Sound Off: J.J. Abrams' 'Star Trek Into Darkness' - Your Thoughts?

May 17, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Beyond the darkness, lies greatness. "These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise…" Now playing in IMAX/3D/2D theaters worldwide is J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, his highly anticipated sequel to the sci-fi franchise Star Trek reboot from 2009. The entire Enterprise crew returns, lead by Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Zoe Saldana as Uhura, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch as their latest foe. How is this sequel? Better than the first one or worse? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To jump to warp speed, I loved Star Trek Into Darkness. I've seen it once so far (in IMAX 3D) but thought it was a hell of an entertaining, exciting space adventure that balances the quirks of the Trek universe with fantastic characters and a fun story. I love the way it builds to end with the opening quote, with lots of great moments of action inbetween. My favorite part: when they get attacked at warp speed and the ship gets blown apart. So awesome. However, I wasn't as impressed with Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan (come on, we all knew he was Khan!) as I was hoping. He seem underutilized throughout, but was enough of a caliber to ignite a story full of some interesting twists. I was most impressed by Quinto as Spock again, his grasp of the character is nearing that of Nimoy. Overall, I had a blast and can't wait to watch this again many times.

What did you think of Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness? Incredible sequel or total disaster? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Total blast. Is it perfect? No. But it was a lot of fun. Like a great "what if" comic book or a remix of one of your favorite songs. All the parts you love are there, just not in the way you expected. I'm sad to see JJ leaving the franchise, but I'm also very excited to see what he does with Star Wars.

Kento on May 16, 2013


Damn it Kento :)! You took all the words out of my mouth including the reference about Star Wars in the hands of the genius that is JJ. I loved the movie thoroughly; didn't really find a problem with anything! And (though it wasn't a big plot detail or scene), I really like the new way they showed warp speed, leaving the vast trail of blue..."sparkles"! And of course the scene Alex already mentioned with the battling taking place during warp speed!!!

JBrotsis on May 16, 2013


I think the point of that scene was that is was something new . that we had never physically seen a ship as it was being "kicked" out of warp space into normal . "And why DID ships have to drop out of warp to fight anyway ? " somebody prob asked that at a meeting ... reboot universe , new rules ....

Dominic on May 17, 2013


Actually that happened in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture. They jumped to warp and got caught in a "worm hole" or something. They blew up the asteroid in the... IDK... didn't make sense but they were effectively kicked out of warp there.

+1 on May 20, 2013


See Star Trek Nemesis. Actually, don't. But it happens in ST Nemesis with less flair.

brian on May 24, 2013


If JJ is considered a "genius", Hollywood is doomed.

mistermysteryguest on May 18, 2013


Totally true! He is oke But a genius Noop! Let him first make a movie that's not based on a franchise and has the same quality like inception or saving private Ryan...

Avi on May 24, 2013


Super 8.

joyce on Jun 8, 2013


"didn't really find a problem with anything!"-- Then you know nothing about star trek.

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


you know nothing about how the internet works since you responded to the wrong person. Idiot. And who cares. Stop waving your giant nerd dick around and let some one enjoy the movie.

Kento on Jun 5, 2013


Whats wrong dumbass, cant handle the fact that it wasn't really star trek? I wonder what happened to my original post? To much anal rippage done to you morons that actually think this was star trek?

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


This was no "Empire Strikes Back", but it was a fun movie. "A fun Space Adventure Popcorn Movie". Not so much trekkie, more action, to quote one of the producers. Alternative timelines are always so much more action filled. What was annoying was there was no pause. No slowing down. No dead time. It doesn't have to be dead time like in the original first Star Trek, but some, for atmosphere, would have made it solid. There is a mystery here to be solved, but it goes so fast you'll forget it. Some events had no point in happening, they were only there for a "ha! I've seen the old movies, I know you'll remember this one" moments; as they were resolved within minutes, and not in the next sequel(trying to not spoil it). JJ has 1 more Star Trek in his contract, he's not leaving it yet. His Star Wars contract is only for 1 movie-but this might change. Whether or not he will direct the next Star Trek, instead of producing as his contract demands, I guess we can only hope. Not bad by a guy who wasn't a fan of Star Trek ๐Ÿ™‚

David Banner on May 17, 2013


I've never seen a contract deal where the artist can't buy their way out of it. I'm sure he could buy it out and have Disney pay for it if he wanted.

Kento on May 17, 2013


To be fair, there is a small, if not improbable chance, that he will be back.

Julian Brown on May 17, 2013


I doubt it. I'd love it if he was, but I don't think the guy is going to want to step away from his first love, Star Wars, to come work on Star Trek. The flip flopping between films, leaving no time for original projects would really take a toll on him I think.

Kento on May 17, 2013


He said he would if time allowed but Paramount didn't like that it was 4 years between movies. I don't think they want to wait for him to finish Star wars to come back.

Kento on May 17, 2013


You clearly know nothing about star trek.

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


"Not in the way you expected"... I know what you mean. In the star trek universe that real fans understand, the ship would have simple been intercepted and tractored to safety, instead of falling to earth. And, why couldn't they get a signal to star fleet to report the evil admiral, especially since they had no problem giving Spock a call over at "new Vulcan." So, yeah, not what I expected after the 09 movie.

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


Loved it. Yes I am a Trek fan, so I really enjoyed the subtle references added just for fans like me. However, I would rather have had this movie have a new villan, not a re-imagining of iconic characters.

SavageHawk on May 16, 2013


Khan? The whole flipped death scene from Wrath of Khan, etc, etc....subtle? I think not. It's a mockery of Star Trek. A five year mission to seek out new ways to take your money.

kevin stratton on May 18, 2013


"use the shuttle from the Mudd incident".... was my favorite of the subtle references. The use of Khan is what I do not like - get a new villain. Your reply is pointing out the billboard type use of iconic characters and scenes... look for another subtle hint in the city scape of Kronos - true trek fans will see it!

SavageHawk on May 18, 2013


Awesome. Maybe not as great as 09 but it's up there as one of my favorite blockbusters from the last 5 or so years. Sad that JJ likely won't be directing a third one. Beyond the beautiful action, I love the interaction between the members of the crew.

TJW on May 16, 2013


Star Trek Into Darkness was BY FAR my most anticipated movie this year, and so far after one viewing it has absolutely lived up to my anticipations. I've seen Star Trek '09 about a million times, and I still feel like it gets better every time I watch it, so I'll be seeing this one quite a few times more both in theaters and of course on Blu-ray, but right now, the day after, all I've been doing is thinking about how enjoyable Into Darkness really was, through and through. Once again, props to JJ and his fantastic marketing for showing off so much of the film, but still leaving so many little gems undiscovered. The characters were all just as enjoyable to watch and full of great chemistry as they were four years ago, and all the new additions were highly appreciated too. Cumberbatch as a classic (yet updated via changes in time) villain? Hell yes. As much as I was opposed to the idea of (SPOILER ALERT) Khan being in this film, the way it all worked out was super enjoyable on its own, and different enough from Wrath of Khan and Space Seed to be worthwhile. And of course, Peter Weller, who was in the trailers for all of three seconds, was a perfectly hate-able badass, with way more screentime than I would have guessed. The action was noticeably better staged than the last film, and REALLY makes me excited to see what he'll bring to the hand to hand (or saber to saber) fights in Star Wars. Overall, there was a ton of applause, much cheering, and plenty of enjoyment for everyone in the theater, and I'm just as excited to go back and see it again. KHAAAAAAAAAAN! Fuck yes, Spock, you can do it too.

Matt on May 16, 2013


Kaaaaaahn! Sent a chill up my spine. Good call.

Jon Odishaw on May 16, 2013


Same here. I had to watch Space Seed and Wrath of Khan again today, and now I'm even more stoked to check out Into Darkness a second time.

Matt on May 16, 2013


it got the biggest applause in my theatre ( IMAX 3D ) seemed like Quinto's tonsils were coming thru the screen ....

Dominic on May 17, 2013


Well said.

kevin stratton on May 18, 2013


Totally agree. Same thing with the Scuba-prise in the beginning. All this awesome beaming tech and you guys had to put the ship not only through atmo but under water?

+1 on May 20, 2013


You are not a star trek fan. You are a JJ Abrams fan

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


Wrong. Actually, I'm both.

Matt on Jun 5, 2013


If you think that remotely resembled a star trek movie (even the 09), then you clearly do not know anything about the star trek universe. The ships crashing into earth? Do you know how many other ships would be in the vicinity of that shoot out? They would have been intercepted and tractored. Or why couldn't they get a signal to star fleet, and report the evil admiral, since they easily could give "New Vulcan" a call. Hell, New Vulcan could of sent the message to star fleet to send ships to help.... HELLO!!!

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


Loved it. If the first movie gave a passing nod to Star Trek canon, this movie embraced it wholeheartedly, with the proviso that Abrams tell it his way. I was a little uncomfortable with the re-imagining of some movie scenes that have become iconic, such as the spock death scene from Wrath of Khan, the need to re-create some iconic dialogue, but taken as a whole, this was a fantastic movie. The nod to the consequences of wearing a red shirt however, was brilliant, with most of the theater laughing (as intended!).

Middleagedwhiteguy on May 16, 2013


So jealous of all U guys that saw it already, I unfortunately have to wait till next week to see it ( long story), but at least I'll get to see it in one of the best imax theaters in the country... So glad U guys liked it !!! Awesome for all of us fans, CANNOT WAIT !!!

Tester on May 16, 2013


besides the space scenes prob the best scenes using the 3D effect are in the beginning in the forest of red trees as they run thru ....

Dominic on May 17, 2013


Was a terrific action movie that ended up feeling a bit hollow, despite the fact that I cried three times during it.

axalon on May 16, 2013


What a self defeating comment

Jon Odishaw on May 17, 2013


Nah, not really if anything that shows how hollow it was.

axalon on May 17, 2013


Well maybe don't use the word despite next time

Jon Odishaw on May 17, 2013


No, it's appropriate. Despite shedding some tears I still felt nothing at the end.

axalon on May 17, 2013


How horribly disappointing. All the promise that was the 2009 movie and these talented writers couldn't have come up with an original story?!!!! They made such a strong showing that this new time line was their universe in which to play and instead of spreading their wings they re-hash to the point of plagiarism. And the worst part was that the acting was so spot on perfect. They all hit their characters wonderfully as fleshed out and complex. What a wonderful villain Cumberbatch could have been if he had been an original character?! This movie proves that Star Trek belongs on TV. Movies require the broad strokes used here. There is no time, in one movie every four years, to delve into "big themes" and, instead, they have to give us non-stop action and adventure.

Jack Eaton on May 16, 2013


Hmmm ..If you liked the acting so much , maybe you should understand that that IS the best part of a movie . How well they play their characters , and get a sense of realness to you . And you can watch a old story revisited and like it JUST for the acting no matter how horrible the actual story is to you ... Cause you know it already , and you're watching a new interpretation . They ( JJ , etc ) never said they were creating new adventures ... from the story you should realize that Benny was already "in the story " for awhile . and this was the endgame Kirk and Spock walk in on . Nobody else was woken up , so Benny has the stage . :o) don't forget Kahn WAS killed off in WoK

Dominic on May 17, 2013


"This is not your father's Star Trek" No, it certainly is not. The old Trek was smart and intelligent AND had action. This Trek is just recycled hollow junk under the promise of something shiny and new. Perfect for the iGeneration, I suppose.

mistermysteryguest on May 18, 2013


Well said over all. I liked some of the acting, but a lot of it came off as cheesy imitations (especially Scotty). I think that movies work well with the franchise, while there is a tv series running along side it. Generations was like a long, wonderful episode. First Contact as well.... but those movies were directed by Frakes... that is who needs to direct the next movie, or at least someone who understand the star trek ideologies.

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


After a rip roaring opening in true JJ fashion, this movie degenerates into bad fan fiction that I'm still trying to come to terms with. The story decisions are baffling. They could have done anything, gone anywhere. Instead they repeat and play with the plot beats of Wrath of Khan but without any of the emotional investment or stakes. It seemed like a parody. Spock's death in WoK still brings to tears to my eyes. Kirk and Spock's relationship meant so much by then. This seemed like a cheap joke. Spock screaming Khan reminded me of Vader screaming Nooooo! And the way they set up the tribble/cure was sooooo lazy. Star Trek 2009 was fantastic and this sequel certainly had some good sequences and the actors bringing their A game. Like the first film, the moments with Bruce Greenwood are among my favourite. Maybe you have to love Wrath of Khan like I do to feel this way, but for me, this was sacrilege.

SV7 on May 16, 2013


It was so good. It made me weepy with joy

I am me on May 16, 2013


Huge waste of time. Huge waste of money. This movie destroys any sense of credibility that they built with the original movie and when they picked up the script of Star Trek 2 and 'cleverly' reversed a couple of roles, they took a big crap on every fan that was excited about a new time line. I simply could not shut out the heavy handed foreshadowing, the painful mockery of the original Star Trek 2, the ridiculous waste of talent and potential.

MonkeyTerror on May 16, 2013


I understand you sharing why you did not like it, but to say "they took a big crap on every fan that was excited about a new time line" is kinda silly. I am a part of that "every fan" and I really enjoyed it. You can't have Star Trek without eventually including Khan and they did a good job with the new storyline. Just my opinion. Hey, at least Khan didn't turn out to be an actor just playing a part....

Benchwarmer on May 16, 2013


You can't, huh? Really? Why can't you? You HAVE to have unoriginal, rehashed stuff? Good to know. I guess it's time to bow out of entertainment then if people have no problem being shown the same stuff over...and over...and over. I appreciate you more than you can possibly know. You very honestly just gave me the best reason why they put Kahn in the movie and got away with it. Now that I understand that, I will simply appreciate that they're letting me have the honor of paying them for nothing new. Thank you. Clearly, my expectations for originality in what promised to be an original story line were far too high.,

MonkeyTerror on May 16, 2013


Well since you put it that way, I guess you're right. These guys are idiots.

Benchwarmer on May 16, 2013


I've been a fan of the series since I was eight. I loved the Abrams reboot and I went to see 'Into Darkness' with the highest expectations. I liked it a lot. It has an emotional depth rarely seen, a conexiรณn between the cast that works like a swiss clock, top notch CGI (London and Frisco, both look incredible), a decent-not-that-popcorn-ish story, enough nods to the original series (Khaaaaaaan!) and a villain that barely crosses the thin line between a great evil force and a cool and needed overacting. In general, a GREAT film and an important addition to the Star Trek cannon. Whoever reboots again the series in 20 years will have a huge responsability (** don't like the emotional Spock though, but hey, the movie can't be flawless)

Leiner on May 16, 2013


Just got back from seeing it. Loved it. I've been a Star Trek fan since I was a kid right from the original. I am not a Trek nerd but love all of the shows. I love movie re-boots. Most of of time the re-boots work and JJ made this one as good as the first one he did. I will see it again for sure. Lots of stuff happening quickly in this one. Awesome action sequences like the way they got onto the other ship via the airlocks. Even though you knew they weren't going to die I was still on the edge of my seat. Everything about this movie was top notch and worth every penny you will spend to go see it in the theatres. Acting was better than the first. Each actor is living up to their roles amazingly. The effects were of the charts. San Fran and London in the future.... looked AWESOME. Ignore all the bad comments and go see it for yourself. I saw it in 2D and so happy I did. 3D gets in the way for me. IMAX is next. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cant wait for JJ's version of Star Wars!

jim on May 16, 2013


This movie blew my mind. Visually stunning. STUNNING! Characters picked up where they left off with a minor detour and Benedict was menacing and thrilling. The end was anti-climatic but I can overlook that. Balanced light and dark magically. 9/10 PS. JJ is going to nail Star Wars. The space scenes were breathtaking.

Jon Odishaw on May 16, 2013


I'm a huge fan of Star Trek in general and have seen every episode of all the shows and I just want to say I LOVED Into Darkness! So fun, exciting, and I thought it was all around a great film! Loved the characters, the story, the visuals, and just about everything else. I can't wait to see it again!

Max on May 16, 2013


Fun but flawed. The Enterprise is a space ship, not a submarine (ST always at least pretended to follow the laws of physics and...why not just send down a shuttle?); Cronos, a warrior race homeworld has no planetary defenses (they just fly right in), they come out of warp around the moon but Earth seems to have no sensor detection for realising 2 big ads ships just appeared, and no ships to come take a look, and then they are all falling into Earth orbit and the Enterprise is flying in atmosphere again. Lazy. Having said that, I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it again, lol

craig on May 16, 2013


Oh, and who knew Cronos was only 2 mins away at warp! Better get those defenses sorted with Klingon literally off the starboard bow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

craig on May 16, 2013


no other ships to help yes a flaw cause there was an orbital platform/ ship repair station . what i thought was bad that the Enterprise prob should have gone critical and exploded after the abuse from Weller's ship . Chekov seemed ineffectual as engineer , so the buildup for going in the radiation chamber starts This is obviously part of the reboot , changing the science . Warp IS really almost instantaneous ( which would explain Benny's personal portable warp transporter getting him there that fast also ) .And ships can approach one another and fight at warp .... So this is why Weller WAS overly concerned about war starting ....

Dominic on May 17, 2013


You could always fight at Warp in ST, it was transporting that was another matter. If your warp engines went offline during a fight though, ships generally drop out of warp.

Julian Brown on May 17, 2013


With both ships being Starfleet vessels, one under the command of Admiral Marcus, Starfleet probably wasn't playing to much attention. Once they realized what was happening, it was too late. Wouldn't you agree? And before you say it was a "secret" Section 31 ship, people had to know Marcus was building it; it was in his office as a model for everyone to see.

Julian Brown on May 17, 2013


I thought the first half was great but then the film gave up on having a plot and relied too heavily on old Star Trek references. Good fun but ultimately disappointing.

Meici AlterRed on May 17, 2013


Brilliant, loved every second of it. I'm not the biggest Trek fan, but I love what JJ has done with the material. I cared for all the characters, it was witty, suspenseful and the action was great. Forshadowing was a little heavyhanded, everyone in the theatre knew what was gonna happen to resolve Kirk's situation at the end, but that didn't bother me too much. Actually surprised there are so many people hating on this movie

Richie G on May 17, 2013


KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN'T believe I have to wait until August to see this movie in Argentina...

capitandelespacio on May 17, 2013


Like it Not Love it Good: Astonishing Visuals BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH Bad: Dull Characters Melodramatic Ending 7.5/10

Ehsan Davodi on May 17, 2013


Star Trek Episode XII : Into Darkness was AWESOME! But It was evident that JJ and his crew made this movie prior to any knowledge or possibility of a future Star Wars sequel being made. I caught several nods to Star Wars, most blatantly the scene with the Klingon ship that was lifted directly from Return of the Jedi. Being primarily a Star Wars fan I appreciated the nod but I can imagine some Trekkers feeling disrespected by it. Nobody seemed to react in the theater I was in so maybe it went unnoticed. I think think that JJ has more than proven he has the instincts of a born filmmaker. He understands the dynamics of individual charactors and the incredible showmanship needed to provide a satisfying movie experience. I give most of the credit to him because I don't think his writing crew is the best, they're responsible for Revenge of the Fallen for goodness sake. I can't help but admit that Star Trek Into Darkness was the greatest Star Wars prequel I've ever seen. No that wasn't an error, it felt like it belonged in the Star Wars universe of a long long time ago. That's why I loved it so much. JJ has proven that he is the most eligible candidate for the new Star Wars film. He's already made 2 so he has got all the experience. But with that said I'd like to see the future installments return to the less action oriented roots of Star Trek. Star Trek has always been in a mask for deeper social commentary. I think that aspect has been reduced in the new films and the fun has been beefed up.

Me Again on May 17, 2013


I liked it a lot it is wonderful and I think overtime I can maybe come to love it and look past the problems. I too wish they had an original villain however I enjoyed Cumberbatch. It will be interesting to see where they take it with a third film. JJ will surely fit better in the Star Wars universe than this one. The only thing else I can say is I will be seeing this film again!

N. on May 17, 2013


Lindelhoff needs to stop. His pattern of set up and suddeny resolution in the very next scene gets old real quick. Plus his sense of drama and pacing is horrible. What's with the emo death scene with Kirk? I was laughing so hard when Spock screamed, "Khaaaaan!!!" HA HA HA Original is so better written.

MT on May 17, 2013


Peter fucking Weller. I loved every moment of it, especially Karl Urban and Benedict Cumberbatch. I think I spotted a Y-Wing in the movie. Stoked for Abrams' take on SW more than ever now.

Xerxexx on May 17, 2013


Hell yeah it is very exciting! The movie was/is a fun ride and I have a feeling JJ will add even more love and care to Star Wars! I haven't been this excited for Star Wars since Episode 1 and I'm pretty certain this will have a better turnout! I'm not going to lie though but I think I enjoy EP:1-PM more than most but this has twice the promise than that movie ever had! I still love you George but JJ and young filmmakers like himself are the future and it is very exciting!!!

N. on May 18, 2013


Good movie all around with some stellar performances, but some parts were terribly predictable (anything involving Pike), and there were so many callbacks to Wrath of Khan it was somewhat jolting. Also, the ending felt a little rushed. And Khan's not supposed to be white, what the deuce. I loved this movie, but as a Iron Man fan who despised the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3, I can easily see how some Trek fans may not like the interpretation of Khan presented in this movie.

KJ on May 17, 2013


Oh, and Chekov deserves more love than he gets.

KJ on May 18, 2013


Great movie with some stellar performances, but the ending felt a tad rushed, some parts were terribly predictable, and there were far more callbacks to Wrath of Khan than were necessary. It was rather jolting after a while. And Khan's not supposed to be white... I loved the movie, but as an Iron Man fan who utterly hated the Mandarin twist in 3, I can easily see why some die-hard Trekkies may not like the interpretation of Khan used in this movie.

KJ on May 18, 2013


Worth the wait. Since the First movie Ive watched The Original series and the movies twice through. I couldnt have been more excited when things for the show would pop up. My favorite being, of course, the Tribble showing up, that made me giddy!! The way the would jump to Warp was awesome in 3D, and the blue trail they left was freaking great. And i have to agree with Dominic from the first comment, the action scene inside the warp tunnel was amazing & them getting "kicked" out was the cherry on top

Schuyler on May 18, 2013


JJ Abrams is a butcher he should have his eye lids sewn open and forced to watch the Twilight series until he goes insane my luck the little twerp probably thinks that is a good story line too Trekkies everywhere are bowing their heads in shame at what he has done

Tribbles united against Abrams on May 18, 2013



Xerxexx on May 18, 2013


I am a Star Trek fan my head is still held high. This film is of a far higher quality then the weak Star Trek ten the unintelligent Star Trek voyager (the ship that was always in perfect condition at the end of each episode) or the incredibly dull Star Trek enterprise ( did any events in the Star Trek universe occur without the unheard of Jonathan archer e.g pissing off the Borg, influencing the father of noonien Singh, visiting rure penthe or the whole creation of the mirror universe). The timeline change is what enterprise wanted but was never brave enough to do Despite the fact where we live in an age where TV shows do stuff like that all the time. I mean lets be honest one trek write reinvented the great battlestar galactica. That was the same guy who tried to Do that with voyager ten years previous. The rest of the trek writers made terra nova. One of the weakest shows ever made. So yeah Star Trek needed an Abrams weather u like it or not. Just to add twilight gets women wet. I have no Objection to any film that makes getting my hole a bit easier. Maybe when you experience a night of passion after the woman Gets a bit hot under the collar you can come back to me and you will Say i now realise why people happily let twilight exist.

Tyson on May 18, 2013


I cannot believe I never thought of twilight like that... I'm renting that shit for my girl right now.

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on May 18, 2013


Haha he's lying because he doesn't have a girl unless he is going to rent her too ๐Ÿ™‚

Tyson on May 19, 2013


Spot saved. Gonna see it later next week.

si1ver on May 18, 2013


I loved it! I had a blast watching it! I disagree with you on Khan, I thought it was great! Benedict is a bad ass! That scene with the Klingons was so awesome! I am sad JJ is leaving this franchise. I can't wait to see what he is going to do for Star Wars! The cast are all really great together!

Crazy Legs on May 18, 2013


"I was most impressed by Quinto as Spock again, his grasp of the character is nearing that of Nimoy." I think you miss a HUGE point here . Nimoy doesn't need to have a grasp of the character of Spock.... Nimoy IS Spock...he created Spock from day one and anyone else attempting the role of Spock would only be getting a grasp on Nimoy...Spock belongs to Leonard Nimoy...

guido_jenkins on May 18, 2013


Get rid of Abrams for good...This movie is an insult to any true Star Trek Fan. So weak as to steal from the giants it came from. Let him take his own sci-fi nonsense and ruin it. Abrams, leave Star Trek alone. Good luck Star Wars your going to need it.

kevin stratton on May 18, 2013


So I am one of the 1% that did NOT like the 2009 movie, for a number of reasons: the trading of thoughtful, quieter drama for loud action, the needless changes to the established aesthetics instead of a creative enhancement of them, and most of all the lack of any real moral issue or question. I went into this one expecting to hate it (why did I go? because I still have friends) and... I have to admit it was a vast improvement over the last one. Yes I'm still a hater, but I must give credit where credit is due, particularly with the "moral issue" concern. Believe it or not, "Into Darkness" actually seems to be a comment on our current war - a criticism of how we are conducting ourselves as a nation. And that is something Star Trek has always been about. Unfortunately, the thoughtfulness seems to be about as deep as a puddle considering how Khan manages to plow through at least 10,000 innocent civilians in the final act and no one seems to care. The vaguely pacifist message is seriously undermined by the constant death and destruction, which is mostly framed as a series of "that was awesome!" moments. But, I still have to admit that at least the filmmakers tried to make Star Trek about something again, and for that I am grateful to them. But please, go make Star Wars. You're much more fitted to that series. You know, the one about wars, and not about a trek.

Boiler Bro Joe on May 18, 2013


Why was Praxis already destoryed?

SsuperKyle on May 18, 2013


Zach Quinto needs to watch his back.... especially on any staircases. That boy is special. His Spock owns... for the simple reason that he NAILS the vulcan response to 'WTF' every time he is in conflict with Uhura. If I recall, there was one original ST ep in which Spock had a relationship with a woman (he was stranded on a primitive planet I think, with a woman who was encouraging him to revert to the original savage nature of vulcans... A Trekkie can help me out here please). Other than that, Nimoys Spock didn't have a chance to really flex his emotional muscles in regards to the female of any species. Quinto plays those emotions exactly as I would imagine a vulcan would do when faced with the emotional spirals concerning the fairer sex. Both Quinto and Saldenha played those scenes brilliantly. Oh... and my man crush on Cumberbatch has grown in spades.

Duane on May 18, 2013


I was blown away, excellent story and legitimately stellar action. It surpassed the first in every way. I thought that cumberbatch was imposing as hell.

Russell Shouse on May 18, 2013


I thought it was great and i am very hard to please.

Linkfx on May 18, 2013


Ok, I know I am in the very small minority here, but as a long term fan, this film really disappointed me. Started well, pace was good, banter and relationships were fun and captured some of the spirit of the original, but as soon as I realized it was based on Khan I just about fell out of my seat. Last movie, possibly the weakest most boring villain imaginable. This movie, they recycle a villain from past lore, and sorry, but an extremely cheap replica of the original. Duplicating the death scene (in reverse) from ST2WoK just didn't work on any level. This early in their relationship I just couldn't by the depth of emotion in the relationship they were trying to sell. Having Spock scream "Khaaaan" just about made me puke... a completely unsupported line... completely wrong (for a fan) for his character at this point, never mind the fact that it was the final, mis-guided ripoff of what for many, were some of the most pivotal and memorable moments from past films. Having Kirk die was just stupid... obviously we all know he isn't dead at this point so his sacrifice has no impact whatsover, and makes the entire section flat and uninspiring. I'm pretty sure they broke lore with the whole Tribble/Mudd Incident nonsense and Gorn jokes, based on experiences that did not happen prior to the start of the 5 year mission. (I know... I'm a fanboi, but Star Trek has been with me for most of my 46 years, so it means something to me and they trampled it) And I'm sorry, but blowing the enterprise up has been done much better and to much stronger dramatic effect... and now it's just old... again, where's the creativity? Anyway, while I am sure the film was entertaining as a standalone, for a long time fan it severely lacked creativity, had two of the worst, most boring villains ever instead of just one, and for all it's pace and quality of special effects it was about as deep as any of the Transformer films... Roddenbury would not have approved. Don't even get me started on the Klingons and lack of any serious challenge when they invade Kronos... oh wait, Uhura went out and talked to them... LOL... yeah that was gonna do it. For me this disappointing mess may as well of been directed by the vapid Michael Bay.

George Smith on May 19, 2013


I am no Trekkie but this is spot on. Fucking Damon Lindelof. Why the FUCK does this hack gets work in Hollywood? Why? He cannot write himself out of a hole. LOST Blew, Prometheus sucked and now this. And when Kirk 'died' everyone rolled their eyes. We obviously are smart enough (excuse me Damon for having a brain) to know that Kirk isn't really going to die. So really, why do it? There was zero emotional impact. Just for the sake of cheap drama. That's how Damon L rolls and im sad to see JJ hire this 'writer'. Yes, Action was good. Visuals were outstanding. Loved some of the humor. And of course, Cumberbatch saved this movie from being a complete and utter shait. That sad, im worried about the new Star Wars. JJ is just an extremely overrated director. Sure nice lensflares and good fast pacing of action but this guy really just steals from the great ones and never really fully far at least. It was decent popcorn entertainment but that's about it. Came out an hour ago and already its forgettable. Meh

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 19, 2013


Saw it last night and I was really disappointed. You would think with this new timeline that they would have at least changed it up. I'm not saying you shouldn't have Khan or anything like that, I'm saying why can't you do something different with him? We've made this parallel universe, but not let's not make it where I stopped rooting for Kirk and the Enterprise and just started rooting for Khan and that point was where Kirk turns to Scotty out of nowhere and says "Hey, when we're on the bridge, shoot him." for no reason whatsoever except that he's Khan. I thought it was really out of character for Kirk to do that. You can have a shoot first mentality, but you can't have it just out of nowhere. It made me turn against Kirk and go "Yeah, I'm on Khan's side." Finally, I hate how Abrams is now just taking stuff he loves and then making movies about those things that only have references and "homage" to that thing and nothing else. That's why the first one worked, he was not a fan of Star Trek and focused n making a good movie, and it was, it was a great movie, but now since he's come out as a fan, or at least he said so on Jon Stewart when he was on, he just filled the movie with referencing and "homage: that didn't work. The beat-for-beat Kirk death scene was lacking because it was just a retread of ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC AND EMOTIONAL DEATH SCENES OF ALL TIME AND CANNOT BE RECREATED and Spock's KHAN!!! yell was just awful, that was the point where I just went "Oh, COME ON!!" Also, If McCoy had said "Damn it! I'm a Doctor, not a (insert job occupation here)!!" one more time, I would've lost it. OK, now that I got that out of the way, I did enjoy parts of the movie, the whole Khan and Kirk working together thing was cool, any movie with more Simon Pegg is a plus for me, the action was cool, Benedict Cumberbatch was great even though the way his character was dealt with wasn't that great, so overall, it was a fun blockbuster, but it was disappointing after what we saw with the first one and how this could've been so much more.

clocker910 on May 19, 2013


I really dont mind JJ doing the new Star Wars. Its pretty certain to say that it will be easily better then the crappy prequels. I mean, its not really a hard job. But Damon Lindelof has Luke in his Twitter background image which really worries me. Look i get it, its only a movie. Sure. Life goes on but whats wrong with wanting to move beyond mediocre writing and lazy setups? I really, really hope that JJ did not hire the "revenge of the fallen" and "lost" writers...these people get paid millions to write utter and complete shit.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 19, 2013


i thought it was really good,definitely as good as the first movie if not better. can't fucking wait to see what jj abrams comes up with when he works his magic on star wars.

SITH LORD on May 19, 2013


Yeah, in response to some of the comments above, the "reverse death scene" just kind of made me laugh. I didn't hate it, but noting that Kirk and Spock have only had a few months of history (and weeks of "friendship") when this death scene occurs is an excellent point. In Wrath of Khan, the two had been friends for years, and the fans had known the actors in their roles for just as long. That scene packed an emotional punch. This version just depends on either a) fan sentimentality or b) turned off brains. But why bother developing realistic characterization, when you can just emote!

Boiler Bro Joe on May 19, 2013


Just saw it tonight. Well I really enjoyed the 2009 movie I have to say the sequel fell a bit flat. I agree with many of the other commenters who have criticized Damon Lindelof. After being dissapointed by both Lost and Prometheus, I think this guy should stop being hired. I think the best way to describe his method of screenwriting is "how much plot can I manage to stuff into around 2 hours". In other words, there seemed to be just too many strange, unecessary elements squeezed into the movie. The admiral's betrayal and the bizarre, eye-candy presence of his daughter made absolutely no sense to me and if they were going to go with Kahn as the villain they just should've made him the focal point rather than introducing the admiral as a villain. The potential moral message of the movie (READ: perhaps drone strikes on terrorists without a trial is immoral and unjust) that was hinted out was quickly run over by explosions and was lost after about a minute of exposition. Have to agree that the Kirk "sacrifice" scene wasn't thought out, I already figured out the blood-transfusion cure way ahead, and lacked any real emotional punch.

jman571 on May 19, 2013


I loved the movie. However, I really hoped to see a Star Trek where Kirk is captain throughout the entire movie. I had hoped with Into Darkness we'd get to see that. but with the stripping of his rank at the beginning... and then becoming captain simply by inheriting the position, i dont know, just felt like the first one over again with a new villain thrown in. Ehh I'd like to hear others thoughts on it.

Zak Coleman on May 20, 2013


Heh - wow. Everybody hated it apparently!? Well, I thought it was pretty well done. Enjoyed it myself anyway!

avconsumer2 on May 20, 2013


It's hilarious reading people picking apart a movie. It's entertainment. Nothing more. I agree with you. It was well done!

Harry Paratestes on May 20, 2013


Good grief, give it a rest you puritans. It's a movie. Original Trek was a complete failure until years later. It needed updating and something to actually attract fans. Nobody will pay to see a movie with no action, just characters talking. I found it was well done. The characters seem to have fit well together. They honoured the original with token gestures and humour. Puritans have to admit, the original Star Trek blew chunks due to lack of funding. The franchises are out to get "new" fans just like the Marvel and DC franchises. They don't care if their hardcore few fans that made them little money love it or not and shouldn't. Funny thing about nostalgic memories. You forget how bad things sucked until you rewatch them. Watch any hit movie or tv show from the past. Superman? Sucked! Just one of many that made millions and deserved none of it. This is a fantastic reboot of a series that was terrible.

Harry Paratestes on May 20, 2013


Well if movies are "entertainment" and "Nothing more" then I guess this message board, and entire website, should just be a series of comments like "That was great!" and "Fun movie!" I'm not hating on or making fun of people that love the movie, but I'm not gonna hold back when I think it ignores what made the series great. Yes, movies are capitalist products and I understand what makes money and what doesn't. But if filmmakers want to call themselves artists, and many of them still do, then I can criticize their work as art. By the way, I have continued to watch Star Trek: TNG and DS9 on a regular basis and they are still as good as ever. Some nostalgic loves of mine don't hold up, but these two series do, and many of their stories are even more important today than when they first aired. So personally, I would say this is a underwhelming reboot of a series that was fantastic.

Boiler Bro Joe on May 21, 2013


Great movie, but honestly, I think Abrams went too far with the characters' jokes, there was just too many of that stuff that made me lose the focus. And don't get me wrong, I love those characters, but I don't wanna see them talking bullshit 10 times during a movie. On the other side, no boring parts, always something going on. Believe Abrams can deliver a satisfying SW movie. Also, Cumberbatch FTW!!!

dawko on May 20, 2013


Loved it! I was a bit underwhelmed with the use of Khan, but in retrospect I think this could be seen as a new, darker version of "Space Seed" as opposed to "Wrath of Khan". He's alive at the end of the film presumably he and his crew will be sent out to space. Would have been nice to see "Botany Bay" on a ship nxt to the cryo-tubes. If I look at it that way it makes much more sense and some future film can make use of an older Kirk being reunited with his once great enemy. A lot of blood between them that would not have been present in Into Darkness.

AgentEd on May 20, 2013


Was expecting to see that after credits..nothing though

dawko on May 20, 2013


This movie was good! Though I liked the first one better. This sequel was a bit slower than the first with less individual character attention, less action and kind of a shady story. Having said that though I thought the last third of the movie almost made up for the rest. The ending of the movie for me was absolutely beautiful. SPOILER.... To finally see Spoc vs Khan in a fight scene with spoc showing so much emotion was in itself worth the price of admission. Ive always wondered why these two characters have never faced off in previous encounters, always thinking to myself that these two would be nearly equal in intelligence and strength and to see these guys go head to head would be pretty damn awesome....and it was! Thanks JJ!!

batsupe on May 22, 2013


Try as I might, I just could not see R2-D2 or C-3PO or any fucking Wookie in this, and I did try.

Steve on May 26, 2013


It was a fun movie and I enjoyed it a lot but since it reduces the characters to caricatures I just can't take it all that seriously. I prefer it over not having any Star Trek at all but it's not even in the same league as say Star Trek II which it borrows so heavily from. I am worried about the new Star Wars movies...I don't think this style will work for that. I don't want the humor or the caricatures.

Guest on May 27, 2013


Abrams did a good job on the first one... but he clearly does not have the ability to maintain the star trek franchise (at least not for the hardcore base). He tried to incorporate star trek ideology (like the prime directive, but did not get it right, at least not completely). He took scenes from the wrath of khan and reversed the roles. The movie was just a lot of explosions and fast moving excitement that was dressed up like star trek. There were numerous problems in many of the scenes that any trekker would have picked up on. And scenes that just didn't seem to make a lot of sense at all. There was no plot what so ever! When they were in earths orbit, falling, where the hell were all the other star fleet ships? They could have just tractored them out? Why the hell couldn't they get a message to star fleet about the evil admiral, especially since they were so close to earth, and could reach "new vulcan?" Abrams needs to be kicked in the head.

Shaun Black on Jun 5, 2013


Abrams did a good job on the first one... but he clearly does not have the ability to maintain the star trek franchise. He tried to incorporate star trek ideology (like the prime directive, but did not get it right, at least not completely). He took scenes from the wrath of khan and reversed the roles. The movie was just a lot of explosions and fast moving excitement that was dressed up like star trek. There were numerous problems in many of the scenes that any trekker would have picked up on. And scenes that just didn't seem to make a lot of sense at all. And ZERO plot, and the characters came off as cheap imitations... last post must have been deleted bc the Admin can't handle the truth.

Guest on Jun 5, 2013


1 where the transporters not working 2 the reason for "defrosting" Khan where beyond lame both me and my dad said the same thing about the Klingon make-up piss-poor not to mention the "D-4" looked more romulan the "mellrose in space" was not needed i could go on and on but i will not

William Mellott on Mar 7, 2014


So utterly disappointed by this over the top shoot em up with nary a whisper of the depth that Roddenberry brought to the original series. There was very little orginal here including the complete rip off of the 'let's upset the Klingons to start a war" (Undiscovered Country anyone?), the melodramatic death by radiation while saving the ship (Warth of Khan), destruction in and around San Franciso's Starfleet HQ (Voyage Home), and miraculous resurrection (also Voyage Home). Earlier incarnations of Trek made you think. This one just want's to vacuously entertain. Summer blockbuster OK; meaningful contribution of a new Star Trek cannon that honors the old, not so much.

Tom F. on Jun 9, 2013

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