Queen Hopes 'Skyfall' Star Ben Whishaw Will Play Freddie Mercury

October 21, 2013
Source: The Wrap

Ben Whishaw

No, it's not the monarchy that wants Skyfall and Cloud Atlas star Ben Whishaw to take the lead role in a gestating biopic about singer Freddie Mercury, but the band Queen hopes the actor will play their frontman following Sacha Baron Cohen's exit from the film. Appearing on BBC's "One Show," drummer Roger Taylor let the cat out of the bag. At first, Taylor only hinted at the potential casting saying, "We’re hoping for a guy with B.W. initials," and one of the cast members immediately threw Whishaw's name out there. Taylor responded, "Well, we hope so." It's not clear if talks are happening, but it sounds promising.

Daniel Radcliffe was recently rumored, but it turned out to be a complete fabrication and the Harry Potter star is definitely not involved. Whishaw is a fantastic actor, and he'll certainly bring charisma and power to the role, but we can't help but think that Queen really screwed up by letting Cohen get away. Here's what guitarist Brian May told Classic Rock Magazine (via The Wrap) when they parted ways:

“What led us to that conclusion was the last three movies that he’s made 'The Dictator,' 'Les Miserables' and 'Hugo,' in which he makes outstanding performances, but they’re very much Sacha Baron Cohen performances. And we thought there has to be no distraction in the Freddie movie. You have to really suspend that disbelief – the man who plays Freddie, you have to really believe is Freddie. And we didn’t that could really happen with Sacha.”

It's been said that Cohen wanted to make a much more gritty, truthful portrayal of Mercury's life while the band is hoping to make it a little more glossy. May says Cohen and the band parted ways on good terms, but that could all just be publicity bullshit. Anyway, with a script from The Queen writer Peter Morgan (which is funny in itself), we're hoping this film still turns out well. Stay tuned as this project continues to develop.

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Bowie, maybe. Not Mercury...

cuckoozey on Oct 21, 2013


They had better lure him back. Don't blow the movie because you're worried about people recognizing him, get the best fit for the role because that's what this film deserves. If someone is a better fit for this than Cohen I'll eat my hat.

OfficialJab on Oct 21, 2013


how big is that hat? freddiemercurybiopic dot wordpress dot com

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


What am I supposed to be seeing on this page? It's huge and has a lot of tags. I'm closing it now. They should court him back.

OfficialJab on Oct 22, 2013


HERE IS THE ONE Queen dont want anyone to know about freddiemercurybiopic wordpress dot com

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


Queen dont want to understand what he can do freddiemercurybiopic dot wordpress dot com

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


i knew it would happen eventually

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


Neither Bowie or Mercury is more realistic. People think because actors think, that actors who are good have the automitic right and place in drama and cinema, because they are good at acting, to have instant and common right and the place in the art of dramatisations, to be allowed to play famous or well known real life people, even if they do not bear any resemblance to them. Well that should not be, and it is a monopoly which leads to porrer art, it is do with money and it is not aboutthe highest ideals of the acting profession, it is a sneaky and cheap way of delivering jobs to actors, whi in reality have no right to give the audience such a trick, Directors such as Sir richard attenborough knew that only a good realistic looking person can pull of f a great realsitic acting perfromance of a famous figure, that is why he chose the leads for his biopics very carefully, to make sure it was an accurate portrayal visiully for the cinema screen as visual meduim as it is, if not he would just have done radio plays. he old masters did not make landscapes look like childrens scrawls

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


if you are willing and keep eating rubbish movies with actors that have no right playing famous people they dont look like they will keep feedig you rubbish that is below par and as i say a cheap easy trick for them tomake money out of dead people who should be given the right respect and movies about them should be created in the same way the old masters created their works of true art.

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


the people that make these trashy movies are defensive they have created stupid and totally false arguments to defend their positions that many ordinary idiots amongst the general public spout on their money grabbing behalf arguents like it does not matter if a person does not look like someone as long as they are an a lister or as long as they are about to be an a lister which is not what they actually say but its what they really mean. in their world its ok for a dog to play acat as long as it can meow enough to get away with it!

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


the only way Ben would truly give a great perfomance as Freddie Mercury is in a radio play. Radio ca ca? when we grow tried of all this visual..... well the cinema is VISUAL and cinema needs the right visuals for it to be a useful waste of time or art. and having a actor who does not resemble a real person they are portraying is CINEMA CACA why do dinosaurs get all the attention to detial and Freddie Mercury is treated like it does not matter!

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


Americans do english accents the english do american accents the welsh the scottish you name it the french can do english accents also! or come to think of it let Jeremy do the acting in english and then let Ben dub him for speaking and et Freddie dub him for the singing. there is your solution we have over hundred years in sound in cinema now we have dinosaurs that look real all for the sake of creating a fantasy well why not use that technology for the Freddie Mercury movie?

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


And i remember i heard Roger Taylor say he was going to chop of Sacha Baron Cohens legs so if he could be so kind as to do tat for Sacha, he can dub Jeremy with Bens speaking voice and then dub Jeremy With Freddie's singing voice. technology should be used as a tool to enhance the movies. now here is the chance to do so and use it for something worthwhile, it could even get special recgnition for the work done, flawlessly because Ben giving Jeremy Freddie's voice will be well worth it

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


ben is a great actor but because he looks like a cat no matter how good his acting he will never convince me in any way that he looks like a lion when he doesnt he looks like a cat and because it is cinema the whole point IS for me to SEE and BELIEVE ALL HE CAN PLAN TO DO IS ACT LIKE A CAT PRETENDING TO BE A LION WHICH IN THE END IS NOT AIMING FOR TRUE CREDIBILITY ITS A GAME OF LETS PRETEND WE ARE INSTEAD OF WATCH AND SEE WHO I AM A LION OR in this case look and see and believe because your eyes are seeing what you know they are seeing freddiemercurybiopic dot wordpress dot com

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


it is my beloef that one day hopefully audeinces everywhere shall expect this cheapness as far as real life depctions of people who are famous to be akin and laughed at as much as a man running around in a rubber suit pretending to be a 60 foot godzilla. it is crap is a waste of time and need not happen when there are actors who can actually act and look like the characters they are playing and give something of

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


but if money BE the be all then if not the only perfect one, jeremy then it must be

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


Freddie has far too strong an image for it to be suspended by any thing even great performance by an actor if the actor does not bear the perfectly balanced resemblance to him and does not give off the personna and essence of him it is the same with sacha his image is too strong also as Queen righlty after 2 years agreed with me it is the same or will be with ben, his face will be the face overpowering the credibility QUEEN SEE BEN AS A CREDIBLE ACTOR FULL STOP BUT NAOMI WATTS IS TOO Bens credibility as an actor should NOT be what QUEEN WANT TO SEE ON SCREEN They should want to see Freddie believable not have all their confidence in an actors believability to be themsleves credibly. but with Jeremy his face fits perfectly fits as not to overpower but as to complement the reality and essence of the person- Freddie believably even when you get a great actress like noami watts if she is not right for the part the movie fails, same goes fro crapscripts Jeremy is on the banner and in the first video freddiemercurybiopic dot wordpress dot com

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


queen have gone from the rediculous to the safety of the crediblitiy of the impossible being swallowed by people who dont care but who will if they see the impossible for real i care though. and i know what is impossible because i have seen it, but its not based upon reputation it is based upon a dream which is now a reality.

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


oh everyone check this out look it up i am suprised the writer of this article did not mention that Ben recently worked under a director called Mercurio and that also played a character called Freddie of course we has this from the hoses mouth from Roher T himself but then again Roger did pose the diea of Sacha singing in Freddie's place with a straight face , saying he can belt them out. so there is food for thought aboutt his latest annpuncment even from offical sources because let us not forget since 2009 we know who at first said its ok folks you can all realx sacha is not going to be playing Freddie then the same went on news 24 uk a year later and said we have sacha baron cohen. etcetc queen are now trying to create a mythology to conunteract the truth i found with coincidences so amazing they make your head spin but now they deliberatly chose ben because they see they can vercome me with the deciet of chooing aactor connected the someone named mercurio and who played a character called freddie how low how low will queen go!!!!!

JohnHDD on Oct 22, 2013


He is a killer queen.

DAVIDPD on Dec 10, 2013

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