Must Watch: Martin Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street' Second Full Trailer

October 29, 2013
Source: Apple

The Wolf of Wall Street

Following a release date shuffle that resulted in Paramount Pictures shifting Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to January of 2014, Martin Scorsese's latest film The Wolf of Wall Street is confirmed for a Christmas Day release, and has a running time of nearly three hours, clocking in at 165 minutes. Now we get a bigger taste of the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey with a second full trailer that shows why this will be a serious Oscar contender when the time comes. Maybe this will finally get DiCaprio some Oscar love, and it could end up getting Hill his second nomination if all goes well.

Here's the second trailer for Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, originally from Apple:

A young New York stockbroker named Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.

The Wolf of Wall Street is directed by legendary Academy Award winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese, of everything from Taxi Driver to Raging Bull to Cape Fear to Goodfellas to Casino to Aviator to Departed to Shutter Island and Hugo recently. The screenplay is written by Terence Winter (Get Rich or Die Tryin', Brooklyn Rules, "The Sopranos", "Boardwalk Empire"), based on Jordan Belfort's book of the same name. The film also stars Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie, Jon Favreau, Kyle Chandler,, Shea Whigham, Jean Dujardin and Paramount Pictures sends it to theaters this winter December 25th. Good?

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Lookin' forward to this.

Guy who comments on things on Oct 29, 2013


WOWWW that was a friggin awesome ride.

Matthew on Oct 29, 2013


You bet. But I will admit: I'll be sitting there waiting for that one scene of someone getting their head split open with a baseball bat (You know, Scorsese style).

Quanah on Oct 29, 2013


Must Watch is an understatement

Tester on Oct 29, 2013


Ha He, reminds me of the sales dicks in my old work, but on super steroids. Looks great

Carpola on Oct 29, 2013


You can down vote this but I prefer American Hustle... it has a better vibe... *Trailer wise

Tey on Oct 29, 2013


Neither have even come out yet...

axalon on Oct 29, 2013


I'm guessing Tey was talking about the trailers, not the films themselves.

cuckoozey on Oct 30, 2013


looks fun

Quynh Truong on Oct 29, 2013


When i said, I want real movies back and none of that superhero BS, this is what i was talking about. Thanks Martin!

Buzzfunk on Oct 29, 2013


Give Leo his damn oscar already. This looks great. I really hope hope Leo gets that oscar he so very much has earned with great films/roles like The Departed, The Aviator, Revolutionary Road and even going back as far as What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

IamSlave on Oct 29, 2013


No argument. Like that cameo in Woddy Allen's Celebrity, freakin freaky!

S freud on Oct 30, 2013



TVJUNKIE_ on Oct 30, 2013


I don't disagree... the problem is he's been nominated in years when the winners were either beasts (Jamie Foxx, Forrest Whitaker) or due (Tommy Lee Jones).

Duane on Oct 30, 2013


Oh, just take my fucking money already!

Trey Wilson on Oct 30, 2013


This is going to be insane, funny even.

Johnny Neat on Oct 30, 2013


Can't fucking wait!

Nielsen700 on Oct 30, 2013


It's sad that someone who makes more money than they can think to do with it wouldn't even think of using it to help those in need. Woops, did I just discover the key message?---Probably not.

RobotProphet on Oct 30, 2013


You are all idiots. This does not look good. Characters talking directly to the audience indicates sloppy writing. The jokes were not very good. The movie is obviously way too long. Leo almost certainly won't even get a nomination, you see that just from the trailer.

Guest on Oct 30, 2013


Breaking the 4th wall can be done in a very creative way, no "one thing" in film is automatically always good or automatically always bad. As far as the jokes, it's not exactly meant as a comedy, it's clearly more of a drama with comedic elements from characters that are a bit out of touch with reality. I don't get where you are pulling this "The movie is obviously way too long" business from.

Chris Groves on Oct 30, 2013


I agree. Breaking the 4th wall has a literally name, its called post-modernism and it is hard to accomplished but can be used to great effect. Don't knock it as sloppy writing when it is in fact one of the hardest forms to pull off in writing.

adam lamonica on Nov 10, 2013


You sounds so stupid judging a whole movie on a 2.32 minute trailer.

TVJUNKIE_ on Oct 30, 2013


Pretty much everyone involved deserves an Oscar.

Chris Groves on Oct 30, 2013


Scorsese's Christmas present will be tuff to top

S freud on Oct 30, 2013


I can put up with Dicraprio for one movie, but I CANNOT put up with him and Jonah Hill AND Matthew McConaughey. Worst casting for a movie ever.

Chuckee Knowlton on Oct 30, 2013


Look.. I love Leo and even Matt (Dallas Buyers Club looks awesome) but when the day arrives that I say that Jonah Hill looks like the lynch pin of a film to the point when he might even be carrying the film.... and that day is today.... I need to kick the air conditioning plug out of the wall in hell cuz the devil is freezing.

Duane on Oct 30, 2013


Third prize is you're fired.

cobrazombie on Oct 31, 2013


Second prize is a set of steak knives

Nash on Oct 31, 2013


Wow, I really like the ending of this movie. Come on guys, watch this movie, visit this link: http://goo(.)gl/RH1ifX I watched this movie there, let's hurry before the above link is blocked.

Brandy Herring on Dec 28, 2013

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