Full International 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Retains the Intensity

March 21, 2013
Source: Apple

Star Trek Into Darkness

"This could just be the beginning…" Whoa. Paramount has dropped an international trailer this morning to show us just how awesome J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness still looks. They continue to tease more bits and pieces more in each trailer, and this one is right at that point of showing too much, but never does. Chris Pine returns as Captain Kirk, with Zachary Quinto as Spock, but it's Benedict Cumberbatch who gets the most time in this trailer. Of course, we also have to mention Alice Eve as Dr. Marcus getting half-naked in one scene. But it's the sci-fi action I can't wait for. This is now what Star Trek is - and I love it.

Here's the latest international trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, in high def from Apple:

When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated everything the fleet stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a "one man weapon of mass destruction."

Star Trek Into Darkness is the sequel to the J.J. Abrams-directed reboot of Gene Roddenberry's original science fiction series. The screenplay this time was co-written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof. Most of the crew is back, including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin & John Cho. Paramount is bringing Into Darkness to theaters May 17th this summer.

Star Trek Into Darkness

We also added this new poster above, discovered from URLs hidden in the trailer and solved by TrekMovie.

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No, it does show too much, but I like to live life on the edge, so I saw it...twice. Star Trek hasn't been on TV for...7 years? Any reason JJ or Bad Robot have no plans on bringing ST back to TV?

David Banner on Mar 21, 2013


Maybe because having a Star Trek tv series would require some actual intelligent content faithful to Roddenberry's vision ? This looks like a fun mindless popcorn summer flick I give it that,but a true Star Trek ? I think not.

c164814 on Mar 21, 2013


Exactly. These movies sate the pallet of the fans well enough. But we know what will happen with a series that takes this direction......Cough cough Enterprise.

Brian Sleider on Mar 21, 2013


Sorry I grew up on TOS and these movies are the closest thing to Star Trek we've had in many many years, all those new shows did was talk talk talk, TOS had action humor good stories and was fun just like these movies.

Jimmy Love on Mar 21, 2013


Yeah, talking and dialogue is really overrated.

$126191 on Mar 21, 2013


"Blah blah blah Humanity Blah blah blah" that's what the new treks brought ya, so yeah that dialogue really is overrated

Jimmy Love on Mar 21, 2013


...and that's why we can't have nice things...

c191165 on Mar 21, 2013


I do not even know how to respond. These movies are closer to Enterprise(the WORST Star Trek) than ANYTHING Roddenberry was involved with. These movies are fun and all but they are light on REAL science fiction. IE topical themes social issues ect... TOS was over flowing with proper Sci-Fi. Spaceship+aliens+explosions =/= Science Fiction.

Brian Sleider on Mar 22, 2013


Yeah proper science a guy in a bunny suit doing the rabbit from alice in wonderland.

Jimmy Love on Apr 1, 2013


Because they cannot make a series that pleases the MASSIVE fan base and bring in younger and new viewers. See "Enterprise" to know what happens when they try.

Brian Sleider on Mar 22, 2013


I think it might have to do with $$. Star Wars live action has been planned, or was announced in 2005, but they had to wait for it to become more reasonable to make. Think they said at the time it looked like $10 million an episode. Compare it to: Mad Men is at $4million an episode? Madness. And in this case, CBS still hold the rights, or? JJ and his band of subjects have cranked out a lot of TV, it would be cool if they produced/made/whattheefuckyouwanttocallit a new Star Trek series. Key is: worldwide release. That would=less piracy, more comerical income. A show is out in the US on sunday, pirated by hundreds of thousands(++) in europe and asia the day after since there is no clever distro.

Jack on Mar 29, 2013


Looks Amazing, almost seeing too much now...

Brad White on Mar 21, 2013


It seems too dark...too bleak...where's the fun?

Linkfx on Mar 21, 2013


There's still fun. If you saw the 9 minute preview before the hobbit, it still has the same fun vibe as the first one 🙂

Danimal on Mar 21, 2013


I don't know whether I've seen the guy playing the villain in other films, but he just doesn't look intimidating to me. I'm sure he'll be fine, but looks like a better looking Ed Helms. Jeffrey

Why? on Mar 21, 2013



terrible reactor on Mar 21, 2013


It looks like Cumberbatch is bringing the requisite intensity for a good villain. Looking forward to this.

Elbak on Mar 21, 2013


If Kirk can't save the world, I bet Robocop can!!

stevenfreestyler on Mar 22, 2013


Robocop is just a wuss wrapped in aluminum and tinfoil.This is clearly a job for Buckaroo Banzai. Also I believe you are responding to the wrong comment.

d9317 on Mar 22, 2013


00:25 - Peter Weller!!

Jim on Mar 21, 2013


Reveals too much IMO. Was not happy to see a reveal of a crashing Enterprise.

Brian Sleider on Mar 21, 2013


I don't know why the Enterprise crew are afraid of this villain, clearly is shorter than they are. Huhura, Kirk And Spock looks confused and searching for him. It's below, guys!

TOONFED on Mar 21, 2013


Now even Star Trek guys have to pose with guns. That's never, ever been a part of the concept. Welcome to the new gun culture.

Clint Eastwode on Mar 21, 2013


What new gun culture? The sh*t's been the same forever and I doubt it will change much even though they are trying to bring some new legislation in,which won't do much for the problem which they are supposedly trying to fix with it. The "problem" is that general public associates guys posing in a dork like fashion with plastic toy guns with adventure and they are trying to sell this movie as a pulpy adventure ride. And it's been like that since forever.Boys have played with wooden swords reenacting some adventurous fairy tale or story.And then they invented guns and toy guns replaced wooden swords. So I don't see what's new about it.

c191165 on Mar 21, 2013


I do not believe that noone noticed/mentioned in comments that extremely hot chick at 1:36 :D:D:D

Szkari on Mar 21, 2013


Alice Eve hnnnnnnngh

si1ver on Mar 21, 2013


She's pretty but a bit stout,not fat,just her bone structure makes her appear so,unusual choice for a major blockbuster movie.At least they did not go with another stick figure body type of an actress like they tend to do..oh wait....they did....Zoe...

c191165 on Mar 21, 2013


Heaven forbid Hollywood start to cast REAL women and not these assless toothpick girls.

Brian Sleider on Mar 22, 2013


What are you talking about Alice Eve is tall and super skinny. She still has a supermodel's body/frame/bone structure. You must have seen a weirdly angled shot of her or something.

si1ver on Mar 23, 2013


I'm sending you a cod in the mail so you can slap some sense into your lardmouth fool

Sal Heart on Mar 29, 2013


Too slow Mass Effect. Prometheus and ST2 heavily borrow from the ME aesthetic. ME has a unique visual universe but every year a new movie does a set piece that ME has done. If they don't make a movie soon its just gonna look like they copied other movies (like John Carter with Star Wars, Star Trek, etc...).

si1ver on Mar 21, 2013


But they did copy other movies.The game did.As good or as bad cough*the ending*cough the game is most of the content is just a bunch of cliches and formula from other SF be it movies,literature or even comics.It's new or newish in the context of interactive video game medium but nothing you can't find published prior in other media.

d9317 on Mar 22, 2013


ME 100% copied from other sci-fi. But no one gives a sh*t about all the great sci-fi literature and lesser known movies/tv shows. If you make a good movie of something first then you get praised as a visionary or innovator. The Matrix and Inception aren't original in their ideas or themes but movie audiences hadn't seen anything like them before. Like I said ME has a unique visual universe that movie audiences hadn't seen before. Dark, sleek and militaristic but also epic, imaginative and explorative. With modern, mass appealing ideas and themes its less character driven and more set piece and action/adventure driven. Grounded in science as much as possible. In the future but still relatable (same politics, military and social classes we're used to). It feels like the near future but it takes place far enough away that they can get away with all the good sci-fi conventions. The universe isn't campy (Star Trek), alien (Star Wars) or post-apocalyptic its our universe with our own galaxy, solar system and planet in it; there are just a few aliens added to it. Covert missions, espionage, politics, laws, rogues, people in need, save the galaxy, mysteries, exploration, secret agendas, new technology, exotic planets/locations, aliens... Not original but not bad "world building" in the video game and would make a great blockbuster. But Prometheus had ships, objects, suits, and set pieces almost identical to ones seen in ME (ideas, story and theme had a few similarities too). Now Star Trek is back in the game and their showing off a futuristic but grounded and relatable London. Dark, action filled story. Starfleet seems less exploratory, diplomatic, peacekeeping and research oriented this turn around and we're seeing more of their militaristic and espionage side (plus their militaristic and espionage rooted villain). Star Trek is definitely in on ME's audience instead of ST's own hard sci-fi crowd.

si1ver on Mar 23, 2013


You make a good point. But there is a huge difference playing this kind of a story and just passively watching it. I like the Mass Effect experience as a whole even with the failed ending and just to make it clear,the failure for me is not the fact that it's a sad ending I even kind of prefer that to the usual "hero saves the world gets the girl and rides into the sunset" because it's more true to real life since we all die at the end,the failure is in the fact how it destroys everything they were building through the whole series but it's been discussed to the point of beating the dead horse into a pulp so let's just skip that . I don't know how much would I like a movie with the same storyline,like a passive viewing experience,since I've pretty much seen the same before elsewhere. Maybe if they don't make it about Shepard. As far as new Star Trek.I tried re-watching the first one yesterday and I just could not get through the opening sequence.I quit right after the captain dies and Kirk's dad takes the command.It was all just meh.The stupid alien design of aliens in the medical team helping Kirk's mom with birth also didn't help and may actually be the reason I quit watching,the ones with idiotic over sized CGI eyes but still human looking. The first time I saw it, it was fun being new and all,but forgettable.So not really hyped about the sequel.

d9317 on Mar 23, 2013


Almost seems like you could swap out all the space craft for modern military craft and the whole thing would pretty much be another military conspiracy movie. I thought Star Trek was about exploration and big ideas about the universe. This feels too grounded to Earth... and not in a good way.

Swanland on Mar 21, 2013


The mainstream cannot handle proper HARD science fiction. So we that do get stuck with explosions in space.

Brian Sleider on Mar 22, 2013


Which I would not mind that much if they actually adhered to some scientifically proven facts such as there is no sound in space ,the "laser beams" are actually invisible and explosions in most likelihood would not be so "fiery" due to lack of oxygen and other gases and other stupid shit we regularly get to have to ignore in these so called SF movies.

d9317 on Mar 23, 2013


Quite entertaining but I got duped on the last Star Trek film as that trailer was epic but the film was just a confusing disappointing mess. Hence this looks like it has a similar amount of 'cool' scenes but is likely to be connected by a completely unengaging script and story. The writers certainly have form for this.

Payne by name on Mar 22, 2013


Thanks. I always wondered what Star Trek would be like with all the intelligence sucked out of it and done in a Michael Bay style.

$126191 on Mar 23, 2013

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