New 'Justice League' Team Line-Up Rumor Keeps the Expected Heroes

January 24, 2013
Source: Latino Review

Justice League

Just after the New Year, a rumor started circulating about the team line-up for Warner Bros. anticipated superhero ensemble Justice League. In addition to superheroes, it also included mentions of Lois Lane and Alfred Pennyworth. Now a more reliable rumor comes from Latino Review (who just broke news on  potential cast members for Guardians of the Galaxy) saying that the Justice League will be composed of only Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash. If you're disappointed that a couple key heroes aren't on that list, there might be some hope for those missing names still. Read on!

Though the film is said to concentrate on those five core heroes, there's apparently a chance for Aquaman and Martian Manhunter to get small cameos, likely to set up for a second movie or future individual franchises. And there's also a much smaller possibility that Hawkman might show up at some point. Of course, we're not sure who all will play these heroes, whether Zack Snyder's Man of Steel kicks off this DC Comics universe on the big screen, or if it has some sort of tie to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Hopefully we'll have answers to these questions soon as production looms nearer to meet the 2015 release.

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Rogue apostrophe in the headline as of this comment. I remain sceptical after that last 'rumour', but if true, this is probably a good idea. Keep it tight.

OfficialJab on Jan 24, 2013


It makes sense to start with a smaller team of the most recognizable characters, especially since they're rushing it out without lead in movies for most of them. Maybe there's hope this movie won't be a complete shambles after all.

Jake on Jan 24, 2013


who said it was going to be a "shambles" to begin with? and - how is 2015 (which is 2 YEARS away from right now) "rushing it out"?

$6296288 on Jan 24, 2013


I say shambles because everything about the Justice League movie seems to be an "oh shit" reaction to the Avengers success. 2 years is not a long time when there's not even a finished script, a director or a cast. Especially when you're talking about a movie of this scale that is going to need twice as much effects work as the Avengers. Marvel is certainly not without their missteps but they do a great job of inspiring confidence in their projects and then delivering on that promise. The only thing any information on the Justice League movie has inspired thus far is doubt. I'm still pulling for it but my hopes and dreams aren't going to get a good movie made.

Jake on Jan 24, 2013


SH movies (like batman) were enjoying success long before avengers. i hardly doubt JL is an (oh shit) response. i would say that movies like ironman1/2 and xmen (and future SH films) were/are an "oh shit" response from hollywood when they realized how much money they could make beyond the more mainstream batman/superman/spiderman movies. JL is just a continuation of the current trend that superhero films will continue to get made as a result of the money they make. as far as marvel "delviering on it's promise" - i gues you mean the movies made a lot of money? i'm not sure what you're using to quantify that. jake - i know it's hard for the fanboys to accept - but SH hero films didn't begin with marvels avengers characters. as far as time to make the movie - i googled ironman. its property rights were reaquired by marvel in 06 and they had it out to the public in april of 08 with paramount as the publisher - 2 years. in july of 08, IM2 went into production and was released in 2010....which is ALSO 2 years later. so, it has been done ....AND with your beloved marvel movies as well. i'm really not trying to argue. it just seems your opinions are coming more from a fanboy attachment to marvels world than to reality. i think a JL movie would be fun. i'm not a huge superhero fan, but i like the characters in JL and hope it does get made. i'm curious to see how a SH film with 2 of the biggest superheros of them all (or at least the most popular) turns out.

$6296288 on Jan 24, 2013


X-men specifically was hardly a reaction to anything. Superhero movies were dead in the water when X-men came out. It preceded even the Spiderman movies by 2 years. Warner Bros has been trying to get a Justice League movie made forever but then Avengers comes out and blows the doors off the box office and then all the sudden there's a release date set before there's even a script. That's why I said they're rushing it out in reaction to The Avengers. Trying to talk down to me because I'm a fan of comics (both Marvel and DC) makes you sound a condescending moron. It's bad form and also an uninformed stance since I'm also a big fan of movies and the process of making them. If you can't see the difference between developing a movie with a singular hero and a massive team-up movie, then you obviously don't understand storytelling. Even Joss Whedon, who has made an entire career out of team based storytelling, spent 3 years developing The Avengers from writing to production to post production and only finished days before the deadline. The biggest advantage that Marvel had by making the lead up movies that DC doesn't, other than Joss Whedon, is that by the time The Avengers came out they already had blueprints for creating the effects necessary to make the characters work in a visual capacity. Warner has to start almost completely from scratch on this and they have far more visual effects to worry about because every one of the characters has superpowers. I love the DC characters, Superman was my first favorite superhero and still one of them. However, DC's characters are always harder to adapt that Marvel's because Marvel intentionally developed their stable based on the human behind the mask, not the hero. DC's characters are widely accepted as being harder to relate to and therefore, harder to adapt into movies. It's one of the reasons so few of DC's heroes have been adapted into movies. Again, we have an issue with forcing any sort of timeline on the writing and polishing of this script. It's not an impossible task, but my doubt of this movie has nothing to do fanboy attachment and everything to do with the practicality of making a movie that successfully tells a story on this scale.

Jake on Jan 24, 2013


how did i talk down to you? i just gave some facts that refuted what you said. i didn't insult you in any way. and as far as avengers - i just googled that. whedon joined that production in april of 2010. the movie came out in april of 2012....which is 2 years. i do understand that the vison for the marvel movies started when marvel got the rights back - but MANY movies have been made in 2 years.... including all of the marvel films. we'll just have to disagree. i certainly don't understand your belief that the movie is headed for failure when we know very little about it at this point.

$6296288 on Jan 24, 2013


Man, you just have to pick a fight?

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013


I'd ignore him, he's trying to bait you

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013


Even though one of the biggest superheroes has had the shittiest of movies released to date (not counting MOS being it has come out yet). Btw, David Banner is the man in executing your flaws.

JBrotsis on Jan 25, 2013


Since when a movie has to have like 5 lead in movies in order to work? The Avengers way is not the only way. I can't believe how much backlash this movie is getting even before anything official.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 24, 2013



$6296288 on Jan 24, 2013


True, I mean, if anything THIS seems like the smarter route IMO

LosZombies on Jan 25, 2013


Yes. I just hope they don't rush it to come out before The Avengers 2. They should take their time.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 25, 2013


i think JL can be really good - but until factual info comes out on story.....and who plays what parts, it's really hard to say at this point.

$6296288 on Jan 24, 2013


Yep, we'll just have to wait and see.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 24, 2013


I know actors can hit the gym hardcore and morph there bodies, but honestly I feel JGLs ectomorph body type wont let him be Batman, hes just too damn thin.

Cody W on Jan 24, 2013


yea - he is that. i never saw him as batman either. after DKR, i'm ready for someone other than bale, though.

$6296288 on Jan 25, 2013


"I don't even like comic book movies". Remember who said that?

David Banner on Jan 24, 2013


i don't. i watched the cartoons as a kid; so i check out the movies now. -....i don't dislike them either. i'm just not a "fan" of them the way many are. i do watch them....same with a lot of rom-coms. i'm not a fan (of the rom-com genre) but i watch quite a few. it's the only way to find a few good ones. is this all you do is make dumbass comments? it's all i see on most threads is you either sounding like an idiot; posting spam like this; or making no sense. i don't even waste time calling you on your stupidity any more...but i'm bored right now.

$6296288 on Jan 24, 2013


We all chipped in on a bag of dicks for you, you were quiet a while, then you came crawling back, no way-NO FUCKING WAY-did you finish off that bag all ready. And who the fuck is commenting on your account now? The syntax is changed, no capital letters, bad spacing-some of your posts are copy/paste(can see it in the spacing), typo's, who the fuck is this?? Were you drunk or something last night, looking at all the comments on this thread? Right-a-fucking-way, you start calling people idiots and slamming your gut around. And then, for someone who doesn't like comicbook movies, you sure have a lot of solid info on them? I think I liked you better the way you were this last month, all "This looks great" "I am looking forward to this" comments-and no attacks on other people. If you are looking for a forums where your type of behavior is applauded(by 10 year olds and the dickless), I suggest you try places like Gamespot.

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013


codys right - you are a that the best you can come up with?...... really? you're so precictable dave - throwing out insults and cursing to cover up your shortcomings. i don't know whether to laugh at you or pity you. and who is the "we" you speak of? on this site, you're the only one who acts like a complete loser and posts the kind of stuff you're doing right now. you're the only one who follows me around with your pathetic comments. how sad you're life must be to have to act out your frustrations with meaningless posts on online forums. why not take responsibility for your life and act a little more mature dave? there you have it folks - another trolling comment from the idiot david banner.

$6296288 on Jan 25, 2013


I think you are reading the comments in the wrong order....

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013


i assume you're talking about codys post? it's so hard to keep track of what you're talking about since i don't think like someone with a mental imbalance. however, i don't see how i read it wrong- he responded to you and said "he"....meaning me. if he meant you, he would have said "YOU have a point". of course, he could have wrote it wrong and meant me; but, as it stands, there is only one way to interpret it. and, based on your post history, it has to be you. in fact, you've demonstrated your tendencies here on this particular thread.

$6296288 on Jan 25, 2013


What are you on?

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013


i've wondered that about you since the first time you came on the site.

$6296288 on Jan 25, 2013


I see you no longer are "Beevis". Gratz on the change. So for 4 years, you've been obsessing on me? Wow....

David Banner on Jan 26, 2013


Hes got a point, all your comments are either trolling or overall just being a douche.

Cody W on Jan 24, 2013


I believe once the new Batman is cast, then all the rest of the characters as far as who's playing who, will fall into place. I think this is gonna be one of the most epic movies ever made.

jah p on Jan 24, 2013


Epic movie ever made....that already happened last summer with The Avengers.

JBrotsis on Jan 24, 2013


Martian Manhunter is a really great storytelling device to get them all together to stop some kind of evil. Being that he's almost like the spy of the franchise he can do a lot to create an air of mystery.

Kento on Jan 24, 2013


Are they still aiming for 2015? They have no director, seemingly no writers, no confirmed cast(Outside of Cavill, I suppose) there is a lot left to be done and they are running out of time to get it done. I still say I would probably prefer that they had taken the time to go the Marvel route and build the characters first then have the big crossover. I mean, I know Man of Steel is coming, and in theory Reynolds might be reprising his role as Green Lantern...but the films haven't been organically connected like the Marvel films were.

Chris Groves on Jan 24, 2013


ironman1 was in various stages of development at universal, new line pictures, and 20th century fox from 1990 - 2006....and no movie was made....16 years and no movie. marvel reaquired the rights in 2006 and had ironman out to the public in april,2008 - 2 years. ironman2 released 2 years after that and avengers 2 years after that. so, based on marvels films, time doesn't seem to be a factor on if a film can make it out in a 2 year period. just google it - the info is there.

$6296288 on Jan 24, 2013


Sure, you CAN make a movie in 2 years, but if often stresses the production. Favreau stated that they had less time to make Iron Man 2 than they did Iron Man 1...I'm pretty sure most agree Iron Man 1 was better. Beyond that, Whedon said during production on The Avengers, there was a lot of writing and shooting at the same time. He had experience with that from working in television...but in the wrong hands that could have been nasty. There is a pretty well known mantra "Focus on making a good movie, not a release date"...I don't want Justice League rushed.

Chris Groves on Jan 25, 2013


Martian Manhunter will show up in del Toro's film, right? I think some of the "creepy ones" that del Toro wants in his film, will show up in future JL movies. Gotta try them out and introduce them, right?

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013


Seems right. The others should definitely be introduced as a follow up.

tra la la la la di da on Jan 29, 2013


please dont let this happen. Nolan's trilogy needs to be left alone.

Zak Coleman on Mar 6, 2013

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