Snyder & Goyer Back for 'Man of Steel' Sequel + 'Justice League' Talk

June 10, 2013
Source: Deadline

Zack Snyder - Man of Steel

Let the hype begin. This was perfect timing. To go along with the world premiere of Man of Steel tonight, as well as the embargo for critics/reviews lifting, Deadline is reporting news that director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer are back for the Man of Steel sequel. No surprise there. I've seen the movie and it's awesome and this thing has a hell of a lot of buzz behind it, as DC Comics' epic reboot in the cinematic world in hopes of, maybe, leading towards Justice League. Which is the talk behind the talk tonight. In addition to the sequel news, SlashFilm caught another tweet about Goyer's involvement with the JLA movie.

Up first, Deadline says that Warner Bros is "fast-tracking" the sequel to Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill as Superman. And they're keeping Zack Snyder as director and David S. Goyer as writer. They also mention this interesting tidbit: "Goyer's deal is part of a huge 3-picture deal he signed at Warner Bros for Man Of Steel, the sequel, and Justice League with Superman." Whoa, that sounds amazing. However, here's the other detail - Chris Nolan's involvement is still sketchy, because he's moved on to Interstellar and has other priorities. "I"m told that next time Nolan’s producer role won’t be as 'full blown'," but there's no question Warner Bros will want his name on this project (and as many upcoming DC projects) as they possibly can.

There's also this tweet mentioned by Kellvin of ‏@Latinoreview talking about a moment on the red carpet at the premiere where he caught David S. Goyer talking about the Justice League of America (or JLA) movie:

To clear up any confusion, Kellvin added that by "doing it" he "will write it not direct it." Sounds right, as confirmed by Deadline after. If everything goes as planned and Man of Steel plays well in theaters this week, I'm sure Warner Bros will push for exactly that: a Man of Steel sequel and Justice League movie with Supes. That phrase about the Avengers came into play in another red carpet premiere quote via Cosmic Book News: "They’ve got a little kryptonite pellet embedded in my heart and if I say anything it will explode, but I would be a very rich man for all the times I was asked that question. It all depends on how the [Man of Steel] does. I would love to see a Justice League film, absolutely. Put the Avengers on notice." Yet another warning.

From here, we'll have to wait to see what happens this weekend, but it sounds like Warner Bros has their DC Comics plan in place and it all begins with Man of Steel. No one will divulge any secrets for the time being, but it sounds like a Justice League movie, with at least Superman, is on the horizon. Even more excited?

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wow mr.kellvin does a great job of just hearing what he wants to. Goyer never said JLA is coming. He just said hed love a justice league movie if it were to be made.

Anon on Jun 10, 2013


lmao. Anon. Ahhhh you're incorrect he did say to put DC on noticed. Check on 1:44 on the video pay attention

blueorangeny31 on Jun 11, 2013


MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Good Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated C.NOLAN is a Writer & Producer, The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that was The Same Color of a SMURF & with The OutSide Red UnderWear was Real Bad, MAN OF STEEL will be in 2D, 3D, IMAX & IMAX 3D, i'm Going To See it in 3D.

SUPERMAN & THOR are GREAT on Jun 10, 2013


WB, you have your DVD box blurb.

OfficialJab on Jun 11, 2013


I don't think it will make a billion since after all this talk about him being an alien, he says he's an American to the US General and thus alienating himself from the rest of mankind.

BOOM on Jun 12, 2013


I would like to have Nolans Batman but I understand if he won't return. Reynolds said he will return as Hal Jordon if justice league has a good director and script and Snyder and Goyer are perfect.

javonte on Jun 10, 2013


The problem with Nolans Batman is that he still has the knee issues. Yes, he used a special brace that enabled him to walk. I'm sure he had the brace when he was thrown into the pit curtsey of Bane. They need a Batman with zero injury issues. Just saying.

Jasper on Jun 10, 2013


The healing power of that pit is astounding.

OfficialJab on Jun 11, 2013


All you need to do is wrap some of that rope around your knee, hang from it for a bit, and boom, you're healed. Right?

Batsy on Jun 11, 2013


Not to mention plot hole issues.

Curt Swan on Jun 12, 2013


We don't want that Green Lantern back in any form or fashion. That's was crap. No thanks.

Hal Jordan. on Jun 12, 2013


Pretty psyched. Not surprised. It will be a good thing.

DAVIDPD on Jun 10, 2013


man of steel sequel should be world's finest, introducing a new batman. then justice league.

drew on Jun 10, 2013


I am pretty stoked for friday; can't wait to see the best superman picture ever made! However, Avengers needs not to be on any alert regarding JLA. If JLA gets made: terrific! I will see it! But I doubt it'll do better than Avengers 2. IMO.

JBrotsis on Jun 11, 2013


Avengers was a movie made for kids. It seems Mos has received a lot of negative feedback because there are not enough jokes, why would anyone want to see humour at a mos movie, thank god it has a dark and mature tone, there are enough movies for 12 years olds.

qwqwrq on Jun 11, 2013


Yes, I agree. Avengers was a really good comic book movie, but it was made almost as a Saturday morning show for kids. Which is fine because it did a great job of that. The JLA movie, seems to me that it's taking it a little bit more serious and geared more towards adults, which is nice because now we have two Super Team movies to accommodate for different audiences. So if this is true, you can't really compare JLA to Avengers, because they'll be two different movies. Perfect example of this, my 8 yr old nephew loves watching Cap A, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and the Avengers, but he can't sit through one showing of TDK.

nate on Jun 11, 2013



N. on Jun 11, 2013


Currently: 63/100. I don't believe that is accurate, but even Empire gave it 4/5. We'll see the next days if "the best comicbook movie ever made" is true or not quite.

David Banner on Jun 11, 2013


Hardly the best comic book movie ever made. That's marketing for you. It's a douchey Zack Snyder Superman complete with bad dialogue, plot holes, bad acting, stiff staging and poorly designed sequences. I saw the film at an early screening and was appalled at how bad this reboot is. It's no better than Green Lantern and Returns and sets WB back further from a successful JLA film.

Ray on Jun 12, 2013


If they will only be this exited to make a Wonder Woman movie! 🙁

Georgina Quiñones on Jun 11, 2013


The batman movies had some jokes thrown in there as well

Yesjs on Jun 11, 2013


Went to an early screening. It was a big let down. I'm not goin to lie. Much of the action was hard to see thanks to the poorly designed shots and handheld cameras. The morals and ethics of Pa Kent really bothered me. Zod was ridiculously over the top. Snyder doesn't really know how to direct actors. I should've known better after having read the prequel comic written by Snyder and Goyer.

Siskel on Jun 12, 2013

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