Saoirse Ronan Circling 'Star Wars' & Cumberbatch Still in the Mix?

September 19, 2013
Source: Latino Review

Saoirse Ronan

Once again, with this news not coming from the official channels at Disney, we're going to take them with a grain of salt. But since the House of Mouse is being very mum on the development of the eagerly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, these rumors give us some food for thought. First up is that The Lovely Bones and The Host star Saoirse Ronan has read for one of the female leads in the role. Keep in mind that tons of people have been reading for these roles, but it's interesting to note that Ronan turned down a role as Scarlet Witch in Marvel's sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which also happens to call Disney home.

Latino Review has the report, but they're not sure what part Ronan was reading for, but they do indicate that there might be a female villain in the mix as well. Of course, they think she might be reading for the role of Han Solo and Princess Leia's daughter. These character details seem to be the foggiest bits of the reports since our sources haven't confirmed the existence of either of these characters, but it's hard to know what's really going on behind the scenes

But that's not the only nugget of information mentioned. Following the rumors that Benedict Cumberbatch was up for a role in Star Wars, the actor debunked them himself while doing press at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. But that hasn't shaken Latino Review, because they're the ones who reported that Cumberbatch was playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness while the actor, J.J. Abrams and everyone else flat out lied to contain the mystery. In fact, this newest report says that not only will Cumberbatch be in Episode VII, but his role will be one that will get much bigger in Episode VIII and Episode IX. Again, take this all with a grain of salt for now. Thoughts?

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Cumberbatch didn't deny anything so far. He has just said "no offers" have been made yet.

030891 on Sep 19, 2013


Saoirse Ronan would be great but as brilliant as Cumberbatch is, personally I don't think I want him in the Star Wars universe. Let's not be lazy and instead try to keep Star wars and Star Trek different in terms of actors. Especially with the bad taste of Star Trek Into Darkness still in my mouth...

SV7 on Sep 19, 2013


OK you can't leave it like that WHY was STID so bad ?? Cause , you're in a low minority with that one pal .. SW uni is in the middle of a reboot . So you can use somebody from another 'universe" .. Actors need a job !

Dominic on Sep 20, 2013


Each to their own as far as STID, but I'm hardly in the minority. Fans seem pretty 50/50 split on it. Personally I had many problems with the script. It was almost a parody of The Wrath of Khan to me. I'd hate JJ to plug in a bunch of ST actors into SW. There are so many great actors out there. Some good, lesser known actors even. Big names didn't help the acting in the prequels. And I've got a feeling Cumberbatch is not gonna run out of work anytime soon 🙂

SV7 on Sep 20, 2013


People don't like it because Spock fought Khan not Kirk . But if JJ had just mirrored the plot of the Episode or movie , people woulda been saying that it was stale and boring cause he didn't change anything .. a LOT of movies today are basically parodies , given the current reboot fascination . .. SO I think if you took the movie as it comes , and not filter it thru our love of Original Trek , that you'd like it a lot more . In a way , JJ combined threads of both movie and TV show into this. Khan was feared , then sympathetic , then feared again as he flips out . There's sympathy for his position , until the nukes get found .... Yeah he's not gonna be out of work , because now he's recognized as being a good CB Movie/Sci-fi villian . That puts him on the SW radar

Dominic on Sep 20, 2013


Tho he'd prob rather work for the BBC ....

Dominic on Sep 20, 2013


People didn't dislike the movie simply because Spock fights Khan. There are many script/story reasons. And JJ didn't have to mirror anything. They could have come up with a fresh adventure after setting up the crew and world so well in the 2009 ST movie.

SV7 on Sep 20, 2013


ahh the key word there is 'COULD" . For whatever reason , they WEREN'T . He had this remake in mind from the beginning . Remember they were teasing us with " is it Khan" long before the movie came out .. . by definition , in a REBOOT , u redo the old stories .... Ok again WHAT "script/story reasons " ?? specifically ... I still think ur in the minority ; the review thread here WAS mostly people hating how they switched Kirk's role with Spock's I just got the Bluray gonna watch it again and see if whatever flaws you tell me are really there .. I liked that Khan was actually a sympathetic figure longer than in "Space Seed" What if there are flaws ? ; Were you Entertained ? is the other question you ask of movies today . Kinda like JK's review of Riddick . Cause almost all movies today have blunders ....there's a list of all the blunders in the original ST episodes too ....

Dominic on Sep 22, 2013


"They could have come up with a fresh adventure after setting up the crew and world so well in the 2009 ST movie."..... UMMM No , see you don't know what you're watching ! It was also a reboot of old Trek stories and characters put together , seasoned with a bit a time travel and Voila ! George Kirk was an idea of Roddenberry's , referred to but never expanded on . And the villians were Pine's 1st encounter with Romulans , just like episode 5 of Original ST ... the only real shock was Vulcan exploding ... JJ's ideas seem to be a mix of Enterprise ( since he's starting fresh ) and TNG ....

Dominic on Sep 22, 2013


Bottom line is some people loved it (you), some people didn't (me). They didn't HAVE to do Khan or tell THIS story. The script didn't have to play out like that, they chose to do it that way and I don't think it worked well at all, wasn't engaged and though it became a joke. In a nutshell, I didn't like the portrayal of Khan, the swapping the Kirk/Spock bits took me way out of the movie, Kirk's death did not work because we KNEW he was going to come back so there was no real tension, Kirk and Spock had no earned the friendship that they had in TWOK by Spock's death to make that moment hugely emotional, setting up the tribble blood was head-slappingly lame, Alice Eve was redundant, Uhura whined throughout... TWOK is a masterpiece. This story became a parody. It didn't engage me after about half way through. They DID NOT have to go this way, reboot or not. JJ is a brilliant director and makes glorious looking films, but here the story choices let it down for me. I hope that explains it a bit. You absolutely don't have to agree (and obviously don't!). Each to their own, man 🙂

SV7 on Sep 22, 2013


Can almost gurantee she read for Jaina Solo, if that is indeed what they end up naming her. She'd be good in the part too.

Julian Brown on Sep 19, 2013


I hope Cumberbatch is in this movie. He is so awesome and was great in the perfect movie which was Star Trek Into darkness.

Snowmanfloza on Sep 19, 2013


Whoever takes the roles, it's good that they're making sensible choices for auditioning at this point.

OfficialJab on Sep 19, 2013


Yeah. She will be in the movie.

DAVIDPD on Sep 19, 2013


Intriguing that she turned down Scarlet Witch ( who does this girl think she is ?? LOL ...) She LOOKS good for it , but maybe she realized she's way too young for the role . They need a 20-something , and she won't be 20 even until next April ....

Dominic on Sep 20, 2013

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