Sound Off: Jonathan Levine's 'Warm Bodies' - What Did You Think?

February 1, 2013

Warm Bodies Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Cold body. Warm heart. Zombies! They're all the rage nowadays. But one of one of them had a heart? In theaters now is Jonathan Levine's Warm Bodies, an adaptation of Isaac Marion's novel, about a zombie called R, played by Nicholas Hoult, that falls for a girl named Julie, played by Teresa Palmer. How is the new film from Jonathan Levine (of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Wackness and 50/50)? How are up-and-comers Hoult and Palmer as romantic leads? Is it any good or is it really bad? Once you've seen it, write a comment with your own thoughts on Warm Bodies.

To fuel the fire, I just got back from seeing Warm Bodies and while it's enjoyable, I just wasn't really that impressed. It felt too lightweight and careless half the time, and zombie story seemed trite and unexciting. Even though we've barely seen any "zombie romance" before, I felt like I'd see this 100 times over. As much as I love Teresa Palmer, it was Nicholas Hoult who I just didn't care for. Not once did he make me feel like he was anyone I should give a shit about, not in voiceover or in anything he does. He's just a zombie who can barely say anything. I admire the bigger concept of healing the undead, but it was done in such a cheap and campy way there was no weight to it. Sadly, I thought it was fleeting Hollywood cheese, could've been better.

What did you think of Warm Bodies? Best zombie romance yet, or a boring waste of a movie? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I thought it was really clever. It's a weird blend of high school-esque rom com and a zombie film. A guilty pleasure and most likely future cult classic for sure. My only complaint is I thought the zombies learned to speak a bit too fast. They could have cut it back to half the speech they did and it would've been a bit more believable, and the communication gap between the characters probably would have provided some additional humor as well. But overall I really enjoyed the movie, and its up there with "Sean of the Dead" as far as it being a character driven Zombie flick. If you just want to see gore and zombies getting their heads blown off...this probably isn't the movie for you, but if you want to see a unique take on the Zombie genre this is one of the best I've ever seen.

Aero027 on Feb 1, 2013


Oh, and I also disagree with Alex on the actors. I thought the chemistry between Palmer and Hoult is what really made this movie work.

Aero027 on Feb 1, 2013


Zombies with emotion and human connection...f**k that crap....whats next zombies campaigning for their rights?!

Robbie Romero on Feb 1, 2013


Zombie pride!

capitandelespacio on Feb 2, 2013


Took my 14 year old neice t see it; she laughed at it but I kept hoping MIchonne and Darryl from The Walking Dead would turn up and put R and the rest of the cast of of their misery.

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 2, 2013


I like this, more than 1 view on a movie from Firstshowing. But how about a score, to compare to Jeremy's 9/10 for this movie?

Dqavid Banner on Feb 2, 2013


Spoiler: So you eat someone's brains and get their memories? How exactly does that work? This had so much potential to be funny and quirky in an indy rom-com sort of way. It's more a dumb teeny bopper romance flick than anything. I'd rather watch the infinitely better "Zombieland"or "Shaun of the Dead" any day of the week.

ion677 on Feb 2, 2013


still haven't seen it but kind of want. I'm down for anything zombies. But for those who have seen it, how does it compare with Fido? isn't is basically the same deal? I loved Fido, and I imagine anyone who did would enjoy this as well. or is it quite different?

Jacob Denton on Feb 2, 2013


This was an overall good film. For those of you complaining about zombies and their features is fucking ridiculous because you have no clue what zombies are like... because they're not fucking real. You're thinking way too much into it. The story was unique and original, but I can agree that this film had it's ups and downs.

Ben on Feb 3, 2013


A zombie that barely says anything!?! OMG!!!

tra la la la la di da on Feb 3, 2013

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