Watch: Second Trailer for Roland Emmerich's 'White House Down'

May 2, 2013
Source: Yahoo

White House Down

"How do you lose a rocket launcher?!" In the midst of all the sci-fi and superheroes this summer, there is an action movie that harkens back to the days of Die Hard, and it's not another Die Hard sequel. I'm talking about Roland Emmerich's White House Down, which looks like the real Die Hard-in-the-White-House movie of 2013. Sony has debuted this second, full theatrical trailer and it's packed to the gills with all kinds of absurd action, from rocket launchers to mini-guns to everything inbetween. Jamie Foxx stars as the President, with Channing Tatum as his escort. Jason Clarke and Maggie Gyllenhaal are in there, too.

Here's the second trailer for Roland Emmerich's White House Down, originally from Yahoo:

White House Down is directed by action mastermind Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Anonymous) from a screenplay written by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Losers, Zodiac). In the film, a Secret Service agent (Channing Tatum) is tasked with saving the life of the President of the United States of America (Jamie Foxx) after the White House is overtaken by a paramilitary group. It's said to be an action-thriller to rival the likes of Die Hard. Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, Richard Jenkins and Jason Clarke also star in the film. Columbia Pictures will be bringing Emmerich's new action movie White House Down to theaters on June 28th, 2013 this summer.

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Actually looks good. Its Die Hard in a great way. Tatum has come a long way. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints paid off I'd say. I will check this out for sure.

Xerxexx on May 2, 2013


A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints is what put Tatum on the radar for me. Out of all of the wasted performances he does have some that shine.

Maxx on May 2, 2013


21 jump street sold him for me, he was the funniest dude in the movie

Cody W on May 2, 2013


In all honesty....I actually like him in GI Joe. The movie may have not been the best, but it was a movie that finally showed his potential outside of dance movies.

JBrotsis on May 3, 2013


Will it include the line 'Olympus has fallen'? That would be awkward.

OfficialJab on May 2, 2013


Looks better than Olympus but for whatever reason after watching this trailer I'm not as excited as I was.

N. on May 2, 2013


i like olympus, and i agree less excited

Angel Figueroa on May 2, 2013


this looks like the perfect summer flick, not too serious, not too cheesy, just the right balance to make me escape for 2 hours

me on May 2, 2013


It feels like Tatum just carried over his character from 21 Jump Street, and I'm not complaining about that at all.

the_situasian on May 2, 2013


I'm so EXCITED, YESSSSSSSS, i wonder if this will be in imax

me on May 2, 2013


This feels like this should be a dream sequence for channing tatum's character in 21 Jump Street. It's not taking itself seriously but I don't mind it so much.

Nick Sears on May 2, 2013


Roland Emmerich...there is NO possible way this movie won't suck beyond belief

Guest on May 2, 2013


"I know you're into peace and all that, but you've gotta stick that rocket launcher out the window and go to work." That made me laugh. The American government are the biggest fucking warmongering terrorists of all. on May 2, 2013


Same can be said for any government. This isn't news deary.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


This didn't really work for me.

Nielsen700 on May 2, 2013


looks like a bad joke

Taylor Schriner on May 2, 2013


That looks completely ridiculous, brash, stupid and over the top; I'm in 🙂

Michael Kingscott on May 3, 2013


Olympus Has Fallen is a little more serious, but White House Down looks like its going to be a lot of fun to watch, I prefer that so count me in. 🙂

TigerClaw305 on May 3, 2013


Looks like 21 jump street 5 years later.... but they replaced Jonah Hill with Django.

Ben on May 3, 2013


Why not? What else am I going to do? Sit at home and play through Skyrim for the 5th time?

Quanah on May 3, 2013


I have yet to beat the game...was waiting for a new DLC...never happened.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


Did you ever get any of the other DLCs w/ Skyrim? On a side note: after 3 DLCs Bethesda said they weren't giving any more DLCs. Blah! I could play that game forever.

Quanah on May 3, 2013


I got Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Was hoping for one more then Beth released that statement and my heart sank. Was hoping for at least one more depth filled game...something with the Dwemer or Snow Prince...or the rumors were saying.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


I hoped for the same, but I seem to remember reading Beth was going to re-release Skyrim for the next gen Xbox and Playstation. If that's the case, I wouldn't put it past them to add a new DLC, but we'll see. How about a sequel to Skyrim? Then again, there is the Elder Scrolls MMO coming out...Anyway. We like movies, right? 😉

Quanah on May 4, 2013


I want Hammerfell or Black Marsh to be the next setting...The Black Marsh could be very Fallout-like. We love movies!

Xerxexx on May 7, 2013


Yes we do!

Quanah on May 7, 2013


Looks okay, but will be the usual Roland Emmerich directed mess.

Luke Cavanagh on May 3, 2013


Looks like stupid fun. Think it could be a great time...has the feeling it will be more entertaining than "Olympus Has Fallen".

Moviefan2247 on May 3, 2013


I enjoyed Olympus has Fallen a lot more than I thought I would because it held the tension of the plot by taking itself serious despite some of its more implausible plot points. This film looks like a mess, which isn't really surprising because that's what Emmerich is best at doing...the destructive mess is his production value. I've grown to enjoy Channing Tatum over the years but it doesn't appear that him and Fox have good chemistry based on this preview. Although to his credit, Fox was a bit more irritating in this preview than Tatum. I expect this to be a total bomb that people still flock to see because it looks flashy and it stars Fox and Tatum who can draw a crowd. Channing Tatum has taken the opposite course as Will Smith to big budget Hollywood fame. Will Smith did some small supporting roles and then intentionally landed roles in big budget summer sci-fi films to get some recognition and credibility before going into drama's, comedy's and chic flicks. Tatum's come a long way since Step Up, and who would have thought his break out role would be in a comedy that was a remake of a television drama?

$47353571 on May 3, 2013


Watched it in 3D and enjoyed it. For whatever reason, the PTSD version of Tony Stark bothered me, not because it wasn't a legitimate idea since he did just fight off a mass of evil aliens, but because I so enjoyed the consistently cocky, snarky, confident Tony in the first 2 films. But, there was enough condescending Tony here and there to keep my interest and wanting more. Where it missed the mark for me was the limited time Tony had spent with Rhodey. I craved intense battles with Ironman and Warmachine (aka Iron Patriot) taking on droves of villains. Oh well. All in all I enjoyed it, but really felt it was at times messy. However, it won't stop me from watching it again. Good action sequences, interesting (if not strange) story line, and explosive ending. Solid summer film. Solid.

Quanah on May 4, 2013


Shit. That's what I get for drinking before posting. Wrong thread. LOL.

Quanah on May 4, 2013


Olympus has Fallen had every single cliche under the sun, so given Emmerich's recognised unoriginality I can't see how this can be anymore than a cliche ridden re-hash of that.

Payne by name on May 5, 2013


Oh no, don't tell me that they've got his daugher? - why is it that film makers assume that people can only do their job if you are holding their sibling/pet/lucky watch?

Payne by name on May 5, 2013

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