OmniCorp Viral Site Updated with New ED-209 Photo + EM-208 Suit

July 17, 2013
Source: OmniCorp

OmniCorp Viral Site 2013

"The New Future." Should we believe them this time? RoboCop remake marketing attempt #2. Last year at Comic-Con, Sony unveiled the ED-209 robotic mech from the troubled RoboCop remake on a viral site and it was trashed by fans. Nothing but complaints and criticism. Now they're trying everything all over again, re-launching the very same OmniCorp viral site with new and improved photos of the deadly ED-209 robot and the RoboCop mech suit and a few other things. They look better this time, thank goodness, but enough to convince everyone this won't be terrible? I'm not sure. At least they're trying something interesting here.

Here are the updated 2013 photos from the OmniCorp viral site, which also includes some details about other "products" they're making including a drone and EM-208 tech suit and a motorcycle. Click to visit:

OmniCorp Viral Site

OmniCorp Viral Site

The viral site is now fully launched with details on Products, Projects, Programs & Progress - mainly focused on their biotechnology. "At The Omni Foundation, science is shaped to the needs of people." Keep watching for more updates, as we expect to see marketing ramp up at Comic-Con. Maybe even a trailer soon enough.

José Padilha's Robocop remake, being produced by MGM and Strike Entertainment with a screenplay by James Vanderbilt, Joshua Zetumer and Nick Schenk, is gearing up to start shooting this summer. Joel Kinnaman stars as the new Alex Murphy, the police officer who becomes Robocop. In a crime-ridden city, a fatally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg with submerged memories haunting him. The cast includes Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Laurie and Abbie Cornish. MGM/Sony has Robocop set to arrive February 7th, 2014 early next year. Stay tuned for more. Visit

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Robocop looks like he is wearing a nanosuit from GI JOE: RISE OF COBRA.

DAVIDPD on Jul 17, 2013


I don't think that's Robocop, if you go to their website Robocop has its own program codenamed RC2000 or something like that.

filip1979 on Jul 17, 2013


Love the Ed209 design, specially the colors like a retro futuristic design

toonfed on Jul 17, 2013


Where's the "part human" for Robocop? They have to show the lower part of his face, that's his signature look.

nate on Jul 17, 2013


Maybe they realized that it was a design flaw to leave some of his face vulnerable to stray bullets.

DAVIDPD on Jul 17, 2013


The exposed part of Murphy's face helped you identify with the human part of his character. Whether it's realistic or not is moot. Peter Weller used just his mouth to convey quite a lot of emotion at times.

cobrazombie on Jul 17, 2013


That's not Robocop. it's Drone (drone better) You don't even read the description

toonfed on Jul 17, 2013


Oops. My Bad!

nate on Jul 17, 2013


Looks like a Cylon

Daniel Sanchez on Jul 17, 2013


"is gearing up to start shooting this summer"?

Ron on Jul 17, 2013


Yeah I don't know why he put that in. Isn't this long since filmed? Hell it was due out this summer but even with the delayed release its still due february next year so I assume its in Post-production right now?

Runadumb on Jul 18, 2013


Looks like some outboard motor for some fancy upmarket rec boat

The Boonies on Jul 17, 2013


I see Gary Oldman is attached to this. I guess the $ offer must have been significant

The Boonies on Jul 17, 2013


Oh great Hollywood is now turning the classic film Robocop into another generic modern sleek action scfi blockbuster movie. Do we really need to know more than that. It's being trashed by fans because it's a film that doesn't need a remake. Soon in Hollywood all we are ever going to see is remakes or straight from book adaptations. Originality is dying slowly.

Charlie Hard on Jul 17, 2013


Talk about generic Transformerized versions of the brilliant original designs...

cobrazombie on Jul 17, 2013


It actually looks less like a Bayformer now, the first design shown was terrible.

Alexander Dinamarca on Jul 17, 2013


Where's my trailer?

BinaryChaos on Jul 17, 2013

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