Snyder's New Superman Movie May Be Titled 'Batman vs. Superman'

July 23, 2013

Batman vs. Superman Logo

It's either Batman vs. Superman, or Superman vs. Batman, or one of those two. As we all know thanks to the huge announcement at Comic-Con on Saturday, Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel is being prepared as a Batman and Superman movie. Many have been calling it the World's Finest movie, referencing the World's Finest Comics from the 40's, the first ever Superman and Batman (and Robin) team-up. However, in a brief quote from writer David S. Goyer, it sounds like they may actually be pitting the two superheroes against each other. The announcement was brief and included no title or info, so the speculation continues.

During the Superman 75th Anniversary panel, Man Of Steel writer David Goyer said (via

"So over in Hall H at the Warner Bros.–I guess most people know now–at the end of the Warner Bros. panel, Zack came out and he brought Henry Lennix, who plays General Swanwick in Man of Steel and we–actually, Henry read a bit from [The Dark Knight Returns] and so the next film we're making, we're already in pre-production, comes out in summer of 2015 and it's–we're actually not sure whether the title is Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman but yes, it's–that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that's happening."

For anyone confirmed this is all just fluff, some fans have already spotted Warner Bros registering domain names online for Batman vs. Superman and Superman vs. Batman. It's very interesting to see that even the studio is undecided and essentially the two names are reversible and it doesn't really matter. Aside from the title being exciting for comic book movie fans (don't forget Wayne Enterprise was in Man of Steel), this also seems to confirm that the plot will involve the two superheroes at odds, and not necessarily teaming up at first. Makes sense to me. Billionaire vigilante with no superpowers doesn't like alien with God-like powers who brought other aliens to Earth and almost eradicated humanity (plus his satellite). What do you think?

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They need a better/cooler logo....

Ron on Jul 23, 2013


I agree, As a fan i understand the the batman's Symbol is based on Dark Knight returns, but, is a terrible logo and the new logo of superman is ugly. i call them the fat symbols of justice. look like they're on a fat man's t shirt.

toonfed on Jul 23, 2013


Oh god no... This rumor probably has some truth to it and is as bad as it sounds. This movie has no hope but to be a let down. Without Nolan DC is lost. We've waited all our lives for this flick and it's not going to live up to the hype. whammy.

Simon on Jul 23, 2013


STFU Marvel boy!!!!

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 23, 2013


PFT. No one wants a JL movie more than me. But if they're not going to do it right. Then don't do it at all. The only thing DC has gotten right is it's animated series/movies. It's amazing they can't channel that in there big screen attempts.

Simon on Jul 23, 2013


First of all the few movies that DC has brought to the big screen supercede all the garbage marvel has put out, really only aside from Avengers. DC directors really do care about comic mythology and story line wayy more than any other comic characters brought to the big screen. And second, why are you jumping the gun, they havent announced anything yet and youre acting like you watched it already. Batman was a success and superman was a success. This duo will be epic but first their two worlds need to be introduced and thats the whole premise behimd this film

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 23, 2013


Nolan's batman was a success (the other batmans...ehh). But since Nolan won't be directing and they'll be making a whole new batman (new actor, new director, new story) , it may not work to be a success.

JBrotsis on Jul 23, 2013


This is true, however, all comic book movies "may not be a success" before coming to the big screen. I actually enjoy Zack's vision and direction behind these movies. I for one, love The Watchmen and did the comic book justice. I also feel the same way with Superman. Superman could have not been done better, unless of course, Chris Nolan may have directed it himself, but we'll never know, will we

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 23, 2013


who's the "fanboy" now? please, go away. It doesn't always have to be "A is better than B". enjoy both universe's - in the end you're only short changing yourself on stories.

ColtNoir on Jul 23, 2013


you just watch these movies because you enjoy some good ol computer graphics and flashy lights, so, perhaps, you go away, and leave these debates to the people who actually care about these movies. Goodbye!

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 23, 2013


lol, stfu troll. While you're at it - learn the definition of "debate".

ColtNoir on Jul 23, 2013


Ha im aware of the definition, but i got a better idea..........why dont take a step back and literally fuck your own face! Your lil comments arent in the least of importance so begone with you.

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 23, 2013


...... what????? DC directors care more? umm Green Lantern, Supergirl and Catwoman come to mind. Even Man of Steel felt like the writer was ashamed he was writing a super hero movie.

Fan of Bing Bing on Jul 23, 2013


Please! The list is endless when it comes to Marvel movies coming to the big screen that are huge flops and disappointments.

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 23, 2013


are we talking about Marvel movies? or Movies about Marvel heroes NOT made by marvel? Marvel movies have been spot on ie Captian America, Iron Man, and Thor. Movies made by other companies have been off ie Hulk, Ghost Rider and so on. All of DC's movies have been made by DC they don't license their stuff out.

Fan of Bing Bing on Jul 23, 2013


UMMM NO SHN . This site did a comparison , which showed that the Marvel films outgrossed the DC films . Yes there are more Marvel films ,but overall the grosses for the top movies were about the same . they MAY have been disappointments , but they all weren't "flops" . Actually this comparison bears out hoe Marvel had the better plan , and got more of its characters onscreen . And made more money , overall

Dominic on Jul 24, 2013



Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Jul 23, 2013


Sure, The Dark Knight was better than every Marvel film other than The Avengers, but Man of Steel was not and neither was The Dark Knight Rises. Also, Green Lantern wasn't even half as good as the worst film Marvel studios has produced. And don't even get me started on past incarnations, Superman Returns, Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever.... That being said...I'm much more excited to be getting a Superman/Batman team-up next than solo films for both. After Iron Man, both The Incredible Hulk(A semi-reboot) and Iron Man 2 had less than perfect receptions...the reboot was considered too soon and the solo film was too concerned with connecting to everything else. WB is at the same kind of impasse, they can make a 'too soon' reboot for Batman, and a sequel to MOS.....but killing too birds with one stone and putting them together in one film makes more financial sense.

Chris Groves on Jul 23, 2013


yes BUT not if they are fighting the whole movie . The CB relationship was more about mutual respect , than jealousy or "alien" hatred

Dominic on Jul 24, 2013


Im sorry but Nolan's batman trilogy was the best representation to reflect the comic book! You're right about Green Lantern, it was horrible but it still has a chance to be revived. The proceeding batmans like "batman and robin, and batman forever", well alls i have to say about that is that was NOT Tim Burton. Some other schmucks tried to take it over and ended up ruining the sequels. which i guarantee you will happen with Marvel and in fact is happening right now with movies like ironman, spiderman, x-men, fantastic four, daredevil, The Punisher, the list goes on and on and will continue to grow. These movies may gross a lot their opening weekend and maybe the first week to allow all the newcomers to watch it, but then you will see the decline, because you will absolutely not have repeat customers coming back to watch it again. Especially, the latest Ironman. Jesus, the director for Ironman 3 did a god-awful job and turned out to be a huge waste of 2 hours for that piece of crap movie. Moreover, the first two Ironmans alone werent even that great. Lacked action and was dull and too silly. Too much RDJ and not enough Ironman. This is just my opinion tho. Everyone will have something to state, debate, or complain about in every comic book film.

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 24, 2013


I think that every time I see an animated film from DC. They are superior to Marvel animation, but cannot transfer that to the big screen.

mooreworthy on Jul 23, 2013


THIS^^^ Yeah DC animated is amazing even their TV shows are perfect. But for some reason they can't transfer it to the big screen. They need to give those writters and directors a chance. Meanwhile Marvel's animated studio is pretty crappy. I can't think of a single marvel cartoon that comes close to the DC ones.

Fan of Bing Bing on Jul 24, 2013


He's probably praising Whedon's decision to write Pym out of Ultron and hailing it as genius. Marvelites are delirious. To me bastardizing a character origin is way more of an eff up than an unpopular title...which Avengers has as well. Simon is to idiot as Whedon is to Bay. Only a matter of time!

JulesQ on Jul 23, 2013


I would have preferred WORLD's FINEST.

DAVIDPD on Jul 23, 2013


So say we all

Linkfx on Jul 23, 2013


Frak yeah!

mooreworthy on Jul 23, 2013


Well this is a fan's worst nightmare, calling the movie Batman vs. Superman. The most unoriginal and uneventful name that money can grab. I hope it's not a whole film centered around Batman and Superman fighting because that would be entirely ridiculous. I want to see the characters team up not to fight. Why couldn't they have called the film Man of Steel 2: World's Finest instead of that bland generic title. I am even more worried with David Goyer writing this project.

Charlie Hard on Jul 23, 2013


Yeah its called justice league , and that happens later dipshit!

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 23, 2013


Take a breath sunshine, you'll pop an artery.

97point6 on Jul 23, 2013


Excuse me, take a step back right now and get a drink of water. This generation is unbelievable. Back in my days there was an animated film called World's Finest which saw Batman and Superman teaming up to stop The Joker and Lex Luthor. It wasn't some gladiator non stop fight against em it was a good ole team up for justice and glory. Justice League can still happen but for a bigger cause and purpose as a realization there are more heroes in the world than them alone. Other than that I don't see a reasoning why Batman would want to suddenly fight Superman as he never interrupted with the events in Man of Steel. Unless Bruce Wayne teams up with Lex Luthor that would ridiculous either way. Also the fact the Batman in this new universe hasn't met or known Superman as far, he possibly doesn't know about any of his weaknesses and the fact Kryptonite in this universe may be obsolete. For him to go head to toe with a super powered alien would literally be an all out balls move. Also the possibility of Superman's own powers being withheld this time around just so Batman can fit in the same arena. I am further more interested in seeing what Zack Snyder can do with this.

Charlie Hard on Jul 23, 2013


Why are you worried about Goyer? Seems solid to me.

mooreworthy on Jul 23, 2013


Goyer is either hit or miss it seems. But the big thing is he doesn't seem to like Superheros.

Fan of Bing Bing on Jul 24, 2013


Erm, isn't everyone? No one's perfect...

AnotherDan on Jul 25, 2013


no the idea is he either does something really good like Dark Knight or something awful that makes no sense like Dark Knight Rises. There is no middle ground its either great or it sucks horribley

Fan of Bing Bing on Jul 26, 2013


Man of Steel once again proved that Snyder frustratingly manages to make huge action, costing millions of dollars, boring. The second half of MOS was repetitive, and lacked real stakes or consequence. It was a multi million dollar vfx showreel. Did we learn nothing from The Matrix sequels? So while I should be Super excited about this team up, I'm not. I'm saddened and frustrated.

SV7 on Jul 23, 2013


The Dark Knight vs. The Man of Steel

Sharicka on Jul 23, 2013


It's best they keep the "The Dark Knight" out of the title since it's going to be a new Batman and has no relation to the Nolan version at all to save the audience from confusion.

Charlie Hard on Jul 23, 2013


Dark Steel vs Knight Man I can see the direct-to-DVD ripoffs now.

OfficialJab on Jul 23, 2013


Please keep Snyder away from Batman.

bjc5379 on Jul 23, 2013


"It's either Batman vs. Superman, or Superman vs. Batman, or one of those two." This sentence makes me cringe so much.

Greg on Jul 23, 2013


Jeez, seems like they're just clutching at straws at this point. Also, Superman vs. Batman... unless there's kryptonite involved, wouldn't that just kind of be like bringing a knife to a gun fight? Well, as confusing as this all is, withholding judgment till casting... though this will be Batman #... 5? (in the last 20 years) Getting kind of silly imo.

avconsumer2 on Jul 23, 2013


This will be the 9th movie at the theaters with Batman since Tim Burton's first one in '89. Damn, there was so much fucking excitment for Batman in the late '80's, I get the feeling it's all comming back with BvS.

Lars on Jul 23, 2013


I'm not sure if im excited or nervous. It's going to be rather difficult to adjust to a new Bruce Wayne once again... I wish Batman didn't get the 007 treatment every few years... These big blockbusters are such a gamble. Even Nolan's last installment felt rather bland. It's not like Marvel is doing much better either. Iron Man 3 was just alright and now it's unsure if RDJ will play Tony Stark in the Avengers? There was a lot of great announcements at Comic Con, I'm just trying to remain hopeful. Marvel, DC... I don't care to choose sides, I'm not a fanboy... I just want to be entertained. I hope they start caring about these films a little more. I'd rather them not release a new Batman or Superman or any superhero film for that matter than to make one just because they know it'll be a cash cow. But let's stop acting like we aren't going to watch it regardless.... Whether the director is Zack Snyder, Christian Nolan... Shit they can get W.S. Anderson to direct it and people will still flood the theater. It's so Sad what we've become

rolyjimenez on Jul 23, 2013


loplwat they can't be serious with those titles

dvt on Jul 23, 2013


Bleh. Needs a better title.

Xerxexx on Jul 23, 2013


Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman looks like a title that would go with Shumacher's Batman movies in the late 90's. It just sucks! Also, how would it work out? how would Batman be against Superman? After all the mess that happened in Smallville and Metropolis in Man of Steel it is more than crystal clear Superman could kill Batman with one single punch. World's Finest is a kick ass and fancy title for this superhero movie!

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Jul 23, 2013


To me Batman v Superman sounds like they going to battle head to head like Freddy v Jason or somthing. Worlds Finest sounds just right if they were to kick start Justice League movie. Just call it Man of Steel: Conquer Where Brainiac is the villian and Bat comes as a cameo

batSup on Jul 23, 2013


DC comic book movies are just going to be rushed, they are giving off a vibe of big desperation, they're making "Man of Steel 2" a movie in which we could see more of Superman and calling it "Batman vs. Superman" and most likely calling it that, which is weird since Batman doesn't have powers and would be better suited for a crime solving riddled detective reboot film. Not to mention they had to include Batman into Superman's second movie giving the illusion that other than Batman they don't know what else to do with their characters, after the success of Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" all their other films will seem inferior which will have to make them rush into things by making a crossover movie with two unevenly powered heroes, and a Flash movie, to set up Justice League with 3 other major superheroes who will be introduced in that film. They simply want to rush their franchises already to get to Justice League and make money. This is why Warner Bros.' DC films will likely never beat Marvel (Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe) because those guys, even though they probably want money as well, actually take care and time to polish their characters and plan years ahead on which properties can be rightfully green lit and hopefully made into films and how they can cannot with each other to end their respective phases with an Avengers team up movie, not to mention Marvel heroes are more modern (even silly sounding ones such as Ant Man) not too mention they actually try to make them like the comics realistic but not dark, gritty, or essentially too grounded to reality realistic, whereas DC superheroes (such as Aquaman) are just outdated silver age heroes who (some) look and are silly and then they try to ground them to much to get a "Nolan styled" vibe, this is why the best parts of Man of Steel where the Sci-fi driven scenes in the film. And I did not establish Marvel's films are better(for any one looking to start an argument) but their planning and approach methods are certainly better paid off. But that's just my personal opinion and I'm open to share it with this great community of film fanatics, but if anyone sees it differently it's your opinion I'm not here to change it just expressing my own.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 23, 2013


Marvel just won my respect. This title alone sounds disastrous I mean if they are already working on the script this is the best title they can come up with? I see a lot of bad dialogue and pointless action in this flick, sorry!

BinaryChaos on Jul 23, 2013


My wish would be( I know it's not the storyline here), but i'd love it if Shazam and Hawkman would show up and have a showdown with Supes and Bats towards the last half of the movie.

jah p on Jul 23, 2013


They use 'The Dark Knight' and 'Man of Steel'...but they DON'T want to use "The World's Finest"? Why the heck not? DC seems to be all about these more 'high-brow' and 'serious' sounding names for their films...are they really going to devolve back to 'Batman vs Superman' for the big team up? Also...The World's Finest also lines up with this whole superiority complex that DC has over Marvel...didn't someone involved say "Batman and Superman are the greatest superheroes in the world"...well then I suggest not using a tacky, "easier to market and identify from the title" type of name...use the more interesting name.

Chris Groves on Jul 23, 2013


Change the title. Enough said.

Quanah on Jul 23, 2013


Change the director and writer you mean.

BinaryChaos on Jul 23, 2013


You may be on to something.

Quanah on Jul 23, 2013


Unless Bats has Kryptonite in the ubiquitous utility belt , he OBVIOUSLY gets wiped . Which is why they better NOT be fighting most of the movie

Dominic on Jul 24, 2013


Maybe someone else owns the right to the phrase " World's Finest " , and Warner ain't paying that level of royalties

Dominic on Jul 24, 2013


No WB just has no confidence in its properties.

Fan of Bing Bing on Jul 24, 2013


Do both titles, just ship copies at random across the world. Both have different title sequences and endings depending on who's name comes first, plus get Hans to do some additional score for each film based on either the Dark Knight or Man of Steel scores, which are then only presented in the appropriate films.

AnotherDan on Jul 25, 2013


they should call the film the caped crusaders

ryan on Jul 26, 2013


...Worst idea ever

Andrew G on Jul 30, 2013


Batman is going to win. I mean look at the popularity, Bats has his own show on CN now that rocks. Bats practically owns Supes in the cartoon versions. The market is for Batman and besides when people think of the two Batman is the cool brooding kid that never gets along with anyone (like me), not to mention no one can relate to Supes, he gets the main girl in the film and is a complete Boy Scout. Batman lost everything and is still trucking along even his GF Rachel..... Supes is old Bats is enduring since he is us....human that's why iron man is the biggest one for marvel besides Spidey.

Gangnamdude45 on Aug 3, 2013


I still want a live action SUPERMAN vs. DOOMSDAY... I have 'The Death of Superman' comics and would love to see it brought to the big screen, in live action, not the animated crap they pushed on us years back.

Edward Barham on Dec 6, 2013

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