Must Watch: Teaser for Dan Sachar's Latest Sci-Fi Short 'Last of You'

August 19, 2013
Source: Vimeo

Last of You Sci-Fi Short Film

This. This looks amazing. This looks heart-wrenching. This looks chilling. And it's barely a 60 second tease. This is how you tease an original science fiction story. An early teaser for a new sci-fi short film has arrived from up-and-coming Israeli filmmaker Dan Sachar. We featured some of Dan's work earlier this year, the short film Overture, and this is his next follow-up. This new short is titled Last of You and is about a man abusing a memory recording device, obsessively replaying the last day he shared with his late wife. That's all we know about it so far, but between that description and the footage, I'm totally sold. Can't wait to see this.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Dan Sachar's new short film Last of You, on Vimeo (found via Twitch):

In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recollections of his late wife. When it's time to move to a safer place and leave the memories behind, he holds on to the remnants of the past and refuses to face reality. The 28-minute short is directed by Israeli filmmaker Dan Sachar, of the shorts Overture and When It Will Be Silent. Last of You stars Yoav Donat and Maayan Weinstock, produced by Guy Lahav, featuring music by Roy Shen-Zoor. For more on the short or filmmaker, visit his Vimeo. Stay tuned for the full film.

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Sounds a bit Cobb-like from Inception.

Jeremy Baril on Aug 19, 2013


What was so amazing about that?

EmagSamurai on Aug 19, 2013


Hyperbole is standard practice on First Showing when it comes to these things

axalon on Aug 19, 2013


Well-done for a sci-fi short film. Great music, looks good. What was so un-amazing about it? Care to elaborate rather than question?

Alex Billington on Aug 19, 2013


Some of the short films you post are decent, but a lot are just bland and derivative. The only qualifying factor seems to be that it has strong visuals which, in my opinion, doesn't make a short film (or film) worth watching. Plus you prepend the posts with "MUST WATCH" or "AMAZING" when the shorts are anything but. If you write "must watch" in front of something I'm going to assume that my life will be incomplete if I miss it.

axalon on Aug 19, 2013


god forbid someone else has a different opinion than you do. I'm here because I feel like the people who run the site have similar tastes as me. you should probably be looking elsewhere for things to change your life.

bat0u on Aug 19, 2013


*sigh* Do you have any idea how ironic you saying "god forbid someone else has a different opinion than you do" is? Alex asked for an elaboration so I gave him one that I, and many other people I know, have. Like Alex, I used hyperbole in "my life will be incomplete if I miss it". I'm not trying to attack Alex, if anything it's the opposite. I like this site a lot, it's why I'm here everyday.

axalon on Aug 19, 2013


If this really affects you so much, then please show me some short films that are worthy of the "amazing" and "must watch" tags. You're more than welcome to email me any shorts that you think are good enough to post. My inbox is always open for submissions. As bat0u pointed out, a difference of opinion is important. I am drawn to strong visuals, but if the story isn't that exciting, I may not think it's worthy enough to post even though you think the story is "amazing". To each his own, but I am more than welcome to hear about any shorts you think I should be watching instead.

Alex Billington on Aug 19, 2013


I have emailed you shorts in the past, but because they weren't visually incredible they were bypassed. The reason I submitted those shorts was because of the praise they received for their stories and acting. Two things I noticed were missing with a lot of the shorts you posted -- which is why I submitted them. In quoting you from an above post, the reason you posted this teaser was because "Great music, looks good." How about for story? Which is really the only reason any of us watch anything? Visuals can really only take you so far. You do post good shorts, that Flying Man one was great. I think you also posted one with a guy who was dying in a bunch of different ways which was also great. I was merely commenting on the hyperbole of some of the titles. But at the end of the day this is your site. I'm just some douche posting his opinion in the comments section. I meant no disrespect.

axalon on Aug 20, 2013


Then you might as well post every indie film you come across...there's nothing exceptional about this....truly generic

Bob on Aug 19, 2013


It was incoherent. I realize this was a teaser, but I watched it before I read your plot summary, and once it was over I had no idea what this was supposed to be about, nor did I have any interest in finding out anything further. The cinematography does look well polished, but the scene from The Grey is derivative. Why is this guy sitting in the rain? Dramatic affect is one thing, but in this context it just looks silly. I'm certainly not saying I can do this better, I'm just saying it didn't strike any chords with me.

EmagSamurai on Aug 20, 2013


Why do you keep posting shit like this? How much are they paying you? Stop it, it's not worth it.

qweqwu2 on Aug 19, 2013


Did you even WATCH the trailer? No one is paying me anything. I came across this in my RSS, I watched the trailer, I was impressed (we've featured Dan's work before), I decided to write a post about it. It's worth it just to spread the word on good films from up-and-coming filmmakers. A friend sent me his sci-fi short trailer a few days ago, asked me to post it on the site. I watched it and told him unfortunately I could not post it, just didn't pass our standards of quality. This did. Many, many other trailers and films don't. I'm sorry you don't like this one.

Alex Billington on Aug 19, 2013


Alex, why even bother responding to someone who is so rude. It's your damn site and for U to do as U like

Tester on Aug 19, 2013


Looks amazing. Nice find!

BeenThere on Aug 19, 2013


Very well shot. Not sure what else to take from this yet. The pull away from the girl on the bed is identical to the one in The Grey. Nice find.

poster_guy on Aug 19, 2013


I am willing to check it out.

mooreworthy on Aug 19, 2013


Trailer was real short but the concept sounds interesting! Let us know more when it is released Alex! What is with people criticising what others like? Certain people have their own unique tastes, Alex here is posting something that is of interest to himself and probably many others, there is no need to criticise something he likes to that extent. Some people are just really stupid. =)

Joe_Poo on Aug 19, 2013


Hmm... Has a Strange Days vibe. I love that movie! Wonder what they'll do with the idea.

zer0ed77 on Aug 19, 2013

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