Regal Announces 4-Movie 'Iron Man' Marathon in Theaters This May

April 2, 2013
Source: Regal

Marvel's Iron Man 3

"Experience four Iron Man movies in one day!" They're bringing back the marathon. Just last year, movie theaters organized six-movie marathons leading up to the midnight release of Marvel's The Avengers. With the release of Marvel's Iron Man 3, directed by Shane Black, coming up quickly on May 3rd kicking off the summer movie season, Regal has launched an Iron Man Marathon (more info at The event will include showings of all three Iron Man movies, plus The Avengers, because it progresses this Marvel Universe before Iron Man 3 picks up. Everything kicks off on the afternoon of Thursday, May 2nd.

"Tony Stark soars back onto Regal screens this May with the third installment of the Iron Man series," stated Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer of Regal Entertainment Group. "Moviegoers will have the opportunity to see the entire evolution of Iron Man through an amazing movie marathon including Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers 3D and the premiere of the all-new and 3D-enhanced Iron Man 3." Regular marathon tickets are $35, or only $30 for Regal members, and the events start at 1:00PM with Iron Man 3 in 3D showing at 9:00PM. Regal has a list of the 207 theaters nationwide hosting a marathon on their site.

We expect other theaters like AMC/Loews and Cinemark/Century to follow suit with their own marathon events, or they may shrug this whole thing off and wait for The Avengers 2 in 2015. Personally, while I'm excited for Iron Man 3, I'd rather stay home and watch the first Iron Man, skip the second one, watch The Avengers and Captain America, then go see Iron Man 3 in 2D on my own time. But these kind of marathons are a lot of fun and what better way to celebrate the arrival of what looks to be a considerably kick ass new Iron Man movie from Shane Black and Marvel Studios. Thanks to for the full press release.

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Plus the avengers, due to the story line? ... uhh ... not really ...

Zanpher on Apr 2, 2013


Iron Man 3: "Set after the events that occurred in The Avengers, Tony Stark faces a powerful enemy, the Mandarin." His character's storyline progresses in The Avengers before Iron Man 3. How is that "not really"?

Alex Billington on Apr 2, 2013


There was no progression in the whole movie ... The character's story line continues where Iron Man 2 left off. For clarification, there were no character progression in The Avengers. Only pitting a few super heroes together in a movie (basically a game). This movie is set after The Avengers, yes. But according to everything released on Iron Man 3 so far, the character progression picks up where Iron Man 2 left off...

Zanpher on Apr 2, 2013


Guarantee you would be completely lost if you watched iron man 2, skipped over The Avengers, and watched iron man 3. Though there was very little progression in Starks character, there is enough that without it, iron man 3 would make little sense. If you've seen any of the trailers, you hear tony stark say that things have changed after new york. So i'm sorry my friend, but you are mistaken.

AySpergs362 on Apr 2, 2013


I'm sorry my friend but you are mistaken. I guarantee you would be extremely lost if you saw iron man 2, skipped over the avengers, and then saw iron man 3. Though there was little character progression in The Avengers, there was enough that without it, the film would make very little sense. Even in the trailer Tony says that things changed in New York.... a direct reference to the events that took place in the Avengers.

AySpergs362 on Apr 2, 2013


I apologize for posting twice. It was not my intention.

AySpergs362 on Apr 2, 2013


No problem. The Disqus software has been glitchy the last few days 🙁

Zanpher on Apr 2, 2013


I like this...that we all can have two different opposing opinions and can be civil enough to discuss them positively. Unlike the people who bash Marvel/Avengers to talk about TDK/DC. But I did want to agree with everyone who were saying there is a progression. Just wanted to add, though its been clarified...beginning of Avengers Tony said he'd "cut the wire" instead of sacrificing himself for another but obviously at the end, he realized he would be willing to be the "hero" and sacrifice himself if it meant loosing the entire world. Plus I believe in the trailer, besides saying "the events of the Avengers have changed him", I think the whole experience with dealing with an army from another universe and being pitted against odds that were stacked against him individually was the turning point for him. Its a whole emotional and personal battle he had to go through to become an actual leader and not a lone wolf seeking attention. Just my last two cents.

JBrotsis on Apr 2, 2013


Also Z , the article says " the progression of this Marvel Universe " i.e. IronMan's little corner of it ...nothing about character ....I bet you ARE a TDKR/Nolan fan ,or you just hate the CB movie genre . Brots has the correct storyline . Knowing that is.prob why Alex ain't in a rush to see it ..

Dominic on Apr 3, 2013


Nolan? That monstrosity? No way, that's like saying JJ Drunk (Abrams) and Joss have common sense .... that is horrible ...

Zanpher on Apr 8, 2013


Ah yes, the self sacrifice ... I stand corrected!

Zanpher on Apr 8, 2013


events and character progression are two different things. I believe the article was talking about character storyline progression? Perhaps I read that wrong

Zanpher on Apr 2, 2013


Well, it seemed to me in the finale of The Avengers that Tony was willing to sacrifice himself so that the nuclear bomb wouldn't destroy the city. To me, that was a big moment for him. Of course The Avengers doesn't have as much character progression than the stand-alone films, simply because with such a large cast there is less screen time per character. But to say there was NO character progression isn't accurate in my view.

John on Apr 2, 2013


I'm stoked they're doing this marathon as the finale of the IM franchise. And I'm stoked they're doing it in my hometown of Fresno, CA. However I'm very curious....this is the last Iron Man supposedly for RDJr's contract (six films) and its only the beginning of Phase 2. It seems a lot of people have loved the IM series and so since we still have to see completed two more additional films of Avengers, Capt, Thor, and also GOTG, Ant Man, and a possible Hulk (and maybe, hopefully others like Black Panther, Vision, Dr. Strange, etc.) question is: will this really be the last Iron Man or will Marvel decide to make another sometime before the conclusion of Avengers 3? Or will Iron Man be featured as a cameo in some of the other stand alones? Say Avengers 3 hits theaters in 2018, its going to be weird/hard not seeing Tony for 5 years except for the Avengers movies.

JBrotsis on Apr 2, 2013


They already picked a new guy to be IM . forgot his name search for it ... I'm sure he'll get at least 1 movie , to try and win us over

Dominic on Apr 3, 2013


Wait what? They're replacing RDJr? In all the featurettes, the other Avengers actors talk about him as being the "godfather" to this universe as he was the first to start the saga, and now they want to replace him? Is this replacement suppose to be featured within the three Phases, or is he suppose to be a spin off after it all ends?

JBrotsis on Apr 3, 2013


Is that News New about Jon Hamm taking over for Iron Man for Avengers 2!!!!!! Whos??? read this please tell me im not imagining this... Don Draper Suiting up in the suit!!!!

Schuyler on Apr 3, 2013


oh Must be April Fools Joke... DUHHHHH

Schuyler on Apr 3, 2013


I am off to see it tomorrow!

TechInsane on May 1, 2013

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