Robot on the Town in New Poster for Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'

April 25, 2013
Source: Warner Bros.

Pacific Rim

Though the film is still a couple of months away, there's no denying Pacific Rim is one of the biggest films of the summer, literally and figuratively. It's hard to get much bigger than skyscraper size robots fighting giant monsters across the country on the ground, in the sea and probably even up in the air. While we're waiting for a new trailer to show us more of Guillermo del Toro's summer action extravaganza starring Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam and more, a new poster has just shown up with a robot trying to hail a taxi or something in the city. Also, construction crews in that city are going to be rich. Look!

Here's the new poster for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim from Warner Bros. Pictures:

Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) is directing Pacific Rim from a script by Travis Beacham. The film follows a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi), who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger, a massive robot designed to fight legions of monstrous creatures known as Kaiju, which started rising from the sea years ago. They stand as mankind's last hope against the mounting apocalypse. The film also stars Idris Elba, Ron Perlman, Charlie Day and Clifton Collins Jr. Warner Bros will release Pacific Rim in theaters in 3D on July 12th. See the full trailer.

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Judging by the awesome poster, it must be one hell of a movie. Just so awesome! πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, and... poor cars. I hope none of them was/will be harmed in the making of this movie. β€”β€” R. Valentino, Caricature & Portrait Artist.

The Portrait Artist on Apr 25, 2013



nazu on Apr 25, 2013


I'm not excited for this the trailers haven't done much for me but seeing as Pan's Labyrinth is one of my favorite films and i did enjoy Hellboy a lot (both of them) there is no doubt in my mind I will be there opening night! And the Poster is neat.

N. on Apr 25, 2013


Agreed. I love Del Toro's films so i'll definitely be seeing it, but overall the trailers have done anything for me. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised!

Danimal on Apr 25, 2013



TOONFED on Apr 25, 2013


You guys are a bunch of crybabies...Like you have done something spectacular lately and you like this HUGE production is just another cartoon in the disney chanel...Bunch of lames that can't appreciate the creativeness to put together a film as Pac Rim...There I said it...PacRim is going to kick major A$$$...

Jaime Aceves on Apr 25, 2013


Jaime, U got a connection going in your mom's basement.. Awesome, good for you

Tester on Apr 25, 2013


I think this is the only gypsy I wouldn't have second thoughts about getting inside.

Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods on Apr 25, 2013


From Deadline: "Guillermo Del Toro Is Hatching A β€˜Monster’ Of A Series At HBO" it at Deadline com. Jeeez, how many projects does he have/want to do now?? πŸ™‚

David Banner on Apr 25, 2013


Loads. Personally, I can't wait for MONSTER. I loved that anime, and I know he will do it justice.

DAVIDPD on Apr 25, 2013


I feel like an outcast when I say I am not hyped for this movie, not that I don't want to watch it, I just don't feel any sort of urge to watch it.... Yet I'm probably going to watch it anyways haha.

Fidel Reyes on Apr 25, 2013


You're not alone I'm the same way!

N. on Apr 25, 2013


Finally someone else!

Fidel Reyes on Apr 28, 2013


When are we gonna see some Kaiju?Im sick of seeing robots every week! We want Kaiju!!!

jah p on Apr 25, 2013


The Kaiju are likely being saved as a surprise for the finished film. I actually like that...sell us with cool robots, and then let us see the monsters firsthand in the theater.

Chris Groves on Apr 26, 2013


You're awesome Chris Groves!!

Not so Angry Lester on Apr 26, 2013


Thanks man!

Chris Groves on Apr 26, 2013


Just wait until we get the next trailer folks, this is going to be the film of the YEAR!

Chris Groves on Apr 26, 2013


Chris is my film fan idol!!

Not so Angry Lester on Apr 26, 2013


Thanks, I really appreciate that.

Chris Groves on Apr 26, 2013

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