Photo: Vin Diesel's Riddick on His Furyan Throne from 'Riddick' 3

February 22, 2013
Source: Facebook


The "Iron Throne" versus Riddick's Throne? That's not a debate I dare open the doors to, so I'll stay away for now. We're still waiting for a trailer for the new Riddick sequel, but in the meantime, Vin Diesel keeps debuting photos on his own Facebook page. Most of his photos have been gritty shots from the set, this time it's a nice clear shot of the "Alpha Furyan" Riddick sitting on his badass futuristic throne. It's worth taking a look at while we keep waiting. "It has been 9 years since the Chronicles of Riddick was released… all along I knew I would eventually have to return to that dark place, the mind of an Alpha Furyan…" See him below.

Riddick Throne

Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick director David Twohy returns to write and direct Riddick. Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction. Universal is releasing Riddick everywhere on September 6th this fall.

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awww yissss

Anon on Feb 22, 2013


I love both of these movies and actually preferred Chronicles only because of the story line. I am a little disappointed that it isn't a sequel to Chronicles, but I love the movies so much I will take what I can get! Just do a Chronicles sequel already would you!

chynnal on Aug 3, 2013


I liked pitch black better than Chronicels, chronicles looked too neat and polished almost like naboo, Pitch black had that nice orange and blueish tint happeinin , anyways i hope this movie is at least as decent if not better than the other 2

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 22, 2013


Recently re-watched Pitch Black, man it's still amazing, love the cinematography and some nice subtle details you miss the first time you watch it. Must been the fifth time I saw it again. πŸ™‚

harri manni on Feb 23, 2013


Totally agree with that. Pitch Black was amazing, is amazing still. Really gritty, palpable and sensory-driven. Magic piece of cinema. I'd even put it near the plane of a Blade Runner, though that one eclipses all of them. Chronicles not even close, but still worth a re-look. This new Riddick looks to attempt to regain the feel of the original Pitch Black, though. Will def be putting it on my must see list.

Joyce Lang on May 16, 2013


That synopsis gave away more than I was expecting.

daren on Feb 22, 2013


All that synopsis did was summarize the plots from both of the first two films.

Matt Peloquin on Feb 22, 2013


No, not at all did he ever return to furya at all in 1 or 2, that is the synopsis for riddick 3, just sounds similar.

Cody W on Feb 22, 2013


"left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick" That bit sounds like the first 2 movies, they just stuck on the end that he has to save Furya. Why does he have to save Furya? From whom? etc. we don't get much plot, just a plot point. My question is what happened to the empire he won at the end of the last movie?

JohnIGottschalk on Feb 24, 2013


Im wonderiing if "his own knid" is referring to the necromongers. Also, I kinda like not knowing.

Cody W on Feb 24, 2013


Love *faints*

Xerxexx on Feb 22, 2013


Furyan trhone sounds like a fancy name for toilet

TOONFED on Feb 22, 2013


I really am so excited for this. Not only is Twohy back writing and directing, and Diesel back starring...but they also have Karl Urban back from the last film, as well as the same composer, Graeme Revell, as the last two and the same director of photography, David Eggby, as the first film. It's as legitimate of a next chapter as it could possibly be.

Chris Groves on Feb 22, 2013


Apparently I know much less about this series than I thought.

福 衐 倩上 on Feb 22, 2013


Really excited about this! LOVE this series!!!

napoleonsnare on Feb 22, 2013


Cant wait for this one

Stewart Scott on Feb 22, 2013


the first one was a classic, the second one had nothing in common with the first one. I am realy excited to see this one if they are keep it plain and simple like the first one.

avi on Feb 23, 2013


personally I loved both for different reasons. But Riddick 2, I catch on tv over and over and I never get tired of it.

Cody W on Feb 23, 2013


That looks so boss.

$45974493 on Feb 23, 2013


I wonder if the replica of the Furyan Throne will be cheaper or more expensive than the Iron Throne replica? πŸ˜‰

David Banner on Feb 23, 2013


i think you're the only person wondering that.

audiman on Feb 24, 2013


don't mind him, audi. it's his job to bore people on this site.

dianeT on Feb 24, 2013


STFU, Beevis' GF

David Banner on Feb 25, 2013


STFU Beevis

David Banner on Feb 25, 2013


Haha, the slags below didnt get it. They go on and on, same asshat attacks on you, are they scientologists or something? I'd bet less than the Iron Throne, so less than $30K. Did you know the Harkonnen Throne costs $50K???

guest on Feb 25, 2013


Sorry, but did the 2nd movie not establish the fact that Riddick was the last surviving Furyan...... Sounds like another shambles like Chronicles!

Bump on Feb 23, 2013


Aww come on now, the whole thing about Riddick is that word furyan, throughout the whole plot, the characters act like furyans are some sort of super powered race.....I think youd be lying if you said you didnt want to see other furyans kicking ass with Riddick.

Cody W on Feb 23, 2013


On said facebook page he changed his profile pic to Marvel's THE VISION.

Josef on Feb 24, 2013



redskulllives on Feb 24, 2013


I'm Really excited for this!! I hope it will be as great as its prequel!! However I must admit, they did not take the path I hoped they'd take.. To be honest after 9 long years (give or take) I expected them to show us a full on Necromancer+furyan army fighting, killing and taking over! Ending with semi shut door of Riddick being a badass on his throne with several female necromancers at his feet gazing out of his necro-castle at an enemies home world being destroyed while having an army of semi slaves walking about eager to fight for him. Or at least Riddick being the Top Dog, lord and master over all the surviving furyan's+necromancers he found. Leaving behind an epic feeling that could dwarf the Epic ending of the previous movie πŸ˜‰

Zero_Mundo on Apr 4, 2013


The teaser trailer seems to show elements of Pitch Black so hopefully it will stick true to that film. Can't wait for the full trailer to come out, will be keeping my eyes on

Riddick Movie on May 13, 2013

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