Sound Off: Joseph Kosinski's Sci-Fi 'Oblivion' - What Did You Think?

April 19, 2013


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Earth is a memory worth fighting for. Is it? Now in theaters everywhere around the world is Oblivion, co-written and directed by Joseph Kosinski, of Tron Legacy previously. Tom Cruise stars in the futuristic sci-fi drama along with Andrea Riseborough (the cute British red head) and Olga Kurylenko, plus a brief appearance by Morgan Freeman. After some late build up, and interesting trailers, now we get to see if it's any good. How is it? Better than Tron Legacy, Kosinski's best yet? Or not? If you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Joe Kosinski's Oblivion.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

Oblivion is not that film I was expecting. Nor, likely, was anyone. But, I enjoyed it maybe because I have a soft spot for the gorgeous visuals in it and Kosinski's worlds. He really does try to make spectacular sci-fi, but something went a little awry in this. Most of all it feels like a long film, potentially too long, with quite a few drawn out portions that do teeter on being boring. However, there is a deeper story and some HUGE twist and turns that pop up. And this is where the comparisons come into play. Yes, Oblivion really feels like a sci-fi smorgasbord with nods to, or inspirations from, or whatever they are, other great sci-fi like Moon, 2001, The Matrix, Independence Day, of course Wall-E, Star Wars. However, I still found the experience in this world enthralling, there's something about it; the sounds of the drones, the M83 score, and everything.

What did you think of Joe Kosinski's Oblivion? A spectacular new sci-fi or a derivative bore? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I wrote my full review on my personal blog here: But in short I think it's horribly generic and unoriginal. It's visuals are strong at times, but even it's big action set pieces feel lifeless and boring. I cared so little about the characters that when the twist came I didn't care and when people died I was even less interested. Also they dropped the ball on the possible giant flash back which would have made the movie 10x better.

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


Let me guess...Lame out of 10?

Xerxexx on Apr 19, 2013


I don't like reviewing on a number score or a regular point system. Never have. I'll tell you this. the movie is fun, it's engaging at points and it's stunning to look at. But it's everything any good sci-fan worth their salt has seen in the past twenty years. It's nothing new and for that I say wait til blu-ray.

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


So...its...lame? I'm kidding. Valued opinion. Keep sharing.

Xerxexx on Apr 19, 2013


kinda lame but kinda not. I'm honestly torn on it. I didn't like it. By no means is it good. It is incredibly watchable and great to look at though. I walked out of the theater with a pep in my step thinking "oh that was fun" and then my brain turned back on and I started to think about the giant array of plot wholes and story concessions that have to be made in order for this world to even exist and none of it makes sense. When you see it I'm sure you'll understand. It's a style over substance kind of situation. That said there are also really cool and subtle things going on visually like Tom Cruise's suit getting darker and darker to match other characters as he starts to come to another point of view and realize the truth about the world he lives in. But that's all surface stuff.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


why would anyone bother with your lame blog when they already know you hate the movie.

mORPH on Apr 19, 2013


Because they might want a deeper analysis as to why I didn't like it. That page actually has quite a lot of views as far as my personal blog goes.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


Literally nobody in this world cares.

davidshaw on Apr 19, 2013


funny since I've gotten a lot of messages on my personal site about it and I've been talking to people about it and about my opinion all day. hmmmm.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


Oh excuse me, I didn't realize you were so popular. Now maybe you could stop being a dick and trying to ruin the moviegoing experience for everyone. You didn't like the movie, nobody cares, let other people enjoy it. Stop trying to make yourself sound superior simply by disagreeing. That's what nobody cares about. Grow up.

davidshaw on Apr 20, 2013


so did the director like bang your wife or daughter or something that you have such a hate-on for this?

tinman on Apr 20, 2013


The plot I get from reading Kento's posts is as follows: "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME"

laughterjones on Apr 20, 2013


"Fuck you Sally." Big thumbs up from me. Great 3rd act and ending.

Rlmaass on Apr 19, 2013


great third act? Oh you mean the hall 9000, ID4, mash up? Lame!

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


it seems that you have something personal with this film kento... were you planning to do an internet shortfilm with an idea like that ? you post your "personal blog" where you post critics, maybe you should pick another hobbie kento, you dont accept other opinions...

Nicolas Dalli Bortolot on Apr 20, 2013


I do accept other opinions but I like when they're backed up or understand why people have them. I also just love to debate. And yeah I post them on my personal blog because I stopped working as a film critic full time but still love to talk about and analyze film. As for planning an internet short, no. I wouldn't because then I'd be ripping off a rip off and what's the point of that?

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


Opinions don't need to be backed up, that's why they are called opinions.

Jaleel White on Apr 20, 2013


Opinions should be rooted in fact and logic. Or else they're just called preferences.

Linkfx on Apr 21, 2013


I totally agree with you, Kenton!

Scoot Meadows on Apr 21, 2013


**spoilers** I liked the 3rd act best too. My whole theater laughed at the very end though. We all thought it was stupid; are we supposed to feel bad that Tom Cruise's character died? Or happy that his clone is with Julia? Is Julia gonna sleep with dozens (hundreds?) of Tom Cruises?

si1ver on Apr 20, 2013


Maybe you missed the part where they said that there were only a few drone-repairment left on the planet of once thousands. They almost completed their task remember, and were due for a holliday (read 'retirement' or 'to be disposed of')

Peter T'Sas on Apr 21, 2013


FU...Sincerely...I was by far not expecting your comment. As a movie goer with a huge expectations in their content, this is rather disapointing to see that for some, its rather easy to just spit out key elements of a movie as in its a conversation with no meaning what so ever. With the traffic this site gets, I am surprised that the spoiler issues are not that verified and mainly the article creator (Billington) takes at least the time to warn his readers. Now back to the movie, I like to think that from the moment it's announced to the moment I get to see it, I can get as excited to see it for once. I don't know if anyone feels the same as I do sometimes, but I would like to thank you with my most sarcastic of all my "thanks"

Mathieu Godin on Apr 21, 2013


Wait didnt really understand your wording, you do realize that Alex did put a huge spoiler warning up right? And if your so keen on this site than you should know that all of the 'sound off' articles are basically only for people who have seen the movie as he makes it clear in ever single one of them.

Cody W on Apr 21, 2013


Yeah I even checked to make sure there was a spoiler warning before saying anything (there is one; in bold, red letters). Somebody didn't read the last line of the article:: "We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts." Pay particular attention to " this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts." because I wanted to talk about a plot point that can only be discussed in a forum where spoilers are possible like this article and like you said Cody, every Sound Off. I'll change my post anyways Mathieu.

si1ver on Apr 22, 2013


I feel that I have to apologize. I am too quick to judge sometimes and this one of those times. Like I said before, I come on this section to look at how people thought of the movies they saw, I do the same from time to time depending on the movie. This one in particular that I have waited to see got the end spoiled, and I know about the "spoilers" warnings, but I couldn't control myself and I was out of line. I would like to apologize for my actions since its impossible to delete your comments on this site and probably better to make a statement. And to be honest, I felt the same way you pictured about the character's death...Since she got a full working new copy before the end credits. Again, my apologize to si1ver

Mathieu Godin on May 1, 2013


Great soundtrack, audio. Though slow paced. It was ok. Lol.

dvt on Apr 19, 2013


Having seen Moon ruined the most part of the movie. I think it felt like a rip off. But yeah, visuals were absolutely amazing, really well done. And the score by M83 was stunning. Tom Cruise was alright, but the rest of the cast, incluiding Freeman gave poor performances (the scriptand dialogue wasn't there to begin with). Best part was the flashback when their ship first encountered the "aliens", it was the only time the movie felt original. But why the hell would Olga's character sleep with every single clone of her dead husband. Just read this sentence again, makes no sense. Bottom line, get Kosinski a better and original script

Ricardo_PT on Apr 19, 2013


When they met the alien vessel all I was thinking was "2001" and then the stupid alien at the end had a giant red circular eye and was a computer? really? lame.

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


At first, you annoyed me, but after reading all of your comments you're the only one who actually had a worthwhile opinion! It was a visual feast, but, the necessary exposition was really lacking. I would've rather had no exposition, at all. I just wanted to enjoy it, but the 'holes' in the story were too huge. Someone I know used to say: Garbage in, garbage out. Joe took someone else's ideas, and tried to spin it into strands of gold. I waited for originality to appear. It was WALL-E, Escape From NY, 2001, and Planet of the Apes(circa 1968) rolled-up into one. I've said nothing you don't already know. Don't change your approach.

Kwisatz Haderach on Apr 20, 2013


From a purely scientific stand point, how do you account for human nature and statistics? Example, a child grows up a natural SciFi fan. He grows up to be a director. Now, not only is he going to be influenced from what interests him most, but you must also account for how many ideas a single person has in a day. Statistically it is not uncommon for complete originality to be similar to something else before it. How many people commented on I-robot being unoriginal? Now people are using I-robot to exploit something else as being unoriginal. That is irony. I have assessed two things from this forum. First, there are some people who know how to enjoy films. Two, there are some people who are overly critical. Now I'm going to find something productive to do. Participating in this is completely irrelevant to anything that is going to effect me outside of my phone.

dwight on Apr 20, 2013


Nice defense of unoriginality. You can honor other people's vision, but an out right rip off is just a rip off. I did enjoy the movie, at times I was taken out of the story by blatant copying, that is not paying homage to another man's vision.

Kwisatz Haderach on Apr 21, 2013


All I could think of with Sally was that she was the bastard child of HAL from 2001 and VIKI from I, Robot and then they ID4'd her

Nic on Apr 20, 2013


Yeah, the flashback was the only part of the movie that felt like it had any humanity. I agree with everything else you said too. Boring clone twist, good visuals, boring performances, disconcerting that Olga would spread it for any Tom Cruise clone, and lets see Kisinski with a better script and characters.

si1ver on Apr 20, 2013


totally agree about the flash back being the only part of the movie with humanity. I actually wish the film had started there and fleshed out the world more from that point on. I also think they dropped the ball by not showing the army of Jacks.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


It was all right.

Nielsen700 on Apr 19, 2013


all this movie really has going for it is visuals. too many ideas thrown in to make the movie seem smarter than it really is but just sloppily executed. the pitch must've been moon meets id4.

joecartoon22 on Apr 19, 2013


Well, I would have to say that I feel mixed about it. For one, let me just state this: as a rule I try not to compare movies based on originality. There is no more originality out there as far as ideas go. Now how you put it together and present it can be original or new but I think that we praise soe movies for being origina only because we like them and not because they are "original" case in point, Inception for some people. With that said, the film was slow at times. I kept thinking to myself when is it going to get along, why didn't they make this crisper. And then there were the perceived plotholes or basic unexplained questions, like why did the Tet want all the water? Was it really an organic lifeform that needed water or no? Why did it take so long for Julie to crash on earth; even if the pod was sent into orbit and could only be brought down by the beacon why did they wait 60 years to do that? And most of all, was the Tet only a one-being lifeform? When they got to the center and seen it floating there, was it some kind of amalgamation of beings or just one thing wanted all the resources? And what happens with all of the other clones around the world or were there just the two left in 49 and 52. More to the point, what happened to Victoria 52? But the biggest of all was the fact that the Tet didn't question or even know (so it seemed) that 49 was flying 52's spaceship thing into TET HQ, which to me should have been a dead ringer for killing him immediately.

1micmcna1 on Apr 19, 2013


Why the tet wanted the water was explained. The Tet turns the water into hydrogen power. The rest of the plot holes are massive. Oh and The Tet is just a cybernetic life I think.

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


You do realize you did not list any actual plot hole, don't you?

Paul K. on Apr 20, 2013


many of the plot holes to talk about reveal one of the big twists and some people wouldn't want to write spoilers.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


There are no plot holes. Use spoiler lines to warn people then list those you think you've found and I'll debunk them.

Paul K. on Apr 20, 2013


well in that case SPOILERS!!!! Morgan Freeman's character (beecher?) says that the landing parties were armies of soulless Jack Harpers and that they turned the world's best against them. If The Tet can make soulless obeying Jack Harpers then why does it need to keep up the rouse with the jack harpers that live in the towers? The Tet immediately recognizes that Jack is lying and flying the 52 bubble jet. Why let him into the core at all if there are thousands of them? Kill him, save the girl and do whatever the tet wanted to do (possibly clone her to make the other jacks more obedient as all their errors come from loving this memory) As soon as Morgan Freeman pops his head out of the box why didn't The Tet just empty all the oxygen from the room killing them both or follow them in with two drones? This supreme intelligence locked itself in a room with some one it knew was lying? The Tet has what seem to be hundreds of thousands of drones. Why is it so necessary to keep repairing them with these clones on earth? Why doesn't it have repair drones? It apparently can clone people, make them clothing and food, make new machines that create hydrogen power out of water but can't fix it's own smaller units? The list goes on and on.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


SPOILERS 1. Not a plot hole - we're not presented with detailed information on the original clones and the asssault they waged on Earth forces, but there's nothing about this that goes against the logic of the film. For example, maybe the original clones (if they differed from the Jack Harper clones we know), brainwashed as they were, were not able to intelligently monitor and repair drones the way the Jack Harper clones we know could. For example, we see Jack Harper 49 use gum to repair one of the drones - the brainwashed soldier clones perhaps lacked such creativity and therefore could not be used for such tasks. This aspect of the conflict's history is simply not explored in the movie. 2. Not a plot hole. After his initial lie, the Tet realizes that Jack 49 is NOT lying when Jack 49 tells it a series of true statements that apply to both what the Tet thinks he is doing and his real intentions. Since the Tet identifies no lie, it does not see a necessity to eliminate him. It could very well have wanted Jack to explain why they would make a more efficient team, for example - it probably had no idea about the memories. 3. Not a plot hole. Again, Jack 49 was not lying with his last statements to Tet, and the entity therefore did not feel the need to shoot him/escort him further with drones. When Freeman appears and the Tet realizes it has been duped, he still fails to perceive Jack and his companion as real threats, since it is unaware of the presence of the bomb they are carrying. 4. Not a plot hole. Where exactly have you seen "hundreds of thousands of drones"? The movie suggests the exact opposite - the Tet doesn't have an infinite amount of its own resources, and therefore has to rely on native lifeforms for help in minimizing the amount of resources used (notably through drone repair and for the initial Earth assault). Since we do not know how the alien technology works, we can't assume much else - the machines that create energy out of water may very well have simply been transported then deployed by the Tet (as opposed to created), and the cloning process require resources (notably organic) completely different from those needed for drone creation. In fact, the Tet may very well not be equiped with drone-creating facilities at all - we just don't know. Congratulations, you have not found a SINGLE plot hole. You don't even seem to know what the definition of a plot hole is.

Paul K. on Apr 20, 2013


Kento...where'd you go?

JBrotsis on Apr 20, 2013


I was going to reply but you nailed it.

Scordatura on Apr 20, 2013


Maybe because I went in with low expectations but I thought it was great. Nothing mindblowing or anything but some amazing visuals, solid performances and a plot good enough to keep you interested til the end. A big improvement over Kosinskis Tron IMO, and damn that soundtrack was fantastic. Also that chase scene had me letting out a breath at the end of it.

Cody W on Apr 19, 2013


Solid performances from who? Cruise sold his character as best he could with as little dialogue as he had at times but Kurylenko was down right horrible. I didn't buy her for a second. She's been asleep for sixty years and she suddenly adapts to her new environment over night? Nope. Also everyone else was just walking through it Nickolai seemed bored, Zoe Bell was underused massively and it was a total paycheck for Freeman.

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


I agree on Kurylenko completely, but I thought Andrea Riseborough did a great job. I thought Freeman and Nikolaj seemed fine but pretty small roles. Cruise knows how to carry a film. Honestly I dont understand why Kurylenko still even gets casted in anything, shes been horrible in everything and shes not hot enough to overlook it.

Cody W on Apr 19, 2013


Well I'm glad we agree on something. I do like Riseborough but she's also super one dimensional until the end of the film when we learn more about her, but even then it's still not really the same character.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


Also I do believe Kosinski said in an interview that it was meant to be a throwback to all the old generic sci fi plot lines wrapped into one.

Cody W on Apr 19, 2013


could you please source that?

Kento on Apr 19, 2013



Kento on Apr 20, 2013


The visuals were good, visioning the vast aftermath/devastated earth was good too. I thought the story was average and the trailers didn't reveal enough of it to get me motivated to see it (saw it because I was bored). It wasn't bad; it was entertaining, but its not something I'd go see right away.

JBrotsis on Apr 19, 2013


I disagree about the aftermath/devastated earth. It made no sense to me. There were tsunamis so buildings were buried underground? what?

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


You must be a blast at partys...-.-

Cody W on Apr 19, 2013


Well, if you were paying attention to dialogue in the film and not finding every little thing to hate on, SPOILER you would've heard the people of earth used their nukes which would've caused a tremendous amount of ash in the sky after detonation (which would stay in the sky for years if every nuke in the world went off). Then it was said after the explosion of the moon, the earth was thrown into chaos by severe earthquakes and tsunamis. The earthquakes would've eroded the land, causing buildings to collapse or become fall beneath the surface with just the very tops reaching the ground. And the tsunamis would help alter the landscape. Then after quakes and tsunamis, the black ash would finally settle, causing the ground to be covered in black soot, like what was shown in the film. But they don't go into all that because they figure people will get the picture without having it explained to them.

JBrotsis on Apr 20, 2013


I loved it. It shares elements with other great sci-fi films but it's still original in its own right. It is also extremely entertaining and impeccably crafted. Definitely a must see on the big screen.

Scordatura on Apr 19, 2013


how is it "original in it's own right"? Repair man of the future finds out he's a clone. How is that original at all?

Kento on Apr 19, 2013


Without trying to sound too arrogant, there is a lot more to filmmaking than what's on paper. The production design, seamless integration of effects, superb acting (particularly on Cruise's and Roseborough's parts), and cinematography are beyond stellar. And while admittedly somewhat derivative, the story is wildly engaging and offers more than a unique enough spin to make it a worthy entry into the sci-fi genre. This is a visually stunning film that I enjoyed watching immensely.

Scordatura on Apr 19, 2013


I agree that the film is visually stunning at times and that there is a lot on the screen that isn't on the paper, but when the art of the story starts on the paper it needs to have a solid foundation and I don't think this film does. It is held up by it's visuals and acting but after a while it starts to drag. The entire middle act is a snooze fest of unoriginality and borrowed ideas.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


I agree that this had borrowed ideas but I disagree that the middle act or any part of this film was a snooze feet. I thought this was massively entertaining. This film was not groundbreaking in its story telling, which is a tall order in itself, but it was an extremely engaging ride.

Scordatura on Apr 20, 2013


Is this film blog run rampant with plants? Sometimes it seems like a jungle on firstshowing

Linkfx on Apr 21, 2013


Kento, why don't you call spoiier alert idiot? Thanks for ruining the movie for people moron!

Chris McDermid on Apr 20, 2013


This area is for discussion by people that have seen the film, no need for spoiler alerts

Linkfx on Apr 21, 2013


About halfway through, I started feeling as if this movie had been done before... Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Moon." Sure, the main story is different, but they both share a lot of similarities. It wasn't what I was expecting, and I really wanted to like it.

yomandenver on Apr 22, 2013


Kento, we get it. You didn't like the film. Please stop going after everyone's opinions.

Jaleel White on Apr 19, 2013


I'm sorry but it's an open forum and I love debating. I'm not going to stop "going after everyone's opinions" when it's fun for me to argue with them. And so far I've yet to see a single argument that makes sense for anyone's opinion other than "i liked it" which is fine. I just want to understand WHY people liked it and there's nothing wrong with that or debate. Sorry but that's part of the internet, get used to it.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


Debate is an "I'm right, you're wrong" sort of thing. This is just a forum for people to give their opinions, and opinions are never right or wrong, they just... are. For example, I love Bio Dome, but I have no good reason to defend that shitty movie. When you ask a person to defend an opinion, you just come off like you are antagonizing them. It's a no win situation.

Jaleel White on Apr 20, 2013


I liked it because it was entertaining. I can concede that it wasn't the most philosophical or indepth sci-fi film, but why must every sci-fi film have those two qualities? I think this film balanced novelty sci-fi fun with a light philosophical plot rather well. I think the backdrop was unique in its own right because of the design of the scenery and the concept of the earth basically being shaken like a snow globe after the moon is destroyed was interesting to look at. (SPOILER) I also liked that the entire planet appeared to be segmented into quadrants that were geologically different. Although we only saw two of those segments the desert was a stark contrast to the gray wasteland that the rest of the film is set in. They probably could have done more with Morgan Freeman's band of rebels and their desire to protect their "home." They reminded me of the people who had escaped the Machine in the Matrix, and like them the group in this film should have delved a little more into the philosophy behind their stand. They were a cool aspect of the film that I think deserved a bigger role, and they had the perfect star in Morgan Freeman to pull it off. This was the biggest weakness of the film for me. (SPOILERS) I think most who saw the previews knew there was some twist to the plot so it wasn't a huge surprise when it was revealed. It was pretty subtle compared to what I actually thought it was going to be but I think that's ok because it didn't make the movie feel like it hit a jarring point when the twist was revealed. It moved smoothly from that point to the next little twist when it was revealed that he was a clone, which I thought was the more interesting aspect of the story because it made the story seem like it had a more fractal effect, which we saw in the ending. No this movie isn't a sci-fi masterpiece like Blade Runner or Matrix but in the grand picture of original sci-fi films in the past decade or so this is easily in the top 10%. It shows that Hollywood still has some gusto when it comes to putting out original sci-fi that isn't based on 80's toys or proven franchises.

RikOShea on Apr 20, 2013


because of Kento, I really want to see it now.

Jacob Denton on Apr 19, 2013


Then see it.

Kento on Apr 20, 2013


Loved it. One of the best movies I have seen in a while.

Conte Matal on Apr 19, 2013


Felt the same.

Lenin Tom on Apr 19, 2013


Visuals-great. Story/dialogue/acting-bland. For original sci-fi it wasn't very original. I guessed the clone-twist months ago when the first trailer came out. I really want to see Kosinski with a strong script, interesting characters and good actors. My entire theater laughed at the movie when Cruises' clone (#52) showed up at the end. Absurd. Julia has no scruples, haha, third time's the charm?. It would have been much better if they left it with a bittersweet end, with Jack and Julia sacrificing themselves. More romantic (idealistic) than any other part in the movie.

si1ver on Apr 20, 2013


Here is my review of it: I thought it was very, very unoriginal.

Nifty Films on Apr 20, 2013


Creating the World of "Oblivion": "A behind-the-scenes look at "Oblivion" (2013) and the film's innovative in-camera special effects with director Joe Kosinski, lead graphics animator David "dlew" Lewandowski, and design director Bradley "Gmunk" Munkowitz."

David Banner on Apr 20, 2013


@David... wow thanks for sharing. Through out the whole film I was wondering how much was shot blue screen and was 3D rendered.... This explains why the visuals we so realistic looking. Must watch if you are a fan of the movie making VFX stuff. I love how they used front projected scenery for the sky tower scenes! Wicked stuff. 🙂

jimmy on Apr 20, 2013


No problem 🙂 Yeah, I was surprised about the front projection, I never considered it was that.

David Banner on Apr 20, 2013


I loved it all....acting, visuals, story, twists, music..... all entertaining. The flash back was my favourite part of the movie. Yes you could poke holes in the plot and story but I walked out of the movie wanting to see it again. Sally was creepy... The british red head stole the show. The destruction of the moon was an ominous backdrop for all the visuals. Its a sci-fi so the cloning part completely fit in the story....but for me it was also the weakest part of the story. I like that I was left wondering about the other clones left on the planet. Excellent movie and I have already recommend to other they should go see it. For me I am going to watch it on IMAX next!

jim on Apr 20, 2013


Whilst it looked stunning and had a fairly decent (if derivative) plot, all in all I just found it a bit boring, unfortunately.

Meici AlterRed on Apr 20, 2013


Looking forward to laughing at the Cinema Sins video of this if they do one. I was annoyed when I saw the second trailer as I was instantly sure the big twist was going to be that he was unwittingly working for the aliens. Nothing original there though so whatever. I kind of felt like a bunch of movie execs had a brainstorm session, looked at popular movies over the last decade and said, “This movie needs something” CLONES!!! While I LOVED the design of his ship, why did everything need to be Apple white? Puhleez. The alien at the end was rather disappointing. It appeared to be a cross between Hal and Andross from the old Starfox video games. It was pretty damned derivative of Independence day down to the cigar. Love looking at Olga, but yea here ability to wake up to all this and adapt after one night was pretty silly and getting pregnant? That was a little too pat. I was wondering who/how the Borg… I mean Tet, would have found people to clone if we hadn’t just HAPPENED to send people to another planet as it approached. All in all though it was a very enjoyable movie to watch. I was expecting something a little more serious and less popcorn, but still, its worth watching.

Aaron on Apr 20, 2013


The Trailer pretty much gave up alot of the story, I already guessed most of it. The Clone part was the only suprise.

TranceGhost on Apr 20, 2013


I liked it! I don't know about anyone else though but I could nit-pick at 'Sally's AI all day. No X-Y Chromosome scan? Really? Really Sally? :/

lewinston on Apr 20, 2013


warning...if you don't want the movie spoiled for you...don't read any further...also there's this kento person that is truly obnoxious dominating the thread.

kitano0 on Apr 20, 2013


You know after this shitty ass week we have had, this movie allowed me to escape for however long it is. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that is why I love movies! Tom Cruise is still the man, the red head is awesome, and I'm in love with Olga! 'Nuff said!

Crazy Legs on Apr 20, 2013


Great comment!

Scordatura on Apr 20, 2013


I liked it. Visuals were stunning, acting was fine (except for Kurylenko's), and some action scenes were well done. Yes, I can see why many people think it is unoriginal. Parts of it would remind you of some past sci-fi movies if you've seen enough of them, but I think it all came together well enough to produce an entertaining film. There were some soft patches -- I think the pacing was a bit odd and the editing could have been better. But I went to the theater looking forward to seeing a decently enjoyable "commercial" sci-fi film, and that's what I got.

Hel1234 on Apr 20, 2013


It had a lot of potential. I did not mind Tom, always like him and he did well for what he had. However, Olga was terrible. I do not understand why she was cast? The Freeman scenes were terrible. Just didn't care for it. I think the main problem as with a lot of other recent scifi movies is that everything is explained. Cruise's character explains the situation 2-3 times and never leaves any discovery (minus the clone part) to the viewer. Top that with dumb dialog and it's just mediocre. And agreed, the last flashback scene was the best one. I felt like the movie should have started like it. Maybe? I expect a lot more from Elysium. More brain and better performances.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Apr 21, 2013


I thought that is stole a lot of ideas from different films and didn't hide that fact very well. My review of it on my film blog.

Nifty Films on Apr 21, 2013


Boring as hell, with characters I did not care one bit about. Repetitive, noisy action scenes. Dull dialogue. Very annoying music score. Two thumbs down.

$126191 on Apr 21, 2013


the visual is great. the story is quite thrilling, but in some other way it's quite predictable for me. still a good movie though.

Arvel Valerian on Apr 21, 2013


Like Tron Legacy the visuals are sumptuous and the use of the soundtrack excellent. However I didn't really 'feel' it. Like the director had put all the pieces in place and just assumed that it would organically come together from the collective of it's elements. The action set pieces felt very stale and generic - 'the oh so narrow gap in the valley that traps the two chasing craft', 'the leader getting on the gun in a hopeless last act of defiance replete with offensive language retort', 'the fluffy haired kid introduced purely to add some feeling of peril to an action scene'... There was much that I wanted to like and I did think about it for some time afterwards but the actual experience of watching it left me a little 'meh'.

Payne by name on Apr 21, 2013


Started off quite well, a lot of mystery and some cool ideas. However, after half way the film quickly becomes unsalvageable and descends into a mire of shitty homage and sharp plot turns which can only be described as annoying and insulting to anyone who started off enjoying the story.

Gary Barlow on Apr 21, 2013


P.S I agree with Kento

Gary Barlow on Apr 21, 2013


The best scifi movie since Avatar. This is not the average way to fast paced scifi action movie without a background. True, there are elements in the story that we find back in other movies, but does that matter if the end product is excellent?

Peter T'Sas on Apr 21, 2013


And I saw a strong acting performance from Tom Cruise. That was quite a while ago.

Peter T'Sas on Apr 21, 2013


Better than Inception? District 9? Please

Guest on Apr 26, 2013


very boring.

ram on Apr 21, 2013


Kosinski is a commercial director that is I'll suited for longer format story telling. Tron Legacy and now Oblivion are a testament to that. He borrows ideas and moments from other films and puts them together in a way that's too obvious and forced. Oblivion's twist was no surprise. The actors are poorly directed and often times stiff.

Scott Meadows on Apr 21, 2013


Get a blender... introduce Escape from New York, 2001's HAL, Planet of the Apes, Wall-E, Independence Day, Boba Fett's arch, Sunshine's sacrifice, Close encounters of the third kind, The Matrix and Solaris and blend it with a M83 soundtrack and a beautifully CGI'ed cinematography by Claudio Miranda. Shake it for a few years and you get Oblivion

Arlb on Apr 21, 2013


I loved this movie. Best SciFi film I´ve seen lately. Great cinematography, great CG, incredible art direction and sets, good music and sound FX, nice plot with some twists, good performances. And Olga. The whole package. Don´t understand the hate. I found it to be more interesting than Avatar, less pretentious than moon. And it sports one of the best space ships ever.

MrG on Apr 21, 2013


The production design was very derivative. Felt like they ripped off Apple, Wall-E and Astro Boy by Imagi. Don't believe me? Check out the drones in that awful take of a classic manga.

Ticketmaster on Apr 21, 2013


People came out of the theater laughing as they talked about how ridiculous the twist was and the third act. Safe to say word of mouth won't be good from my group and not much repeat business. I really wish I waited to rent this film. It really felt like a made for tv commercial.

Walden on Apr 21, 2013


And by people he means him and his friend.

Guest on Apr 26, 2013


Loved the movie...visually stunning, fantastic performances from it's leads (especially Cruise), interesting and thought provoking ideas (some borrowed some original) assembled for movie lovers who want more than retreads from directors who think bigger explosions = great cinema.

Blufan on Apr 21, 2013


what a bunch of nerds!!

Angry Lester on Apr 22, 2013


Wasn't sure what to think of Oblivion coming out of theater, upon reflection I felt nothing but lukewarm about the whole endeavor.

Austen Courpet on Apr 23, 2013


Brilliant Sci-Fi. I was totally enthralled from beginning to end. Sci-fi & Tom Cruise = Gold.

Last Son on Apr 25, 2013


I liked it more than I thought I would. From the moment it started until the end, I was engrossed in that world and story. It's not earth shattering... not original, but it had great visual elements and fun moments, cool machines great soundtrack. It succeeds in being a very entertaining film. 2 thumbs up, if that still applies.

Qrious on Apr 28, 2013


spectacular i loved it a lot, cant wait to get this on blueray

Fernandes.F on Apr 29, 2013


lets see you make a better one dude. loved it .

oldjulyangel on Apr 29, 2013


Loved it. Going to see it again and get the Bluray when it comes out.

ikkf on Apr 29, 2013


Disappointed that Starwaves was used in a tropey, useless love scene. Still loved it, though.

OfficialJab on Apr 29, 2013


loved the soundtrack too

Fernandes.F on Apr 30, 2013


Interesting, I thought the inspirations came from: Logans Run, Macross, and I am Legend

TheMandarin on May 7, 2013

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