??

TheOct8pus on Dec 10, 2013


Hell, why not? Besides, it is a Halo jump....

Scopedog on Dec 10, 2013


Damn it!! I want my 200 foot lizard movies to be realistic!!

TheOct8pus on Dec 10, 2013


We see the city is toast, think Katrina and how long it took ordinary rescue to occur. So dropping in is your best bet. Now if you want to guaranty your plane doesnt get destroyed you halo can drop them further from the target LZ, and it gives them more than 60 seconds to dodge sky scrapers, group up, and figure out a plan. 3+ mins vs 80 secs Just my quick thoughts on the matter.

dravas on Dec 10, 2013


Why are you asking a question about a movie without any knowledge of how and where that scene fits into the narrative?

cg on Dec 10, 2013


Humor meee!!!

TheOct8pus on Dec 10, 2013


a plane or an helicopter are pretty big targets, so godzilla can destroy them easily with everybody on board. but by skydiving the target are smaller, so there is a chance someone can make it. does it make sense?

hal9005 on Dec 11, 2013


To enjoy the view?

ikkf on Dec 10, 2013


With TODAYS gas prices???

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 10, 2013


still not big enough.

l.21 on Dec 10, 2013


that's what she said

qweqwu on Dec 10, 2013



me on Dec 10, 2013


The cinematography as they descend into the city is breathtaking.

Boring Someone on Dec 10, 2013


Yeah--and chilling.

Scopedog on Dec 10, 2013


Very interesting. This might just make us forget about that horrible 1998 remake...

Nash on Dec 10, 2013


Holy Santa Claus shit...

Xerxexx on Dec 10, 2013


this trailer gives me a good vibe! Gareth Edwards did a Amazing job in monsters so I have faith in him! But what I don't understand :why wanting again a monster movie on your CV?

Avi on Dec 10, 2013


I am so happy right now. HELL YEAH!

DAVIDPD on Dec 10, 2013


HELL YES!. looks terrifying. just the way it should be if Godzilla did exist. Gareth did not disappoint. can't wait. if Darabont is involved then you know this is going to be dark as hell.

jimfromtoto on Dec 10, 2013


Hold me.

OfficialJab on Dec 10, 2013



Trey Wilson on Dec 10, 2013



Nathan Williams on Dec 10, 2013


Holyyyyyyyyy shit lmfao

lmfaoRetardedSmashFan on Dec 10, 2013


I have a good feeling about this!!!!!

Professor_Bedlam on Dec 10, 2013


Anyone else think it's awesome that they borrowed the psychedelic space travel music from the end sequence of 2001? I thought it was a perfect fit. Very well done teaser... the best i've seen in years. GOJIRA!!!!

Nick M. on Dec 10, 2013


If I remember right, I think 'immediate music' did a song made for trailers that sounded like 2001. I'm not sure this is the actual music from 2001, but yeah, really really tense music. Gravity had a wicked 2001 rising sound track too. I just checked YouTube, here it is - called Monolith by Immediate Music -

Nathan D on Dec 10, 2013


Cool! Good find man.

Nick M. on Dec 11, 2013


I remember watching the original Godzilla when I was 5 sitting in front of the TV in awe. Well until my teens I was obsessed with Godzilla seeing every film in the series. I will always have a place in my heart for the giant Lizard. It was a sad day when they stopped making Godzilla films in Japan. Now he is being reborn. I was excited from the beginning but this trailer has brought me back to my childhood of the awe of Godzilla's destruction of his rage. I am very excited for this so very much looking forward to Godzilla's return! Thank you Gareth Edwards and your team already, I can tell we're in for a treat!

Nathan Williams on Dec 10, 2013


Yes. Holy hell, yes. And I'm so glad they gave us the roar at the end. Throughout the silence I was hoping they would. Cannot wait.

grimjob on Dec 10, 2013


Best monster sound ever.

mooreworthy on Dec 10, 2013


By the way, was Godzilla 2000 any good? Wanted to check it out, just never did.

grimjob on Dec 10, 2013


Was it any good ?!?! Matthew Broderick saved the world from a creature who was allegedly Godzilla.... Of course it was excellent

Astroboy3000 on Dec 10, 2013


Saw that one, they released one after that, supposedly going back to the originals with the look of Godzilla.

grimjob on Dec 10, 2013


As far as the Japanese films go, it seemed to take the material more seriously than a lot them did. I really like Godzilla 2000, it might be one of my favorites out of all of them, and I've seen them all multiple times.

Chris Groves on Dec 11, 2013


Right on man, appreciate the feedback.

grimjob on Dec 11, 2013


Godzilla 2000 was awful, just my opinion.

player2aj on Dec 12, 2013


Ok. Do you like the originals, and that one just doesn't stack up?

grimjob on Dec 13, 2013


I used to love the originals, grew up with them. Although they seem sort of cheesy now with rubber suits and such haha. I have the actual Japanese original which I think is a really good movie, but after that Godzilla movies became just monster movies without much substance imo. I'm probably one of the very few that liked the newer Godzilla (1998) set in New York.

player2aj on Dec 14, 2013


I liked that one too. Haven't seen the originals since I was a kid, loved them then though. A few of them are streaming on netflix, might catch them soon. Thanks for the reply man.

grimjob on Dec 14, 2013


What? No Godzookie? That's cold.

mooreworthy on Dec 10, 2013


That trailer looks imposing, which I like. I always thought Godzilla should be unsympathetic, relentless, and evil. He should represent all that's wrong with humanity, which turns against its creator--human beings and their scientific experimentation gone horribly wrong and punished for their ways. This trailer seems to represent that. I also feel Godzilla should be in the horror genre. I hope Hollywood got this right. So far, looks good.

Quanah on Dec 10, 2013



John on Dec 12, 2013


looks good wonder if its just godzilla by himself or does he face off against another monster?

redskulllives on Dec 10, 2013


There are other monsters.

Chris Groves on Dec 11, 2013


Wasn't there a teaser with a voice over from the hindu scripture saying: "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." I thought that was bad ass, but this also looks good.

Armitall on Dec 11, 2013


There are teasers and then there are teasers. That was a damn good one.

cobrazombie on Dec 11, 2013


Wow. This trailer was amazing. And a surprisingly good choice using the track from Kubrick's 2001 in the trailer's beginning sequence with the skydivers, which was brillant in itself. I wasn't even really interested in seeing this film until this trailer.

Terry Craig on Dec 11, 2013



Ehsan Davodi on Dec 11, 2013


Love the dark vibe is gives off right away..Looks fantastic visually, it will be nice to see the beast in action!!!! Its been to long for a good solid Godzilla film.

Fett31 on Dec 11, 2013


First the Enterpise destroys a chunk of poor future San Francisco, and now Godzilla and friends screw up present day San Francisco! Poor wittle SF, is Hollywood pickin on you?

TitoG on Dec 11, 2013


HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. One of the best teaser trailers I've ever seen.

John on Dec 12, 2013

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