Must Watch: Full Trailer for 'All is Lost' Starring Only Robert Redford

August 1, 2013
Source: Yahoo

All is Lost Trailer

"Alone at sea." Roadside Attractions have debuted the full theatrical trailer for J.C. Chandor's All is Lost, the lost at sea film starring Robert Redford and only Robert Redford. This takes place entirely in the Indian Ocean with Redford navigating his damaged sailboat and attempting to survive being lost. I first saw this at the Cannes Film Festival and fell head over heels for it, so much so that I went to go to see it a second time (in my Cannes review: "it's grueling, thrilling, meticulous, inspiring and most importantly, moving"). This trailer does a great job selling the emotion. I highly recommend it as one of my favorite films this year.

Here's the full theatrical trailer for J.C. Chandor's All is Lost, originally from Yahoo:

Chandor's All Is Lost is a "man vs. nature" drama, apparently starring only Redford himself. It looks like his boat hits a storm, as details only say it's about "getting lost at sea and struggling against the elements to stay alive" or "a journey of one man's fight to survive." Chandor and Redford just finished shooting at Baja Studios in Rosarito, Mexico in their water tank. It was produced by Before The Door Pictures' Neal Dodson & Washington Square Films' Anna Gerb with Justin Nappi & Teddy Schwarzman. Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions will release All Is Lost later this year, but no official date has been set. Read my Cannes review.

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This looks good. Guys who do these solo boat trips are fucked in the head though IMO.

Brian Sleider on Aug 1, 2013


Well,depending of the point of view, you could say that for just about any human activity. Or you don't get the "solo" part of it ? Well in the end you gotta face your death...solo...people can be around you but you still gotta face it,go through with it on your own. To paraphrase that great fraud Carlos Castaneda "everybody faces Infinity alone" Movie looks good.

somebody on Aug 1, 2013


Its like rock climbing solo, too much can go wrong, things you cannot control. Seems like an unnecessary risk. Fucked in the head or not, those men got balls.

Brian Sleider on Aug 1, 2013


Agreed. But these type of movies are awesome if done right.This one certainly looks like it's done right.

somebody on Aug 1, 2013


OH yeh, Redford, I think, can pull off a solo somewhat silent performance.

Brian Sleider on Aug 1, 2013


As a once in a while solo rock climber its really all about the rush. Im a bit of an adrenaline junky, now Im not an idiot who goes free climbing on 200 ft sheer cliffs with a deathwish, but theres something about man vs nature that appeals to me. We live in an age where everything is so easy, I think we forget that 250 years ago dudes were "solo" trying to survive 24/7, ya know killing your own food and such and trying to not get murdered by indigenous tribes....not that I wish I lived in that time but you cant deny that the human race has been completely pussified and spoiled in technology in the last 100 years.

Cody W on Aug 2, 2013


Is it just me or is the Yahoo player just horrible for anyone else? I've been trying to watch this for the past ten mins or so...

Lars Feely on Aug 1, 2013


Nah, I hate the Yahoo player too. It sucks big time. But sometimes we don't have a choice, we're forced to use it at the start. I just switched it out to a YouTube version - give that shot. Still a must watch trailer.

Alex Billington on Aug 1, 2013


yeah totally understood appreciate you always being on top of the latest trailers. Watched it now first time and no hassles and I can see why you gave the review you did - this is def a must watch. Keep up the good work bud!

Lars Feely on Aug 1, 2013


Thanks, will do!

Alex Billington on Aug 1, 2013


+ 1 on crappy Yahoo Player. This movie is hudge and not afraid to say the word masterpiece good trailer although showing a bit too much.

Dfripe on Aug 2, 2013


Go yahoo! Go!

Xerxexx on Aug 1, 2013


ok I'll just say it, everyone is going to compare this to Cast Away

Jason Ip on Aug 1, 2013


1:52 - "Wilsonnnn!" Nah just kidding, I think it's distinct enough to avoid most comparisons. Depends a lot on how it ends, though, I suppose.

Wafffles on Aug 1, 2013


looks good, and Alex's Cannes review really caught my attention. might have preferred to not even see he has to leave the boat in the trailer, it seemed a shame to play that hand before you see the film. but i like Redford when he's focused, and he looks pretty focused to me in this. count me in.

son_et_lumiere on Aug 1, 2013


Looks excellent. They sure make great trailers these days my goodness.

Mark on Aug 1, 2013


Wow. Awesome. Love his work. Must see.

avconsumer2 on Aug 2, 2013

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