Must Watch: Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Red Band Trailer with Josh Brolin

July 10, 2013
Source: Yahoo


Fans of Chan-wook Park‘s revenge film Oldboy have been eager to see what director Spike Lee does with his take on the original manga property. Josh Brolin leads the film as a kidnapped advertising executive held captive for 20 years. What follows is a grizzly quest for revenge to find out who kidnapped him and why. In the first red band trailer, Lee's take on this material looks unlike any of his films before, and this is going to be one intense thriller. Keep an eye out for Samuel L. Jackson, and we're pretty sure that's Sharlto Copley doing the voiceover at the end. This looks like it's going to be pretty amazing. Watch now!

Here's the first red band trailer for Spike Lee's Oldboy, originally from Yahoo:

Spike Lee's Oldboy, written by Mark Protosevich (The Cell, I Am Legend) based on the original manga, tells the story of an advertising executive (Brolin) who is inexplicably kidnapped and held captive for 20 years. When he's unceremoniously released, he goes on an obsessive quest to find out who did this to him and why, enlisting the help of a young social worker (Elizabeth Olsen) before he eventually tracks down an enigmatic man (Sharlto Copley) who may have all the answers. Also co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Portnow and Lance Reddick. "Spike Lee is the right filmmaker to reimagine and put his touch onto arguably one of the most talked about thrillers in recent memory." FilmDistrict will release Oldboy on October 25th this year.

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Waouuwwww !!!!

mikeroty on Jul 10, 2013


Hell, that actually looks pretty damn good!

Moutchy on Jul 10, 2013


Dat Hammer.

DAVIDPD on Jul 10, 2013


Looks terrible.Nothing as good as the Asian film. Seriously... looks like a micky take film!

James on Jul 10, 2013


Dummy...How can you say this looks terrible? Fucking haters like you make me sick. You guys have a serious disease called hating and it's eating you away a little bit each day. Bet you're the kind of deuce who hardly tips the pizza delivery guy because you hate that he took more than 5 minutes to deliver the pie, because you hate his shoes, his car, his glasses, then you open the box and hate the fact that there isn't enough cheese on the damn thing. Then you hate that you ordered pizza instead of a burger, then you start hating the burger and so on and so forth until you die of a coronary, having pissed off every human you ever came in contact with over the course of your life because of your hateful attitude.

TheRagingCajun on Jul 10, 2013



Sky on Jul 10, 2013


Don't be hatin' on haters 😉

random dude on teh intarnetz on Jul 10, 2013


I mean... you're more hateful than him, based on these posts.

MikeJones on Jul 10, 2013


..."then you start hating the burger"... That's awesome.

DaveLister_JMC on Jul 10, 2013


I am going to steal this and post it everywhere. Don't worry, you deserve the credit for this awesomeness and you will get it!

Morvidus on Jul 10, 2013


Wall of text as bad as this american remake...

b on Jul 10, 2013


The fuck is this doing on Plenty Of room on tumblr boys.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 10, 2013


"Oh no! Someone on the internet has a differing opinion to mine! I must desperately try to invalidate their entire existence or I'll feel mildly inadequate!"

Chris on Jul 11, 2013


Ahahaha! So true!

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


Sounds like you're full of regrets, bro. You don't need to tell us your life's story. By the way, this does look terrible if you've seen the original.

JL on Jul 11, 2013


correct. Watch the asian version and forget this one.

wurstsan on Jul 11, 2013


I'm not going to say that I'll forget this one but the original is in my Netflix queue 🙂

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


Better off getting another version. I love Netflix and all that, but the English dub of the film is just retarded, and last I checked it was the only audio they had. Even if you hate subtitles, you should watch with Korean audio.

JL on Jul 11, 2013


I have no problem at all with subtitles. Are you saying that Netflix only has English-dubbed?

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


I think that's correct, but they sometimes update titles with new audio.

JL on Jul 12, 2013


It looks pretty great.

Greg dinskisk on Jul 10, 2013


it's looks brutal !, I am in.

elise on Jul 10, 2013


Please don't screw this up. The original is a classic!

Mithun Divakaran on Jul 10, 2013


regardless of whether you see or what you think of the remake, the original is a juggernaut of a film, with a powerhouse central performance and an ending that takes your legs out from under you. a classic indeed. but there were times at the beginning of the trailer where Brolin actually looked a bit like Choi Min-sik, and then there's the hammer scene repeat, and a very similar looking final apartment - i kept thinking Quarantine and Let Me In while watching it, as in it does look a lot like an English language retread of the original film (i've never read the manga). colour me not yet convinced.

son_et_lumiere on Jul 10, 2013


Loved Let Me In. I could watch that movie over and over. The original (Let the Right One In) was also amazing.

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


glad you enjoy it, but it's the original for me. i have nothing against remakes per se. but if you must remake something, please bring something new to the table, other than just the language the dialogue is spoken in. and if the original film is still highly watchable, still works and is relatively recent, maybe leave it alone.

son_et_lumiere on Jul 11, 2013


Looks bad....just bad....sorry

dawko on Jul 10, 2013



Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013



dawko on Jul 12, 2013


I will be watching this for damn sure.

TheRagingCajun on Jul 10, 2013



Sky on Jul 10, 2013



Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


Looks good. But knowing how it ends kinda ruins it a bit.

David Diaz on Jul 10, 2013


Looks good no doubt but I'm getting tired of these fucking Reboots and Remakes. Looks exactly like the original this time with Josh Brolin and without subtitles. If you are to lazy to watch the original because you hate reading subs then you are not a fan of cinema.

Blkstar on Jul 10, 2013


I agree with you to a point but I have a friend who is legally blind (he can see but it is difficult) who loves movies but can't read the subtitles.

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


I started the original a while ago but never finished it. After seeing this I shall finish it.

Akwasi Asabere on Jul 10, 2013


Looks like a shot for shot remake but it looks damn good. Love the original, though.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 10, 2013


STOP RAPEINING MY CHILDHOOD !!!11!11 ..kidding... .looks decent enough...been a while since I watched the original...maybe this won't be completely bad..the cast is decent..and spike Lee whatever shenanigans he gets up to as a public persona has a great repertoire as a filmmaker..will check it out when available..

random dude on teh intarnetz on Jul 10, 2013


Wait, you watched the original as a child and THAT didn't rape your childhood? Man, you are stone fucking cold.

JL on Jul 11, 2013


I jut saw the original last month, and I must say I'm really excited about this. It looks like its staying pretty loyal to the original film (although some would say it looks like a shot for shot remake). I wonder if the twist at the end is the same.

Lamar on Jul 10, 2013


This actually looks really good!!! If this turns out bad, we still have the original... so no worries.

nate on Jul 10, 2013


another remake that won't live up to the original, like the departed - heck this one might even oscars! why bother...

locos on Jul 10, 2013



Bob on Jul 10, 2013


Might be something.

Xerxexx on Jul 10, 2013


I guess my first question is: why? Why remake this? How about spending some money on an original idea for once, Hollywood.

kLO on Jul 10, 2013


This is going to be great! Spike Lee is a fantastic director especially when he is working off material that is not his own. Case in point 25th Hour, Inside man and He Got Game which he did write. He will do this justice.

krakow!!!! on Jul 10, 2013


As a fan of the original, I did want to hate this and hoped it would fail, blah blah, tired of remakes because they cant come up with original stories themselves. But I like Brolin, and this looks somewhat decent, I will see this and not complain unless it does truly suck.

interested maybe on Jul 10, 2013


Uhm....... *Spoiler Alert* *Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert* I really didn't like how the trailer already gave the implication that the daughter looked -> this way <- and etc etc. If the twist is anything like the Korean film, well, it's kind of a "forced" twist. Since the guy would be tricking him even MORE so by showing false images of what 'could' be his daughter, only to find out that the girl helping him was his daughter the entire time. It's sort of a "cheap" twist, I guess. Because it's impossible to see coming with any sort of 'blank' knowledge. I have a better appreciation for movies that make you go "ohhh, it all makes sense now" in the end, and during a rewatch, and NOW you can see the signs as the protagonist if you looked hard enough. This movie makes it seem like it's impossible to see as the protagonist. Just my preference though, maybe some people like that there's no chance for him AT ALL to figure out that she's his daughter. But I personally like the CHOICE for him to be able to, if he had given it enough thought, but then of course doesn't, and falls right into the trap. *Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert**Spoiler Alert*

Dvt on Jul 10, 2013


I agree, seeing her on the tv makes me wonder if the ending will be the same. If it's not it will make me and alot of other fans pretty mad

Dghdhjn on Jul 10, 2013


The ending is supposed to be different.

wernereberner on Jul 11, 2013


I did not read this post because it said **Spoiler Alert** and I have not seen the original. Not being a smart ass. For that, thank you. I am def going to watch the original soon so thanks for not spoiling it!

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


Glad to see Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee are on good terms again. I haven't been following this project so I didn't even know Jackson was attached until I saw the trailer. All I remember was Jackson tearing Lee apart after Jackie Brown, I think, when Lee criticized Tarantino and Jackson stood up for Quentin and tore apart Lee's body of work. That's all I really took out of this trailer. Have already seen the original, wasn't the biggest fan (in relation to it's hype...I still enjoyed it). I'll watch this, though. I think I'm in a good position as somebody not too devoted to the original film.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass on Jul 10, 2013


Looks good. but also looks and feels like the Original movie. I was hoping for a re adaptation of the Manga. A reimagination rather than a carbon copy remake like the Straw Dogs remake. idk, maybe it is. I'm about to read the comics for the first time. Perhaps this one will have some parts that are more true to the source. I think they may have changed the ending twist a bit.

Jacob Denton on Jul 10, 2013


Wow so Spike Lee finally gets of the Malcom X thing and does something else.

Jim Dawkins on Jul 11, 2013


I am sold .... much better than the asian crap.

Atheist on Jul 11, 2013


Seriously?... Okay, I'm gonna watch the movie to see if I will be surprised, but this trailer shows excatly the same shots, lights, colors,... than the original movie... Seems like this remake didn't need Spike Lee. A simple copycat would have been enough...

Lucius Ferguson on Jul 11, 2013


Personally I would like an american remake to resemble the original as closely as possible. I LOVED the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. I thought the remake was lacking. Would have been awesome to have had a movie just as good.

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


"Spike Lee is the right filmmaker to reimagine and put his touch onto arguably one of the most talked about thrillers in recent memory." Cannot stop laughing at that [completely uncited] quote after watching that trailer. Also: 1. You come out of that hotel room 20 years later looking fresh to death. 2. *SPOILER* If the twist is still the same then the daughter on TV in the trailer is a load of crap and ruins the movie; turns it into a twist that's impossible to figure out from the information given to you. 3. Brolin's acting looks terrible, and doesn't fit the character. "I've been thinking about this for twenty years" like it's a punchline? Real dude would've just had an octopus tentacle slithering out of his nostril while he fileted SLJ. 4. Stylistically, absolutely the same as the original only worse. Glossy and cheap looking with no sense of original art direction; the female assistant dressed in black who karates Josh Brolin is a huge red flag for me. 5. What is the point of not showing Sharlto Copley's face? Don't you see that like 25 minutes into the movie? 6. Fluffernutter.

wernereberner on Jul 11, 2013


Looks good..but please Hollywood, DO NOT REMAKE "A Bittersweet Life"!!! I'm beggin you!!

jah p on Jul 11, 2013


I had no expectations for this remake, but it actually looks like it might be an average film worth checking out. Why did they have to show 90% of the film in the trailer...

hi hello on Jul 11, 2013


It doesn't look bad...but given how great the original was, I can't help but to compare the two. And from what I'm seeing of the performances so far, I'm not entirely convinced. Guess we'll find out in October!

Danimal on Jul 11, 2013


Oh hellllllllsssssssssssss yeah! Looks so badass.

Michael Paterson on Jul 11, 2013


Looks like pretentious drivel.... I'll check it out. 🙂

Joe on Jul 11, 2013


fuck Spike Lee. Djangoooo

Ben Moore on Jul 12, 2013


Yeah Mr Spike Lee can get his audience from the remaining few groups he hasn't offended . Im not interested .

slobbering fits on Jul 14, 2013


Will he(Brolin) eat a live octopus in this movie? I like most of Brolin's work, so I'll watch it.

Jorants Leigh on Jul 15, 2013


I wonder if the plot twist is in tacked, cause that's going to be a doozy for American movie goers who have never seen the original. Looks decent though.

Johnny Neat on Jul 25, 2013

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