Ryan Reynolds & Tim Miller Say 'Deadpool' Movie Closer to Greenlight

November 1, 2013
Source: Clevver Movies, Yahoo UK


Earlier this year, there were cool revelations explaining that a potential Deadpool movie would mock X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds had done motion-capture and voice work for a test reel that writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick shot with the attached director, VFX wizard Tim Miller. But of course, Fox still isn't sure about releasing an R-rated movie about a character who the general audience isn't very familiar with. However, Miller recently spoke to Clevver Movies (via ComingSoon) and said the adaptation is "closer to getting a greenlight." At least it's closer than it was two months ago. So that's good?

Miller said, "We will never give up! Deadpool is still alive and we're just waiting for the studio to embrace what an amazingly fucking awesome film this would be. Ryan is ready, I am ready, the fans are more than ready, we just need that elusive green light." Funnily enough, this comes just a week after Reynolds was again asked about the likelihood of seeing Deadpool come to life on the big screen. Reynolds spoke to Yahoo UK about the long-gestating project:

"[In] its current iteration the movie’s actually very small. There's minimal impact to the studio, which is the way we're kind of presenting it to them. We're saying 'Look, the budget is minimal. Therefore, can we do this the way it should be done?’ Which unfortunately needs a Rated R or it needs those elements."

Reynolds goes on to explains things we already knew, but adds some hope:

"The script is probably available online, it leaked. But it’s very meta, I mean the character knows he's in a movie, he knows he's in a comic book. He names studio executives in the script. So, it’s kind of a risky property. But, you know, we'll see. It's actually, within the last couple of weeks, taken a few very, very small tiptoes forward. "

Reynolds was then asked if he thinks the movie will ever get made. The actor said, "In our lifetime? Yeah, I think so. I think if I were a betting man it’ll get made, eventually. I mean it’s just been developed to high heaven. It has great people around it, so we'll see." The depressing part is "in our lifetime," because there's no guarantee it will happen while Reynolds is still a viable action movie star. But considering how well Marvel has been doing with The Avengers, we're betting Fox might be willing to try something new and different, especially if the budget is in order and the script is ready to go. But like Reynolds says, we'll see.

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I still dont think Ryan is Deadpool material. After all this time, we are still looking to implement Ryan in the next deadpool movie?!

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 1, 2013


Rob Liefeld, Deadpool's creator, has said that RR was part of his inspiration for Deadpool's development as the character evolved. Deadpool IS partly RR.

thinker on Nov 1, 2013


that sounds like nonsense! Deadpool has been around for a long time, longer than Ryan Reynolds has been an actor.

Linkfx on Nov 1, 2013


Deadpool debuted in New Mutants #98 published in February 1991. As the character evolved over the years, so was RR's career. Liefeld has said that he based some of it on RR as time went by.

thinker on Nov 1, 2013


alright, I can see how they have similar personalities as portrayed in media, but ryan reynolds didn't even blow up as a believable action star until 2004 in Blade:Trinity ...and he didn't become really publicly popular until Van Wilder in 2002, although he was featured as a supporting actor and extra in some tv and film including an episode of X-Files...but I'm just saying...I've been reading Deadpool since 1993...and he hasn't changed much since then...personality-wise...he's always been extremely similar...i can see why people can make a good comparison, RR in Blade: Trinity is very Deadpool-esque in his comedy..and in my opinion, it's his best performance. In order to believe you, i'd need to see a quote or something from Liefeld, and googling it won't bring it up, and i'm an excellent googler.

Linkfx on Nov 1, 2013


'Googler'? LoL!

JudgeMethos on Nov 1, 2013


yes. googler.

Linkfx on Nov 4, 2013


Cable & Deadpool #2 page 13 June 2004. "Hey, if you looked like Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei, you'd understand". Liefeld was still doing covers for the book, and was somewhat involved with the creative team. It's not a quote from him, but it's unlikely that he'd have been quiet if he was pissed about it. Of course, it was Fabian Nicieza who really created his personality. Leifeld is mostly just responsible for his look and an outline of his abilities.

Jester1137 on Nov 5, 2013


Well that explains why deadpool sucks!

Jimmy Love on Nov 1, 2013



Such heroic nonsense on Nov 2, 2013


Didn't Deadpool himself say something about Ryan Reynolds in at least one of the comics? Anywho, fans of the character recognize Nolan North's voiceover as being Deadpool, not RR acting as DP...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 2, 2013


This movie needs Nolan North...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 1, 2013


That would truly rock.

mooreworthy on Nov 2, 2013


He could be one of the voices in deadpool's head

BrianRommel on Dec 6, 2013


this is gonna bomb for sure

Quynh Truong on Nov 1, 2013


A 20 million dollar movie that makes 50 million is a hit. A 200 million dollar movie that makes 200 million is a bomb. At the right budget, this is a hit waiting to happen.

Jester1137 on Nov 5, 2013


maybe, Machette kills only made 15 million but it only costs 20 million with dvd/blu-ray market a 20 million movie would be hard to lose money on.

BrianRommel on Dec 6, 2013


They need to spend enough that the FX aren't cheesy, but keep the budget low enough that an R rating can still allow a profit. Brian Posehn needs to be the crazy voice in his head, and James Earl Jones needs to be the serious one, btw.

Jester1137 on Dec 7, 2013


Hollywood, when are you going to realize that Reynolds cannot open a movie on his own? Hell, he even bombed co-starring under Jeff Bridges. Stop giving this guy headlining roles.

Rob Clark on Nov 1, 2013


That movie "bombed", not the actors. Also, it's bombing had very little to do with the actors.

avconsumer2 on Nov 4, 2013


Of course that movie "bombed". Didn't mean to imply he did and the movie didn't. But if you think that a movie's headlining star has very little to do with the film tanking, you need a reality check. Had a bigger named actor (and more bankable) been in that (or "The Green Lantern"), it definitely wouldn't have bombed as badly. And when you have a string of box-office flops, you're automatically associated with their failures. Taylor Kitsch anyone? Extremely likeable guy, not a bad actor. But he's not big enough to headline a huge/big budget film.

Rob Clark on Nov 4, 2013


Well thanks for that advice, I'll see if I can stumble upon a "reality check" somewhere then. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to concoct a list of the bazillion movies that had Academy Award winning actors that were horrible (& bombed), through zero fault of the actors. Green Lantern could have starred Laurence friggin' Olivier & still would've been terribad. We shall agree to disagree I suppose.

avconsumer2 on Nov 4, 2013


Look do you really think anyone can be deadpool Reynolds did van wilder he was awesome in that movie he can play deadpool

Tj Gallauher on Dec 10, 2013


Um... not that his Van Wilder performance wasn't Oscar-worthy (?).. but if you'd read what I said, I was kind of arguing on his behalf.

avconsumer2 on Dec 11, 2013


Jeff Bridges couldn't save RIPD FFS. That's as clear as it gets that it was just beyond saving. But I guess that's evidence that Jeff Bridges can't open a movie.

Jester1137 on Jan 22, 2014


Reynolds needs this. RIPD failed not due to his performance. That movie had other issues. Ever sincc his performance in Smoking Aces I have had faith in his range.

Xerxexx on Nov 2, 2013


I like Reynolds as Deadpool but for his own sake he should do some bankable movies that'll make people forget about RIPD. Maybe do Deadpool in a couple of years.

El_MUERkO on Nov 2, 2013


They should get the lead out on this one already.

avconsumer2 on Nov 4, 2013


The only problem is that it will not be nolan north's voice (used to hearing his voice over)... other than that i believe ryan reynolds is perfect for the role.. hope it happens.

Oscar7 on Nov 6, 2013


Maybe he can be one of the voices in deadpool's head

BrianRommel on Dec 6, 2013


Oh god I hope so. North is just perfect as DP's voices.

chillmorte on Dec 30, 2013


Low budgets are fine when you have a meta-narrative character. In fact, the film could be made as cheaply as possible and Deadpool could point it out in movie like MST3K. Also, Cable and Deadpool movies.

Spelunker4Plato on Nov 24, 2013


Could do a entire scene drawn in crayon. Saints Row IV's EtD DLC did stuff like this for laughs most of these scenes were just story boarded but one was basically a Volition employee playing with toys. They were gonna just paint a coke can purple to stand in for Paul the giant saints Flow can, but opted to use a figure instead which the former would have been funnier in my opinion. So maybe a scene with a stage hand playing with deadpool action figures.

BrianRommel on Dec 7, 2013


They used that joke in the Deadpool game, with an "8 bit level" supposedly due to budget concerns.

Jester1137 on Jan 22, 2014


That's actually what I was thinking of specifically.

BrianRommel on Jan 23, 2014


Lol that's so true that would be awesome to laugh about

Tj Gallauher on Dec 10, 2013


I don't know how this will work didn't he get all mutant powers at the end of wolverine deadpool don't have all those powers

Joe Lohan on Dec 8, 2013


No he got only the ones that they had time to put in him like the Dr chick seid he isn't done

Tj Gallauher on Dec 10, 2013


He's not supposed to have mutant powers at all! Read about the actual Deadpool character.

Micah Braden Fuller on Jan 19, 2014


But considering this is Deadpool, and it states that he already knows he's in a film, and that it's going to poke fun at Origins, I'm guessing there's going to be some 4th wall breaking explanation as to why he won't have all the mutant powers. I can only hope it will be done with the Deadpool style we've all come to love.

chillmorte on Dec 30, 2013


They arn't connected, the two films. apparently Xmen origins wolverine exits as a fictional movie in The deadpool movie.

BrianRommel on Jan 23, 2014


name should be "The incredible Deadpool"

Angrygraduate on Dec 19, 2013


I hope they make this movie sometime in the years! I love Deadpool and there should definitely be a movie. 🙂

JordiW255 on Dec 28, 2013


OMG!!!! I just can't believe it! Yesterday itself I was thinking that why don't Hollywood make a movie on deadpool & today I got to read this... YIPPIE!!!! I really can't wait to watch deadpool action on screen... 🙂 Love You Deadpool... 🙂 Eagerly waiting to see u in action in Hollywood 🙂 🙂 🙂 Dearest Ryan Reynolds...make sure to turn that into reality please.... 🙂

Sadia Khattak on Jan 1, 2014


Looking forward to DeadPool without Ryan Reynolds... I use to like Reynolds but now Im just tired of his same old shtick....

Jeff Jackson on Jan 18, 2014


I don't know why everybody keeps talking about the mutated powers. He shouldn't have them at all. He is a very comedic vigilante that was put through Weapon X like Wolverine was. He's really fast, a weapons expert, pretty much unstoppable at hand to hand combat, and has a healing ability like Wolverine. All that mutant stuff from Origins is crap!

Micah Braden Fuller on Jan 19, 2014


Except for the fact that wolverine was an actual mutant and deadpool was given the healing ability. And was a human prior.

Dirk Strider on Jan 30, 2014


deadpool's healing factor is ten times better than wolverines

nathan on Mar 13, 2014


You gotta take in perspective one thing though. The Origins movie as a whole, was complete crap.

TheKTJ on Jan 31, 2014


please make jim carry Deadpool...he is the only guy good for this part

Dino Vučković on Jan 20, 2014


No, just no. I like Jim Carrey, but not for Deadpool.

TheKTJ on Jan 31, 2014


I agree with TheKTJ, but someone goofy would be good for the role.

Andy Domonkos on Apr 5, 2014


The fuck?

Al Briggs on Jun 25, 2014


I think the reason deadpool wouldn't really work on screen is for a few reasons. If the movie was going to pertain to the fans by keeping true to the comic the mass population would probably reject it. Deadpool is a overly tortured soul. ( physically abused by his dad. Sexually harassed /raped by his mom.) he sufferers from cancer and is in constant pain. And uses jokes and boisterous behavior to compensate for mental scars ( self loathing, lack of friends, rape , pts, schizophrenia.) also his homosexual undertones might not sit well especially his tendencies to cross dress. And if the movie wasn't directed towards the fans then I think that'd be a movie that would be sorely lacking in any kind of substance. But that's just my opinion. ( I'd be super ticked if they ignored his sexuality and if they didn't make a reference to deadpools crush on Spider-man id have to smack a bitch )

Dirk Strider on Jan 30, 2014


Most movies based of comics, havn't kept true to the comics. Take the Batman Trilogy (Christian Bale)..Especially the last one, with Bane. In comics, Bane was Brazilian or something like that, and was alot bigger than the character Tom Hardy portrayed. I hate Batman anyways, but that movie ruined for me, because I kinda liked Bane before then. And the only Spiderman movie to stay even remotely true to the comics is The Amazing Spiderman. Even so, it is already better than the first 3 combined. I could honestly care less if they play in Deadpool's "homosexual undertones", I don't think that would make it better, nor worse. Just make him his comical self, and be on with it.

TheKTJ on Jan 31, 2014


Well a more strained point is that unlike other super Heroes deadpool, doesn't have a simplistic problems. his internal conflict are a lot more harsh then those of his fellow superhero ' companions'. I.e. Depression, schizo, split personality, extreme self loathing, pts, and dealing chronic body pains. Also his back story if they even bothered to mention it ( correctly that is),would probably be rather strange to any viewer. Also yeah it's sad that a lot of the shit in the movies have fucked up I still can't properly enjoy Spider-Man because of the countless times I've been forced to have the never leaving thought of Spider-Man being played by Toby...McGuire urghhh.

Guest on Feb 4, 2014


Yay self loathing

Dirk Strider on Feb 4, 2014


Anyone who believes a Deadpool solo film wouldn't work it foolish. I don't even know how they can claim that he isn't "well known". To the general public who doesn't read comics, sure. Still, just the content of the film that they could bring to the table would be enough to bring in outsiders.

Retributi0n on Feb 1, 2014


Now we all know that somehow marvel studios will relate this some what close to the comic/(s).no they wouldn't put in him getting all "homo-toned" they aren't going towards a comedy only a close in dive to his past and how this connects together. Yeah they will make ryan alota lines and yes they will make him insane like and of course they won't lean toward a movie of many puns and 'pool and his "spider-crush". If anything they are foing for the approach of hi i am deadpool and here is my life, of 'pool undergoing serious circumstances throughout his life. All i am trying to get through is no it won't be all joking and no X-man origins crap only intensified gun fights massive explosions and a few joking scenes and close combat no him gettting antsy and "homo-toned" and maybe a scene or two of him w/o his mask on after the X-weapon experiment correctly or closely how they portraid it in the comics. Let us hope that marvel stufios and tim do an excellent job or else the fan base will collapse in on a terrible movie with many hate comments on imbd and such.

yup on Feb 27, 2014


i know the game was hilarious and the first time i had really known about Deadpool is when i looked up Ryan Reynolds in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie ( never read the comic books myself ) but i think Ryan Reynolds was great in the part he played as Wade Wilson. i really hope they do make this movie! and if anything, go by what the game brought to the table, the humor and action was great in the game and great in the X-Men Origins movie.

ashes48 on Mar 11, 2014


One of the best super hero movies I've ever seen is a little low budget thing called Defendor, where Woody Harrelson plays a mentally stunted crime fighter. It's good because it doesn't try to shove a billion dollars worth of CGI down your throat, and it's funny without being too insulting to your intelligence. For Deadpool to be a good film, they should hire a team of actual comedians bear with me here...the actual writers from the Deadpool comic rather than the hackneyed screenwriters they got there over at Marvel. I always been a Marvel fan but lately DC is smoking Marvel in the movie game. The last Superman was incredibly well done, as was most of the new Batmans (Health Ledger made the entire X-men ensemble look like amateur hour. Well, Jackman was decent. But the rest of them were boring and forgettable, even Gambit.) This is one of those instances where if they grew a pair of balls and hired a hungry and original director they could get an amazing cult-classic film that will live on for decades, or make some shiny turd that everyone forgets in a month. I have my hopes, but I think I know which route they will take.

Andy Domonkos on Apr 5, 2014

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