Sound Off: John Moore's 'A Good Day to Die Hard' - Your Thoughts?

February 14, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? He's back, again! For more explosions! John McClane - the "007 of Plainfield, New Jersey". Returning for his fifth time, it's A Good Day to Die Hard, directed by John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, The Omen, Max Payne), another action movie about McClane but this time he's in Russia when shit goes down. Bruce Willis returns to take on the bad guys and he's joined by actor Jai Courtney playing his son Jack. So how is this one? Better than the fourth, third, or second? Or more action trash? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts about A Good Day to Die Hard.

To fuel the explosions, as much as I enjoyed some of the action in this, overall there wasn't much there. The best part about A Good Day to Die Hard is that it's very lightweight entertainment, it starts out quick and only has a few lulls (which are the worst parts of it) aside from non-stop kick ass action and explosions and gunfights. But it's absurd action, the kind we'd expect to see in a Die Hard movie, there's just nothing to tie it together. Some of the decisions and the dialogue throughout was just awful, the kind the makes you wince. However, it's easy to shrug off in the context of an action movie, I just wanted the series to really get back to its roots with immensely smart entertainment, instead of dumb action and dumb writing to go along with it.

What did you think of A Good Day to Die Hard? Another great Die Hard movie or a disaster? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I realize it's just going to be a generic action movie with no real connection to the first 3, which I consider real Die Hard movies. But if they are going to make a 6th, it would be nice if they actually tried to top it off with one similar to the first and second, with McClane stuck in one place. Maybe a stadium or something. Try to end it memorably, rather than just pushing out these films that aren't connected to the original idea - fly in the ointment type thing.

RJ on Feb 14, 2013


maybe he could be stuck in a retirement home

Richie G on Feb 14, 2013


Fighting a cable company team who shows up to shut down their service.

zey on Feb 15, 2013


I really wanted to like this movie - yet it just didn't let me. The biggest problem - in my opinion - was the lack of a memorable bad guy. The previous movies had great ones - Alan Rickman, William Sadler, Jeremy Irons, and Timothy Olyphant are all pretty solid evil doers. Second, the supporting cast really fell short - and I'm looking at you John McClane Jr. Bruce did his best with a mediocre script - but I was expecting a much smarter movie faithful to the franchise. Die Hard 3 still the champ IMHO.

Johnny T. Webb on Feb 14, 2013


great word! lack of a memorable bad guy! a common problem after 3 die hard.

bob on Feb 14, 2013


Did you just say Die Hard 3 is the best? What?

castingcouch on Feb 14, 2013


Simon says Die Hard 3 is the best! On par with 1!

Ekko on Feb 14, 2013


Yeah 3 is tied with 1 IMO, 3 may be the best buddy action movie ever made.

Cody W on Feb 14, 2013


Slowly becoming the SAW of action movies.. sad.. soulless hollywood needed a dollar... there's a surprise...i agree with RJ below.. these movies stop at With a Vengeance although i will say that the UNRATED version of Good Day to Die Hard is WAY better than the pg-13 version but is still sub-par compared to the original and With a Vengeance.

baronvonbarren on Feb 14, 2013


Great movie. Got exactly what i was expecting

ivan on Feb 14, 2013


I liked it, the scene where Bruce willies grabs the big gun in the safe house and just unloads is great, and when he flips off the helicopter at the end too. I'd say it's ties die hard 2 and 4, it's better than 3 and not as good as die hard.

Guy on Feb 14, 2013


I hope your jokeing

yippie ki ya on Feb 14, 2013


I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I was very young when I watched the first one and barely remember anything about it - other than the setting of him inside a building battling terrorists. I enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard as well. It's mindless fun and allows you to root for a normal guy who does unbelievable things. Grabbing the "big gun" then unloading on the bad guys might be cliche but he'll do it on GI Joe soon and guess what? I'll still enjoy it. Who else can you say flipped off a helicopter while falling out a building? John McClane mother ______ ! ! ! !

Marc Callado on Feb 16, 2013


I liked the action and all the gun battles but I don't think it lived up to the hype and is the worst of the series.

Tyler Bannock on Feb 14, 2013


Always love reading Alex's reviews, no offense to the other guys, but his reviews sound the most light-hearted, and not so cynical all the time. lol.

Daniel Vu Tran on Feb 14, 2013


This film series has become a parody of its former self.

Skynet300 on Feb 14, 2013


I really want to see this movie but I generally like art house movies and oscar contenders but my mom thinks this will be not good for me but I have seen Mission Impossible, The Bourne movies, and Jack Reacher! What do you guys say about the movie! In if its okay for someone under 17 not if its good or not

clinteastwoodscloset on Feb 14, 2013


After In I meant purposes!

clinteastwoodscloset on Feb 14, 2013


First of all, thank you to alex and jeremy for the reviews. Different insights but both nice to read. Jeremies review made me aware of Skip Woods and all the horrible work he has done (Wolverine, A-team, Hitman and the overrated Swordfish). Ten and Agent 47 look promising? Think my main critique of this film is the same as most other people. The lack of a standout villain and Jack McClane. Thing is I think a few minor changes could have really improved the story. The main problem with this movie is that it is a Jack McClane story and not a John McClane story. How can John be a sidekick in a Die Hard movie? Impossible! Jack McClane should have been what Justin Long was in 4 or Sam Jackson in 3! The not so tough, yet smart ass who can complement and not overtake John as the lead bad-ass. Not saying Die Hard 4 was that good either but you knew while you were watching that if anyone was going to save the day it would be John and no one else. With this approach John couldve saved Jack when his REAL vacation got him in the middle of things and not gung ho because he wasnt finished talking to his son. Lets recap Die Hard: I need to save my wife and stop a villain Die Hard 2: I need to save my wife (on a plane) and stop a villain Die Hard 3: I need to save myself and stop a villlain Die Hard 4: I need to save my daughter and stop a villain Die Hard 5: I need to talk to my son and destroy everything on my path in the process! I hope you get where Im going with this. Because if Jack wouldve been more helpless the movie couldve worked and the villain coulve had more room to taunt John which would´ve built up the tension in the movie. Die Hard 6 should be easy by the way. Picture a billionaire type person consumed by John and his story and then kidnapping his family to get John to come out and do one final performance!

Ekko on Feb 14, 2013


I like that, or kind of like a golden gun type deal where he challenges him

Cody W on Feb 14, 2013


So disappointed in this movie! I am a huge fan of the series, including the 4th one. This one was all given away in the trailer! Why do they do that?! The action Bruce got into early on was so pointless and over the top. It felt like throughout the movie they made him out to be the annoying, old, loser, dad. That's not John McClane! This was really poorly written in my opinion. If this was not a Die Hard movie I probably would have liked it a little more. I went to watch the 10 pm showing and was so let down. It felt like he wasn't acting like John McClane either, it was weird. This story should have been told in 2 movies instead of 1. Not too optimistic about part 6 now. Still a fan of Bruce and am curious to see Jai in other roles. I think he would make a good Hawkman in a Justice League movie. IMO I watched Arnie's movie, Sly's movie, and this one each on their opening nights and Arnie's was the best one! This was the worst of the 3 and the worst in it's series!

Crazy Legs on Feb 14, 2013


Disappointing... in one word. They've turned the character of John Mclaine into a cliche action hero parodying itself. I should have known from the poster that said "Yipee kai ai mother russia" That this thing was going to be a two dimensional drag.

rhythmdave on Feb 14, 2013


I liked it, just as ridiculous as the last 3.

focker on Feb 14, 2013


Can't say I'm surprised it sucked donkey balls. I mean John Moore and Skip Woods?! Are you freakin kiddin me?! SMDH

John on Feb 15, 2013


Good film in imo.

Adam Bramble on Feb 15, 2013


I thought it was kind of lame... not absolutely terrible though. The days of Die Hard being an intelligent action flick are long gone. I mean, cmon... These people were shooting at each other in a room filled with uranium. It was all too cheesy. I didn't feel a big enough threat at any point and I didn't even realize the movie was so close to ending because I had no attachment to the story and it didn't seem to go anywhere. The action was bad ass even though every car in the movie had a giant Mercedes logo... I think this was just made for a quick buck and judging by most of the symbols in the movie I'd dare to say that it was Illuminati programming. Peep the symbol behind "The Dancer's" ear. I don't see how they can make a decent Die Hard after this since they've butchered the story. Now every movie will have to include his 2 kids which I could honestly do without. Die Hard 6 - "Dead And Hard"? "Die Hard or Die Trying"? OR it can be a Final Destination/Die Hard fusion.... tagline? "Death Is Coming Hard"

Ind3lible on Feb 16, 2013


This movie was God awful. Not only did it have the cliche dumbass moment of answering a phone in the middle of an action scene (oh i can't talk right now har har fucking har!), it turned John into a freakin indestructible terminator. This is what happens when a studio decides it wants to make a "21st century Die Hard", and hands it over to a lollipop director to helm. So many cheesy anamorphic flares and CGI, overlaid with bad....BAD dialogue. Even obvious filler scenes where Jai Courtney throws a fit so the movie has time to position a helicopter to shoot at them. ....bad... Way too bubblegum. They could've just handed this off to Uwe Boll for crying out loud. I love Die Hard one and three. Because they had great characters, a great plot, and they played off of each other yet managed to be original. That's because of John Mctiernan. There were wild action scenes in his Die Hard's, but they weren't absolutely so ridiculous, you couldn't take them seriously. They were badass. Jumping off a highrise rooftop as it explodes with a firehose around your waist and shooting your way through a window is badass. Soaring 50 feet through the air through a window and rolling it out, is retarded. I love Die Hard, and i always look forward to a new one when i see it coming out, but now i really hope they're done destroying it. Dear God.

Jeremy on Jun 20, 2013

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