Sound Off: James Mangold's 'The Wolverine' - What Did You Think?

July 26, 2013

The Wolverine Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "What kind of monster are you?" "The Wolverine." Now in theaters everywhere - James Mangold's The Wolverine, bringing back the X-Men superhero for his own solo movie. Logan, played again by Hugh Jackman, heads to modern day Japan in this story and falls in love with Mariko, played by Tao Okamoto, along the way. There he meets other demons like Viper, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova, and the Silver Samurai. But how is it? Any good? Better than the last X-Men films, or much worse? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Mangold's The Wolverine.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the rage, I loved The Wolverine. From the incredible WWII opening to the end credits scene to all the fights and character moments and ups/downs in-between, I really, really enjoyed this movie. The third act is where things get a little flimsy with the Silver Samurai and the twists, but the first half is fantastic, one of the best explorations of the character Wolverine we've seen yet. They're finally bringing things back to X2, when the X-Men series was outstanding and Wolverine lead the way being a badass. I love the questions it raises about immortality and life and death and how love plays an important part. I'm already planning on seeing this multiple times, I enjoyed it way more than I was expecting and there's much to love about it.

What did you think of Mangold's The Wolverine? Best X-Men movie yet or summer disaster? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Such a huge let down. Theories was slow and boring with not enough fight scenes and a weak wolverine nearly the entire movie. How can you get past the bad special effects? That bear looked like a puppet!

James waner on Jul 26, 2013


Not enough fight scenes?what movie were you watching?

jah p on Jul 26, 2013


The bear was a puppet!!! The hell is wrong with u

Sky on Jul 26, 2013


I thought it was pretty slow and un-eventful. The story was pretty mediocre. The train scene was pretty entertaining. The stinger after the credits was WAY better than anything in the film itself.

Luke Foust on Jul 26, 2013


don't listen to these virgins. One of the better marvel movies made, Defiantly worth seeing! maybe 20 minutes too long, but whatever, I came out of the movie buzzin.

brotatochip on Jul 26, 2013


Actually it was only 1 hour 53 mins long . 30 mins !! of previews sucked . Exactly right tho in terms of the Marvel movies out there , it's at the top

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


Not as bad as "Origins" - but far away from being a good movie. This whole immortality thing, the questions it raises, the weakened Wolvie and his mourning about this and that, that's totally NOT what I wanna see in a Wolverine movie. At least not as it's center part. Where's the rage, where's the berserker mode? Hugh Jackman was as good as always, but even he with all his passion for the character doesn't seem to have the guts to pull this off right. Wolverine is way too much the shiny and edgeless average hero guy in this one, the story is something between a bad adaptation of the great Claremont/Miller-comicbook and your every day B-Actioner mixed with the TDKR arc of the hero's journey to redemption. 4/10

Christian Hoja on Jul 26, 2013


you missed the WHOLE point of the movie so of course u hated it . the point you make , for us hardcore Logan fans , is NEVER gonna happen . They are presenting Wolverine the way the comics started to , once he became SO popular that the CB writers thought they had to humanize him a bit( because it makes him even MORE popular ) From the beginning , for these movies . ( to clarify , Yukio , as u see at the end , is going to be the Japanese version of Jubillee . Or was Jubillee the Americanized Robin-esque version of Yukio ? Hmmm ...) If you make him the raging beserker us old-school fans want , it doesn't sell "'WorldWide" . Thus the weakening of powers , to produce empathy for the character . If u saw the end u know that iin the end IT DIDN'T MATTER ! . He shall overcome It's made for Hollywood , not us . Even tho we did get some of the shaggy mountain-man Wolverine in the 1st 15 mins . And from what I heard , the Alternate Uni Wolverine is going to come to the X-Men , not Kitty Pride ( they'll write it as having the healing factor is the only way to survive passage from the alt uni ? ) So maybe the hairier , squatter ( intimated more vicious ) Logan will be in DOFP ( two versions of same human can't be in the same uni , can they ? ;o)) )

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


Slow and shitty. Like sex with my ex wife. BAZINGA!! You're welcome, internet.

Jay on Jul 26, 2013


You comment is better than some sequences in the movie.. haha

Pankaj Sharma on Jul 27, 2013


Am I the only one who thought the Silver Samurai looked like Buzz Lightyear once he had his helmet knocked off?

Alan Shore on Jul 26, 2013


It was a letdown for me. I am all for characterization, but it made weak attempts to make any connections. The finale was ridiculous. C'mon Fox and Marvel, Silver Samurai should have been the childhood love of Marko, not a Flippin robot, that we have already seen in first two Iron Man movies. I was excited for Days of Future Past until this film.

mooreworthy on Jul 26, 2013


Couldn't agree more with you, Alex! I am noticing most peoples complaints are too much character development and the special effects. Understandable for those that just like seeing pretty pictures and explosions. I loved where they took the character and how they showed him with limitations. How boring would it be to see him just show up and beat the antagonist? And that credits scene! One of the best Marvel comic credit scenes that they have had. Haven't been that excited in the movie theatre since I went to that shady place downtown...we don't have to talk about that. Either way, a solid movie for me. P.S. I would love to see Fox let Wolverine be in an Avengers movie and have a battle with the Hulk.

Maxx on Jul 26, 2013


Wow. After reading everyone's post, I now feel justified in my reasoning for not wanting to watch this movie right away at the theater. I had a feeling another wolverine flop was awaiting. Im afraid Hugh Jackman is just not destined for wolverine greatness. He is a great actor, take nothing away from him, but he just cannot seem to get successful writers and directors to create the late great Wolverine that is in the comics and that everybody wants to see so badly. I knew that once Daren Aronofsky stepped down, this movie was going straight down the toilet and judging from everyone's post, the movie did just that. There is a very fine line that these creators need to be aware of when bringing these comic book movies to the big screen and find a way to mix together all the factors that can bring a successful Wolverine to life. Theres one thing that i would love to see and am still waiting for it......................Can i PLEASE get Wolverine to jump into an yellow and maroon suit that is associated with the comic book appearance?!

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 26, 2013


Don't listen to ALL the hate . For a ComicBook Movie it was great . only the lovers of beserker raging Logan will hate it . Get this straight everyone : you're NOT going to see the raging Logan . It can't be brought to the screen as we want it or it'll be an X rating. Also one thing people don't consider , is that they are trying to retell his story from the beginning ! or stage two of his journey , as this might be seen . We who know the WHOLE story since the 1980's can't really be satisfied . Just go see it for what IT IS , not your personal understanding of the character . Specifically to that point , shn , you're never going to see him in yellow and blue , because a Canadian origin conflicts with the narrative of his " :Origins " . Maybe u could hope for DOFP Wolverine to have this origin , and thus that costume

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


You see Dominic, thats my whole argument. Im tired of seeing these "Marvel" comic book movies "for what they are". I've been let down countless times when it comes to our favorite comic characters that has driven me to almost dread when these movies come out . Anyone can enjoy a good movie, but when it comes to something that fans hold dear, these movies must be made to be "great" and not mediocre. I understand no one will ever be satisfied and someone will always have something to say, but for gods sakes, just portray what is in the comics and make a true reflection of the character and their story. I've seen many great short films that are done (with the smallest of budgets no less) do such an amazing job. Why are these creators with enormous budgets doing so horribly?! This is why i respect Zack Snyder so much, because he did justice to The Watchmen. Sure it wasnt perfect, but it was pretty damn close. And why didnt it shoot through the roof at the box office? Well because Zack wanted it to represent the comic so closely and used an R rating to be able to bring these characters to life, because the movie was not necessarily about money to him. He knew with an R rating, half of the civilized world could not bring their kids to the theaters to watch it. This is the sacrifice that needs to be done. I hope these footsteps will be followed in the future because even though some of these movies may make a lot of money they are still horrible let downs

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 30, 2013


hmmm The business of Hollywood will never change i.e. PG make u better profits that R . it's just business All I can tell you is this : A movie WILL NEVER be able to reproduce the great action of comics . Certain stories are told on paper , that could never be told that way on film . So don't get ur hopes up so much . We've said it before here - if you go into a movie with too many expectations , ur gonna be disappointed ... Esp a CB movie Clear your mind and just take it for what it is . Which is one of the better non-perfect CB movies out there ... Of course if the BluRay / DVD has a better ninja fight scene maybe u change ur opinion hey ?

Dominic on Aug 21, 2013


You know it was a bad movie when people are more excited for.. credits! I'll wait to catch it on blu-ray (borrowed)

toonfed on Jul 26, 2013


I feel bad for most of these Jaded people what exactly are you expecting you don't want another over the top thrown together movie like Origins so they make a grounded movie exploring the charters struggle and setting up a future for him along with exploring story's from his past catching up with him either way it was a good movie for what it is who goes in expecting a masterpiece from a marvel movie let be honest here people most of you that disliked this movie hated it before even going in condemning it based on the fact that the last one wasn't great... with that said I the only thing that upset about this movie is the got damn bone claws I know he had them in the comics for a long time but That's not the Wolverine I enjoy they better find a way to get those back on ASAP....

jiovonie on Jul 26, 2013


Well his new gf owns a company which stores and uses adamantium , so his claws should be nice and shiny for ya sometime during the next movie . Or Magneto could manipulate the metal back in ? If u only enjoy the metal-clawed Logan , aren't you jaded too ?? I believe the point of having him pop bone again , is that the claws are just a ... prop . you can't END him by just chopping them off . Can't take the healing factor away from him by just siphoning some out either . The adamantium skeleton and the HF is what make the character . The claws are the "surface bait " that reel u in , to fandom . Just like in the comics tho , they've come to emphasize the man more than his killing toys .... , Thus the REAL villian's plan went by the wayside . I won;t say who , but about half my audience hated it ...

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


wow that didn't totally suck. like Jay's ex-wife BAM!!! don't let the nerds mislead you. it was mediocre. if it wasn't for the 2 beautiful Asian chicks I would have been bored. the story was well structured but weak in content and purpose. it seems like FOX is trying to make a movie into a comic book instead of a comic book into a movie. I knew the basic story line once they showed all of the characters. seriously lacking in excitement. there was some decent choreography that is ruined by they way it was shot and edited. I don't mind if they alter things from the comics to the movies but if you leave out key things about characters it makes them less interesting. the biggest mistake is how they have neutered Wolverine. he has super human senses but can be snuck up on by a 12" bear, he can't track people by scent and is lacking in true ferocity in general. the worst part are the dream sequences with Jean Grey. its my opinion but I find her unsexy and the scenes are dumb. see it at a reduced price if you can wait and stay for the extra scene during the credits.

karl on Jul 26, 2013


What this guy says (except the jean grey part, and there was only 1 beautiful Asian chick, the Asian Leslie Bibb one). And I know he isn't supposed to be intellectual or anything, but for someone who has lived as long as he has, wolverine is not very bright or much of a tactician (I'll save the princess... By getting shot by a zillion arrows...)

Drew on Jul 26, 2013


I think you are forgetting the poor guy lost all his memory. This story takes place 30 years after origins I believe so you are actually seeing a completely different person. If you think about it Logan died in origins and Wolverine was his rebirth cleansed of all the pain and sins he may have brought upon himself during his lifetime.

BinaryChaos on Jul 26, 2013


Yes my point exactly , made above . Us fans know too much of him and get upset at only receiving half of it . that bear was bigger than a foot . I believe the point was more that he was in harmony with that forest , and thus didn't need to worry about that bear . More the humans , which he DID sniff out . that's how he tracked them to their campsite and back to that bar ( the arrows in the car remember that ? ) out in that wild was the only time he needed to use that talent . You just weren't paying close enough attention .. Now the arrows : isn't that the writers way of sending up that beserker raging , as being stupid ? technically it's just a plot device , to have Logan at their claw-chopping mercy Don't have a cow about it . Ferocity : what , was he smiling and cracking jokes while he was abusing all he fought ?? Again we are NOT going to get the VICIOUS Logan , from Hollywood . Just deal with it

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


Wolverine flinched when the 12' bear appeared, he saw the arrows in the back of the vehicle there was no indication that he used smell to track them, the arrow scene is copied is from a Japanese samurai film. your interpretations of the movie are interesting but they are not what was shown on the screen. I was entertained by the movie but it wasn't very good. It is okay to like movies that aren't very good. as much as I like Hugh Jackman I look forward to someone else taking over the role.

karl on Jul 27, 2013


no he smelled the arrow from the bear 1st then followed it . Ok they don't SPELL that out for you , but that' the intimation . The visual on the arrows was just confirmation ; he went straight to that truck. hmm u saw a flinch i saw a casual turn to straight on look at what's pacing him to where the paths join . did the bear react as if Logan was a threat tho ? It was like they knew each other . You might flinch too if u reaized how close something was parallelling you without being actually frightened . Just not realizing the exact closeness . first I did mention that the arrow scene seems to be the suckiest one . Along with copying Skyfall twice . There IS no one else ! In terms of Hollywood casting he's perfect for the role , albeit too tall for us old-school fans . Name someone who can fit the look of Logan better . But imagine him with the sideburns and claws 1st , and then decide . Jackman's profile is an almost perfect atch to how his face was depicted in comics . Straight on , his head should be slightly taller and no so round . Name a current action hero that can PHYSICALLY depict Wolverine better ....

Dominic on Jul 28, 2013


I saw the flinch along with a friend who watched movie with me. if I were Wolverine I would have smelled and heard the Bear before it got close. Wolverine can and has killed many large animals. Wolverine wouldn't flinch. as far as casting the original actor was supposed to be Doug Ray Scott and his replacement was a little known actor named Hugh Jackman. so find a fresh new face. hopefully he's a stocky hairy guy from Canada with an extremely bad attitude. don't get me wrong HJ has done an admirable job. he Has been handicapped by writers and producers who don't really understand the character and his history. at least his claws didn't look like giant sharpened butter knives this time.

karl on Jul 28, 2013


yeah u saw the diamond shape at the ends ? looked cool sorry they're gone . If you can see how to make them on YouTube , they better look correct here . Another reason to like the movie

Dominic on Jul 29, 2013


That could be true... But they made it seem like the reason he wanted to become 'mortal' was because he had lived so long and lost all his loved ones, besides jean.

Drew on Jul 27, 2013


umm YES that's a fairly good reason to want to off yourself . Or just not participate in society . He just wanted to die actually . The grandfather slyly suggested dying with a purpose ..

Dominic on Jul 28, 2013


that's debateable. and what a wuss wolverine would be if that were true. he should go watch highlander.

drew on Jul 28, 2013


lol I was going to make that point . it DID seem like a standard Highlander script . They bury all they know .... well actually you're right , it's NOT a good reason to kill yourself . But people have used it , prob forever so , just a standard plot device . no story otherwise right ? no reason to go to Japan ; stay mountain man ....

Dominic on Jul 29, 2013


Tao is incredibly hot ! skinny , fragile Japanese flower .With some steel in her backbone . She was perfect as Mariko Rila was also great as Yukio . But since the movie compresses so much into it , there was no time for the fooling around with her BEFORE Mariko . So she wasn't written to be HOT just a teen-age sidekick . Costume and make up her as Tao was and Rila would have impressed u more And YOU don't like Famke Jansen ????? Karl what is wrong with you ?? It's maybe the eye makeup here . You know she was supposed to represent his weak , guilty side ? the Tempter into despair ? kinda like Logan's personal devil , a demon he had to vanquish in order to thrive .... HOT in that nightgown tho wanted to pull it down over her shoulders ....

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


Dominic nothing wrong with me. Famke is attractive, but not to me. her face is a little manly. she would make a great Madam Hydra.

karl on Jul 27, 2013


:o) yes that's why they wanted her as the witch in Hansel and Gretel

Dominic on Jul 28, 2013


People, what is up with all the hate for this movie? I seriously do not understand how anyone could not like this film. Do you people would prefer a movie with just Wolverine killing people with no sense of plot or story to drive the movie? People complain about Transformers because it's just mindless action, and it is! What made The Dark Knight Trilogy successful was the fact that Batman had a reason behind the cape & cowl to be the The Dark Knight. And what's awesome is that they show all of that in the movies, and the movies drive themselves through great story telling accompanied by kick ass action that is grounded in this world. I must admit, 3 or 4 years ago when The Wolverine was announced I was not so happy. By that time I had given up hopes for an X-Men 4 because no one was moving the project forward. And with the outcome of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the franchise was dead to me (and to the world). I did not support this movie in its entire production and development. However, when the trailer was released I realized that I was giving wrong assumptions and my hopes for this great character went up. When it was announced that this movie was set after X-Men: The Last Stand, my views of this radically went from hoping, to actually getting the feeling this could work out. I went into this movie really excited because I wanted to see Logan in the aftermath of the original trilogy. And boy did I enjoy it with great passion. James Mangold gives Comic-Book fans the beloved Japan story while at the same time giving the original X-Men Trilogy fans (Like me) a story about Logan's inner deep feelings and emotions that follow the ending of The Last Stand. He was able to show very successfully Logan being hunted by his true love whom he had to kill himself. Honestly, if any of you people wold have to kill the person you love most, don't you think you would have to live in sorrow and pain? And imagine someone who has no choice but to face this for eternity. James Mangold took this to his advantage to give us a true movie to who The Wolverine really is. He also used the Japan Comic-Book storyline to his advantage in the way that it made Logan go through everything that he did in this movie and in a way liberate him of his misery. The story of this movie is great and simple because it's simply about a man realizing that he still has a purpose to live and bring him full circle with himself. I seriously can not wait for X: Days of Future Past. It will be purely awesome and can not wait to see some footage!

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Jul 26, 2013


Your review summed it up nicely!

jah p on Jul 26, 2013


Thanks! It means a lot! I really enjoyed this movie. More than I thought I would! This movie is truly a standalone Wolverine movie while at the same set in a Universe the Original Trilogy X-Men fans will truly come to love back next Summer when X: Days of Future Past comes!

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Jul 26, 2013


Thanks for paying attention . You have to judge the movie by what you get in the theater , not ur preconceived notions of how you'd like it . And yes the same who complain about not enough action , would complain if it was all action . I'd say this directly sets us into DOFP , once you see the piece mid-credits. Especially the Trask commercial . And still allows for a revisiting with his Asian friends

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


Wake up hollywood....this is enough shitting on movies.know that action director must direct action movie and drama director must direct drama movie.James Mangold is not a good choice for action movies.what the fuck is going on producer's mind in recent years? we must never be surprised to hear one day david lynch going to direct a terminator movie.

Bob on Jul 26, 2013


Right up there with X2 and First Class. Helluva movie. Felt more like a classic Western than a comic book film. People complaining about lack of ERMRGURD big scale action can watch Origins to their hearts content while filling up their diapers.

Pietro Filipponi on Jul 26, 2013


hmmm prob because of the beginning , in that one-horse , logging ? town does it seem Western . He is kinda like Eastwood riding( flying into Japan ) into town in this ...the two genres are related in that hero (sometimes dark hero ) sense

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


I'm not talking about iconography. The story structure is that of a Western. Shane, The Outlaw Josey Wales, The Man With No Name. You can tell Mangold used those as inspirations for the tone of the film.

Pietro Filipponi on Jul 27, 2013


I really enjoyed this movie..I felt the pacing was a bit off, but other than that, it was a very good addition to the marvel universe of movies. The choreography was top notch, especially the funeral scene! There were some humor in some of the scenes that were pretty nice, but not cheesy, so it played perfectly with the story. Awesome mid credit scene too, it will be interesting to see how this plays out in X days of future past...

jah p on Jul 26, 2013


Totally agree with you. It gives the sense that they know what they're doing with this Universe. The best is yet to come next Summer with the kick ass X: Days of Future Past.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Jul 26, 2013


Good luck with that. Brian Singer is hopeless when it comes to bringing comic book movies to the big screen. Not eagerly anticipating this one......

Such heroic nonsense on Jul 30, 2013


Best movie of the summer so far and I've seen them all. I'll be seeing it again as well.

Cs on Jul 26, 2013


I want my money back!

David on Jul 27, 2013


"I love the questions it raises about immortality and life and death and how love plays an important part." Indeed Alex ,indeed . He wouldn't have wanted to live until Mariko gives him the reason why . This movie was written as a necessary step in HOLLYWOOD's character known as Logan . As he was evolved in the comics , eventually . It has plenty of action ,but it does concentrate more on character development . So if u hate that , don't go see it There are some ways the character was "scripted " in CBs , that can't and maybe SHOULDN'T be reproduced in movies . Especially when it compresses several issues of an arc .hilarious Enjoy a movie for what it is , not what expectations u had . I like the humor - Jackman's facials were hilarious during the comic relief . I like the theme of the loner having to "belong" to or with someone , to thrive .. The train scene and cutting open his own chest seems borrowed from Skyfall . The ladies were all gorgeous and strong . Maybe the stupdiest scene IS the charge into the arrow brigade . Foolhardy rage ; necessary for plot advancement tho( and you thought we were going to see Wolverine against 20 ninjas fight scene GOTCHA ) . Hopefully Yukio will be used in another movie as a Robin-like sidekick( the next step the CBs took to humanize the raging animal ) The fight scenes - Excellent ! Wolvie gutting somebody has to look as good AND as natural as Spidey web-slinging around town . Some martial-arts , but mainly parry-parry-THRUST - RIP . I liked the hairier mountain-man version of Logan : hopefully we see more in DOFP . The haters think he looked too weak , but him fighting thru getting shot 5 times without healing correctly for 2/3rds of the movie , and knocked around some , and still standing at the end , only keeps him looking stronger . Esp since he survives getting his claws sliced off ....

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


Character development , hates , not slow/no action . If you don't know the reason/motivation for the players in the game , you care less about the players in the game ... And you don't see the movie 5 times ...

Dominic on Jul 27, 2013


Most of us "hardcore" or "fanboys" are not throwing a hissy fits because he wasn't wearing spandex or didnt enter berserker mode. The story and characters were simply weak. Simple as that. you don't have to be a comic fan to see that.

mooreworthy on Jul 27, 2013


Actually, there were some good moments in movie.. but the story party let me down at some points. In between the movie i was thinking that.. Man.. what's wrong with the flow of the movie and story... It's not giving the rush, which i was expecting to get from The Wolverine...

Pankaj Sharma on Jul 27, 2013


maybe i dozed off or something, but at the end there, did they ever bother explaining how the silver samurai was sucking wolvie's power out?

drew on Jul 27, 2013


Viper gave him the bug . Twice , the second before SS's attack . Not so much his powers just drilling down far enough to actually pull each ADAMANTIUM claw out . tho what we learned is that the claws are just window dressing for his essence , the healing factor and indestructible skeleton

Dominic on Jul 28, 2013


say what now? no wonder they don't even try to explain anything in the movie. why didn't they just use the "cure" from the other x-movie to slow down wolverine? and viper was a lame villain. any way to get a hot blonde in the film i guess.

drew on Jul 28, 2013


um i think they explained most of it as they went .Isn't that why the haters are saying too much talk no action ? Actually they made Viper intriguing as a character . Now of course , they gotta explain how she recovers from the broken neck she got at the end . She's always been associated with Japanese crime lords , but YES there's always an excuse for a hot blonde in a film !

Dominic on Jul 29, 2013


Let me admit that it did seem strange that most in Japan did not know of him . A major event like , idk , a BRIDGE being pulled out of its moorings , and used to help attack a govt mutant research facilty in America , shoulda made the news even there .Street people and definitely Mariko shoulda known him , from even just the X2 story . Another small plot hole I will admit to , but they only wanted him known by the Nagasaki story ..

Dominic on Jul 29, 2013


just saying "i'm going to take your mutant power" is not exactly the same as explaining how it will be done. if the writing had been better i would have preferred more talk and less action. wolverine should have spent more time with the family first to develop those characters and relationships before going on the run. not familiar with viper, so i assume she is from the comics. but her character is just out of place in the film. how does she hook up with a crazy old japanese guy? maybe she is the one who built the giant adamantium samuri suit.

drew on Jul 29, 2013


the crazy old japanese guy WANTED Viper . cause he was fascinated with mutants and knew he needed one to help subdue Logan . Smart enoughto know he needed the SS robot AND some insurance to weaken Logan . Really THAT was explained too , by will yun lee to tao . Please Pay Closer Attention before u criticize .

Dominic on Aug 21, 2013


Not sure how to say this, but I like the dialogue between Wolverine and the Japanese actors. Seemed quicker and more of a flow than other movies with English/Asian interaction.

Tyrell Antonio on Jul 27, 2013


The character was always seen as fitting better with the Asian respect for duty and honor . And tradition , as Mariko points up . What he needed while reeling from killing Jean . The movie had to reflect this .

Dominic on Jul 28, 2013


For those wondering, the story arc was pretty much dead on! which is very refreshing when watching a super hero movie. i enjoyed it and will probably watch it again!

InLieu on Jul 27, 2013


you mean with issues 1-5 of his book right ? I almost bought them again , but I know they're somewhere in my stacks .... Yes it's worth multiple watchings

Dominic on Jul 28, 2013


I liked it but I feel that the Jean Grey scenes sort of pulled my out of the movie in a weird way... transition issues I suppose. My only other true complaint about the movie was that my fly was down while watching it. An embarrassing moment but really the only other thing that detracted from the movie.

lewinston on Jul 27, 2013


I enjoyed it, though the third act was kind of a mess. My favorite aspect was the mystery of why Wolvie was losing his healing powers. Though having just read the synopsis on Wikipedia, I might have missed where he was 'infected'.

Edward Curtis on Jul 27, 2013


I really enjoyed it. At some times it didn't even seem like a superhero movie, more like a man-on-a-path-to-redemption film. It was only when the mutant stuff came out that I remembered I was watching a Marvel comic book movie. I think it had some flaws, like some overly long exposition, but for the most part I enjoyed the Japanese setting and the more serious take on the Wolverine character. Far superior to the jumbled mess of the first Wolverine.

fazha on Jul 27, 2013


Good movie!! had any of you seen the Japanese anime version of wolverine they did a good job with the story to go with the anime version. Although silver samurai was a let down could have been a much better villian.

Movie Guru on Jul 27, 2013


I had watched about 3 of those episodes , on G4 . The ones I saw he already knew Mariko and was coming back to take her from Shingen

Dominic on Jul 28, 2013


Okay it's not the Claremont/Miller story but a few problems aside (almost all coming from the 3rd act) this was a dope flick. Nice slow burn, decent character development and a gorgeous visual aesthetic. Definitely better than anything else I've seen this year.

Japetto on Jul 27, 2013


Okay am I the only one that noticed the ninja fight scene in the snow from the trailers is MISSING! Watch all the trailers and he's close lining ninjas off bikes and that cool shot of an explosion in the center of the chaos. Seriously they better have a director's cut!

SkyNet300 on Jul 28, 2013


Okay am I the only one that noticed the ninja fight scene in the snow from the trailers is MISSING! Watch all the trailers and he's close lining ninjas off bikes and that cool shot of an explosion in the center of the chaos. Instead all we get is Logan getting hit with arrows and then oh...sleepy time. Seriously they better have a director's cut!

SkyNet300 on Jul 28, 2013


Thanks you're right . It explains the weakest part , why he would just WALK in knowing the arrows are coming . Maybe those 30 minutes ! of promos for other movies meant we lost about 20-30 mins ...

Dominic on Jul 29, 2013


I love wolverine from comics and cartoon and movie, to be honest i was disappointed. It felt slow. Only bit i truly enjoyed was the fight at the house with the son of the boss. That's the wolverine i love to watch..just not a happy bunny with this film.

kane on Jul 28, 2013


The critics are off on this one.. There are so many superhero films now that they are starting to get sick of them. But The Wolverine, is not only a good superhero movie, it is a good movie. The characters, the acting, the action, the cinematography is all great here. 9/10

Guy who comments on things on Jul 28, 2013


Pretty good. I still liked Pacific Rim and the Conjuring better.

Jim Dawkins on Jul 28, 2013


I thought it was pretty good. Much better than the first one. I was actually surprised how much I liked it.

bil343 on Jul 28, 2013


The nuclear bomb scene was awesome and thrilling! I saw it at the premium movie theater with great sound and digital 3D on a huge screen! I really enjoyed the movie! I can't understand why many of these "fans" are not satisfied! What are you expecting? Is it because Wolverine didn't get naked for you guys and show his 'talent'? LOL!

The Truth on Jul 28, 2013


I don't know how old you are , but people like me who have been fans since he was introduced in late 70's ? want that viciously violent Wolverine as he was originally presented . Always one step away from a beserker rage and killing spree . I seem to be the only one that realizes we'll NEVER get that from Hollywood . Basically cause it's go out with an XXX rating... Altho I would say that this storyline , as it was presented in his comic , was the 1st attempts to try and humanize him , somewhat :o) Anchor him to somebody ... If you go into the movie with no preconceived notion of how u like your Logan , you can enjoy this movie alot . two or 3 errors , like not explaining why he was in Nagasaki and captured and the arrow scene , hold it back from being perfect ( maybe we do need a Director's Cut , as the Terminator fan suggested ..) I don't think you need to see it in 3-D only that explosion and subsequent devastation is better because of it . The fight scenes don't need it ...

Dominic on Jul 29, 2013


My problem with the movie is that the pace is a bit too slow along with how Wolverines powers/abilities are actually used. He is supposed to be an expert in all forms of combat/martial arts. He knows every technique in fighting and also has heighten senses that are hardly ever used in the movies. No one should be able to fool him with a disguise or sneak up on him. I had a vision of wolverine being the ultimate martial artist ...with claws and a healing factor. But the movies just show him running at people slashing his claws around and always getting stab, shot or gutted with no sort of fighting technique involved what so ever. However i must admit I'm looking at it from a comic book fan

Boodrew1 on Jul 29, 2013


I totally agree with you. I couldn't look pass the sloppy fighting techniques. He tore through soldiers easily enough in X2. Why not a couple ninjas? I will be dissapointed with any future adaptations unless he gets his claws back. Did anyone stay after all the credits ended? Is there anything at the very end?

timnimbus on Jul 29, 2013


ummm he had to learn those techniques IN JAPAN , in the comics . that is not the origin the movie people have written for him .Pretty much that is homage us old-school fans of wolvie are paid here , is that he's unskilled but vicious enough to get the job done . If he can just not get slowed by those darn bullets ..

Dominic on Aug 21, 2013


I though this was one of the better x-men movies and also more in line with the tone i think a super hero movie should follow to be honest. Dont get me wrong, i like movies like the avengers, but the amount of jokes they get in each line makes me feel im watching a kids movie (and it is a kids movie) In wolverine you get a more serious tone, some meaningful scenes and overall even though the story is simple, the character has more weight than in previous superhero movies, i just think this is the perfect balance between action and character development in a superhero movie, it felt like a real movie BUT with a character from a comic book, and that in my eyes is an evolution. Other films i think that tried this were the HULK (2003) they tried to give us more than just some action sequences, they tried to go inside bruce banner's mind and give us a little insight and they got hated for it, because there was not enough action and too much blabla (for some people) and this is exactly whats happening here. To me this movie is up there with watchmen (another movie that is kinda hated by pretty much everyone that thinks its a boring movie) and the mentioned HULK from 2003. Movies like the last incredible hulk have no substance and is all flash and style, although i did enjoy it, the iron man movies and thor and avengers and what not, are ful of jokes that get me out of the movie completly, the tone is setup to get the kids engaged in the story and thats it, as in the wolverine, its meant to be something more, something with more substance to it, even though it is a simple movie. Its the same with the spider man movies, spider man 2 was really good, but still campy, even though the new movie, the amazing spider man wasnt that great, i think the tone of the movie was a bit more serious and less campy and for that i give them kudos, but this movie, the wolverine, i think it hits all notes, not without flaws ofc, the pace could be a bit better, and the last action scene with the ninjas felt a bit incomplete, but overall, its a VERY competent movie, especial for a superhero/marvel movie, since most of them are just a campy mess of jokes for 2h to get ppl to throw a laugh at the theaters, while i cringe in my seat at how bad they are.

hellcomestoall on Jul 29, 2013


Movie was stupid. Now I know why it tanked at the box office. End this stupid superhero crap. Too many superhero movies out and they're getting old and dumb. Thor- gay. Superman- gay. Wolverine- gay. Ironman 3- gay. Spider-Man- gay. Batman was the only good superhero movie.

Timmy Sykes on Jul 29, 2013


It is too bad because after reading your comment Marvel has green-lighted the new Avengers spin-off, Avengers: Homosexual Orgy.

Robephiles on Aug 4, 2013


the villains were lame-sauce. All of them were uncool and they double crossed each other so many times that in the end I didn't care about any of them, nor did I have any real understanding of their motivation. Direction was a little uninspired too. Cheesy sets and effects. Not a terrible film, certainly better than origins, but Wolverine deserves way better.

Tbone on Jul 30, 2013


I gotta admit... spent the entire movie thinking "why the hell do I care?" The characters just seemed so shallow to me and had no reason to take the acti ons they took. It wasnt as bad as origins....but after first class was so good I was expecting more.oh and for those still hating on the new spiderman...have you ever read the comics? They got his character right for once. The toby mcguire movies were an atrocity.

guest on Aug 4, 2013

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