Must Watch: Second Action-Packed Full Trailer for 'Iron Man 3' is Here

March 5, 2013
Source: Yahoo

Iron Man 3

"Do you want an empty life or a meaningful death?" After a stunning first trailer and an interesting Super Bowl spot for Iron Man 3, it's time for a second full-length trailer, and it's clear that Marvel is really going to bring the thunder to kick off summer and Phase Two of their cinematic universe. There's some damn good lines from our hero and villain and a much stronger presence from the Iron Legion with all sorts of different armor in play. This looks to be the toughest journey yet for Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, which makes sense as this film will see Iron Man facing his comic book arch nemesis Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), looking to be nothing short of spectacular in this trailer. May can't arrive soon enough. Watch!

Here's the new theatrical trailer for Shane Black's Iron Man 3, originally from Yahoo:

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) working from a script that he co-wrote with Drew Pearce. Actor Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark and Iron Man in this sequel described as a technological crisis thriller in the midst of international war, taking place after the events of The Avengers. Sir Ben Kinglsey is playing Iron Man's arch nemesis Mandarin and Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Dale Dickey, Ashley Hamilton, James Badge Dale and Jon Favreau all co-star in the Marvel Studios production. Disney is bringing Marvel's Iron Man 3 to theaters starting May 3rd this year.

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Yes! Now i am super excited for Iron Man 3 i can't wait. Now his looks awesome! Cue the Iron Legions! Kingsley looks awesome and probably will be a very great villian to pit Stark against

TC on Mar 5, 2013


Dem drones.

DAVIDPD on Mar 5, 2013


"No politics here, just good 'ol fashioned revenge"...epic

Matt Peloquin on Mar 5, 2013


The wrath of the Iron Man!

capitandelespacio on Mar 5, 2013


Super excited about this, but I feel like that trailer may have shown a bit too much. The "backup" would have a been a cool surprise at the theater.

emagsamurai on Mar 5, 2013


At the usual and unnecessary 2:30+ minutes, they are almost guaranteed to show too much. Why they have this need to make such long trailers I will never understand.

Tester on Mar 5, 2013


In my own opinion, this trailer didn't show anything but Tony Stark's life getting destroyed.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Mar 5, 2013


I've been saying that for 2 minutes and 30 seconds... ...err years. Same thing in Hollywood time.

Akirakorn on Mar 5, 2013


or maybe they have something better saved?

Brandon V. Fletcher on Mar 5, 2013


The suits still came out in posters, so it would have been pointless to not include, but I see what you're getting at.

Fidel Reyes on Mar 5, 2013


Agree. The poster showed...what, 7 other suits/"backups" in combat, here there was like a dozen, they should have saved that

David Banner on Mar 5, 2013


Uh, remember the Avengers trailer, everyone thought it showed too much, but the editors mixed it up so much that it wasnt what we thought it would be

Johnny Storm on Mar 12, 2013


Hulk Buster Armor!!!

Kento on Mar 5, 2013


Yeah...that is interesting, why does Stark have that all ready? Maybe a small hint at a future Hulk vs Iron Man there? 🙂

David Banner on Mar 5, 2013


He was in The Incredible Hulk. He's been aware of the big green brute for a while, and clearly he knew he was a "big green rage monster" so he's probably been working on it for a while.

Kento on Mar 5, 2013


Hmm... There is something that is 'off' with the trailer. Seems to be missing something. But I'm already sold.

HyperJ on Mar 5, 2013


totally agree with you, I can't put my finger on it, the trailer is good, but it seams to me that they are using all the "cool" trailer techniques in the book to hide something missing from the narrative. I'm also worried about Kingsley as the villain, god that is some comically bad BS sometimes

Ryan Rigley on Mar 5, 2013


I agree completely. It had awesome cool "events" in the trailer, but it felt a little off lol. Like they just had all these clips and tried to stick em in one place.

Daniel Vu Tran on Mar 5, 2013


I think it's a pretty decent trailer. We all get the point that Tony Stark will be put to the test in this one. If you want to talk about trailers that feel "off", talk about The Dark Knight Rises' trailers. Those trailers sucked.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Mar 5, 2013


the extremis and iron patriot storylines are hidden, we are only seeing kingsley as the primary villain, we arent seeing the hidden threat.

tankatemysandwiches on Mar 5, 2013


Sold!....I'll be sure to take out a small loan to watch this in IMAX

DodgerBlue on Mar 5, 2013


His voice is quite epic indeed.

Xerxexx on Mar 5, 2013



Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Mar 5, 2013


*bites lip , Dat Hulkbuster

D 'Dawk Lawd' West on Mar 5, 2013


Wow, this looks amazing.

IamSlave on Mar 5, 2013


So close yet so far away, May 3!

Fidel Reyes on Mar 5, 2013


Ok. Gg. Lol.

Daniel Vu Tran on Mar 5, 2013


Just be better than IM2

Brad White on Mar 5, 2013


Bet a few folk got little Iron Men in their shorts over this. Looks good.

Carpola on Mar 5, 2013


I am surprised there was no comical lines!?!?!?

Guest on Mar 5, 2013


That's true. But after the Battle of New York Tony's kind of paranoid. Besides, shit just got real for him, The Mandarin blew his house into the ocean.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Mar 5, 2013


I am gonna offer you the choice... When Gotham is have my permission to die.

Nash on Mar 5, 2013


Except without the boring!

Thexn on Mar 5, 2013


^Yes exactly! Finally someone said it!

Fidel Reyes on Mar 5, 2013


Eh, to each their own. I loved TDKR.

Razor on Mar 6, 2013


This is looks like a great comicbook movie, but the trailer shows too much imo. It's a shame Robert Downey Jr. wants to leave the part of Tony Stark/Iron Man now, it's one of the few perfect casting of all the comicbook movies. Maybe it's a case of overpay, they paid him too much($50 million for The Avengers) ?

David Banner on Mar 5, 2013


Looks epic!

Aaron Randall on Mar 5, 2013


No trailer for me! Holding out till Marvel day; although, I am waiting to see something of a Wolverine trailer.

mooreworthy on Mar 5, 2013


Wait was that the hulk buster Iron Man suit at the end?

somebodysaid on Mar 5, 2013



somebodysaid on Mar 5, 2013


Nothing special...

David Darida on Mar 5, 2013


Not interested and don't care to watch, Iron man has no action and adventure, good casting but thats it , JMO

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Mar 5, 2013


No action? Did we watch the same trailer? I watched the one with the exploding house and the flying robots.

Nash on Mar 6, 2013


You've seen the anti-climactic end of Iron Man 2? Yeah, this looks similarly rehashed...

Razor on Mar 6, 2013


"You'll ... never ... see me ... coming..." And then he turns out to be a 60 year old hippie with a pony-tail and a 20 inch beard, wearing a dress and traveliing with three old noisy choppers. That Stark-dude is an idiot if he didn't see that coming from a 20 mile distance.

Nash on Mar 6, 2013


Robert Downey Jr. is great and Shane Black has a good résumé. I only hope they haven't overstuffed this movie with whiz-slam-bang stuff at the expense of story and script. Action movies, like Tony Stark, still need heart.

castingcouch on Mar 6, 2013


Dear God........HulkBuster armor!!!

Mantacore24 on Mar 6, 2013


Some may argue the trailer shows too much...knowing Shane Black's films, the real joy is going to be the hyper kinetic action and amazingly near shakespearean level dialogue.

Linkfx on Mar 7, 2013


So, I've been watching the trailer a bit closer and I have two things: - I could see Pepper being injected with the 'Extremis' virus - against her will (What If?); - The reporter that videos Tony is holding two different phones (Continuity error?).

Yonix (Remco) on Mar 7, 2013


Nice....Gwyneth in a bra....

Oct8pus on Mar 7, 2013


Biggest nerdgasm

Jaydiz on Mar 9, 2013


STOP WHINING ABOUT THE TRAILER !! because it's YOUR fault for clicking PLAY in the first place .... just accept that there will be hardly any surprises about your fave movies : then , hey , you might have to watch then solely for the acting .. personally it helps me make the decision on whether I'm paying $11 or not , $18.50 for IMAX . Because I WLL pay it , if i hear and see a well-acted script . Also , tell me you're NOT going to drop for Star Trek , even with ALL the trailers that you've seen for that ....

Dominic on Mar 14, 2013

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