Sound Off: Alfonso Cuarón's 'Gravity' - So What Did You Think Of It?

October 4, 2013

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Don't let go. After years of waiting, delays, hype and anticipation, it's finally here. Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity arrives in theaters everywhere in 3D this weekend. This is one of those spectacular movies that is a must see on the biggest screen around. Sandra Bullock stars with George Clooney as NASA astronauts who experience a major catastrophe in space and attempt to return safely to Earth. Does it live up to the hype? Does it compare at all to space classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey? Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your own thoughts on Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the fire, I really love, love, love this movie with all my heart. Gravity is the culmination of everything I have been waiting to see in a space movie done perfect, from the effects to the experience to the story being fun and meaningful. This movie is visually groundbreaking, the VFX help create an experience unlike any in cinema history in the way it captures the feeling of being in space with zero gravity, no air pressure, no sound, no oxygen. There are many moments of the story itself that I thoroughly enjoy, from the levity that Clooney provides to the heart-wrenching tragedy of Dr. Ryan Stone and her determination to live on even in the most impossible situation. This is my #1 movie of the year. I love everything about it - even the Buddha.

What did you think of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity? Exhilarating experience or a waste of time? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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As big as the hype was for this movie, it still managed to exceed my expectations! The level of intensity throughout was like nothing I have experienced before while watching a film. Also, this movie is what IMAX screens were made for. Magnificent!

Adam on Oct 4, 2013


is "Spiegel im Spiegel" used in the actual film?

Xerxexx on Oct 4, 2013


No - I didn't hear it. One of my faves too, so I think I'd have noticed.

Groundswell on Nov 16, 2013


Sad...oh well the actual score was good though.

Xerxexx on Nov 16, 2013


i loved it

defdrib on Oct 4, 2013


So very glad I saw it in IMAX 3D. One of the coolest experiences ever.

John on Oct 4, 2013


After one viewing, not in IMAX or 3D, my only complaint is the dialogue. From Clooney's hitting on Bullock to her howling like a dog, some of it really took me out of the movie. Especially the "say hi to my dead daughter in heaven" bit. For a movie that went to such lengths to feel grounded in reality I wish they would've left out the god fairy tale.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Oct 4, 2013


Probably the prettiest movie I've ever seen, masterfully done, great suspense. But that dialogue. It's unfortunate.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Oct 4, 2013


Couldn't disagree more

Guest on Oct 6, 2013


I appreciate and praise the film as a technical achievement, great use of 3d and cgi. The story is a little bit too familiar and after a while you just keep expecting things to get worse. It's like Murphy's law everything that can go wrong will go wrong and at so I just found myself wondering: What could go wrong next? And at the end: Oh, so no maybe a shark comes out of nowhere and eats her alive! But Clooney was good, Bullock was okay (not a big fan) and yeah, some great visuals. Just don't expect a "deep" film or anything more than what's on the surface.

DavideCoppola on Oct 4, 2013


When Stone swam to the surface of the water after exiting the craft, I was thinking, "If I had made this film I'd have the Jaws theme start to play and then the screen would go to black with the words THE END on it." Great minds think alike! Anyway I did like the film a lot. Probably as much if not more than any I've seen this year.

FredLL1950 on Oct 9, 2013


I nearly fell out of my seat, I was rocking back and forth so hard. I admit, I got a bit confused with her CO2 induced hallucination, but it was amazing. I cried.

Jenny Stein on Oct 4, 2013


So so so so wonderful!!!!! One of the best of all time!

Linkfx on Oct 4, 2013


Amazing to see in Imax 3D. Exceeded my expectations.

mooreworthy on Oct 4, 2013


The bar has been raised, I found myself getting lost in the scene more than once, sometimes thinking, how did Cuaron and company fim certain scenes from a logistics perspective. Other times I was right there with the good Dr. wondering how the hell the 2 of us were going to get out of this.

Michael on Oct 4, 2013


Got Goosebumps so many fucking times. Jesus christ lol

dvt on Oct 4, 2013


Wow this is like the best response here EVER to a movie . Usually somebody in the 1st ten reviews ( 1st 5 ! ) totally hates its guts .... That was my only question : is it worth the 18.50 for IMAX ?? Assuming john and moore worthy will say yes ... here some theatres have a version only in 3-D and another screen only in IMAX ....

Dominic on Oct 5, 2013


IMAX 3D and also just 3D

Dominic on Oct 5, 2013


Visual stunning and for the first time since years a thought through use of 3D. But thats it. Empty characters in an empty sphere of nonsense and predictable filmic self projection within a story been told too many times. Sure this film is not about the space above us but the emptiness within us but they could and should have gone much further with this. Not the beauty of the simple earthy things could have been the moral aim of this movie but the grace of the chaos and catastrophe as a catharsis within themselves.

Karlson on Oct 5, 2013


Hit The G-Spot What 's HIS Next ?

Ehsan Davodi on Oct 5, 2013


One of the most stunning movies I've ever seen and a new top contender for my favorite movie ever. If Sandra Bullock doesn't at least get an Oscar nod, let alone win it, that'll be the crime of all crimes.

gjbender1 on Oct 5, 2013


I wouldn't say this movie lived up to the ludicrously rave reviews but I'd still give it a 9.8 out of 10. It was absolutely breathtaking(pun) and suspenseful. That seventeen minute opening scene was next level and I've got nothing but positive things to say about Alfonso's direction. A must see.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 5, 2013


Not that impressive. Very "Hollywood" - Sandra Bullock seemed to over act and that last scene on the beach was ridiculous. George C seemed too old -even for a last mission. Missed the boat

Fiona Walker on Oct 5, 2013


Very hollywood? Was it a sequel? A reboot? A remake? A preqeul? A reimagining? A comic? You're a moron

Guest on Oct 6, 2013


SPOILERS !!!! - why did Sandra let go of George? she had him firmly in hand. what was pulling him away from her?? Gravity? no. there is no gravity. that's my "bad science" moment that just irked me and ruined that scene. she just had to reel him back in. There was no resistance.... except the script.

Greggeth on Oct 5, 2013


He was floating away. An object in motion will remain in motion unless a force is acted upon it. In space there's few other forces, such as gravity or friction to slow him down.

Alex Bigelisen on Oct 5, 2013


He was _initially_ floating away, then Sandra caught him, his momentum was stopped and they had a conversation after ALL his motion away from her had stopped. The rope had successfully held and stopped his momentum. She simply needed to pull him in slowly and lightly. Agree with @Greggeth ... Completely ruined the scene. It's one thing to get something wrong about objects moving in space if it's a piece of debris in the background, but this was a major plot point. Had he seen the impending problem with his momentum hitting the tension of the tether and unclipped early to avoid pulling her with him, that would have been fine. They just wouldn't have been able to have the sappy conversation. While I'm at it, plenty of other problems too. Like if you're at 0% oxygen, and your partner tells you to head into the airlock and you'll live, you don't stop and have a conversation while looking around before you go in the damn airlock. One last gripe, that radio conversation at the end was ridiculous. There was absolutely no banter, no timing of a conversation at all. Totally incongruous. Just a jumble of talking. Space scenes were cool, though...

Everman on Oct 6, 2013


Wow, c'mon guys. If she had pulled his weight toward her, the energy used would've pulled her to him as well. If this ruined the scene for you, it was only because you were trying to outthink the scene. Don't let your lack of scientific understanding ruin one of the best movies of the year for you.

Danny on Oct 6, 2013


I'll refrain from making this personal and make my scientific point very simply. She stopped his momentum. They had a conversation. Then he lets go and .... begins moving. Thanks.

Everman on Oct 6, 2013


He was always moving, which was shown by the cords slipping down her leg and her moving slowly away from the ship. Either that, or you guys are smarter than NASA.

Danny on Oct 6, 2013


In my recollection, no cinematic energy was spent showing continual slippage and movement after she ended up with one rope left. There would have been an element of timing to his release, needing to let go before the rope kept slipping down her leg. I remember them clearly coming to a stop, and the one rope holding them both and coming to rest on her leg/foot. Then there was a discussion lasting 10-15 seconds. I'll be seeing it again this afternoon with my son, so I'll be watching for that. And thanks!

Everman on Oct 6, 2013


Science or not, Gravity whatever...he died too soon and seemly too easy. You just got to know him and dang, hes gone. Def thought this was a weak plot point to get Bullock be to herself...

Buzzfunk on Oct 6, 2013


Now that I've seen it ... yes Clooney knows he is moving faster than her , thus his mo will pull her away from the only thing that could pull her back in the ISS's direction . She , at 0 oxy , is not going to be able to pull herself along a limp rope . Is that correct space physics ? IDK but the Rookie having to save herself in real life when she had failed in every simulation , was the point .

Dominic on Oct 10, 2013


You are spot on! The science was bunk in that scene.

Groundswell on Nov 16, 2013


I have never commented on a thread like this, but wow. think about your question here, "what was pulling him away from her?". He was moving in that direction, right? So what's stopping him? She was able to slow his momentum by using her own. To move him in the opposite direction would require the same amount of her energy, which is why Clooney's character commented on the lack of energy coming from the cords as an opposing force, "They're too loose". But more than the explanation from another ignorant commenter like myself, don't you think that a group of NASA consultants would be able to guide Mr. Cuaron in the right direction on a such a basic Gravity-based issue? Or do you think that they all got it wrong and you've unearthed some major plot hole? -worst first ever.

Danny on Oct 6, 2013



Danny on Oct 6, 2013


Well, as I recall Sandra didn't let go of George. He let himself go, but I agree with you, I didn't understand what was pulling George away either. The other thing that didn't work for me is that how were they able to travel from one satellite to the next so fast? Aren't these things suppose to be like hundreds if not thousands of miles away from each other (i could be wrong)? Well, if you can overlook these issues the movie was well worth the experience. I still liked it a lot.

nate on Oct 7, 2013


If u read the page of reaction to Tyson's tweets you learn that the Science Advisor had concerns about his input being ignored , for the sake of " Hollywoodization " And that he also had issues with satellite placement

Dominic on Oct 10, 2013


Absolutely. A gaping scientific hole in the plot. NOTHING was pulling him once their motion had been arrested by the cables around her leg.

Groundswell on Nov 16, 2013


[SPOILER ALERT] Sandra Bullock's character annoyed the shit out of me. How can NASA hire someone who can't get a grip on their own shit when chaos occurs.. in fucking space of all places.. Also, too many weird scenes that didn't make any sense.. such as the scene where George Clooney was telling her to head towards the airlock hatch, since her Oxygen level was at 0%, but instead she just pauses there, continuing to talk and breathe. And so many other more scenes.. Anyways, this movie is visually fantastic, and the audio is great. The music was perfectly made for this movie. However, when it came to certain scenes, I just did not like them at all. 7 Out Of 10

ali3000 on Oct 6, 2013


The haters are looking epicly stupid on this trolls crack me up

Guest on Oct 6, 2013


I absolutely loved it! Bullock was sensational and had a stellar performance. The story was great. The CG was amazing, the sound editing was amazing! The fact it didn't have any sound when she was floating was great! I think it destroys 2001. 10/10

Tyler Cobaugh on Oct 6, 2013


Destroys 2001? No...facepalm level of no

Guest on Oct 6, 2013


You just made your entire comment invalid in my book. "Destroys 2001"? A milestone classic? I really dont think so.

Buzzfunk on Oct 6, 2013


So I think technically, Gravity was flawless. A new standard in Visuals and sound for sure. Now i didn't think Bullock was bad but some of the dialog and story just took me out of the movie. It kinda broke for me when she let go of GC, I just felt he died too soon. Also her character made be think of the chick from Homeland. Basically, surely the CIA would never hire someone whos a mental wreck or NASA wouldn't train their Astronauts. She already seemed freaked out while doing repairs and then towards the end she seemed "ok no problem lets do this". Surely im nit picking now and overall it was still a good movie. 8/10

Buzzfunk on Oct 6, 2013


OK I'm looking for an answer from the haters : Was it STILL worth the $18.50 even with a "lame Hollywood plot that required them ignoring their NASA advisors " ...? " Cause If I see it it will be the IMAX 3D version ...

Dominic on Oct 7, 2013


Why is someone, when voicing critic on a movie, a 'hater'? Yes, its still worth $20 for the experience. No question about it. Is it worth watching it 5 times (Alex evidently did). No way in hell.. Def 3d. And try to find a theater that has the new Dobly Atmos. Its amazing.

Buzzfunk on Oct 8, 2013


well ur not a 'lover" of it lol .... But that is exactly what I was looking for TY , because some who hate how the leads are written wouldn't recommend it .. Dolby Atmos , as in atmosphere long as it isn't too damn loud .. hate it when sound comes on outta nowhere and jacked up , and then disappears

Dominic on Oct 8, 2013


IT WAS too loud thanks Buzz ; it was worth the $19 also just gorgeous , stunning shots of Earth as well as the magnitude of space more of my thoughts are on the Tyson's tweets reaction page ... but it made me think of times I've flown overnight across the US . Instead of those neon orange-looking city lights among utter blackness , you see all the mountain ridges , inlets and other continental shapes SO SO clearly . Teachers need to use these HUBBLE images for teaching how to identify the continents ; I think Bullock lands somewhere in the Scottish isles . The Aurora Borealis and the Sun's influence also were portrayed brilliantly . THIS wins all the Technical awards ; acting ones prob not . Cheap movie : three actors and 6 or 7 voices

Dominic on Oct 10, 2013


"Scottish Isles"? I agree - the end was filmed somewhere in Scotland. The director says it was filmed at Lake Powell, Arizona - then 'greened' in the editing, but I'm SURE they deleted the background and replaced it with somewhere by a Scottsh Loch. Anyone recognise it out there?

Groundswell on Nov 16, 2013


Saw it in 3D. I thought it was spectacular. Definitely the most tense I've been at a movie in a while. Dialogue didn't bother me at all. I've never been in a space adventure/tragedy, so I can't say how I'd respond or what I'd say in the moment.

Quanah on Oct 7, 2013


Defiantly see Alfonso Cuarón winning best director and yes the Buddha was awesome. One moment that I thought was perfect was the scene where Bullock's character enters the airlock and it seemed like a baby in a womb.

Esteban on Oct 7, 2013


Visual and sound I agree, was great. But I just couldn't link up with the characters. I can't believe Sandra Bullock as the type to rise up and survive. Honestly I would have rather GC come out alive then her character. The whole baby in the womb scene just wanted me to stop watching all together... come on.

Chris on Oct 7, 2013


lol Do YOU sleep straight as a rod , or something ? We have gravity and blankets , and when we sleep alone we STILL curl up in a similar position . in zero gee , when u collapse in grateful rest , I guess NASA has shown that u go almost totally fetal .. Also it's Hollywood : the Rookie who never completed a simulated landing properly has to do it for real now , successfully

Dominic on Oct 10, 2013


First off, the idea of a person or people floating away or lost in space trying to find a way to survive is very interesting because to me that scenario is scary as hell, which makes it fun to watch. Having said that, I thought the movie was decent, not as good as I thought it would be. I was confused as to what happened to the satellite that caused all the chaos. At one point I thought I heard someone say that the Russians had shot one of the satellites, which made me wonder how they could get away with that while there is an active mission currently in space? Just didn't seem to make sense to me. Also I think I would have enjoyed it more if Sandra and Clooney were together the whole time trying to survive as a team, Bullock alone was a bit boring.

batsupe on Oct 7, 2013


Loved it. Perfect. My film of the year.

cobrazombie on Oct 31, 2013

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