'Prometheus' Star Noomi Rapace Confirms Sequel Still in the Works

February 26, 2013
Source: The Playlist

Noomi Rapace Prometheus

The search for the meaning to the end could lead right back to the beginning. While debate still rages on about the merits or demerits of Ridley Scott's sci-fi Prometheus from last summer, I'm still optimistic about a sequel (or trilogy) answering unanswered questions and turning out drastically better. The film did good but not incredible at the box office, and there hasn't been any intense interest in the sequel besides the fervent fanbase of those who did like the movie. The Playlist recently caught up with Shaw herself, Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, and got confirmation the next one definitely is still in the works with Ridley Scott.

It's not much of a major update on Prometheus 2, but is at least confirmation things are still active, straight from one of the key survivors of Prometheus. Noomi told Playlist at a press event: "They're working on the script. I met Ridley in London a couple of weeks ago. I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one. It's just like we need to find the right story. I hope we will." So they're still looking for the perfect story to follow-up Prometheus, which seems a bit odd considering I thought they mapped out an entire trilogy/saga/universe with Shaw as the badass new heroine. Doesn't it end that way?

Rapace was also asked her thoughts on the "endless speculation, theories, and essays" written about the film, and after initially commenting on how much "pure joy" it was to work with Ridley, she goes on to say:

"And it's interesting because people, most people I've talked to who see the movie, see things that are quite different. Some people who see the movie many times and discover new things. There are all these religious aspects and there are very interesting conversations," Rapace explained. "And for me, if we do a second one, there are a lot of things to explore in there and to continue." She added: "I would love to do it."

It sounds like the sequel is in the works, but still in very early development stages. Ridley Scott is already working on the new Blade Runner movie as well as a number of other non-science-fiction projects. We expected there to be a sequel for Prometheus, even with a box office of only $126.4M in the US, but I'm glad to hear they are trying to work on one. Playlist pressed Rapace for the name of the screenwriter they have on the script, but she wouldn't reveal it. "You would have to ask someone at the studio about who the writer is." If she's meeting this early to chat with Ridley, could that mean she's talking about a role in Blade Runner as well? We'll see. Either way, I'm looking forward to a hopefully new and improved Prometheus 2, some day.

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Probably will be a flustercuck, but I will still see it.

DAVIDPD on Feb 26, 2013


Hooray : ) I love a sequel. So much to think about. Modern Scifi movies should learn from this!! we don't just want robots, masks, and explosions. Take us back to the golden age Ridley! This film was such a treat!

strawberry on Feb 26, 2013


Gotta love me some good old plot holes! Look for PROMETHEUS: HONEST TRAILER on YouTube it's freaking funny xD

Guest on Feb 26, 2013


...I have a confession...I still haven't watched Prometheus...I rented it but didn't watch it.

Xerxexx on Feb 26, 2013


You didnt miss much except a lot of bark and no bite. They tryed to cover up terrible hole ridden writing by Lindelof with great visuals.

Cody W on Feb 26, 2013


Where are all these holes people keep talking about? I've missed them twice...

Magnus Månsson on Feb 27, 2013


They are so big some people don't even see them because they fall straight through them to the other side. Seriously , technically they are not plot holes just some stupid mistakes in handling the characters or rather the cardboard cutouts of character cliches which serve only to drive the story forward ..and the usual "movie science" boloney because SF in movies does not adhere to actual logic apparently,wrong understanding or interpretation of the modern understanding of science of the way evolution actually works ,the wasted opportunity to make something of the great potential of the mysterious space jockey other than yet another "they made us" origin story we've seen so many times before..the space croissant roadrunner death scene...and so on...

name name on Feb 27, 2013


Everything makes more sense with the sequels or sequel thats what he was going for. They should have tried to market it differently though, seems like alota people were expecting just 1 movie to answer everything

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 28, 2013


Look up redlettermedias prometheus review, it captures my feelings perfectly. Im all for suspension of disbelief for the sake of entertainment but they were there, and they were inexcusable.

Cody W on Feb 27, 2013


Hehe, I still can't see them. Am I an older generation used to getting a few (or more) lose ends to make my own conclusions? Fascinating raving over a good movie, I still have a feeling god and belief has something to do with the hate this one gets. _Why so much hate_?

Magnus Månsson on Mar 7, 2013


So... you miss the "glorious" 3D.

capitandelespacio on Feb 27, 2013


If you saw a trailer you basically saw the whole movie. It was ridiculous how much of the story was given away in multiple trailers - absolutely criminal.

racquetman on Feb 27, 2013


really arent missing much! if you want to make sure you won't have endless questions about gaping black holes in the film that suck all suspension of disbelief from your innards, I suggest you read the endless research papers and thesis' online that attempt to scholarly explain and give excuses as to why so much sucked ass. IMO, a movie should stand on its own and not need college level courses to explain why it really didnt suck..but whatever, watch at your own peril! and whatever you do, dont go petting space cobras!

Lando on Feb 28, 2013


The 3D and visuals were fantastic, and in my opinion were better than Pi, but the script was just awful. Everything in the first half was fine, well paced and full of intrigue... then it just got stupid.

Dearsleazy on Feb 27, 2013


Well ,this time I won't believe the hype and save my self a huge disappointment. I could have liked Prometheus if they were not trying to sell it as the next best thing since sliced bread.I would not even mind the idiotic parts of the script or the hokey "science" of the movie.but as it turns out it's nothing really special.Visuals are very good and overall cinematography but the story and SF are nothing we have not seen before even if one ignores the failures of the script.And the way they missed a great opportunity with the space jockeys to tell something truly original...I has a sad... ..also..the debate about Prometheus is not raging anymore..most of us have forgotten about it already...yeah,it's that "memorable"...

meh on Feb 27, 2013


This movie was so bad it made me angry when I left the theater. So disappointed! At this point I welcome a sequel I'm curious what kind of ridiculous plot they will come up with this time.

Jeff Metzger on Feb 27, 2013


I felt let down after leaving too... thoughts of The Phantom Menace raced through my brain making the think, "they had almost 30 years and this is what they came up with?". But after seeing it again I find there's more and more to love even if all the pieces don't fit together as we all hoped they would. And it's beyond gorgeous but I still don't think that makes up for the convoluted plot that chases its own ambiguity. I think it is just "this" short of being a game changer but like Kingdom of Heaven it will be appreciated more over time...fingers crossed anyway.

RidgeRacer4 on Feb 27, 2013


Well, I still love Prometheus. And I want this sequel so badly.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Feb 27, 2013


Just recently saw it, and I thought it was pretty good. But I didn't have my expectations as high as a lot of people. Hype can only hurt a film, they seem to rarely live up to it.

grimjob on Feb 27, 2013


Well said, the TDKR is a great example.

Steven on Feb 27, 2013


TDKR is still good though, you can't top Ledgers performance. TDK was so good Nolan couldn't top what he already created. I like how they went back to a more Batman begins story an not cater to alota people who only went in to see TDK . The only thing i kinda didn't like about TDKR is how he had to bring every actor in the movie Inception then bring them back and more for TDKR. It kinda spoils things a bit for me.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 28, 2013


I'm In.

Scagnetti on Scagnetti on Feb 27, 2013


I actually enjoyed Prometheus, I’m looking forward to the Sequel. I hope they show us the Engineer’s Homeworld and what changed there minds on wanting to destroy humanity on Earth.

TigerClaw305 on Feb 27, 2013


Probably the way humanity makes grammar mistakes.

meh on Feb 27, 2013


Alex, I completely agree, I find it very odd that a sequel/trilogy has not been mapped out. Given the first movie, this is clearly of concern, but always I remain optimistic and will judge the movie once I see it. Having said that, I can live with an open ended movie ( clearly for left for sequel ) as in the case of Prometheus, but I simply cannot live with another movie with such blatant stupidity and plot holes, again such as in the case of Prometheus.. Hopefully they will spend more time on the screenplay this time around, we expect more from Ridley

Tester on Feb 27, 2013


I'm glad. Please write it better. Pretty please.

avconsumer2 on Feb 27, 2013


Yes! prometheus was one of my favourite movies of 2012. and i'm eager to see what's next.

TOONFED on Feb 27, 2013


I have found the people that liked the movie have never seen any of the aliens movies or have any clue it was related.

frank on Feb 27, 2013


True that man. Its a dam shame.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 28, 2013



Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 28, 2013


how do you make a sci fi movie in 2012 that doesnt even hold up to 1950's B-Movie science? Forget scientific accuracy, lets use common sense as a ruler to judge by, story telling=weak, character development=poor, plot=standard, twists=all foreseeable! (uninvolved captain doesnt care about anything but tells you in one sentence the plot and in the other, the end of the movie.."i'll die before I let them get to earth" yes you will, thanks for giving me the ending.. Its like kids who failed science wrote all the science parts..quarantine? que es? Helmets? pasha! frankenstein Alien engineer goes crazy!! wow..didnt see that coming..

lando on Feb 28, 2013


Just about everything about the movie was good, except the terrible story and script.

castingcouch on Mar 3, 2013

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