Must Watch: Trailer for Important 'After Tiller' Abortion Documentary

July 24, 2013
Source: The Daily Beast

After Tiller Documentary Trailer

"Unless people understand what's going on for the woman, it's impossible to support it." 2013 happens to be a year full of incredibly moving and important documentaries, from Blackfish to The Act of Killing. Yet another we recommend not only for its thoughtful, intimate filmmaking but for the way it courageously and intelligently approaches a controversial subject is called After Tiller. Co-directors Martha Shane and Lana Wilson tell the rousing stories of the four remaining doctors who perform third-trimester abortions after the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in 2009. This affecting doc now has an affecting trailer too - see it below.

Watch the trailer for Martha Shane & Lana Wilson's doc After Tiller, originally via The Daily Beast:

After the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in 2009, there are a limited number of doctors left who provide third-trimester abortions for women. After Tiller moves between the rapidly unfolding stories of the doctors, all of whom were close colleagues of Dr. Tiller, and are fighting to keep this service available in the wake of his death. These four people have become the new #1 targets of the pro-life movement, yet continue to risk their lives every day to do work that many believe is murder, but which they believe is profoundly important for their patients' lives. After Tiller premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Human Rights award at the Full Frame Film Festival. Oscilloscope Labs will release After Tiller this fall.

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Too raw.

DAVIDPD on Jul 24, 2013



Carpola on Jul 24, 2013


Yay, let's glorify and sympathize with disgusting baby killers.

JM on Jul 24, 2013


Yay, let's sympathize with the person responsible for assassinating the doctor right?

DK on Jul 24, 2013


Does it have to be one or the other?

JM on Jul 24, 2013


YES!!! the people who killed the doctor are MURDERERS, women getting an abortion and their doctors are NOT! grow the fuck up!

Christian Good on Jul 26, 2013


C'mon, isn't this set in the country that always goes on about Freedom?

Carpola on Jul 24, 2013


Yeah, for ALL, including living fetuses.

JM on Jul 24, 2013


YEAH! everyone knows fetuses have more rights than women, fuck women they should go back to the kitchen instead of killing babies.

Haihaihai on Jul 24, 2013


That was sarcasm by the way, it's pretty fucked up how religion can just choose the rights of a fetus over women...and that's supposed to be okay.

Haihaihai on Jul 24, 2013


After visiting America and seeing its youth I think you need more abortions.

Chancie McDouche on Jul 25, 2013


Thank you for your constructive input. We value your opinion. -A Former American Youth

Wafffles on Jul 25, 2013


living fetuses? your an idiot

Christian Good on Jul 26, 2013


"Yay, let's glorify and sympathize with disgusting baby killers." - Actually, it glorifies heroes who perform operations so women don't have to seek out illegal options; illegal options like Kermit Gosnell, when Pennsylvania outlawed third trimester abortions.

ReFlex76 on Jul 24, 2013


As someone who is generally pro-choice and who can't help but laugh at hyperbolic rhetoric like "disgusting baby killers", I'm nonetheless disinclined to call these people "heroes". Part of the problem with the abortion debate is that some call these doctors heroes, while some call the assassins heroes. What if we all just called everyone, on either side of the debate, citizens with different views on an issue? Maybe then we'd have a hope for rational discussion and a compromising outcome to this situation, instead of political posturing and assassins and bombers and fanatics and an eternal schism between members of our nation.

Wafffles on Jul 25, 2013

16 wont call the people that want to kill the doctors "citizens" we will call them sick and disturbed individuals that need serious help. this isnt an argument that has valid points on both sides, its an argument between completely ignorant, superstitious nutbags and EVERYONE ELSE!

Christian Good on Jul 26, 2013


youre an absolute MORON for calling any woman getting an abortion a baby killer...and when i say moron, i mean you have the mind of a 2 year old.

Christian Good on Jul 26, 2013


Why is any killing ok? All killing sux. Just sad that one is murder and the other is legal business.

IanPullens on Jul 24, 2013


o grow up....its so SAAAAD....whats sad is the lack of critical thinking the majority of this country suffers from. why is an killing ok? its an abortion dummy, figure out why women have them before you cry us a river about whats SAD.

Christian Good on Jul 26, 2013


Looks very interesting

terrible reactor on Jul 24, 2013


Imagine, if those assassins were send to kill the whole government, at least they would get rid of people responsible for recession....

dawko on Jul 25, 2013


o my god these comments just keep getting dumber

Christian Good on Jul 26, 2013


ALL life should be important

DJROBL on Jul 25, 2013


Every person on this board is seems to be a man such as myself. Watch the movie, see it from a woman's point of view and then you can have an opinion about something you'll still never understand

Richard A K on Jul 25, 2013


"Hmm you either feel guilty for aborting or guilty for not providing the quality of life you want for the child." Somehow I think that the quality of life as we measure here in the US is very different than around the world. The fascinating thing about life is you can choose your Destiny! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! No but seriously... FIGHT!

Nate on Jul 25, 2013


Nate - I've seen the movie. In the full clip, the mother is explaining that this baby is going to be born without part of its brain. It can survive physically, but will never fully develop consciously. The parents wanted this baby, and they never would have imagined themselves aborting a child. This is what the mother means about the quality of life.

Charlie on Jul 25, 2013


Did they abort the child in the end?

ariofrio on Aug 10, 2013


you know what else is fascinating about life? ITS NOT A MOVIE!

Christian Good on Jul 26, 2013

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