So Just Who is the Best Replacement for Harrison Ford as Han Solo?

February 6, 2013

Han Solo

The word is out that Disney and Lucasfilm are working on standalone Star Wars movies to hit theaters in between the episodes of the new trilogy, starting with Episode VII hopefully arriving in 2015 (though there's no guarantees). Just today we learned that two of the standalone spin-offs will feature a young Boba Fett, and another will feature his smuggler adversary Han Solo, brought to life to famously by Harrison Ford. It's hard to envision anyone else in that role aside from Ford himself (and the same can be said for Indiana Jones), but since Ford is no longer 35, a younger actor must be brought in to play the scoundrel. But who?

After doing some extensive brainstorming, here's a list of 15 actors who would make for good replacements for Harrison Ford. Now some of them are older than 35, but their similarities and acting prowess would work so well as a younger Harrison Ford that they could not be ignored. Others are lesser known names who would benefit from a huge breakthrough role, but there's also some big name young stars who would make good fits despite being longshots for the role. So without further adieu, in no particular order, here's a list of 15 actors who we think would be good as Han Solo…

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant

If you've seen Timothy Olyphant on the FX series "Justified," then I don't need to tell you why he'd make a great Han Solo. If not, you're missing out on a great series and one of the actor's finest performances. Otherwise, Olyphant has played a rapscallion of sorts in various films like The Girl Next Door and Gone in 60 Seconds. Plus, he's also seen a good amount of action in The Crazies and Hitman. Basically, Olyphant is gruff, has swagger and a strong presence, and that's what Han Solo needs.

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway

Sure audiences might be used to seeing him with long hair and flannel, Josh Holloway's penchant for giving everyone nicknames as Sawyer on "Lost" and his smart ass remarks in nearly every scene are pure Han Solo. The only downside might be his slight Southern twang in his voice, but if he's a truly good actor, he can fix that. As Sawyer, Holloway showed he's a tough guy, but not beyond being charming as hell at just the right moment. Holloway's biggest moment on the big screen recently came from a role in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, which had some moments reminiscent of Star Wars.

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin is certainly one of the older choices on this list, but his resemblance to Ford and ability to be both funny and dramatic in films like Men in Black 3, Gangster Squad, True Grit, American Gangster and more make him hard to ignore for the role. Of course, considering Harrison Ford was 35 in Star Wars, the actor taking over would likely need to be a a bit younger, if only slightly older, and Brolin is 44-years old. If only Brolin were born a little later, he would be perfect for the role.

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion

Personally, I'm not sure Nathan Fillion has the acting chops to pull off Han Solo. However, the fact that Fillion played a somewhat similar character in Joss Whedon's "Firefly" and the film adaptation Serenity has made him a favorite among fans. I'm not sure he's among the best replacements, but he's certainly a viable one. Fillion reminds me of a more naturally funny Jeremy Renner, though seemingly without the powerful dramatic chops. Han Solo isn't an Oscar caliber role, but Ford brought a subtle sort of gravitas to the role in addition to the more obvious features of the smuggler.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale

If it wasn't for Terminator Salvation, The Machinist or Rescue Dawn, I wouldn't think that Christian Bale could get a little gruff, but the actor can be more than a fancy, pretty face. Despite the fancy suits and phony persona Bale put on in The Dark Knight trilogy, I think Bale could surprise people by showing a more playful side as Han Solo. After all, he really played up the disturbingly joyful bits of American Psycho, so it seems like Bale knows how to have fun occasionally, and that's a big part of what Han Solo is all about. But we're not sure if Bale would really be up for talking to a big walking carpet if Chewbacca is involved in this Han Solo spin-off.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine

We know that having an actor play both Captain Kirk and Han Solo seems a bit much, but after all, J.J. Abrams is taking on both Star Trek and Star Wars, so it would stand to reason that he might bring some familiar faces with him. Pine is perfect as Kirk, a character who, at least in J.J. Abrams reboot, has flares of Han Solo, so it makes sense. However, that just might be the same reason to not cast him as Han Solo. It's the same worry that people who love Star Trek worry that we've already seen what J.J. Abrams would do with Star Wars. Still, we wouldn't mind seeing Pine take on Solo.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Though Gosling is typically more quiet and reserved with his characters, his work in Drive and The Ides of March combined with his charming, funny parts in Crazy Stupid Love make him kind of perfect for Han Solo. However, Gosling might be a little too pretty for Han Solo. That's not to say Harrison Ford wasn't a handsome guy, but Gosling makes all the ladies swoon, and we're not sure he can be all that scruffy like a smuggling scoundrel should be.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

In roles varying from The Kids Are All Right to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 13 Going on 30 and Collateral, actor Mark Ruffalo has had quite a diverse career. More recently, Ruffalo turned heads as Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk, in The Avengers. Many people criticized his casting when it was announced a couple years ago, and look how that turned out. Ruffalo is alluring but he can also be brusque in an instant just like Han Solo.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This casting seems even less likely than Joseph Gordon-Levitt becoming Batman for Justice League at this point, but after seeing Don Jon's Addiction at Sundance and how the young actor transformed into Bruce Willis (whom he doesn't even resemble in the least) in Looper, he seems like a great pick for the role. Gordon-Levitt is handsome, but Looper showed he can be tough, gritty and heroic without being cheesy.

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chander basically played a more dumb, exaggerated version of Han Solo as Bruce Baxter in King Kong, the dimwitted action hero of the 30s. Since then he's taken on an important role in J.J. Abrams' Super 8 and has become very praised for some great work on "Friday Night Lights." However, Chandler has yet to have a truly breakout role as a leading man on the big screen, and this could be his big chance.

Karl Urban

Karl Urban

After taking a lead role under a helmet in Dredd, why not give Karl Urban some real face time as Han Solo. Even despite being obscured by a helmet, Urban had a commanding presence in Dredd, and had his fair share of fine moments in Star Trek and even The Lord of the Rings. After all, the relationship he has with Captain Kirk in Star Trek feels similar to the friendship Han Solo and Chewbacca have. Of course, Urban also has the problem of being in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, and might not get asked to transfer from the Enterprise to the Millennium Falcon.

Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton

Though hardcore Star Wars fans will already see a problem with this choice because of his brief role as Uncle Owen in Revenge of the Sith, Edgerton's career has skyrocketed since then with turns in Warrior, The Thing, Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby this summer. The actor is on the verge of an Academy Award nomination and though he hasn't had the chance to show his more lighthearted, charming side (save for the sparsely seen The Odd Life of Timothy Green last year), Edgerton has the charisma and irresistible personality that made Han Solo great.

Dave Franco

Dave Franco

Easily the youngest selection of our names, Franco hasn't yet been tested as a leading man like his brother James Franco. But the younger actor has shown great promise in supporting roles from 21 Jump Street, Fright Night and Warm Bodies. Franco always seems to be on the edge of seeming like a douchebag, but somehow doesn't cross the line. His role in all three of those aforementioned movies rolled into one character would make for one great Han Solo, and this would be one hell of a role for Dave to reach the level of star power that James currently has in the business.

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke

We're huge fans of Jason Clarke here, and after supporting but fantastic performances in Zero Dark Thirty and Lawless this year, the Aussie actor is on the verge of greatness. What better role than that of the pilot of the Millennium Falcon. Much like Timothy Olyphant, it's Clarke's TV work in the canceled Fox police drama "The Chicago Code" that convinces us of his ability to take on Han Solo. He's endearing, but also sly and commanding. If he's not in a Han Solo movie, then he at least deserves a role in the new trilogy.

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch

Disney probably isn't too keen on Taylor Kitsch after John Carter bombed, but that was hardly the fault of the actor and more the fault of the studio's marketing department. However, Battleship is also probably going to make any studio leery of Kitsch, not to mention Savages. But it's important to note that in all those disappointing films, Kitsch gave 110% and shows great promise as a leading man; He just needs the right film. And considering Kitsch was brought on to play Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit (the Han Solo of mutants), in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that's good enough reason for me.

So that's a pretty hefty list of names to consider for Han Solo. Of course, there's always a chance Disney could be bold and get an unknown to play young Han Solo, much like Harrison Ford was when he took the role back in the 70s. In addition, there's plenty of other young actors who get offered every lead male role, and we're sure agents will be working double time to book the big part. Of course, all of these actors could easily land another role in the countless Star Wars movies that are surely on the way over the next decade, and that's just the start of an all-new saga for Star Wars. Anyone else you think could be Han Solo?

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Some of these are just wrong, and too old to play the part. Gosling is the only one I would even consider. I don't think it is a wise move to have someone else play solo, I would much rather have an older Ford or have them focus on another member of the Solo clan

Ricardo_PT on Feb 6, 2013


Or, just use Ford and digitize a younger face on him like they did for Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy. Annnnnnnnnd go!

PBGray on Feb 6, 2013


that is just so ridiculous I'm not sure how to respond to it.

13thGeneral on Feb 8, 2013


I'm not being serious. Although I love Ford, I'd be pissed if this was Hollywood's answer to casting Han Solo in a stand alone film. It's difficult at times to take into account tone on these Disqus posts.

PBGray on Feb 9, 2013


and if they go even younger; I'm gonna go out on a limb here and pick Charlie McDermott, who plays Axl Heck on The Middle. Seriously.

13thGeneral on Feb 8, 2013


They need an unknown...or else I would say Chris Pratt would be perfect after seeing Zero Dark Thirty but he just got another role of a lifetime.

Linkfx on Feb 6, 2013


When I see Chris Pratt I see dashing, charming rogue and not Andy Dwyer. (not srs)

si1ver on Feb 7, 2013


Thats why I said after I saw Zero Dark Thirty. I don't really watch 'tv'

Linkfx on Feb 7, 2013


Ok is it just me or does no one (except maybe Nathan Fillion ,in someway..) look like Han Solo(Harrison) in some physical aspect, well who knows, but I mean it can't be anybody too old, I mean Han was in like what his late 20's early 30's during the trilogy, right?

Fidel Reyes on Feb 6, 2013


They are all too old for a young Han Solo movie, don't you think, Ethan? We were talking on Twitter about Garrett Hedlund (On the Road), Armie Hammer (Social Network) or even James Franco. I think Ryan Goslign is a possibility too, but maybe he's too famouse for the role.

Emilio Doménech on Feb 6, 2013


Better off with an unknown like the guy who hosted the Oscars and was in Spider-man, then.

brijazz012 on Feb 6, 2013


Yep, that's why I said 'even'.

Emilio Doménech on Feb 6, 2013


Yes, but you're suggesting Gosling is too famous... but not Franco?

brijazz012 on Feb 6, 2013


Yeah, let me explain that. Since 2011 Ryan Gosling has appeared on: Drive, Crazy, Stupid Love, The ides of March and Gangster Squad. Franco, instead, on: Rise of the planet of the apes and... shit (Iceman, Your Highness, etc). I mean, this past two years one has become a lot more important than the other. Franco needs a new big opportunity, don't u think?

Emilio Doménech on Feb 6, 2013


I chose some older actors, because I still think they could play Han Solo closer to the age Harrison Ford was in a New Hope. I think it depends on what kind of origins story this is. After all, it could take place just 10 years before A New Hope and most of these names could still work with some make-up. I'm hoping that origin story doesn't mean we have to see him as a kid or teenager and maybe just in his mid to late 20s.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 6, 2013


I agree with Hedlund and Hammer. New faces with less to lose. As much as I love Levitt and Gosling I just don't think they'd touch the role because they'd be afraid to lose respect. Its a big role where at best they'd add Han Solo to their list of steadily growing list of awesome roles. At worst they'd be remembered as the person in the bad Han Solo movie and add a major negative that could negate the success they've had up to this point. Playing Han Solo is a big risk for two actors who are on the brink of becoming defining actors of this generation. One name I'm surprised no one has mentioned is Shia Lebouf. I know he gets groans for his lesser turns in Transformers, but he's comedic and he showed some pretty gritty and more adult acting chops in Lawless which I think was his best role to date (and one of my fav films of this past year). He played Indiana Jones son in the last Indiana Jones movie, and was a decent parallel to Ford as an actor. He's also the right age for the role. With a good director who could push him as an actor he'd be my first choice for this role.

Aero027 on Feb 7, 2013


ryan gosling? ... ryan gosling as han solo? wtf? no. nonsense.

focker on Feb 6, 2013


I think Ryan could play a new rogue character in Episode 7 that plays with his strengths: his quiet intensity.

David Bui Castanien on Feb 6, 2013


His ability to say nothing and look vacantly into the camera? Gosling is not a good actor.

Viserethdoden on Feb 6, 2013


Are you saying that due to actually seeing his performances or an extremely broad generalization? Because he was awesome in Blue Valentine, Half Nelson or Lars and the Real Girl.

David Bui Castanien on Feb 7, 2013


I wasn't sold on Gosling at first, but Half Nelson and Blue Valentine alone are some of the best performances I have seen. Still need to see Lars though.

pick up bart on Feb 7, 2013


I was hesitant to see Blue Valentine, but I'm glad I did. Two of the finest actors this generation played very well in that movie. Gosling has range and talent that can't be denied, even if you do loathe the trend of giving pretty boys big money and face time in the biggest movies. He's done more to polish his craft than either Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt (who seems to have fallen into a pattern of putting on the same character repeatedly; it's disappointing after having seen how capable he is in Interview with the Vampire, Fight Club, and Legends of the Fall. He's become to much of a star.)

JL on Feb 7, 2013


To be fair, Brad has done some interesting work as of late. More indie stuff (Jesse James, etc) despite the failure of 'Killing Them Softly'. I'm glad he did it anyway.

David Bui Castanien on Feb 8, 2013


Who died & made you the resident Casting Director?! Huh? I don't think he belongs in this franchise by any means, but not a good actor?

Random on Mar 6, 2013


Hey girl, I'm Han Solo. I'll run you to Kessel any day.

Colin Dean on Feb 28, 2013


I agree with you on that...Wrong angle the part!

Random on Mar 6, 2013


They need to go younger. I'm backing Ezra Miller

Niall@Scannain.com on Feb 6, 2013


Yes agreed, the actor needs to be younger!

Fidel Reyes on Feb 6, 2013


For nerds sake, Nathan Fillion!

Jessica Mason on Feb 6, 2013


I like Matthew Davis for the role - he most recently and notable played the history teacher by day/vampire hunter by night on The Vampire Diaries. Not only is he a spitting image of a young Ford (and a quick Google Image search will back that claim up) but I think he could pull off the the stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder persona nicley. That said, he is 35 so he'd only be good for the role if by "a Young Solo film" Disney intends on doing a spin-off story around or just leading up to the time of A New Hope.

James on Feb 6, 2013


Is he still hot?

Jolie on Feb 6, 2013


I for sure thought Tom Hardy would be on this list. He's perfect for Han Solo. I don't think anyone would knowck it out of the park like Hardy would. Although I dont know how good this film will be.

Andrew Zachariason on Feb 6, 2013


Excellent choice.

jolie on Feb 6, 2013


As long as Shia LaBouf doesn't come along and rape yet another of my childhood favorites with his horrible, horrible acting... I'll be happy. Timothy Olyphant or Nathan Fillian would both be good choices.

jumper297 on Feb 6, 2013


That would make my nerd cry.

Jessica Mason on Feb 6, 2013


you forgot to mention...hayden christensen never showing his face in the SW universe again!

JBrotsis on Feb 6, 2013


I think Fillion is the obvious choice. He's got that snarky thing down pat. Plus, he's not a bad actor either.

PBGray on Feb 7, 2013


FIRST thing I thought when I saw the article. "OH JEEZUS NOO PLEASE NOT SHIA!!!"

avconsumer2 on Feb 7, 2013


Dane DeHaan (if Spiderman doesn't stop him) or Matt Lauria

Avon on Feb 6, 2013


Timothy Olyphant is the ONLY choice... No one other than Ford himself can pull it off IMO... http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2011/01/the-han-sologreedo-justified-promo/

jct2013 on Feb 6, 2013


He is a good choice, not sure if he is the only choice. Nice clip.

Random on Mar 6, 2013


Aha! "Without further adieu"... Come on, man! And my pick is Josh Holloway.

Lucas Silva on Feb 6, 2013


A lot of comments here focus on the injustice of having someone else play the role Ford defined and excelled in, and that line of thought has merit. But I saw Ford reprise Bogart's role in the "Sabrina" remake. It happens to the best of them.

LiberalHawk on Feb 6, 2013


What a horrible list lol def needs to be a newcomer

iboga on Feb 6, 2013


How is Dave Franco not a newcomer?

Viserethdoden on Feb 6, 2013


there is no stupid Hon Solo movie coming out , the spin offs is about Yoda and Fett

Fashion Urbia on Feb 6, 2013


if they're doing a spinoff- wouldn't the character be younger? Focus on his backstory? Most of these actors mentioned are older than Hans Solo...

HB on Feb 6, 2013


Nathan Fillion or Joseph Gordon-Levitt obviously!

Maanzzon on Feb 6, 2013


Quickly of the top of my head, what about Emile Hirsch?

Neuromancer on Feb 6, 2013


We posted the same suggestion seconds apart. It's a groundswell movement! Hirsch! Hirsch! Hirsch!

brijazz012 on Feb 6, 2013


Hah, that's awesome! What coincidence 🙂

Neuromancer on Feb 6, 2013


Emile Hirsch.

brijazz012 on Feb 6, 2013


Sylvestor Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenneger

Jolie on Feb 6, 2013


too old. They are older than Harrison.

Jon Stewart on Feb 7, 2013


Totally. Arnold would make a great Han Solo

Oct8pus on Feb 10, 2013


Chewie!! Get to the Falcon!

Oct8pus on Feb 10, 2013


I am Han Zolo. Come with me if you want to live....

Oct8pus on Feb 10, 2013


Hanz Olo

Random on Mar 6, 2013


Why only white guys mentioned?

Jolie on Feb 6, 2013


Because Solo is white. And stop spamming this thread.

brijazz012 on Feb 6, 2013


Weak answer.

Jolie on Feb 6, 2013


Not as weak as your trolling skills.

Johnny D. on Feb 6, 2013


That's ripe coming from a real-life troll.

Jolie on Feb 6, 2013


That still doesn't change the fact that you suck ass at trolling.

Johnny D. on Feb 6, 2013


Fine. Iris Elba, then. But only if Jonah Hill can play Michael Jordan.

brijazz012 on Feb 6, 2013


Sorrry either you didn't read the article or you just asked a weird question: This is casting a young Han before A New Hope, not a remake with a new continuity. As an Asian, if young Han was all of a sudden Korean, I'd be pissed. You wont get random jingoism from me, no way!

David Bui Castanien on Feb 6, 2013


I vote Harrison Ford de-aged 😉 (Sarcasm)

Chris Giebler on Feb 6, 2013


Oscar Isaac

Jolie on Feb 6, 2013


They need to find someone unknown in the industry who hasn't already made a name for himself as an actor. Every actor listed up there is well known and I'd much rather have a new face to be associated with these movies.

Mercedes on Feb 6, 2013


Jay Ryan

originalcyn on Feb 6, 2013


Taylor Kitsch? Dave Franco? Lol.. Why not Brandon Routh or Josh Hartnett while your at it? This is a Star Wars movie not, Storage Wars: The Movie

RKRedd on Feb 6, 2013


I hope Dave Franco was there as a joke...

Ricardo_PT on Feb 6, 2013


I just saw Warm Bodies earlier today (why not), saw him in it, thought to myself "gawd I hate that actor, what a f***ing douchebag...just like Josh Hutcherson", and sure enough he's on the list. Please never consider him. Consider James if anything.

JBrotsis on Feb 6, 2013


Yeah, he was doing something called "acting". It's the character you don't like, not the man. That's like waving a crucifix at Al Pacino because he played the devil once.

brijazz012 on Feb 7, 2013


Well for an actor that constantly picks up douchebag roles might say something about himself personally

JBrotsis on Feb 8, 2013


Depends how young they want to go. But I would look at Matthew Lewis, of Neville Longbottom fame.

Middleagedwhiteguy on Feb 6, 2013



Ricardo_PT on Feb 6, 2013


Michael Trevino.

Jolie on Feb 6, 2013


I'd prefer an unknown, but Olyphant is so good in Justified that I wouldn't mind seeing him take a swing at the role. The rest don't fit for me

Richie G on Feb 6, 2013


"Hey! Let's list every relatively young hot actor in Hollywood!!"

Charles Oosterhouse on Feb 6, 2013


Josh Hollowway!

Brandon V. Fletcher on Feb 6, 2013


Despite his age,by far far away the best choice

Marshland tales on Feb 7, 2013


How was the cave? Did you have a nice stay?

brijazz012 on Feb 6, 2013


Dave Franco? The fuck?

Nielsen700 on Feb 6, 2013


Dave Franco's a badass!

TheGodofAlderWillGetYou on Feb 6, 2013


Before I even read the post I though Chris Pine would be perfect...but I also agree with Karl Urban...the role needs to be someone to be comical to an extent

Elyk on Feb 6, 2013


More Trek conversion to Wars...I like it! Both would fit in perfectly.

JBrotsis on Feb 6, 2013


Armie hammer. Best choice

Gymkata on Feb 6, 2013


Joseph Gordon levitt or Ryan gosling would be great I think they both have the acting skills and are about th right age

Sammmmmm on Feb 6, 2013


Nathan Fillion isn't really a 'younger' Han Solo. I like Taylor Kitsch though... Paul Walker? Maybe it'll make them cancel Hitman

OfficialJab on Feb 6, 2013


Depending on the age of the character. Josh Holloway would be perfect. Other than that it's gotta be an unknown or lesser known actor.

jspnceg on Feb 6, 2013


Honestly, I can see all of them in the role. Depends how old the character will be and overall tone of the new SW movies. If I had to choose - Timothy or Josh.

MediaCritiquer.com on Feb 6, 2013


No Recasting... Just all new characters and story lines. Leave the Iconic characters alone!!!

Robert H. Gwinn on Feb 6, 2013


This man knows things 😉 couldn't agree more

Ricardo_PT on Feb 6, 2013


except for Boba Fett right? RIGHT!?!??

si1ver on Feb 7, 2013


...is what I said when they announced a Star Trek reboot six years ago. And I still hold to it.

Boiler Bro Joe on Feb 7, 2013


4 months behind, man.

David Bui Castanien on Feb 6, 2013


We dont even know anything about the timeline of this movie. This star wars is still like 3-4 years out and the hype is already ready to make it a letdown geez.

Cody W on Feb 6, 2013


after ZERO DARK 30 jason clarke would be an amazing han, however i wouldnt be surprised if they went and picked an unknown actor to fulfill the scruffiness

imaexpert on Feb 6, 2013


Bradley Cooper. Don and done.

LosZombies on Feb 6, 2013


Not bad. Not bad at all.

grimjob on Feb 6, 2013


What a horrible, horrible list... wow.

Chris Gander on Feb 6, 2013


Please make this comment more valuable by adding some alternate options.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 6, 2013


Joseph GL. Did anyone see 500 Days of Summer?

mustang55 on Feb 6, 2013


Nathan Fillion. Full stop.

福 赐 天上 on Feb 6, 2013


I like Olyphant, I think he could do well here. But I don't think they should even touch this character. Leave him be.

grimjob on Feb 6, 2013


now is the time for them to atone for the mistake they made with the original casting and give it to the man, the myth, the deathproof one himself- KURT (MUTHAFUCKIN') RUSSELL !!!!!!!!!

Astroboy3000 on Feb 6, 2013


I think Kurt Russell is crippled now.

Carpola on Feb 7, 2013


Bradley Cooper?

Tom on Feb 6, 2013


I like where your head is at on that one! Just think Face from A-Team! Very good indeed.

Christian Wamsley on Feb 6, 2013



Viserethdoden on Feb 6, 2013


Massive Olyphant fan here. Push that one.

LightningB on Feb 6, 2013


Massive Holloway fan right here!

JBrotsis on Feb 6, 2013



Mk-Ultra on Feb 6, 2013


Damn straight!

Gus on Feb 18, 2013


need new face, all these actors are too well known.

truong18 on Feb 6, 2013



Superabilio on Feb 6, 2013


I kind of felt like Chris Evans should have been on this list. I've always thought he was good after seeing Sunshine and I don't think his role in Captain America was that great so I'd like to see him get get this as a lead role. I do really like Kitsch and Karl Urban though. I think Karl could do great as a lead man with the right direction. Dredd didn't blow my mind but if you look at some of his other stuff you can tell he is on the verge of a break out. Taylor Kitsch seems really good for it too. I thought he did great in John Carter and I also really enjoyed the film as well. All of the others seem a bit too young or too old for this role. David Franco? Really? I can't condone that lol

Christian Wamsley on Feb 6, 2013


There's too many comments I want to say on who I'd want and not want, so instead of going through all that and having unnecessary arguments, I will simply comment back on what Ethan wrote about Brolin....if Josh was born at a later time, then he couldn't have played Brand in "The Goonies"!

JBrotsis on Feb 6, 2013


Seriously!??! No mention of Robert Downey Jr.?

Mark on Feb 6, 2013


Dude were you smoking when you came up with this list? Only one who could do the job is Nathan. No one has the sly comedy-esk persona like he did in firefly. He would bring what REAL Han Solo was, the others are to serious of actors or just couldn't play the part in general.... Please revise....

Joe Smith on Feb 6, 2013


You got to be kidding me! These guys are not good choices. It would be weird to see "Capt Kirk" play Solo. Most are just too old especially Josh Brolin. Ugh! We need an unkown actor and he will sign on to do possible sequel(s) and not ask for ridiculous salary. Taylor Kitsch or Dave Franco would fit in nicely. The Solo character need to be cocky and hunky.

JediBilly on Feb 6, 2013


Ben Foster. Perhaps Anton Yelchin. In all reality I'd rather an unknown take the role as the young Solo. A already successful actor should be Solo...unknown or bust.

Xerxexx on Feb 6, 2013


Out of this list, in no order: Taylor Kitsch Ryan Gosling Timothy Olyphant Karl Urban The rest are not good choices. I'll try to think of some other actors while I calibrate this machine.

David Banner on Feb 6, 2013


I've got nothing against Ryan Gosling, but he does not belong in this franchise. Good list.

Random on Mar 6, 2013


wtf!? Harrison Ford IS Han Solo no one can replace him, plus look wat they did with young Anakin look how that turned out. So doin another prequel/sequel is a bad idea they should cancel it.

comic393 on Feb 6, 2013


I meant prequel/spinoff.

comic393 on Feb 6, 2013


Star Wars been dead since the first prequel.

comic393 on Feb 6, 2013


What about Alex Russell from Chronicle?

Xerxexx on Feb 6, 2013


Apparently someone didn't like Chronicle.

Xerxexx on Feb 7, 2013


brilliant choice, young , talented and a rising star. this would be a great push

me on Feb 7, 2013


I said it before in a different post on this site today and I'm saying it again: I fully agree with Josh Holloway. Out of all possible choices he is the only one that has proven he can play the part, since he played a character that was based on Harrison Ford's Han Solo for six seasons in Lost. His dryness, his wryness, his coolness, his tough guy attitude as a juxtaposition with the main hero who has more of a nice guy-attitude, his questionable past, just about everything in Holloway's Sawyer-character is a hommage to Han Solo. And for the viewers that didn't catch up to that straight away the writers of Lost even spelled it out for you by naming the character James "Sawyer" FORD - same surname as Harrison. Coincidence? Hell no. I really hope that with Abrams on board he'll vouch for Holloway as Han.

marvelfan on Feb 7, 2013


Nathan Fillion hands down, If not Bradly Cooper I could see pulling it off.

Chris McDermid on Feb 7, 2013


I guess it depends on how much younger they want Han Solo to appear in the spin off movie. most of those guys are too old if its supposed to be a younger Han Solo. I'd love to see Nathan Fillion or Karl Urban play Han. but if they're looking for someone a little closer to Harrison Fords age from ANH then why not Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. he'd be nearly the same age as Harrison Ford was.

mORPH on Feb 7, 2013


This might sound crazy, but I actually think Ashton Kutcher probably seems to fit the bill both personality wise and looks wise.

George Caltsoudas on Feb 7, 2013


Stupid idea. They already made a Han Solo series. Its called Firefly. If I had to though, I'd take anyone on this list over Kitsch, LaBeouf, Olyphant, Holloway, Cooper. I like Hammer and Franco (Olyphant too) but I don't see them for this role. Also from seeing this I just realized the SW:TOR trailers>Into the Darkness trailers. Not surprising since TOR trailers are so awesome but... you mad star trek fans?

si1ver on Feb 7, 2013


They should do the young Han Solo movies based on the trilogy of novels by AC Crispin which basically go from him in his late teens up to the point where he meets Luke and Obi Wan in the cantina. I think Garrett Hedlund can pull it off.

Hamengku on Feb 7, 2013


Ben Browder! Come on! How could you not cast Ben Browder! He can be a real cocky hardarse prick if he needs to and handles action like the man himself!

Matthew Eley on Feb 7, 2013


They have to go with Joseph Gordon Levitt. He has a good resemblance to Ford and it a fantastic actor..... YES! I think Andrew Garfield would be a good choice.....

Pubes on Feb 7, 2013


They are all too old. I see this as casting someone who is late teens, early 20's. Why bother making a standalone film on the character and have him the same age as Ford was in A New Hope but played by a different actor? Makes no sense. They will go for an unknown and launch another career I think. It needs to be an origins story of the character.

I am Jacks DVD on Feb 7, 2013


None of the above! Disney, stop ruining the iconic characters!

Will on Feb 7, 2013


Dave Franco, Nathan Fillion or Josh Holloway. They have their funny side, and also are quite good actors.

David on Feb 7, 2013


Get a relatively unknow to play Solo. In 1977 so was Harrison Ford.

dee on Feb 7, 2013


All of these are just wrong. You just can't replace Ford. He's too iconic for the role. Putting someone like Ryan Gosling in there would obviously just be to attract a wider audience. Then you'd have a million tweens and teen girls rushing to see a movie they most likely have no idea what series it's coming from just in hopes that "Han Solo" removes his shirt. Don't defile the legacy of Star Wars just by filling the role with another pretty face!

JessaStar on Feb 7, 2013


Chris Pine........just kidding lol. Honestly I don't know, and I'm hoping that episode VII takes place about 30 years in the future so that they can just throw harrison ford back in there 🙂

Danimal on Feb 7, 2013


I got it say Han was from Ork and then Harrison Ford is in....

DJROBL on Feb 7, 2013


They should go with someone unknown (or barely known) like Ford was at the time. A big star would ruin it. Also, most of these guys listed seem to serious - they gotta pull off that smartass smurk;)... If we have to choose, I say Taylor Kitsch.

Charity S Wagner on Feb 7, 2013


I loved Kitsch on Friday Night Lights but so far he's been a disappointment as a leading actor. You can blame the films he was in all you want for being "bad films" but he just wasn't that great of an actor in those films either. To be honest the guy that played Jason Street on Friday Night Lights wouldn't be a bad choice either (Scott Porter). He's unknown and I don't think he's had any leading roles (perhaps for a reason). Also in Connection with Kitsch I'd put in a vote for Aaron Johnson (his costar in Savages who out acted him by a mile, and the lead in Kick-Ass). He's got a comedic side and a badass side that could be an interesting choice for Han Solo.

Aero027 on Feb 7, 2013


Let's be honest. Odds are that none of these guys would be picked.

Grichmer on Feb 7, 2013


We can only hope. I mean... Nathan Fillon? He's pushing 43?! How old was Han in the original?! Impossible to recreate that Solo-swagger from this crowd. I mean seriously... it's Han Solo folks. Harrison Ford himself built an entire career off the character.

avconsumer2 on Feb 7, 2013


This is dumb. Everyone read there would be a movie centered on a young Han Solo, as a teenager. And you make a list with guys between 30 and 50. Just dumb.

Norman Eschenfelder on Feb 7, 2013


can't be done.. who replaced jesus after his carbonite tomb was empty???

baronvonbarren on Feb 7, 2013


The thing is, Harrison Ford is just playing himself to a large degree...so it would just be more strange than anything to have any respectable actor trying to be harrison ford...I know they did it in Looper but that worked only within the time travel context of the film, just think how weird it would be if it were just joseph gordon levitt in bruce willis makeup doing the bruce willis-isms without bruce willis in the movie too...same idea here. It'd be too weird to have someone playing Harrison Ford playing Han Solo.

Linkfx on Feb 7, 2013


That's a bloody awful list.

B on Feb 7, 2013


It really needs to be a young Solo, nothing else would 'feel' right and the fans will not take to it. What about Josh Hutcherson ??

Steven on Feb 7, 2013


If any of these actors are smart they will stay the hell away from this role. Though I think some of the actors listed probably aren't smart enough to do that, in which case it will at least be hilarious seeing them try to be Han Solo. Even if it ends up being a complete unknown, it will still be funny.

tablesaw on Feb 7, 2013


Yeah this post was almost too ridiculous to scroll through and read. Let's just post a slew of somewhat applicable actors and watch the pageviews come in...

Kyle Edward Wilson on Feb 7, 2013


Taylor, Dave, Joel who is a great actor, JGL another good actor, Mark Ruffalo another good actor, Christian Bale, Chris, all of those are hell no

Jon Stewart on Feb 7, 2013


All bad choices. Needs to be a fresh face, born after 1985.

John M Wood on Feb 7, 2013


Eh? Levill, Ruffalo and Gosling as Han Solo? What part of serious is that?

Rosalee Adams on Feb 7, 2013


Zachary Quinto as the new Han Solo... Book it...

Meap on Feb 7, 2013


Nathan Fillion

Cade Ezell on Feb 7, 2013


What about Qui-Gon Jinn stand alone movie with Liam Neeson!!!

Will_Bill on Feb 7, 2013


harrison ford, just do a cgi face and bring in a young body double to do the movements

me on Feb 7, 2013


I'd rather see all CGI or no CGI (when it comes to the actors). I'm sure technology has advanced significantly since Tron Legacy...but mixing real people with CGI people just does not mesh well. Not yet. Heck, since this is Star Wars though, who knows. They pretty much have an unlimited budget to get it right.

Torrey Anderson on Feb 7, 2013


this is some of the worst set-up of names. they're just listed due to popularity with no conceivable thought put behind them. thanks for wasting my time.

Disappointed on Feb 7, 2013


Offer alternatives. It's easy to say this is terrible without offering any other options. Speak up.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 7, 2013


Christian Bale? Gosling? Seriously, this is some stunt fan-casting if I've ever seen one, looks like you were just going through the IMDB most popular list. Besides all those guys are too old for a "younger" Han. And you obviously never watched Firefly if you think that Fillion lacks dramatic chops to pull off Solo. Like, really, I love HS and all but he's a way less developed character than Mal, and that swaggerish charm Mal has in abundance. I'd say Fillion or Holloway if they were a decade younger. But here we need a newcomer.

munigant on Feb 7, 2013


Will Smith? Surely.

Carpola on Feb 7, 2013


A lot of these are stretches. For some reason, when I saw Lucky Number Slevin, I thought Josh Hartnett could pull it off

Kenneth Boutot on Feb 7, 2013


Also it's pretty bad that Joel Edgerton is on this list since he is already in the prequels as Luke's uncle Owen (Looks like everyone just forgot about that since I am the first to point it out after 150 comments)

marvelfan on Feb 7, 2013


Are they doing a remake of ANH? These choices are ridiculous. Most are older than Harrison was in '77. If its between III and IV, the actor would be 20, 21 in that age range. Just do the due diligence like JJ Abrams did for the star trek reboot and get a relative unknown, like a young George Lucas did in the mid 70's. Good grief.

Jason Sapp on Feb 7, 2013


1) maybe 2) NO 3)NO 4)while I want yes..its still NO 5) no 6) no 7)no 8)no 9)no 10) maybe 11)no 12)no 13)no 14)no 15) maybe MY VOTE RICHARD ARMITAGE --he has the hair-the chest-height and ability to play snarky with questionable morals that you still root for (go watch him as Sir Guy in RobinHood)

redsonja1313 on Feb 7, 2013


Kyle Chandler

Margaret Tinsley Rodgers on Feb 7, 2013


I'd see a Boba Fett movie but beyond that I want new characters and stories set in the Star Wars galaxy. Trying to retread existing characters is a horrible idea, we know Han's story, now tell me about someone else. Hell, even doing a Mara Jade story or a Talon Karrde story is a better idea than some guy who isn't Harrison Ford walking around in his clothes on his ship.

jim on Feb 7, 2013


Wes Bentley could fit the part nicely.

Gert van Soelen on Feb 7, 2013


If Han Solo MUST be recast, I personally would prefer an unknown. That said, Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper could be serviceable but in my opinion are just too well known. I know this has been making it's rounds for quite some time but, if you've not seen this guy do his Solo impression, it's pretty stunning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bba_wPdLxp4

Evo on Feb 7, 2013


Who should play the young Han Solo? It's a leading question, containing the false premise that spin-offs, sequels, prequels, and all the other ways in which the entertainment industry gorges on and then re-regurgitates its own vomit should exist at all. Movies now either feature the walking dead or _are_ walking dead. Either way, it's zombies all the way down. Han Solo? Just one more rotting, staggering, groaning, stinking, reanimated corpse.

commie pinkofag on Feb 7, 2013


In connection with your post...the dude that plays Darryl, Norman Reedus would be an interesting Solo

Aero027 on Feb 7, 2013


How about creating an original character instead of just more recycling and fan masturbation? That might be asking too much of Hollywood these days though.

castingcouch on Feb 7, 2013


I think your site is absolutely wonderful and I read it every day...but this list is shit, none of these actors would make a good ham solo

Hursty on Feb 7, 2013


How about Bradley Cooper?

B. Spinner on Feb 7, 2013


I think Gosling exudes the cockiness of Solo, but for my money, the overall best match would be Olyphant. Also, Anderton, how can you bring up Olyphant and forget to mention Deadwood?

JL on Feb 7, 2013


Bradley Cooper would be pretty good.

Mark Harding on Feb 8, 2013


Here's one for you... We all know him as Dexter, Michael C. Hall. I think that he has the grit to do Solo easily.

Old_Time_SWFan. on Feb 8, 2013


I don't think they should try to reinvent a classic character like that. Either use Harrison Ford as an older Solo or simply make an entirely new character with similar characteristics. Or better yet, don't start making plans for spin offs before you've convinced the fans your movies aren't going to be shit.

Dr.LivingstonIPresume on Feb 8, 2013


Most of those actors are older than Harrison Ford was in Episode IV. Thereby negating the prequel idea.

Jon Clarke on Feb 8, 2013


Dear God, can we please just use the voices of the characters we love and create new animated / pixar (perhaps) films for Star Wars? Han Solo is still alive and well, he might be a little older but his voice and charisma remain, as does Luke, Leia, Lando, etc. Let the Marvel team do the live action versions for new storylines and the pixar team with core voice cast handle the animation!!

adamu on Feb 8, 2013


Assuming that they attempt to portray Han Solo in the time prior to meeting the Skywalker clan, most of these choices are either already too old or not the right swagger. And can we stop picking Nathan Fillion for everything? I love him, but please, stop. but kudos for thinking of Kyle Chandler - he deserves a breakthrough role. I'm still mulling over what actors would work for the role. So far, one of my personal choices would have to be Matt Dallas, from Kyle XY.

13thGeneral on Feb 8, 2013


and if they go even younger; I'm gonna go out on a limb here and pick Charlie McDermott, who plays Axl Heck on The Middle. Seriously.

13thGeneral on Feb 8, 2013


I saw this theater actor in nyc recently who totally blew my mind and he has the look... he's even got the signature crooked smirk... the program just had his name and pic... couldn't find much of anything about him online. Anyway, check the pic and tell me what you think... maybe i can manage to track this dude down! Or if you know him tell him he's got my vote for Solo.

Guest on Feb 8, 2013


ANTHONY INGRUBER. Look him up on Youtube and be amazed.

Andy on Feb 8, 2013



JohnIGottschalk on Feb 9, 2013


How bout the guy who plays Jamie Lannister on Game of Thrones??? -big athletic kick ass good looking dude who is also a smart ass....

Mr McGibblets on Feb 9, 2013


I think Taylor fits the personality and facial expression of Harrison best. All of the above mentioned are good solid actors so then you must see if the type fits. But it is always difficult to replace someone.

Jackie B on Feb 9, 2013


How bout the guy that plays Jamie Lannister on Game of Thrones??? Nicholas Wander something..... Big good lookin kick ass dude who is kind of a smart ass....

BG on Feb 9, 2013


Wow hows about NONE of the Above.

Jimmy Love on Feb 10, 2013


Ashton Kutcher and that's all there is to it. I am baffled that Ashton Kutcher is not mentioned on your list. He is the perfect young Han Solo.

johan erik theodor clemmesen on Feb 10, 2013


I guess 1 out of 15 is....alright. You guys could've had 15 terrible choices, but you only had 14, not bad.

Accurate on Feb 12, 2013


J.J Abrahms for Han Solo!

Lucas Rios on Feb 13, 2013


Almost all of these people are older than Harrison Ford was when he did "Raiders of the Lost Ark," let alone "Star Wars." Fresh, unknown faces will be needed at that audition and should be given their due.

Smithian on Feb 13, 2013


I love Nathan Fillion but how is he even a thought in this. He's already older than Harrison Ford was during A New Hope. I know actors play younger all the time but that would be totally unbelievable.

colin on Feb 15, 2013


They should give this kid an audition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bba_wPdLxp4

Kev on Feb 15, 2013


I love how Josh Holloway is always in the conversation for casting big and awesome roles, but hasnt done anything worthwhile in about 3 years.

lavalampryanman on Feb 16, 2013


Christian Slater, hands down! He's got that sneaky, bad boy thing going on...just like Hans Solo.

Massive Marbles on Feb 17, 2013


How about Bradley Cooper? I think he's got that special kinda grin going on. Slightly off topic, but I think with his comedic side he would be a better fit, if they treated the character of Indiana Jones like James Bond, so you can keep telling stories about the character, but it just gets re-invented slightly when a new actor comes along. I would also keep it in the same time period of the 30's. One thing Crystal Skull showed is that it doesn't work when it's set in a later time period.

ChrisIlls on Feb 20, 2013


You don't need to replace Harrison Ford if there making the story about the New Republic and rebuilt Jedi Order. Because the story will most likely be about Han and Leia's children and Luke's son. There is a big gap after Return of the Jedi where Luke spends his time rebuilding the Jedi ranks.

Justin Mavis on Feb 21, 2013


Gosling would make a better Luke if anyone

Josh Parsons on Feb 28, 2013


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bba_wPdLxp4 they need to cast this guy

Bob Saget on Feb 28, 2013


Hooooly shit!

Letícia Cavalheiro on Dec 18, 2013


How about Nick Lachey he even looks like Harrison Ford?

Camelbuc on Mar 31, 2013


it's not about the face you idiots, it's all about how he acts... c'mon

josh on Sep 9, 2013


I loooove Josh Holloway, it would be awesome if he were Han Solo, but only Harrison is perfect for Han.

Letícia Cavalheiro on Dec 18, 2013

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