See A Video Tribute to Those Snubbed by the 85th Academy Awards

January 16, 2013


Last year, after the Oscars were handed out for the year in film that was 2011, a little video arrived highlighting those that were snubbed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences by not even getting a nomination. This time, another one of those videos has arrived, but in a little more timely manner, following last week's announcement of the nominees for the 85th Annual Academy Awards, which will be announced live on ABC on February 24th. If you read our list of some of the biggest snubs and surprises, many will sound very familiar, and there's a couple that are certainly divisive inclusions. Watch!

Here's Snubbed 2013: An Oscar Tribute from Nick Bosworth over at JoBlo:

All of these are right on the money from Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson in Django Unchained to the screenplay nominations for The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Looper. Obviously not all of these options can be nominated as there's only five slots (for the most part) for any given award. The supporting actor categories was actually one of the most crowded, in addition to Best Director (it's clear Ben Affleck is now the biggest snub after he won Best Director at the Golden Globes and Argo landed Best Picture Drama). Plus there's some praise for The Grey. But for me, the two that people will likely agree or disagree with vehemently are the lack of nominations for both The Dark Knight Rises and Cloud Atlas, two of the most divisive films of the year. Any other big snubs this year?

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The Grey! No wait... MoonRise K!!! YEsss... Mathew Mc was great this year. He has evolved as an actor.

sbsb on Jan 16, 2013


This was an amazing year for Matthew Mcconaughey and John Goodman.

Matt Peloquin on Jan 16, 2013


Thanks Ethan! 🙂

Nick Bosworth on Jan 16, 2013


I dont agree with all of these, but one i can whole heartily agree with is cloud atlas got completely snubbed, i mean the least they could have done was best original score! seriously just listen to it!

Zade_92 on Jan 16, 2013


Even though I think the score was at parts amazing, especially the Cloud Alas sextet, it felt out of place in some scenes

Ricardo_PT on Jan 16, 2013


Well, I agree with most of them but; Rise of the Guardians? Seriously,

Simen Moflag Talleraas on Jan 16, 2013


THE GREY would have fit so well with the GG's. But it has not a chance at the Oscars...

DAVIDPD on Jan 16, 2013


What constitutes a 'snub'? Was The Grey really 'snubbed'? Was TDKR really 'snubbed'? Should Matthew McConaughey really have been nominated for Magic Mike? Pretty subjective.... I want to make a mashup of the movies that were snubbed from getting a snub!

GWills on Jan 16, 2013


movies snubbed for getting snubbed ? would'nt that also be subjective ? If U want to get technical, even what was chosen was, in the end, subjective

Tester on Jan 16, 2013


No love for Safety not guaranteed? And Beasts of the southern wild had probably the most beautiful score of the year! No way in hell the kid in Life of Pi deserved a nom, come on...

Ricardo_PT on Jan 16, 2013


The Queen of Versailles (Documentary), Pieta (Foreign Language Film, Best Actress), Amour (Best Actor), Django Unchained (Best Song)! Personally I hated Silver Linings Playbook they could have taken that one out completely and made room for many other great films mentioned in the clip that were ignored.

Davide Coppola on Jan 16, 2013


Great video--congrats. Of course this is why all other award shows are the stepchild of Oscar. Thaks, anyway.

iowabarb on Jan 16, 2013


HAHAHAHAHAHA The Dark Knight Rises for Best Picture...And I thought my jokes were bad

Héctor Pérez Tovar on Jan 16, 2013


For the most part, I could live with the nominations. I wasn't a fan of Argo or Lincoln, but I knew they would get nominated (I expected more for Argo, as did everyone ever), but what really pissed me off was the lack of Best Score for Cloud Atlas and Beasts... Same for the Rick Ross track for Best Song from Django.... The categories I thought I would care the least about.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 16, 2013


So TDKR is snubbed but The Avengers isn't?

Neale Head on Jan 16, 2013


For what it's worth it did make me go and purchase this song on itunes...Tou Che Joe Blo...Tou Che.

MITNG on Jan 16, 2013


John Hawkes in the Sessions - magnificent

roddy on Jan 16, 2013


Highest grossing documentary of the year. 4th highest grossing documentary of all time. Nowhere in sight on the list. Snub much?

Specs on Jan 16, 2013


Well, at least this year Leo can actually enjoy the Academy Awards. For once he doesn't have to sit there, desperately hopeful, just to get a kick in the balls again when someone else wins "his" Oscar.

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 16, 2013


Well this year finally makes it OFFICIAL, the golden globes dont mean shit

Cody W on Jan 16, 2013


maybe they should play this at the oscars. just because a movie doesn't get an oscar nomination DOES NOT mean it isn't worth seeing. I like those "good movies you probably haven't seen " lists. let's have more of those

salber on cinema. on Jan 17, 2013

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