Singer Admits Rogue Has Been Cut from 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

December 20, 2013

Rogue in X-Men

Let's get this news out of the way so it doesn't become an issue all throughout 2014. Director Bryan Singer has admitted to cutting out a character from X-Men: Days of Future Past and has cleared the air on the situation with Entertainment Weekly. Singer, currently editing the Marvel superhero film to prepare for release in May 2014, says he had to cut out the one major scene with the mutant Rogue, played by Anna Paquin from his earlier X-Men movies. Subsequently, "she won't appear in" X-Men: Days of Future Past at all. No Rogue, meaning we likely won't see her in the sequel, Apocalypse, either. Why cut her? He explains.

Here's the full quote from about why they cut Rogue. "She completely understood," Singer says. "It's very disappointing, but she's very professional and she knows that stuff happens… films evolve." Truth.

"Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous," explains Singer. "It's a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she's in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won't appear in it."

In the original Marvel comics, Rogue has the ability to absorb and sometimes also remove the memories, physical strength, and superpowers of anyone she touches. In the movies, they seem to focus solely on her ability to absorb and remove the superpowers of other mutants. "She did a fantastic job," Singer says of the one scene Anna Paquin appeared in. "She was awesome in the sequence. She’s a brilliant actress. I would work with her in a heartbeat." But alas she is getting cut out of this latest ensemble superhero movie. We've already seen one excellent teaser trailer, which did show Paquin as Rogue very briefly, but other than that the marketing is just kicking in for Days of Future Past. We'll be watching for updates. Are you worried?

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I really liked the sexual tension between her and Shawn ashmores character. This is disappointing .

Jon Odishaw on Dec 20, 2013


This is awful news. So disappointed to read this.

Luke Frew on Dec 20, 2013


This is the main reason why I am worrying about this film of how crowded it's getting that not everyone will get their share of screen time. If your going to cut someone like her completely out the film it just goes to show how improper you can handle this. Avengers, each and every character had a role within the film to look to for an example. Rogue was even the trailer also, this is just a major failure. Only one sequence!? What the heck are you doing Bryan Singer!? Yeah and if you want an example of Singer's brilliant marketing strategy: Captain America 2 Trailer Released, Releases Teaser for Trailer of DOFP. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Released, Annouces Apocalyspe.

Charlie Hard on Dec 20, 2013


Fox is bringing the budget way up on this one compared to the last three movies. (First Class and the two Wolverine movies.) So if they mess this up it could kill the franchise. It will have to make at least as much as X2 and The Last Stand did in order to even begin to make their money back. So basically it has to be very good. People have started to get weary of these movies. They have still made a profit by keeping the budgets lower, but this movie is either going to save or kill the franchise. I have gone back and forth on which one is more likely.

Christopher Roberts on Dec 21, 2013


Keep Kitty and Colossus triangles. Rouge being cut sucks...wait is Colossus even in this film?

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2013


Colossus was actually in the trailer. Blink and you'll miss it. Right after Wolverine was getting blue hands probed and screaming there was a quick part with an explosion with a building crumbling and a dude running away from it, that's Colossus.

Charlie Hard on Dec 20, 2013


We better hope his scene isn't cut, either.

Chris Groves on Dec 21, 2013


and it was actually a Quadrangle ! because in the CBs , the alternate uni the TEAM goes to has Rogue with Colossus and Kitty with Bobby . The 1st trailer had a scene with Page and Ashmore together . This is prob a page out of Hollywood 101 : Don't screw up the main romance with secondary players ... This IS irritating , as What ? her 1 scene is 20 mins long or something ? I think we 'll like the movie whether her 3-5 mins seems to fit or not .. they're purposely holding that scene for Bu-Ray/Ext DVD , that's all . Or a $20. OnDemand price

Dominic on Dec 22, 2013


I couldn't stand her character in the previous movies so this is good news for me. She just became this crutch of a character "oh don't touch or I'll hurt you wah wah" ugh.

SkyNet300 on Dec 21, 2013


She was a depressing slug instead of a damaged firecracker.

Brian Sleider on Dec 21, 2013


Odd, but true. Well said.

T. Hakeem on Dec 21, 2013


In order to bring out the real Rogue , Anna would have had to be written as a little shady , with the romance with Gambit and ties to Mystique shaping the character . ... should be taller too and a redhead . i.e. not Anna . "Gotta bring the TrueBlood fans out let's make Rogue blonde " was prob the thinking . She plays a young kid version ... ... So , do u blame the actor or the writers and directors neutering their intended characters ?

Dominic on Dec 22, 2013


You do realize that the first X-men film came out well before True Blood...right? Though I absolutely agree with what you said about how to truly tap into the character of Rogue.

Maxx on Dec 22, 2013


hmmm this stuff runs all thru my head - I can't keep the years straight so this was on the order of " I'm not dying my hair red ! " ? Anna pulled a Keanu ? lol Keanu Reeves , to play Constantine , refused to dye his hair blond AND also refused to learn a Cockney accent . Two things which ruined that movie for Constantine fans .... so the errors were staying blond and being too short , for picking her as Rogue . Can't complain about HER tho they shape the role to the actor , mostly ; not the other way around

Dominic on Dec 23, 2013


Haha, the TrueBlood dig is unecessary lol. X3 came out a good 2 years prior to TrueBlood. Singer and the writing team must of had a clear vision of what aspects of each character they wanted to put to film. It CAN'T be the actor's fault if they just simply intepret the script (and to some extent Singer could've influenced that intepretation depending on his type of direction). Singer clearly wanted that particuarly side of Rogue to be the focus. But I do think you're spot on with the "relationships shape the character" premise. It was the relationships (initially with her family, Gambit, Mystique), that shaped her development in the comics. And if you think about it, her "genesis" was actually captured really well in X1... But I dunno, my view on literal representation has softened recently after a discussion I had... When we're presented with an intepretation of a character, especially across mediums (in this case from comic-book lore to film), its easy to recreate the apperance of a character and use that as a touchstone for the audience to say "O, yep that's definitely Character A". But really what we're actually connecting with (hopefully! lol) is the personality; their core character traits. Irrespective of how ridiculous the plot (which we nerds forget that comics usually are), to the point where you can almost definitively say, that character would or could react in that way in given the circumstances. While Cyclops was used SO badly across the films, if you use that perspective, you can pretty much say that's the way his arc would've evolved given those circumstances in that environment. Same with Jackman's Wolverine, and to some extent, Jansen's Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix. Then again, their appearance (especially for the X-Men it seems) usually represents their dominant character trait and/or their signature power. For example Rogue was usually drawn as statuesque, even Amazonian like, to represent her strength. So I guess her apperance can almost be seen as an additional character trait. But if her character/personality was represented in an awesome way, I don't think using Anna Paquin, or any actress not a 6'3''ish redhead would've mattered as much. Anyone who attempts an adaptation needs to be given creative lisence, otherwise its just copying. But when you change the core of who they are, its less of an adaptation than a revision. And there would be nothing wrong with that if it was written and presented in an awesome way. Then again, while they focused on it A LOT, I actually like the way the represented the "leech" aspect of her powers. But hey... we take this sh*t way too seriously lol.

T. Hakeem on Dec 22, 2013


I just realised how long this was... and I apologise lol.

T. Hakeem on Dec 22, 2013


not a problem Thank You for an intelligent reply

Dominic on Dec 23, 2013


I made the point in a related Forum , that Cyclops's " representation " , while compressed , was pretty straight in line with the comics IF you start all from the point of Prof X discovering Logan and bringing him into the fold . Logan immediately becomes Big Brother , needing him all the time and threatening to steal his GF . So Cyke acts a little more rambunctuous , a little whiny . .. The Cyke in the 70's was kinda robotic and standoffish , and cold , Jean only brought some of his personality out . The Cyclops everyone loves is the late 90's version , back from his "walkabout " after Jean's death , more focused and in control of himself . The character's not "used badly " ; it's compressed , with the beginning and end ? personality development not in the script .. Yes this is what the real problem is with CB movies . they ARE revisions . Thus ur pissing off Somebody Like Us . however if these movies keep making 200 mil worldwide in 1st week , those execs won't care a whit ....

Dominic on Dec 23, 2013


Yeah, they actually represented that relatively well... I think its just the fact that they chose THAT version of him to protray, the version I like the least lol. But obviously that's the version that fell nicely with the overall story. And like you said, it was compressed so he just came across as the "jealous type", which kinda simplifies things a bit. O definitely, execs will ALWAYS look out for the bottom line first and foremost. Any sense of "creative integrity" or "faithfullness to the material" is all well and good, as long as it still makes them money lol. The second that's in jeopardy, all bets are off.

T. Hakeem on Dec 23, 2013


I blame all parties.

Brian Sleider on Dec 22, 2013


This is telling. I had a worry that a lot of the original cast members that were brought back were going to essentially amount to cameos. One cut scenes results in the removal of Rogue's entire role. Go figure. Not sure which is/would be worse...not getting any Rogue in the film, or going to see it and finding out her role amounts to a cameo. Losing faith in this movie by the day.

Chris Groves on Dec 21, 2013


When your meal was full of mixed particles , you forget taste of beans EVEN IF YOU LOVE THAT BEANS.

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 21, 2013


lol u must be a Sookie fan , Ehsan ..

Dominic on Dec 22, 2013


Awesome unimportant news. Next.

Luke Hanna on Dec 21, 2013


Good I dislike the actress and her portrayal of the character.

Brian Sleider on Dec 21, 2013


I'm not dissapointed and very much doubt it will affect the overall film. If it was a major character like Professor X, Magneto or Wolverine THEN it would be an issue. But honestly, I hate to say, her character didn't really do much for me after the original X-Men. Her character didn't development much in X2 and by the time X-Men: The Last Stand came out I was shocked she was even part of it. It really would have been great to see what could have become of her character if it was more focused on but it's just the way things end up. I'm happy they report that she was professional and took the news well but I think Ellen Page gave Anna's character a run for her money...even if it was in Brett Ratner's X-Men.

Chris Sullivan on Dec 21, 2013


It always pissed me off that Rogue never had her Ms. Marvel abilities (Flight, and super strength) anyway. I always expected they would have something in the last two x-men that would give her those abilities or at the very least have that relationship with gambit. But no! Instead they turned her character into some poor me, boring teenager who isn't even hot but has an ok ass. Shes not even eye candy. I think Singer made the right choice if he isn't doing anything with the character. She does have a cool story in the comics. Singer changes up the character stories too much. At least meet the comics half way mr. Singer. LOL

timnimbus on Dec 21, 2013


"who isn't even hot but has an ok ass. Shes not even eye candy." FF-ing laughed out loud at that . I disagree with Sentiment 1 and 3 , tho Partially about those lips , and her big teeth gap .. And that southern accent of the character .. 2 I would have gone somewhere else besides "ok" :o)) , but she dieted about half of it away after the twins , to get ready for TB Season 6 ... I bet Stephen Moyer disagrees with all 3 Sentiments tho .... Otherwise ur spot on . This is Rogue before she is swayed by Mystique , and starts catting around with Gambit . Her character is out of sync with its advancement , compared to how the characters of Jean or Scott or Logan have been sequenced .

Dominic on Dec 22, 2013


You probably weren't really attentive to the fact that they chose someone who can grow into the role of Rogue that you expect and they did a great job of it as well.

thefinalword on Dec 24, 2013


Sucks for her, but she won't be missed. Its all about the Hugh and Fassbender.

mooreworthy on Dec 21, 2013



DAVIDPD on Dec 21, 2013


I like the tru blood series. She looked better with a little meat on her bones. When she was on a diet she looked sickly. It was like watching a ethiopian get it on with a vampire. Her and Stephen basically bone in the series, I'm not surprised it became a relationship off screen. You would too if it was written in your script for multiple years. Poor Stephen never had a chance. LOL.

timnimbus on Dec 22, 2013


Seems like an odd decision to me.

cobrazombie on Dec 22, 2013


It would be if Days of Future Past would be the actual comic story...oh wait, Fox is doing it...never mind

sssss on Dec 22, 2013


About time. The Rogue in the X-men trilogy was worthless. When i saw her in the danger room in part 3, i literally LOL'd, at the idea that she could not do shit to the opposition and more importantly do anything to help anyone out, so funny. What made Rogue cool was the powers she inherited from Ms. Marvel. I dont understand why they never thought about implementing that in the movies, they had 3 F-ing movies to do it. Nevertheless, you cant unscramble scrambled eggs so i'm just happy the character is out already. Moving on........

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 23, 2013


Because Fox does not own Ms. Marvel

Heyhey on Dec 23, 2013


Just goes to show how of shit director he is.. Rogue is one of the main characters focused in the 90's and on.. she is the reason why wolverine is at Xmen academy .. wtf

shane willett on Dec 23, 2013


Initially when the original x-men movie came out I was upset that Rogue wasn't exactly like the animated series of my childhood, so many people assume those powers were just natural for her and fairly so. There was little to no mentions about it during that series. However I quickly grew to like Anna Paquin in spite of her accurate portrayal of the character as she was at that stage in her life. Writers and artists even based the X-Men Evolution character off of Anna. All I can say is it's terrible she isn't in the movie, I hope that she gets added in the reshoots or at least becomes extremely involved in the future movies. She is the only reason I even enjoyed the original movie and that logan had to protect her in the first movie is part of what made her character endearing. I will absolutely hate Bryan Singer if he does not put her in this movie, if he doesn't I can't see it as anything other than a betrayal to the fans who have already seen his movies in the series. What can be worse than that? He can still make his movie as planned and include her in the film once the plot has concluded very easily, he just has to figure out how and make it happen.

thefinalword on Dec 24, 2013

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