Paramount & Bad Robot Move Quick to Make Lance Armstrong Film

January 18, 2013

Lance Armstrong

Well, that was quick. Just days after famed cyclist and cancer crusader Lance Armstrong sat down with Oprah Winfrey and admitted to doping in an effort to help win Tour de France titles, Deadline reports Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot have already closed a deal for the rights to Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong, a book proposal set up at Harper Collins about the rise and fall of this inspiring and now tainted athletic idol. Juliet Marcur, a New York Times sports reporter is behind the book, and she's probably the best source since she's been following Armstrong for over ten years now. But is it all too soon?

The fast move is obviously just to make sure the popular story is secure for the future, but there's no guarantee this is a movie we'll see in a year or two. While it's a hot topic now, plenty more scandals will have taken the spotlight by the time this movie gets released. Sony was already working on an Armstrong project awhile back, but dropped it when he started to fade as a hero. However, maybe they'll reconsider and change what was supposed to be a hero's tale into a fall from grace. The question is, who should take on the role of Armstrong hismelf? My vote goes to Aaron Eckhart, mostly for the looks. What do you think?

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As long as it shows him as the slime he is thats fine.

Brian Sleider on Jan 18, 2013


What if they had him team up with Manti Te'o in a sort of buddy-liars movie. Fighting truths and real girlfriends. I'd burn through my savings account seeing that in theaters.

the_situasian on Jan 18, 2013


He won a cheaters game. Cast Jake Gyllenhaal.

Xerxexx on Jan 18, 2013


Well I guess he is going to be harder up for money soon.

OfficialJab on Jan 18, 2013


Too soon? Nah. He was a jackass when he won, he's a jackass today, he'll be a jackass tomorrow. A movie highlighting this slimebag is something that I have zero interest in seeing.

Jedi on Jan 18, 2013


I agree. Where's the redemptive quality in his story? Sounds as interesting as watching a monkey bowel movement. No. Wait. That's still more interesting.

PBGray on Jan 18, 2013


The movie can be named: Jackass :The movie...wait...we have those

Que? on Jan 18, 2013


Poor old Lance, the junkie biker. Must be bad when you end up on Oprah. That's some low low shit. But people like stuff like that. It'd be funnier if they let athletes take drugs more so they could move so fast their skin melted off.

Carpola on Jan 18, 2013


OH damn ! I said this would happen -.- come on think of something original Hollywood.

Oliverjeppe on Jan 18, 2013


One more I can skip even in DVD

Rosalee Adams on Jan 18, 2013


The man clearly has some complex psychology going on there. He can alternatively be an extremely caring, compassionate guy and a vindictive beast. That dark side seems to have come from his battle with cancer. He probably viewed everything as a threat after surviving that fight and just went overboard fighting the whole world. Plenty of material for the screenwriters to work with.

ikkf on Jan 18, 2013


I'd love to see it shot in HFR. Just to add to that racing intensity.

Kento on Jan 18, 2013


Richard Roxburgh. He's a bit older but a dead ringer for Armstrong

Tom on Jan 18, 2013


More than focusing on the man I hope they focus on the sport in general. For all the bad he as done (and it was oh so very bad) he was still the best among doped athletes. Sport was never about the nicest guy. I don't like cycling and all this scandal doesn't bother me, but it's kinda sad the way the cycling community is trying to make Lance pay for all their sins. There are so many people to blame and point fingers, it's insane. Am I suppose to believe the authorities didn't know about all the doping until now? C'mon. They fed the myth and he gave them more money and recognition that they could dream of, now that the truth is out they're trying to frame the man. We could study a lot about human psychology with this story, I hope the movie has what it takes to go there

Ricardo_PT on Jan 18, 2013


The irony is that cycling was the first sport to do drug testing. And I agree--while what he did was wrong and makes him look like an egotistical a-hole--I also wonder if he's being held up as the whipping boy when there are others who deserve blame.

Scopedog on Jan 22, 2013


Aaron Eckhart would have to loose 40+ pounds, but I can see him in the role.

David Banner on Jan 19, 2013


Christian Bale. He's done the weight loss before for Machinist and Fighter. He could definitely get down to Lance Armstrong type build and act as that cocky arrogant dbag

Bam on Jan 20, 2013


Well, they did that with W.

Scopedog on Jan 22, 2013

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