Rumor: Fox Planning Adaptation of Marvel's 'Fantastic Four vs. X-Men'

December 30, 2013

Fantastic Four vs. X-Men

With the hiring of Simon Kinberg to shepherd Marvel comic book adaptations at 20th Century Fox, it's been presumed that a shared universe would eventually cause a meeting of Fantastic Four and the X-Men, but a new rumor has more specific (though unsurprising) information about how these two superhero ensembles will meet. A financial advice website called The Motley Fool (via io9) has word that Fox is primed to pump up shareholders by adapting the 1987 four-issue run of Fantastic Four vs. X-Men, a story arc which sees the teams at odds with each other due to a sinister secret regarding the Fantastic Four's origin.

The original text reportedly said:

After multiple movies in their respective franchises, Fox has now decided to combine the Fantastic Four and the X-Men for an “Avengers”-style movie that could pay off huge for shareholders.

Based on a 1987 four issue comic called Fantastic Four vs. X-Men, the movie will see the characters against each other because of secrets regarding the Fantastic Four’s origin. The new movie also comes as Fox is rebooting the Fantastic Four series with new actors and actresses.

However, that second section no longer appears in the original article, which is why this should be considered only a rumor at this point. After all, the most obvious option for combining X-Men and Fantastic Four would be to adapt that iconic storyline, so it wouldn't exactly be a crazy idea. But since the reboot of Fantastic Four won't arrive until 2015, and another X-Men sequel is already planned for 2016, this kind of crossover (whatever it may be) likely wouldn't get off the ground until 2018. Kinberg has said he wanted to "build stories over multiple movies,"and this would certainly fit that vision. Stay tuned for any updates.

UPDATE: As we indicated above, The Motley Fool has retracted their portion of the story saying Fox was planning to merge Fantastic Four and X-Men into a crossover film. While they may not have a report of any plans for this to happen, it's not out of the realm of possibility. But for now, there are no official plans for X-Men vs. Fantastic Four to happen.

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Hmm...a lot of pre-planning going on. Sony prepping Sinister Six and Venom movies before Spider-Man 2 is close to being out. Fox is prepping a Fantastic Four movie, an X-Men: Apocalypse movie, and X-Men vs Fantastic Four movie....ALL before X-Men: Days of Future Past is out. I mean, it's unlikely, but what if the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Days of Future Past both get terrible critical receptions and under-perform at the box office? A lot of chicken counting before the eggs have hatched.

Chris Groves on Dec 30, 2013


I don't agree with the path they appear to be on, but I'd rather they be on a path then do one movie at a time with no forethought about future franchises. After all, Marvel was shooting for Avengers when they made Iron Man. That's why they rebooted the Hulk even though the bad Ang Lee movie was still in recent memory, at the time. That being said, it appears they're shooting too far too fast. An Apocalypse movie should be the peak like Avengers was, but it clearly has no leadup movies. In this respect Avengers is easy since each hero can get their own film as leadup. It's like they're trying to mimic Marvel, but don't understand the finer points of what they're doing.

Michael DeVore on Dec 30, 2013


An xforce movie. And deadpool. Other than that what, a jubilee movie? I suspect that's why there's such a focus on wolverine. Plenty material

The Walking Cuban on Dec 30, 2013


In the case of X-Men it is harder, but not impossible. Since they want to shoot for Apocalypse there is better setup they could be doing. A Mister Sinister movie would be a good setup because Sinister is a primary partner of Apocalypse. That would require a proper Cyclopes and Jean Gray or Madelyn Pryor clone if need be. That would also open up the setup for Cable since Apocalypse with no Cable is Sabertooth without Wolverine. Then Gambit, Rogue, and Mystic could be in a movie because what is Apocalypse without turning at least one lovable xman into one of his four horsemen. Gambit at least did it trying to infiltrate Apocalypse unlike Angle that just wanted to be free of his powers. Really, Gambit hunting down Mystic and falls in love with her adopted daughter Rogue sounds like a good James Bond style film. Since they want to make Apocalypse a space Alien that meets up with Magneto to control him (I do not like the idea) they should at least do the Asteroid M story, and have him be possessed by Apocalypse at the end. I suspect they're just doing it this way because they don't want the real Magneto to be a real villain. They have lots to work with, but they seemed focused on doing the big spectical show with little to no lead.

Michael DeVore on Dec 30, 2013


love the idea of a movie just for Gambit/Mystique/Rogue . Others can have cameos , be part of a big battle , but the story centers on those 3 . Get that guy from Origins to reprise it . This is also the way to mature Rogue away from Paquin's portrayal to acting more Romjin-like , and following her around .... With gobs of red hair and the black 'n white stripes

Dominic on Dec 30, 2013


Definitely agree re: Cable, but until they recast Gambit with Adrian Paul, I want nothin to do with em

The Walking Cuban on Jan 2, 2014


Adrian Paul is getting kinda old. Maybe back in his Highlander days. He'd be a good pick for the Gambit in Days of Future Past, but I think they're going to skip that subplot. Bishop hunting down Gambit because he believes he betrayed the Xmen was cute, but unless the trailers are Trolling I'm pretty sure they're not sending him back. @cat49:disqus I'm not sure if the Origins actor for Gambit would be a good pick. Taylor Kitsch has a bad track record with movies. It's not like his acting killed the movies a-la John Carter, Battleship, Origins, but clearly his opinion on what characters he'll play based on the script is poor. If a script is bad an actor should stay away from it, but he doesn't seem to have the ability to tell that the movie would be bad before going though with it.

Michael DeVore on Jan 2, 2014


Your alternative is better: no Gambit. It's a shame because I really liked the reveal that he was basically a clone of Mr. Sinister.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 4, 2014


@thewalkingcuban:disqus @cat49:disqus I like the current alternative. I'm not too sure about Tatum since I personally haven't heard him with a Cajun accent, but he seems interested in the roll, and he thinks he can pull it off. If Donner can convince Fox, and get a good script it sounds interesting ATM. If they get a New Orleans Thief focused film it could do well, and wouldn't need to be a 200m+ budget fiasco like so many seem to turn into.

Michael DeVore on Jan 31, 2014


I'm from New Orleans and I can tell you who nailed that accent (not Cajun but the city accent): Giovanni Ribisi, in Contraband. Perfect. He was practically my cousin Ritchie, who's halfway through a niner for B & E. Haircut and all. Not that I'm suggesting him for Gambit, besides fans probably want a more Cajun accent. But trust me if Tatum could pull off what Ribisi did... What the cabbage, just get Ribisi already! And I know Tatum trumps him in looks and physique, but GR is a real actor. And as for looks, trust me, ugly little New Orleans dudes make u for it with the smooth talk.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 31, 2014


Marvel has a rough plan that goes to at least 2025. In case you don't want to do math, that's at least 22 movies. And that doesn't include the Agents Of SHIELD, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Defenders TV shows. Captain America:The Winter Soldier - April 4, 2014 Guardians Of The Galaxy - August 1, 2014 The Avengers 2:Age Of Ultron - May 1, 2015 Ant-Man - November 6, 2015 WIP: Doctor Strange (script complete, villains announced, pre-production phase) Ms. Marvel (script complete) Black Panther (script complete) Early Stages (not yet green lit): Blade Hulk sequel Avengers 3 And then apparently sequels and a load more stuff they haven't mentioned.

ieyke on Dec 30, 2013


I'm aware of Feige saying that they have a rough plan to 2021. But they have gone through a whole 'phase' of films and their formula and way of doing things has proven successful. If one Avengers film is a huge hit, you CAN prep and look forward to Avengers 2 and 3. But they are planning a Fantastic Four vs X-Men movie when there are TWO X-Men movies and the Fantastic Four reboot that must come first. With Marvel, when The Incredible Hulk pretty much failed, they could still progress with The Avengers without a hitch. If Guardians of the Galaxy fails, we'll still get Age of Ultron with no problem. The future is ensured. But if the Fantastic Four reboot is terribly received, then the notion of Fantastic Four vs X-Men becomes a bit less of a financially viable concept.

Chris Groves on Dec 30, 2013


I hope it fails. Marvel needs to do the Fantastic Four. They're the only ones who are going to make that happen properly. And they need Doctor Doom.

ieyke on Dec 30, 2013


If they cost 300 million $ : IM-IN

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 30, 2013


" that could pay off huge for the shareholders." is the key bit here. Fans are screwed.

Tyler Scruggs on Dec 30, 2013


Totally true. I dont think Marvel movies have a good foundation yet with some of the garbage thats been put on screen, but Fox will continue to pour out more and more movies cause its like you said, these movies "pay huge for the shareholders - fans are screwed"

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 31, 2013


I think a Fantastic Four vs X-Men film could be great if done right. Fox has the rights to both of them and they haven't even bothered to put them in a shared universe yet!? There is just so much potential you can't waste with a concept like this. This just shows how much Fox truly loves the fans now and are appreciating them even more. With this years The Wolverine being the start of a total redemption for the character of Wolverine that followed with the X-Men's own redemption in First Class. I even have a feeling DOFP will knock it out the park even more. It's great they have brought back Bryan Singer so they could finally bring everything full circle now. To even add the Fantastic Four within the universe now would be perfect. I could imagine the chemistry between Reed Richards and Professor Xavier two brilliant geniuses dedicated to their knowledge. There is unlimited potential.

Charlie Hard on Dec 30, 2013


But I hate Fantastic Four

OfficialJab on Dec 30, 2013


Before that, they need to reboot Fantastic Four first.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Dec 30, 2013


Looking at the article update doesn't surprise me at all. I kind of thought the articles on this were spinning up a big story out of nothing. I like the idea but It's disappointing that the lie or truth was withdrawn. I just wonder how a fight scene would go between the two teams. Even Storm and Iceman would probably have some trouble with the Human torch... but maybe they could be the ones who stand the best chance. You'll need your heavy hitters for Ben Grimm. I recommend Cyclops to keep him at a distance, Colossus and Superpowered Rogue to drive home the finishing punches, and any member that might be able to keep him off balance, incapacitate, or capable of launching him into the air. Ben Grimm is almost a Hulk level combatant. He shouldn't be easy to deal with and he could easily take down nearly any of the X-Men in close combat. I could probably write out the rest of the who vs who scenarios but I don't actually think the X-Men stand much of a chance unless they teamed up every member against the Fantastic Four to take them out one by one. I'm not overly familiar with how Reed Richards and Sue Storms (literally) fight anyway. I've seen them use tactics more than anything else. I've got some idea's for quick skirmishes but even if this movie came out it would probably become fodder for the cliche good guys vs good guys scenario in the end where they team up to fight the bad guys. Happens every time. Go ahead and tell me I'm wrong. Cite examples. It would be nice to have something new to look for anyway.

thefinalword on Dec 30, 2013


I believe it was Wolverine squaring off against the Thing for a bit . Storm can whip up a hurricane , and none of the FF could stop that . certainly grounds the Torch ...if Reed doesn't come up with some doohickey that stuns them all , the XMen def have the advantage ... Reed didn't scrap much ; used his rubbery self to contain people . Sue always use the invisibiilty powers to sneak behind somebody or into the enemy stronghold so she was used like a spy alot . Reed was the planner ...

Dominic on Dec 30, 2013


...If I remember the graphic novel correctly . Don't believe I kept the issues ...

Dominic on Dec 30, 2013


Sue Storms is actually very dangerous. She has shields for defense and apparently doesn't use them as weapons out of mercy. She can place them inside of people and expand them, effectively crippling them or killing them. She threatened someone by saying she placed a tiny one in their brain... causing them to surrender. I'm not sure what the extent of those offensive abilities are but I think she could also use moving shields to strike physical blows, control and incapacitate people. Reed is difficult to hurt due to his ability. He can hit pretty hard apparently, fling people out of combat, suffocate people until they are knocked unconscious and build any sort of machine he wants to and take the advantage in a battle. The Human Torch can burn so hot water cannot touch him. He can turn the area he is in into an inferno and shoot fire at anything within his range. I'd say the Fantastic Four are as formidable as they want to be.

thefinalword on Dec 31, 2013


hmm ok that's a better breakdown of the FF . Altho unless Sue places force fields around everybody's neck and shrinks 'em , Storm(hurricane-force winds) or Jean( mentally , until Reed constructs a shielded hat) easily handle the whole team . And they never wrote Sue like a killer ... Iceman freezes Reed and Sue . Wolverine's adamantium claws go thru Ben's " rocks " or Beast could slow him down at right time . Jean could hold HT until Rogue can drain him , etc FF can't handle the whole team of XMen at one time .....

Dominic on Jan 1, 2014


I Love This 'cause : People are recognizing the great drama of CBs , and the epic stories even the noobs will love Hollywood again proves they have nothing big in the works BUT for the CB movies they can schedule . We are Gold .... There would seem to be some kinda throwdown going on , between the studios , over who can represent their heroes better , and in more movies - can't complain about that ... And at least someone's directing them to the proper story arcs ...

Dominic on Dec 30, 2013

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