Now That Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 'Sandman,' Paul Rudd is 'Ant-Man'

December 18, 2013
Source: The Wrap

Ant-Man / Paul Rudd

After hearing this past fall that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd were the frontrunners to play Ant-Man in Marvels Phase Three title from director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), the deliberation is over, and it seems we have our tiny superhero cast. The Wrap has learned that with Joseph Gordon-Levitt heading to the comic book adaptation of Sandman at Warner Bros., the Anchorman and I Love You, Man star is now taking the lead role as Hank Pym, the man who would become Ant-Man. Recent interviewers have noticed Rudd being in better shape than he was previously, but denied any involvement. Read on!

Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less of an actor signing up for the big screen comic book universe. The film would see Rudd playing a scientist who invents a substance that allows him to change his size and communicate with insects. The test reel shown at Comic-Con a couple years ago showed us just how cool the action could be in the hands of Edgar Wright (you can see it in an unofficial, but accurate storyboard recreation of the footage right here). Will there be an official announcement soon? We hope so, but in the meantime, this sound like it's a done deal. Do you think Paul Rudd can pull off Ant-Man?

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Rudd is in talking, he has not signed, and JoGo said on his Twitter account that they don't have a Sandman yet.

Andrew Littler on Dec 18, 2013


The biggest problem with Marvel right now is they are making their own films more into comedies which really weighs down on the serious moments that happens in the films. I know for every comic book film you need those light and cheerful moments to separate from the dark and brooding material but Marvel is just going too much with the jokes. Thor 2 had so much comedy added in it and even Iron Man 3 the entire film was a joke. We definitely know Guardians of The Galaxy is following along the same tone. All we have to worry about next is Cap 2 which definitely looks like it's heading down the right territory with the heavy political plot but who's knows yet. It's my main worry for Ant-Man with mainly a comedic actor (If Paul Rudd is really Ant-Man) and a comedic director. Hopefully it can be balanced out perfectly.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


This may be a problem for you but Marvel is making billion dollar films. So I think very few people have a problem with it. I persoanlly feel the tone feels more like a comic book than what DC/WB are doing which is too dark and dismal and overly serious. I want escapism not depression.

J-K on Dec 18, 2013


I didn't say go all out with a dark and brooding tone in every single scene I just said I feel they need a more perfect balance of them in their films now. Regarding many of the Batman and Superman graphic novels as you mentioned DC/WB many of them have been mature in tone. Which is where you lost me exactly on "feels more like a comic book than what DC/WB are doing". Depends which comic book/graphic novel or source material you are exactly referring too. Not all of them can be considered as happy fun stories. DC Comics is mainly known for going into those extra grounds. I know what Marvel is doing is different and I know they need to stand out from that crowd in order to separate themselves but their sometimes needs to be a line on the tone being presented.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


I see what you are saying. I just like the tone where it is. It is an enjoyable experience watching these films. Marvel's films give me the same feeling as when I saw the original 3 Star Wars films for the first time. Pure scifi escapism. To each his own I guess. But I doubt they will change their formula based ont he success they are having.

J-K on Dec 18, 2013


As long as Marvel don't go all George Lucas on themselves they're good.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 18, 2013


Very true! ­čÖé

J-K on Dec 18, 2013


Don't knock the cgi gopher master!

Carpola on Dec 19, 2013


Well who knows for watch the future could hold I guess. They are an enjoyable experience, but are they memorable? Sometimes I also think they are rushing out their films too much now which is why they may loose that certain quality. Thor 2 is one that had it's share of production problems from the start even with the sudden switch of directors. I remember when Patty Jenkins was originally lined to director before going to Taylor. But it's the demand that comes along with the money. The craving to be within the genre and the people who love it truly as you do which is why they really want to be in it.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


Thor 2 wasn't even 2 hours, I would have had like to see more layers to Malekith and more interaction of Jane with Asgard and Lady Sif. Maybe more of what we saw of Asgard, I liked the changes made, made Asgard look more alive and viking-like, and less glossy and generic. If the film had been 30 minutes longer it would have had been about 2:20 minutes. The average time for Marvel Studio films. Weirdly this one was shorter.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 18, 2013


You sir have just said something true and awesome. Comic book movies are supposed to be comic book movies, enjoyable and heroic, simple as that.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 18, 2013


Edgar Wright is directing and he rarely fails, I remember he said that the film would be more action and serious than comedic. I have faith in him, although I am worried about the film not making enough money since uninformed people, most, who don't know who Ant-Man is might find him too goofy or might think he's like spider-man but with ants. I believe there is potential of becoming a great movie critically and fan wise but weaker in domestic gross because of the hero's status, then again if Marvel Studios incorporates Ultron(People will know him from Avengers 2) or market it as a film from the studios that brought The Avengers, and Ant-Man is in Avengers cartoons so kids will drag their parents to go watch, then it should make pretty good money. Sorry if I derived too much from your statement, to which I fully agree, I just wanted to share my opinion haha

Fidel Reyes on Dec 18, 2013


Yes I am a huge fan of Edgar Wright myself and I trust he could make a great movie. With the film coming out after the big Avengers 2 yes it is a worry. You have to remember most of the general audience didn't even know who Iron Man was until his big film debut with Robert Downey Jr. Now Iron Man has literally become a household name. I may be stretching too far but I think it could have that same exact potential.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


No you're not stretching it too far, Iron-Man has practically become one of Marvel's poster boys in film and comics/cartoons. He is now as greatly recognized and probably as popular as Spider-Man. But even so, I think Iron-Man was a little better known than Ant-Man is, not that the character is bad, Hank Pym is great and he's now being better incorporated into media to get him recognized better, I'm just worried that a lot of fans will think of him as goofy when he really isn't, he's like an Iron-Man that shrinks and is not a playboy, that's the way I explain it when I tell people about the character and developing film.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 18, 2013


It all depends how they are going to develop the character in the film. Mainly a scientist who has the ability to shrink down. Shrinking isn't exactly a new concept and it could be done great in the film. I have seen the test footage for sure and it looks great. Only matters now is where they would take the concept and how would they make the concept different for their film. "The Incredible Shrinking Man style"? or even that Disney film "Honey, I Shrunk the kids". All depends on the main approach of what they would do.

Charlie Hard on Dec 18, 2013


Totally agreed, I saw the test footage as well it was awesome.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 18, 2013


Actually, lately his kinda failing, scott pilgrim was nonsense and the world's end was a borefest, his last good work was hot fuzz.

qweqwu on Dec 19, 2013


Warning this is a long comment. I disagree, I don't want Marvel stepping into the DC style, and the only reason I can enjoy Marvel's totally insane plots and characters is if it's fun bordering on campy. This Batman series was dark and brooding, but every time I felt like I was getting immersed, Batman came on screen and I was back to watching a silly movie. Iron Man 3 personally worked for me because the silly gags like the giant bunny contrasted the following attack scene and made it more meaningful that people were being targeted, not serious hardened warriors. -IM3 spoilers- Thor 2's gags were mostly Darcy, so who cares, and Loki, which is 100% in character. Same with Stark, when he's ragging on the kid while Mandarin is poising to strike it's in character because it's him. So later on when he's desperately trying to rescue Pepper, you're not just in a serious moment, you're taken there from recently remembering this character having fun and it's more effective. The Batman movies could never do this and so I enjoyed them less.

OfficialJab on Dec 19, 2013


Iron man 3 was complete garbage.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 19, 2013


Oh snap

OfficialJab on Dec 19, 2013


Exactly right, sir! No real aesthetic feel to them. The degree of comedy is a delicate issue when implementing into Superhero films. These movies are supposed to be made to fit our realm, would you really be making stupid immature wise-cracks when theres an alien invasion/attack or some superior terroristic villain is threatening the world?! I think not.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 19, 2013


OK I can see this! Paul Rudd can actually act, so this is good!

Jimmy Love on Dec 18, 2013


If Rudd signs on, I'm into it.

Quanah on Dec 18, 2013


But who will be Wasp?

DetSvenskaMysteriet on Dec 19, 2013


More importantly, who will be The Tick?

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 19, 2013


Whether you agree on Rudd or not, we all know we can trust Edgar Wright. He made Michael Cera look cool, so he can definitely pull this off.

Perry Pijnenburg on Dec 19, 2013


My thoughts exactly. Edgar Wright is Midas with his actors. Looking forward to it.

mooreworthy on Dec 19, 2013



Xerxexx on Dec 19, 2013


I think Paul Rudd is a great choice. The guy is really talented and a versatile actor. He can pull it off i think. However; i dont really know how crucial it is for him to be in "superhero" shape for Antman cause Paul Rudd has never really had to hit the gym hard for a role.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 19, 2013


Is a good choice, Rudd will be a interesting Hank Pym. And Wright is a great director, I love his Scott Pilgrim adaptation. Expect a very different but great Marvel movie with this two involve.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Dec 19, 2013


Oh god, I really hope Robert Downey Jr. sticks around the Avengers long enough to have Tony and Paul Rudd's Pym get into a verbal spat.

adam lamonica on Dec 19, 2013


I love JGL

Joseph K on Dec 20, 2013


Ant Man & Me.

cobrazombie on Dec 20, 2013

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