Rumor: Zack Snyder to Direct 'Justice League' If 'Man of Steel' Soars

April 24, 2013

Man of Steel

We already know that there's a lot riding on Man of Steel for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. In addition to rebooting the Superman franchise, the probability of Justice League actually getting off the ground rests on the shoulders of this new film from Zack Snyder. However, the future of Justice League might rely even more on the talents of the director. Empire recently published an issue examining Man of Steel, and while it does have a direct quote from anyone at Warner Bros. or Snyder himself, they say that if Man of Steel does well enough, then Snyder will be asked to direct the DC Comics superhero ensemble.

The article (via JoBlo) says, "Warner Bros.’ long-term view has been revised to embrace this new vision, just as the Dark Knight films resisted the commodification of Marvel. Whether we get a Justice League, they say, depends on Man of Steel. If we do, they say, Zack Snyder will be asked to direct." That's about the most solid information on Justice League we've gotten yet. And while it's big news, it's not all that surprising. If Snyder can kickstart Man of Steel like this, and created the cinematic universe in which the rest of the heroes would have to exist, then he's the best man for the job. And if that final trailer is any indicator of the quality of this film, then we're in for something truly special.

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If he isn't asked, then can Disney get him for that made up samurai jedi movie? I am so all about that.

OfficialJab on Apr 24, 2013


That would be legit!

N. on Apr 24, 2013


Fine with me. But keep Nolan attached. I still have hopes that Christian Bale will suit up with Henry Cavill in "JL."

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Apr 24, 2013


How about UNATTACH Nolan and his BS take on comic book heroes?

Have Hope on Apr 24, 2013


BS take? It took an ensemble movie full of super heroes to get 1 Billion$ that had their own movies before (One of them 2) which none of them got 1 Billion$. Christopher Nolan achieved 1 Billion in a single movie. TWICE.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Apr 24, 2013


Remove Nolan. Remove Goyrr.

Makoma on Apr 25, 2013


Or some respect for the man who singlehandedly kept DC in their movie dogfight with Marvel. Just a suggestion.

Blargh on Apr 25, 2013


I'm up for it, and as someone else said, if they could get Bale back for Wayne/Batman...having Bale-Batman and Cavill-Superman in the same movie would be amazing. Reynolds back as Green Lantern would be kind of cool, too...I guess, as long as he has better material to work with. But as far as 'how could this fit with The Dark Knight Rises?'...simple...the TDK trilogy is it's own thing...and MOS and Justice League could occur in an 'alternate reality' that takes place after TDK...where Rises never happens. That way Nolan has his complete trilogy, and WB gets their crossover...without any real hairs being split.

Chris Groves on Apr 24, 2013


I agree with this timeline concept as it would justify Batman/Bruce's vanishing for 8 years from Gotham.

Boby on Apr 24, 2013


Nolan's Batman would never fit in that universe. Otherwise Superman wouldn't have let Gotham get taken over. The whole thing was that he doesn't have superpowers so it was trying to be realistic in that sense, that normal people can be these heroes and villains

ed on Apr 25, 2013


That's why you have a 'universe' where the only films that happened are Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Man of Steel. Forget/ignore Rises and Wayne's retirement. Let the trilogy be one way the story goes, and branching out into the DCU be ANOTHER way it goes. There are numerous reasons for why Supes wouldn't go to Gotham. For starters he could be aware that it has it's OWN hero, and he could believe that Batman had it under relative control, and that he would only get involved if necessary. He could also be totally pre-occupied with other Man of Steel, it's pretty much confirmed that he doesn't officially 'become' Superman until well into his adulthood...why wouldn't BB and TDK be able to take place THEN, while Kent is growing up and doing his sort of soul-searching journey to the fortress of solitude?

Chris Groves on Apr 26, 2013


It's funny, I bet if this was announced before Man of Steel everyone would be pissed at this news and dumping on Snyder, but since he now worked with Nolan it's all good. Whatever. I always liked him and I'm happy for his success. I wish he would make another original film though, but I guess Sucker Punch's box office flop will deter him (or producers & investors) from trying anything new for quite a while I'm afraid.

DavideCoppola on Apr 24, 2013


Unfortunately your right but in the producers defense, Zack Snyder cant write for shit, I love him as a director but he is a very VISUAL guy. Thats why i have high hope for Man of steel, Youve got Snyder with the style and Nolans with the substance.

Cody W on Apr 24, 2013


Do you understand Sucker Punch?

Michael Thomas on Apr 25, 2013


I understand Sucker Punch just fine, the "twist" ending doesnt make up for a terrible script.

Cody W on Apr 25, 2013


Sounds Great! I may be in the minority when i say this but I actually loved Snyder's Watchmen, looks like JL could have a good chance to be just as good or better than Avengers.

nate on Apr 24, 2013


Agreed, Watchmen and 300 were 2 of the best novel to film adaptations I think Ive ever seen probably in the top 3 with sin city and of those have Snyders name on it.....I think JL would be in good hands but they better not jump the gun, give us a Flash, a new batman, a wonder woman and a new GL and THEN worry about JL. Dc is waaaaayy too focused on trying to catch up to and better Marvel that they are getting ahead of themselves instead of worrying about there own thing.

Cody W on Apr 24, 2013


Can I get a Hallelujah for this hero who has spoken the truth!?

Fidel Reyes on Apr 24, 2013


Agreed. DC needs to stop trying to compete with Disney in the moment. Let them have their moment, and work on yours behind the scenes. They shouldn't rush this, as you have said...

PBGray on Apr 25, 2013


I loved Watchmen as well!

Chris Amaya on Apr 24, 2013


DC should just shit or get off the pot. This wait-and-see approach means they're just going to be forever playing catch-up and ultimately look like they've got zero faith in their own property.

Chris on Apr 24, 2013


Disagree. They SHOULD wait and see. Rushing things only makes them look desperate. They should let their film properties develop naturally before taking on a project that could otherwise blow up in their face. IMO.

Ali Miller on Apr 25, 2013


Sounds like Warner Bros is starting to think a bit clearer now on getting JL going. Though they seem to be duplicating Marvel's individual character movies to the assembling of the team route, I doubt 2015 will be the release date. But hey, more superheroes on the big screen is what really matters, right?!

JBrotsis on Apr 24, 2013


Oh gawd, WB wants another Watchmen on their hands? Man of Steel remind me of Green Lantern film with What's his name.

Hal Jordan on Apr 25, 2013


Nolan has already stated that he won't be involved with Justice League, neither will Bale. I'm totally down for Snyder directing, I think it would be bad ass! Also, WB doesn't have to follow Marvel's formula. They can do JL, then branch off into individual films. If they do it right, it will rock.

Rob on Apr 26, 2013

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