Now Mel Gibson is Rumored to Play the Villain in 'The Expendables 3'

June 7, 2013
Source: Showbiz 411

Mel Gibson

Back in April, Sylvester Stallone himself entertained the idea of bringing Mel Gibson on to direct The Expendables 3. That never came to fruition since Red Hill director Patrick Hughes is behind the sequel now. However, it sounds like Stallone might have locked down Gibson for The Expendables 3 in a different role. Showbiz 411 is reporting that Gibson is being lined up to take the villain role in the action ensemble sequel which just recently confirmed Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan, not to mention adding Milla Jovovich into the mix as the new bad ass female. Could this be some kind of a comeback for Gibson?

While the prospect of Gibson taking on the likes of Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews and the rest of the gang in the August 2014 release, it also seems too easy. After all, Gibson is already appearing as the villain in the over-the-top grindhouse action sequel Machete Kills later this year. And while this film certainly has a different style, playing the villain in The Expendables 3 might just seem a little too familiar. Of course, Gibson has had a hard time since certain public antics have painted him in a negative light, so maybe he's just taking what he can get at this point. What do you think?

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Zainacus on Jun 7, 2013


Wish he would go back to directing.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 7, 2013


I dig it. Would've been cool if he was chosen to direct as well.

Nielsen700 on Jun 7, 2013


Oh please let this happen. Don't give a shit about anything he did or said, I just want him back on screen and hopefully sometime back behind the camera as well.

grimjob on Jun 7, 2013


We've all gotten wasted and said some ridiculous bullshit before. Like hooking up with two girls in a nonexistent bathroom.

Astroboy3000 on Jun 7, 2013


Except he wasn't wasted when he told the bathroom story.

grimjob on Jun 7, 2013


Yes, who hasn't blurted out out at one our ex's that we hope they get r**** by a pack of n****** after a wild binge. Look, I understand that people don't find those unbelievably racist things he said as well, you know, racist, but come on, do you really think the guy is THAT good an actor or director to want him back? How crazy can you get?

Charles on Jun 7, 2013


He's a fantastic actor and an even better director...yes, It would be nice to have him back. and what's the point of the majority of people preaching forgiveness if no one actually does it. regardless how you personally feel about the man, he's great at what he does and his personal life/opinions should mean absolutely nothing to you or anyone else for that matter

ColtNoir on Jun 8, 2013


This will superb and one of the best- with likes of Sly, Mel, Bruce, Arny, Jackie, True entertainer!!!!

Mel and Sly are the Best on Jun 7, 2013


F*** the public, Mel Gibson is one of the most talented actors IMO. I really hate how he has one incident, and everyone's forgotten his years of other great films and have left him out to dry. Looking forward to his comeback and hoping to see him making it big again.

JBrotsis on Jun 7, 2013


You really, REALLY need to expand your knowledge of movies man. Shut the damned TV off and pick up a book too once in awhile.

Charles on Jun 7, 2013


So, because he likes Gibson, he knows nothing about movies?

grimjob on Jun 7, 2013


No because he called he called Gibson "one of the most talented actors". What, you can't read?

Charles on Jun 7, 2013


Shut the fuck up, douche. Mel Gibson is great and deserves any praise he gets.

George on Jun 7, 2013


Haha! No, I can't. I am illiterate. You're pretty hostile there, Chuck. And he is absolutely right. Gibson is great, on and off screen. Are you still tender about his drunken rants? Why don't you calm down and have yourself a nice glass of warm milk?

grimjob on Jun 7, 2013


To grimjob, george and everyone else who supports mel: You have every right in the world to defend and support racists whenever and wherever you see fit. It's a free country and I guess I shouldn't expect everyone to not have hatred running through their veins. It is SO easy to be a racist with a hidden identity of the internet. But when you support a man like Gibson, you'd better be prepared to have people call you out as you are. If you talk the talk, you bettter damned well walk the walk.

Charles on Jun 8, 2013


I am not a rascist. I don't have hatred running through my veins. I love movies. Mel Gibson has been an essential part of many of my favorites. If you think he's the only actor who is rascist in some way, you're a damn fool. You can bet many of your favorites probably share some of his beliefs, they just haven't gotten drunk and blurted them out. Sure, he may be an asshole, which I've heard. I don't care about people's personal lives. I don't watch ET (or tv in general for that matter), and I don't read celebrity magazines. I don't get invested in their lives because I don't give a shit. As an actor and director, the man is talented. Those are the qualities that interest me. Payback, The Road Warrior, Braveheart. A few of his films I will never stop enjoying.

grimjob on Jun 8, 2013


I'm looking forward to the day he gets drunk again and seriously causes great harm to himself. Like maybe driving off a cliff. Anything to keep him from making more movies.

Charles on Jun 7, 2013


Go home Charles, your drunk.

Charles's nana on Jun 8, 2013


Let me guess he's in a holocaust group.

Jimmy Love on Jun 7, 2013


Here's an idea, get Gibson to direct it as well. They need to go out with a bang on this one, because it will probably be the last one anyway, so make it the violent and gritty action extravaganza that it deserves to be for a change (not some muddled, CG-blood, barely R-rated catastrophe like the last one was).

thejon93rd on Jun 8, 2013


Braveheart is still one of my fav movies. =(

none none on Jun 8, 2013


While it would hard to watch Mel get Brutally beat up by strong man Stallone, see what he did to superstar Van Damn, Mel would deliver a strong and dramatic performance that few could. Wesley, Cage, Chan and Jovovich, as a villain. Wow I can't wait. Thank you ROCKY!

Bill on Jun 9, 2013


Or Mel could just quietly go back to doing community theatre in Perth and Adelaide with Geoffrey Rush.

Steve on Jun 11, 2013

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