Saoirse Ronan in First Trailer for Kevin Macdonald's 'How I Live Now'

August 9, 2013
Source: YouTube

How I Live Now Trailer

"If the world doesn't end, I want to be home… with you." Where did this come from? There's a new trailer out for a film called How I Live Now, adapted from Meg Rosoff's novel, starring Saoirse Ronan (last seen in The Host, Byzantium, Violet & Daisy & Hanna). It starts like any other romantic drama, with a girl falling for a handsome guy, played by George MacKay, but then things take a big twist half way through. All of a sudden a nuclear device is detonated, it's WWIII, and they're on the run for their lives while trying to get home from the English countryside. I'm curious to see this, all the footage in the second half sold me.

Here's the first international trailer for Kevin Macdonald's How I Live Now, found via Collider:

Set in the near-future United Kingdom, Ronan plays Daisy, an American teenager sent to stay with relatives in the English countryside. Initially withdrawn and alienated, she begins to warm up to her charming surroundings, and strikes up a romance with the handsome Edmund (George MacKay). But on the fringes of their idyllic summer days are tense news reports of an escalating conflict in Europe. As the UK falls into a violent, chaotic military state, Daisy finds herself hiding and fighting to survive. The film is directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, State of Play, Life in a Day, The Eagle, Marley) adapted from Meg Rosoff's novel. How I Live Now will open in the UK this October, but Magnolia hasn't set a US date yet.

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i don't know why this was posted on first showing.....the people who come to this site only want sci-fi; martial arts and super heros. if this had a super hero in it - there would already be 70+ comments. this just looks like another "love conquers all" story.....and that's been done to death - and of course she goes for the handsome teen heart-throb - how cliche. you want to see a moving film about a teen girl trying to survive (and keep her young brothers/sisters alive) in a war-torn state - watch "Lore". it's amazing. "how i live now" is a pass.

javier on Aug 9, 2013


Wtf are you rambling on about?

Chazzy on Aug 9, 2013


Ummm i believe hes talking about the trailer here and about this site? You?

Ares on Aug 9, 2013


you must be an idiot or can't read, chazzy. i'm not sure i agree or not with javier- i don't come here much - but it surely is easy to understand the post.

aldo on Aug 10, 2013


I guess you must be an idiot, too. It was a sarcastic comment... because his post made little sense. People do not come to this site for superhero and martial arts films, they come for film news in general. But thanks for your fantastic input and response.

Chazzy on Aug 10, 2013


*spoiler* that guy she's in love w is her cousin

Lan on Aug 9, 2013


So did you already see the movie?

Nash on Aug 10, 2013


You forgot to add "in my opinion". I come to this site for movie news.About different type of movies.And if you put down your stereotype glasses and browse previous posts you'll see there are news about movies here which are as far away as possible from sci-fi,martial arts and super heroes.Not that I mind those but not all of visitors to this site fit your narrow view.

wut? on Aug 10, 2013


Well that's just your opinion.

goldushapple on Aug 10, 2013


Another example of a trailer with terrible music. What a missed opportunity to bring some cinematic elegance to what appears to be an interesting story.

Quanah on Aug 9, 2013


Yeah, The Wolf Of Wall Street...Monuments Of Men...and now this. I wonder what's with this odd trend. At least American Hustle got it dead right.

zey on Aug 12, 2013


Wasn't expecting that.

Carpola on Aug 10, 2013


white people problems

Lui on Aug 10, 2013


Duhhh What if during the war the government separated all the boys and the girls?? Why would they do that? BUT WHAT IF THEY DID???? Stupid premise.

Pugiron on Aug 10, 2013


Cos in ww2 this happened a lot. Perhaps thats why.

nathan on Aug 12, 2013


Exactly .Men to be used as cannon fodder or just simply led to the slaughter house ,women to be used as spoils of war or in other words "welcome to rape fest". All wars have this phenomenon. But I guess they skipped that aspect in "realistic" Call of Duty.

Duhhh on Aug 12, 2013


Is anyone else getting sick of these nihilistic, end of the world, post-apocalyptic movies and Television lately? They're boring the shit out of me.

Ross Carroll on Aug 11, 2013


It used to be my ultimate type of movie Ross, but there definitely is a lot of them out there. Still, if there's a good take on the subject, I'll watch it.

Carpola on Aug 12, 2013


Looks promising. I bet MacDonald builds up the personal relationships well. Some bits of this reminded me of 28 Days Later. Lets hope it brings something fresh to a tired genre.

nathan on Aug 12, 2013

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