One More Theatrical Trailer for Kosinski's 'Oblivion' with Tom Cruise

February 28, 2013
Source: Apple

Oblivion Trailer

"Don't take any chances… it's dangerous down there." Damn this looks good. Universal has debuted on more full theatrical trailer for Joseph Kosinski's sci-fi Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Just yesterday we featured two new posters, today we've got an entirely new trailer in beautiful high def via Apple. There is a lot of the same footage we've seen between the first trailer and UK trailer, but there's also some new shots. This gets really good in the last 15 seconds, something about it almost feels like The Matrix, in a sci-fi-yet-to-be-discovered good way. Personally, I can't wait to see this, but maybe it's just the footage.

Watch the new US theatrical trailer for Joseph Kosinski's sci-fi Oblivion, in high def from Apple:

Kosinski's Oblivion (also known as Horizons) stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, plus Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Zoe Bell, Andrea Riseborough, Melissa Leo and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Living and patrolling the breathtaking skies from thousands of feet above, Jack's soaring existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a beautiful stranger from a downed spacecraft. Her arrival triggers a chain of events that forces him to question everything he knows and puts the fate of humanity in his hands. Kosinski has developed this for years, with a writing credit along with William Monahan. Universal Pictures currently has Oblivion scheduled to open exclusively in IMAX theaters on April 12th. How does that look?

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The drones remind me of Eve from Wall-e

Matt Peloquin on Feb 28, 2013


Question: Why did they rip off the drone design from that crappy CG Astro Boy feature?

Legion on Feb 28, 2013


Yay ! More spoilers !

me on Feb 28, 2013


Thanks dude, I just about to hit the play button till I saw your comment. One trailer was good enough for me, I do not need to see the entire movie nor spoilers..

Tester on Feb 28, 2013


well good , guys ; why did you even bother to come to THIS page FORr then ??? Quit yer whining about this , people ! Spoilers are here to stay ! Just don't read the bleepin' article . Me , I'm no Cruise fan but it's got a good cast . Don't think it will be "epic" sci-fi but it looks OK - Cloud Cities ARE a sci-fi staple .. I'll prob wait for OnDemand . LOL That's the question : Will it be worth $4.99 ?? So I'll be happy to look at any trailer that might convince me of such ....

Dominic on Mar 4, 2013


I clearly noted that 1 trailer was enough, which means I saw at least 1 trailer and plan to see the movie based on that trailer ( and why I would rather not see spoilers). So next time please read our comments before U do your own whinning

Tester on Mar 15, 2013


STILL , tester , there's no need to comment HERE that you don't want to see a 2nd trailer. just DON'T click PLAY , is all you have to do .. Don't even come to the page offering a 2nd trailer for ANY movie that's already on ur see list , or it's YOUR fault , not FS's for posting this page . Unfortunately some of us will need more convincing before we approach this movie in a theatre . So this clip is for US ; obv. not you who already knows he's going ...BTW I DID read your post clearly . Your original post states that you WOULD'VE hit PLAY until u saw me's post ( which doesn't SEEM as unhappy as you - sarcasm ? maybe not ....) so once again this is YOUR fault for even coming to this page ,whose headline CLEARLY states that it's " One More Trailer " ....

Dominic on Mar 16, 2013


Personally I like to see as MANY Trailers as possible . Even for a movie I know I'm going to see ( the new Star Trek for example , which also has posts whining about ANOTHER trailer ...) It won't ruin it for me . And it also may convince me NOT to go to some movies . . Anyone who doesn't like these , just DON'T come to the page . Period

Dominic on Mar 16, 2013


new hair system and face lift, yep Tom's ready to go!

Thomas Carroll on Feb 28, 2013


Looks great. I'm in. on Feb 28, 2013


Its not a sequel, prequel, reboot nor reinvention so I am automatically in and hoping for the best..

Tester on Feb 28, 2013


wrong based on the Radical Comics graphic novel Oblivion by Joseph Kosinski

NUTZACK on Feb 28, 2013


please read my post once again, I never said it was not a comic book nor novel adaptation, I can still live with those

Tester on Feb 28, 2013


Don't you just love it when people are constantly ready to pounce, correcting you and then they get it wrong. There's fools a plenty here.

Chuckee Knowlton on Mar 2, 2013


This should be good, some good suit design and machines. I like the world too.

Carpola on Feb 28, 2013


..wait..are you trying to say you find Prometheus equal to Matrix O.o ? How ? Why ? For the life of me I can't think of a single segment of The Matrix that pissed me off as much as some ( too many of ) scenes in Prometheus did for underestimating the intelligence of the viewer..

lolwat on Feb 28, 2013


Couldnt agree more. Not to beat of old dead horse but lets not mention Prometheus in the same sentence as the original Matrix! thanks.

buzzfunk on Feb 28, 2013


You both can Argo fuck yourselves! Prometheus was the shit, Best visuals of last year!

chad on Feb 28, 2013


"Prometheus was shit." Fixed that for you.

brad on Mar 1, 2013


"Beat of old dead horse." Dude,you are into some kinky shit.

brad on Mar 1, 2013


I predict: humans really lost the war. Tom Cruise is an alien.

Zak Coleman on Feb 28, 2013


It just boggles my mind how fast people go "OMZG" "amazing". Good visuals only does not =Substance. I mean this is coming from the Tron dude and i thought that movie was pretty much a disaster. All the awesome sounds and visuals couldn't save the aweful casting, acting and script, IMO. Just like Prometheus. I drooled over the trailer. This movie looks good but i can already smell the cliches and eye rolling moments. But heh, your right, at least its not a sequel or a reboot. A+ for that....

buzzfunk on Feb 28, 2013


Looks like someone is new to the concept of trailers

Guest on Mar 3, 2013

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