So Why Does Wolverine Time Travel in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'?

December 3, 2013
Source: Total Film

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Since announcing that the X-Men: First Class sequel merging the casts of the prequel film and the original X-Men franchise would be the X-Men: Days of Future Past storyline, some fans have had a qualm with the adaptation of the iconic story arc. In the comic books, it's actually Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) who travels back in time to save they day. However, writer Simon Kinberg has changed that detail so that it's Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) who goes back in time to meet with the young original X-Men and their emerging villains. Many have been incredulously asking why, and there are a few reasons to explain that.

Speaking with Total Film, Kinberg says:

"We made the decision for a lot of reasons, some of them obvious and some of them more nuanced, to make it Wolverine who goes back in time. One reason is that he’s the protagonist of the franchise, and probably the most beloved character to a mass audience.

Probably the bigger reason is that when we started thinking about the logistical realities of Kitty’s consciousness being sent back in time, to her younger self, as opposed to her physical body being sent back. It was impossible. Obviously in the book it’s Kitty, but you’re talking about an actress (Ellen Page) who, in the age of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, would have been negative 20 years old. So we started thinking again, and the first reflex response to that was a character who doesn’t age. Wolverine is the only character who would looks the same in 1973 as he does in the future."

It's no surprise that using Hugh Jackman, playing the presumed favorite character from the series, as the protagonist is smart from a business standpoint, but it's the story detail that makes more sense in the way Kinberg has adapted the time travel story. And if the trailer is any indicator, it seems like they made the smart decision to send Wolverine back in time to deal with a young, disheveled Professor X (James McAvoy), especially when it comes to the (future) history between the two characters. Hopefully that explanation is good enough to stop some complaints, but you can't please everyone. Thoughts?

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That'll do Kinberg. That'll do.

SkylerB619 on Dec 3, 2013


It was a good decision. Age wise it wouldn't make sense. One thing comics pretty much do universally is ignore age. Just look at the XMen in the books. Cyclops and the gang still look like they are only maybe in their 30's. And the look and age of characters varies wildly from artist to artist. Just look at how hope is depicted in the comics. In some she looked like a child, in some, a teenager which she is supposed to be, and in some she looks like a sexy 20-something.

David Diaz on Dec 3, 2013


Thats a really dumb headline. No one wants to discuss spoiler regarded info.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 3, 2013


Its not a spoiler if it's in the trailer.

Mythra Sun on Dec 3, 2013



Such heroic nonsense on Dec 3, 2013


It's not a spoiler in the least. It's in the teaser trailer. It's the premise for the entire film.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 3, 2013


Short version: "No one gives a shit about Shadowcat/Juno"

Bob Genghis Khan on Dec 3, 2013


What comic is this what they speak of? I'm new to comic books and I'd really like to read Comics of the movies if they have them? - Currently reading through the Uncanny X-Men.. really awesome!

Peter Griffin on Dec 3, 2013


so when you get to this DOFP arc ( some site prob sells just those books in a package deal ) you'll love it . Don't remember the issue #s of Uncanny this started in ; look it up . Might have been in an issue of other mutant book too .... AND THEN you will see the factual error of this column : Kitty Pryde comes BACK to our XMen from the Future of an ALTERNATE universe . roughly 40 years from mid 1980's . she has a way to bring our XMen to Her Future , to defeat Trask and his Sentinels . So part of the fun of the arc is our XMen meeting their doppelgangers from this alternate uni . Storm is taller bald and Team Leader ; Logan is short squat and hairier ;and thy both are together ! ( which is prob why Jackman in the Comic-com panel interview talked about wanting to have a romance with Halle's Storm ) I believe Pryde was gf with Iceman( which the trailer seems to honor ) and Rogue is with Colossus ; for ex. ... Then the point was for our XMen to watch Trask in our present , to not let this happen "here" Ethan , Please Remember that JJ is screwing with this arc majorly , to cover for A. them not pumping up Kitty as a character before this B. having no other major character to use for this BUT Wolverine . And maybe C. being too lazy to find actors to play the doppelgangers ; easier to pair him with 1st Class . matter of fact this MADE him change the story in this manner, cause 1st Class mutants are all they've got to go to

Dominic on Dec 3, 2013


Ororo was Team Leader but went off with the squat hairy Logan once Sentinels started ravaging their world . so Kitty as TL came back in time

Dominic on Dec 3, 2013


So they're saying there aren't two Logans running around 1973?

DAVIDPD on Dec 3, 2013


he has to meet his double( they didn't want to give that away in trailer ) . but they will be on separate 'squads ' that attack Trask so as to minimize the SFX needed .. as it was in the CB arc ...

Dominic on Dec 4, 2013


As long as DOFP has some dope action sequences with Sentinels and in the past and future timelines and everyone character, old & new, get a fair amount of screen time I'm okay. Wolverine can be the "protagonist" in all of them as long as they don't neglect the other X-Men.....anymore!

ItsAnt on Dec 3, 2013


I like Hugh as Wolverine, but he's becoming overexposed in the franchise at the expense of the other mutants. Some variety would be nice.

cobrazombie on Dec 3, 2013


While watching "The Wolverine," I realized Hugh is way too tall to be Wolverine. Hugh is about a foot taller than Wolverine. The more I think about it the less I like the casting.

redtie on Dec 3, 2013


lol it's about his face matching perfectly . And Hollywood will NEVER make a star out of a short squat HAIRIER guy ...

Dominic on Dec 4, 2013


as Brody says in Mallrats "AGGGH Dominic just shut the fuck up!"

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 12, 2013


why when I am basically agreeing with you .. Push for a cable TV series for the Original Wolverine , that I remember just as well as anybody here . Cause if it's films it's going to be Hugh .

Dominic on Dec 13, 2013


My point from the very beginning. Im glad someone agrees with me. Take nothing away from Hugh tho.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 4, 2013


This is confusing

Allie on Dec 3, 2013


The movies CAN'T reproduce the 30-40 years of mutantkind , with any real quality . So they've been hopscotching around , so to speak , with Origins and pairings . You really do need to do what Peter Griffin is doing , and read old issues of the relevant books of your fave heroes . Or else the stories will seem rushed or incoherent to you ...

Dominic on Dec 4, 2013


Btw. Everytime i see Jean Grey ends up with Wolverine i die a little. Jean Grey belongs to Cyclop!!!!

PARANAM on Dec 3, 2013


Beauty and the Beast .... but they teased this enough in the CBs . The only love triangle in mutantkind ....Cyclops was killed off in one of the Universe reboots to make this happen ...

Dominic on Dec 4, 2013


TRUE. They were fated, for Cyclops is oddly attractive to psychic mutants (Psylocke tried to seduce him, he's been having an affair with Emma Frost) and his blood mixed with Grey's produced Cable capable of defeating Apocalypse (the most ancient and dangerous mutant). Cyclops/Jean Grey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wolverine/Jean Grey

Zorianff9 . on Dec 4, 2013


People need to realize that these or movie adaptations, or at least look up adaptation.

adam lamonica on Dec 3, 2013


it could be SO better , if they had the guts to have MORE new characters , i.e. the doppelgangers of an Alternate Uni . Not just new villian mutants But then we wouldn't get JLaw or Fassbender or McAvoy so here we are ..

Dominic on Dec 4, 2013


I can understand the logic behind making the decision, but I'm dubious until I actually see how it's handled. If only one or two tweaks to storylines had been included in Wolverine Origins instead of a dozen, I would have been on board. Taken as it was, it was way, way too far removed from canon. It'll be the same sort of deal with DoFP. I'm more worried about the fact that Kitty's powers seem to be (helping?) send Wolverine back. Screwing around with what mutant's powers do is a line that shouldn't be crossed.

Chris Humphries on Dec 4, 2013


Because FOX can't have an X-Men movie w/o Wolverine...

Bl00dwerK on Dec 4, 2013


I think you missed "X-Men: First Class"...the main characters were anchored by Professor X and Magneto.

Albert L. on Dec 15, 2013


And Wolverine was in it...

Bl00dwerK on Dec 25, 2013


NO, Wolverine is NOT the protagonist of X-men, CYCLOPS is. The 1st member and leader of the X-men, and the most special mutant born in a family of heroes (Xavier's most prized student, Sinister's favorite mutant, son of Corsair who leads the Starjammers, oddly attractive to Psychic mutants (Phoenix, Psylocke, Emma Frost), lover of Phoenix, father of Cable who's Apocalypse's greatest threat (due to Summers and Grey blood mixed), brother of Havok who served as leader in many teams including X-factor)) and disciplined and never giving up on the dream of coexistence between mutants and humans, unlike Wolverine.

Zorianff9 . on Dec 4, 2013


I was all prepared to be pissed off but they make a good point about the age thing with Ellen Page... Wolverine definitely isn't the protagonist or most beloved of the series though (not anymore at least). The 2 failed solo movies alone should tell you that

LaserGuidedHerpes on Dec 4, 2013


Is the movie about Wolverine trying to fix the Flux Capacitor so he can go back to the future? Wild antics ensue when he meets the wacky professor...

TheOct8pus on Dec 4, 2013


They're going to mess it all up. I'm still a huge fan of Ultimate X-Men, you know, the one where Cable is infact a much much older version of Wolverine, including having the claws in the arm that wasn't severed from the disease.

Frank_Castle on May 30, 2014

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