Must Watch: James Mangold's 'The Wolverine' Two Badass Trailers

March 27, 2013
Source: Apple

The Wolverine Trailer

"What they did to me, what I am, can't be undone." Unleash the beast! Fox has unveiled the first official trailer for James Mangold's The Wolverine, his solo stand-alone movie about Logan, played once again by Hugh Jackman, traveling to Japan to confront his inner demons and start a new life. There he falls in love with Mariko, played by Tao Okamoto, and meets the Silver Samurai, played by Will Yun Lee, as well as Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) and Yukio (Rila Fukushima). All the action in this looks awesome and epic, I just wish it had a bit more of a unique style to it. But Logan is, and always shall be, a badass. Enjoy!

Watch the first official trailer for James Mangold's The Wolverine, in high def from Apple:

Here's the international version of the first The Wolverine trailer, debuted today on YouTube:

Based on the celebrated comic book arc by Chris Claremont & Frank Miller, The Wolverine finds Logan, the eternal warrior and outsider, in Japan. There, samurai steel will clash with adamantium claw as Logan confronts a mysterious figure from his past in an epic battle that will leave him forever changed.

James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, Knight and Day) is directing The Wolverine from a script by Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback who are adapting the classic 1982 story arc in the Wolverine comics, which takes our favorite Marvel mutant all the way to Japan. 20th Century Fox is releasing James Mangold's The Wolverine in theaters everywhere July 26th this summer. What do you make of that?!

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fem!anon on Mar 27, 2013


Awesome up until the train battle......

Paul Hepburn on Mar 27, 2013


And what was so bad about the train battle? Crappy CGI? Double back. It's not crappy CGI. You only think it is because you know it's not real.

Krishna Shenoi on Mar 27, 2013


that was some crazy psychoanalysis, you ripped him a new craphole in an intelligent way.

Christopher Dean on Mar 27, 2013


Helicarrier wasn't real... What he meant is, those battles are not made well...but I expected that since they said it's gonna be in Japan...quick cuts, no focus on battle...this is gonna be disaster...

David Darida on Mar 27, 2013


I agree, Mangold does not know how to focus on the actual evens happening in action scenes, he just cuts to different face shots and movements pisses me off.

Cody W on Mar 27, 2013


Why was the Spider-Man 2 train scene so awesome then?

si1ver on Mar 28, 2013


i think the train fight looked cartoonish but, honestly i was hoping it would look like that, that scene would be sick in 3d

me on Mar 27, 2013


Yeah, fighting like that on high-speed rail, 150mph, I dunno. "Reel Physics" (Escapist, or on Youtube) will probably make a video of that soon 🙂

David Banner on Mar 27, 2013


GEEKGASM!!!!!!! This looks so BOSS!!! Can't wait!!!

Logan Smith on Mar 27, 2013


This looks dumb....

Owengoerzen on Mar 27, 2013


I think it's pretty brilliant that Logan isn't gonna be healing as easily as he used to. I'm not sure if that's a plot point from Claremont-Miller's book, but it makes Wolverine a lot easier to care for. Also, I like that we have a modern superhero film NOT about the world or a whole city needing to be saved.

Krishna Shenoi on Mar 27, 2013


Let me get this straight here, you want a superhero movie, where the superhero doesn't have his superhero powers???? WHY?

shuuu on Mar 27, 2013


I want a superhero in which the stakes aren't the end of the world, or a bomb blowing up a city, or a whole city's populace turning into lizard monsters, or whatever they've been doing with major superhero films these days. From this trailer, no such threats exist, and I quite like that.

Krishna Shenoi on Mar 27, 2013


I get where you're coming from, man. It's always the same old scenario being used in these movies.

$126191 on Mar 27, 2013


I think you would enjoy Chronicle.

Mark Alters on Mar 29, 2013


Maybe because there's more to the character than their superpowers? And maybe that should be explored if we, as an audience, are supposed to care about them?

Ali Miller on Mar 27, 2013


Yes and BTW this theme of him losing his healing ability was explored several times in the CBs , esp. after they tried to humanize him by giving him his own Robin (Jubille , with a very Robin-esque costume ) He had become so popular that the writers needed to humanize him , to make him more palatable to the AVERAGE CB fan , . Since the die-hard CB fan was already in love with him ....

Dominic on Apr 9, 2013


both options are entertaining, but (although i don't know the source material) it helps investment in the character, as opposed to various people who cannot be killed or have unbeatable superpowers hitting each other for 2 hours to no real detriment. plus i like how the international trailer nailed it's final words, in response to Logan's assertion that what was done to him can't be undone - 'don't be so sure...' - it got buried in the middle of US version, but it's given the space to sink in with the international one.

son_et_lumiere on Mar 27, 2013


That's another one; the international one is, somehow, the better trailer. You just get a better idea of the story and the set up.

Krishna Shenoi on Mar 27, 2013


I agree with that point. It will be good if he heals a little bit slower. When a guy is indestructible and can heal from absolutely anything in seconds it kinda kills any form of tension because there is zero fear of him being hurt. Walking into fights and blowing 'shit up' with impunity is cool in a teenage that's amazing vibe but when there is no sense of threat of injury, there is no tension and no drama. Because of this move to make him superhuman in the speed of his recovery, a move away from the animated series I used to remember, you never get a sense that he's been in an almighty scrap because his recovery means that he ends the fight looking exactly like he started it.

Payne by name on Mar 28, 2013


That was actually pretty good! Way better than Origins.

Marcus on Mar 27, 2013


Sorry naysayers, but this looks pretty awesome. I wasn't so sure myself until this trailer. But yeah... I'm in.

Guy who comments on things on Mar 27, 2013


I'm still on the fence about this. The trailer was pretty awesome, but I don't want to be deceived again lol

Danimal on Mar 27, 2013


It's not awesome it looks bad. It looks like the only thing is left from the Clermont/Miller comic is the setting and a few characters (they seem completely different than in the comic). The source material was great and wasting it like that only prooves that the same incompetent people who were behind origins are behind this. No wonder Arnovsky left. Also yes the CGI looks average at best.

Norbert Korzus on Mar 27, 2013


Having read The Wolverine mini-series myself, I would have to agree. It doesn't look anything like the mini-series at all. The Wolverine mini-series is right up there with the Phoenix Saga, God Love Man Kills, and Days of Future Past. Fox ruined the Phoenix Saga. How do you do the Wolverine mini-series? You buy the four comics in the series. You do the script and storyboards from the panels in the books. You shoot the movie and do the effects. Then you release the film and rake in the huge dough. Or, you can do it the Fox way: get the rights to the X-men then ignore half or more of the actual story and change the rest. Then get known as a failure of a movie company. Fox is the worst.

lamer on Mar 28, 2013


To be honest I think adapting it 1:1 would make for a better TV series than a movie but with a good script BASED on it the movie could have been great

Norbert Korzus on Mar 29, 2013


hell yeah!!

thechillerdewd on Mar 27, 2013


Exciting? Yes. But trailer could of been better, hopefully the second one is.

Guest on Mar 27, 2013


She's been looking for him for an ENTIRE YEAR! WOOOOOOW

ecto1 on Mar 27, 2013


SOOO OBVIOUS! "hmm, what can we do with wolverine that hasn't been done? lets take away his powers" wtf??? why do i want that? ...DISSAPOINTED!

brotatochip on Mar 27, 2013


David Banner on Mar 27, 2013


are you gay? because i can feel the flames from here.

tellytime on Mar 27, 2013


burn! (pun intended)

conradthegreat on Mar 27, 2013


STFU Beevis

David Banner on Mar 28, 2013


Again , this was a well-used theme in the CB . to make him more accessible and relatable to average CB fans . Don't have a cow about it until u se how it is done . After all , this IS coming from a CB story arc , written 30 years ago .

Dominic on Apr 9, 2013


Remember the Origins trailer was so badass. I want this to be good so bad! But I am trying to hold my judgement until the film is released.

DAVIDPD on Mar 27, 2013

38, Gambit's Burt Wonderstone staff, the cheesy explosions, the Helicopter scene and Hugh Jackman's perfectly feathered hair weren't enough to warn you about Origins?

si1ver on Mar 28, 2013


Ever since this movie was announced I was convinced this film would be awful. Not because of the failure of Origins, but just by the setting being in Japan. I thought they would try to pull off some Ninja Assassin stuff. But I have to admit, this looks way way way better than what I expected. And just by the fact that this movie is a sequel to the trilogy gets me more pumped! The fact that we can finally see what those three movies' events did to Logan is fascinating to me. Now I'm hoping that Days of Future Past is a sequel to this and we see Logan return to the mansion to confront whatever it is the the X-Men will have to confront next Summer with all the time travel stuff. Excited!

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Mar 27, 2013


Ok. Domestic trailer won me for good.

Danimal on Mar 27, 2013


Looks good..but i hate Yukio's look..she is suppose to have a short haircut not a red wig!!

Aaron on Mar 27, 2013


Eh...may need another trailer for convincing.

Xerxexx on Mar 27, 2013


These trailers looks quite good 🙂 But either I remember the TPB/Comic wrong, or they have just loosely based this movie on it, just taken some of the characters and events from it. I'll have to pop up to the library and pull it out and read it again. If you don't have it and want to read it ASAP, here's a link to ComiXology, $6.99 for the collection(collects Wolverine #1-4, plus Uncanny X-Men #172-173).

David Banner on Mar 27, 2013


my god - just how much meaningless sh1t do you keep track of?....and i dont think this is the kind of thing a self-proclaimed "adult" would be interested in

ogre on Mar 27, 2013


Comics? An adult can't be interested in comics? Who are you tell him what he should keep track of and enjoy? Comics have an audience of all ages, and some geared primarily towards adults in both their depictions and subject matter. Seriously dude, think before you speak, and try looking at things in a different light.

Mike P. on Mar 27, 2013


STFU Beevis

David Banner on Mar 28, 2013


What the hell is a self-proclaimed "adult"? You're either a child or an idiot.

Brett Norman on Mar 28, 2013


Uncultured swine

Harry Borrser on Mar 29, 2013


lol Adults CREATE THIS !!

Dominic on Apr 9, 2013


Wow... The international trailer is great. But the domestic one - not so great. Quite a difference IMO.

HyperJ on Mar 27, 2013


Maybe it's just me, but why would you want to undo that awesome gift you've been blessed with?

Rain Spider on Mar 27, 2013


Because he lives a life of torment. I don't know much about his character, except from the films, but he had loved and watched love die. He has had taken from him everything he took joy in in life and now is left with nothing. He sees the world around him changing into something that he doesn't want to be a part of. What good is living forever if you don't want to be a part of whatever it is? Immortality isn't really a blessed thing. It's something that seems desirable at first, but it can have adverse affects.

Mike P. on Mar 27, 2013


Asian chick kinda looks like an alien.

Nielsen700 on Mar 27, 2013


They are mutants.... does that explain anything for you?

conradthegreat on Mar 27, 2013


WOW! never though I'd be this excited for another X-Men/Wolverine movie again. looks SICK!

Tim on Mar 27, 2013


movie looks good. i like the japan setting. wolverine didnt look too happy at the thought of losing his power.

tellytime on Mar 27, 2013


You cannot expect a superhero movie to not have crazy cg stunts etc. like you cannot expect that its any pending

Flounder on Mar 27, 2013


I wish this would come sooner! And I wish they made a better trailer to make you feel like you want to see not make you say well I've wanted to see this since they announced the movie and the trailer was announced!

Jackmooney9 on Mar 27, 2013


So like Superman 2 right?

gigerbrick on Mar 27, 2013


Rated R FTW !!!!!!!!I wish 🙁

hi hello on Mar 27, 2013


This movie has got to be better than those lousy posters.

$126191 on Mar 27, 2013


Hey Alex, how about you grow up and use bigger words than "bad ass" to describe a movie trailer. Get your big people underwear on and do some actual thinking when you choose an adjective for your article.

octopus9498 on Mar 27, 2013


Eh, I smell a stinker. on Mar 27, 2013


Could have been such an awesome story but this doesn't look like its going to do it justice. Could be ok, will still be better than Origins though.

si1ver on Mar 28, 2013


I preffer to wait until i see the movie.

TOONFED on Mar 28, 2013


call of warverine modern duty 3 in japan shit

jack on Mar 28, 2013


What does it fee like they tried too hard?

redskulllives on Mar 28, 2013


...NICE 🙂

JudgeMethos on Mar 28, 2013


This looks marginally better than Gavin Hood's Wolverine Origins, who has since gone on to ruin Ender's Game. But it still falls short of being a genuine Wolverine film. Where's the costume? What's with the hokey characters in costumes that aren't even close to the comic books. Everyone is left guessing who's who. It's ridiculous. This stuff needs to all go back to Marvel.

ticketmaster on Mar 29, 2013


Looks better than the first attempt...I'll give it a shot.

Mckool on Mar 29, 2013


Wow! This will rock!

Jackmooney9 on Apr 26, 2013

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