Must Watch: 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' Comic-Con Title Reveal

September 26, 2013
Source: MoviePilot

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

When Joss Whedon revealed that Marvel's sequel to The Avengers was officially titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans freaked out, mostly because the reveal of the title came from a cool little promo trailer. The video featured voiceover of lines from the various superheroes from the 2012 blockbuster superhero ensemble, accompanied by a visual of Tony Stark's Iron Man helmet smashing against some unknown piece of metal. Then it was revealed that it was the helmet of the villain Ultron on the receiving end of the metal mashing. Now that video is online for your viewing pleasure, along with Whedon's Comic-Con appearance.

Here's The Avengers: Age of Ultron title reveal from the JARVIS iPhone app (via MoviePilot):

It's the use of Iron Man's helmet being smashed into Ultron's that has fans thinking that Tony Stark will have a hand in creating Ultron somehow, since Hank Pym (Ant-Man) has been confirmed to not be the villain's creator (since his film won't arrive until after the sequel hits theaters). Theories have thought that Stark's artificial intelligence assistant JARVIS might go rogue, but the casting of James Spader as Ultron kind of put the kibosh on that. But since Paul Bettany's voice isn't exactly menacing, maybe he will evolve into Spader's more intimidating tones. We'll find out sometime down the road, so stay tuned for updates.

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Such heroic nonsense on Sep 26, 2013


i don't understand why is The Avengers is such a loved movie ? really it's mediocre , i hope that in the sequel we gonna see more action and drama . without Hulk , The Avengers is nothing . so much thanks to The Green Big Man 😉

ekoville on Sep 26, 2013


It's loved because it's a very fun movie. The Sequel should be even better.

bugger_butt on Sep 26, 2013


Precisely. It's no masterpiece, it's just good old fashioned fun.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 26, 2013


I understand fun. I just thought it was bland and noisy.

cobrazombie on Sep 27, 2013


ALSO ALSO , it's loved because of what IT IS , the 1st movie about one of the collection of heroes from CB universes .So u might hate it as a MOVIE , but as a Movie Event if was off the charts . The hereos blended together well ... all movies are noisy nowadays esp. ones with grand battles over big cities . ...bland ? HARDLY , at least for fans of the Avengers and the Marvel universe in general .... which is exactly why DC fans want The Justice League .. Cap of course was written bland , but nobody else

Dominic on Sep 27, 2013


Everyone's allowed their opinion. I though avatar was garbage but most people would disagree with me.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 27, 2013


I personally love Avatar and The Avengers. I'm a huge mark for spectacle cinema. I can enjoy small dramas, but seeing something grand and spectacular is what I enjoy most. I don't just like big movies though, John Carter, Battleship, Transformers...those aren't really for me. Just a bit too brainless or otherwise 'not good' for me.

Chris Groves on Sep 27, 2013


Now You see That's why I loved Prometheus. A lot of people hated it but it was a grand Spectacle in my eyes.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 27, 2013


I've been torn on that film ever since I saw it opening night. It was 70% 'thoughtful, interesting sci-fi' and 30% 'dumb monster movie' my opinion it completely fell apart in the last act.

Chris Groves on Sep 27, 2013


I agree. My hats off to Joss Whedon for putting together a fun movie, but nothing about it was epic though.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 26, 2013


Nothing about it? Not even the long tracking shot that moved through the battle, from one character to the next? Not epic at all? I mean, there are definitely places for improvement with a sequel, and Whedon has even said that himself, but to say there was "nothing" epic about the first film is a little bit much.

Chris Groves on Sep 27, 2013


I think the epic thing about it was the concept of the interconnected movies(and Hulk and the shot of the Avengers assembling along with the Alan Silvestri score), I see it as there was no deeper characterization of characters (except Hulk) in the Avengers since most characters had already been characterized in their own movies, I guess the point of the movie was to introduce the avengers and make it a fun movie, in order words actually make it work. I feel that this one will be better, a Whedon says it will be more global and sci fi like.

Fidel Reyes on Sep 26, 2013


ULTRON!!! He is going to be so badass, I hope! =D

Joe_poo on Sep 26, 2013


Since when are lame ass teasers a "must watch..?"

ali3000 on Sep 26, 2013


They want to see how many trolls post to the boards.

bugger_butt on Sep 26, 2013


Did I offend a fanboy?

ali3000 on Sep 26, 2013


No, you were pretty much just being a jerk all around.

Chris Groves on Sep 26, 2013


How was I being a jerk..? All I said was the teaser was shitty.

ali3000 on Sep 26, 2013


That would have been fun to see live with the audiences' reaction

David Diaz on Sep 26, 2013


Now release the comic con footage of GOTG...PLEASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

JBrotsis on Sep 26, 2013


That would have awesome to feel the energy in that room.

mooreworthy on Sep 26, 2013


I am still a little sad Pym won't be responsible for Ultron, but I am curious on it will be born.

DAVIDPD on Sep 26, 2013


if they show us a piece of metal saying is an Ultron's finger, we'll react excited. We're fans and we love it

toonfed on Sep 26, 2013


Why is this must-watch?

dawko on Sep 26, 2013


so whats the loose plot for this one ?

shane willett on Jan 14, 2014

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