Sound Off: Marvel/Shane Black's 'Iron Man 3' - What Did You Think?

May 3, 2013

Marvel's Iron Man 3

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Prepare for a heavy metal! He's back. The Iron Man. Tony Stark, returning for Round 3 after teaming up in The Avengers. In theaters nationwide this weekend is Marvel Studio's latest sequel, Iron Man 3, once again bringing back Robert Downey Jr. as Stark. They set the stakes with Avengers, can Shane Black take the character to new heights? Key characters this time include Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper, Don Cheadle as Rhodey, and Guy Pearce as Killian. Best one yet or worse than Iron Man 2? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Shane's Iron Man 3.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the Arc Reactor, I think Shane Black's Iron Man 3 is a damn good movie that has been growing on me the more I think about it. It's not at all what I was expecting, a completely different and more physical yet technical movie all about what it means to be the Iron Man, both with and without the armor. I love the Christmas setting of the film, not only does it make it the perfect Shane Black presentation, but it works well as a frame for the deeper character story. The big reveal with The Mandarin was crazy, I thought it was a joke at first, but then becomes forgotten quickly. There's some amazingly choreographed action in this, and a story that really explores the depths of the character of Tony Stark. Just don't see this in 3D - not worth it.

What did you think of Shane Black's Iron Man 3? Best Marvel movie yet or a superhero bore? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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It was entertaining -- to a degree. I'd give it a 6/10. Can't get over the obnoxious humor interjecting seemingly every moment, the disjointed plot and overall blandness of this film. I guess this is what Marvel is settling for now. Yes, they did a great job setting up this universe. Any movie they make, no matter how mediocre or middling it is, going to rake in boatloads of money. Good for them?

John on May 3, 2013


"overall blandness of this film." put it perfectly. Maybe I'm getting old, but I found myself bored so many times. I actually nodded off a few times.

axalon on May 3, 2013


definitely signs of getting old - not being able to enjoy movies u used to enjoy or would have enjoyed years ago. movie was awesome except post credits scene was kinda disappointing.

fan on May 6, 2013


"not being able to enjoy movies u used to enjoy or would have enjoyed years ago." I think that's called maturity and wanting more out of a movie. The bar for these types of movies should be raised, not lowered.

axalon on May 6, 2013


i didnt kno that was the definition of maturity, thanks for telling me that. all im saying is i think u need to be a kid at heart with superhero movies bc u enjoyed much more back then rather than criticize everything. "ignorance is bliss" is a saying for a reason. wouldnt u rather enjoy these movies like u did as a kid rather than expect perfectionism and critique everything, which definintely sets yourself up for dissappointment? thats all im saying. i thought the movie was great bc i enjoyed the action, effects, and story and didnt critique every little thing bc i wanted to be entertained, not dissappointed bc of a wanting for more more more more more more out of a movie. The bar does not always have to be raised to enjoy something.

fan on May 14, 2013


It's a boring film, with a messy script. The first part of it it's kinda cool, pretty straight forward. The second part of the film (spoiler free) it's boring, dull and stupid. I had the feeling that I was watching a film by Michael Bay, where nothing matters, there's no consequence whatsoever, at the end The Iron Man wins. Poor script, mild jokes and LOTS of Iron Man suits (as we saw in the trailer).

capitandelespacio on May 3, 2013


Dont watch any more Marvel Movies then, stop talking down about something you guys could never produce even if you owned a golden egg laying goose. If you guys think this was bland & boring, mabye get your jaded asses out of the theater and make room for people that actually enjoy movies and dont just see things so you can get onto great sites like this and Diss on them. Dont go see any more Marvel Movies, they wont miss you and neither will anyone else.

Sky on May 3, 2013


People are allowed to not like something, man. It doesn't mean Shane Black and his team didn't work hard or that we're insulting them. There are people out there that loved this movie, I may not agree with them but they're allowed to feel how they feel and express that however they want.

axalon on May 3, 2013


You are not allowed this time Flaxalon. Go complain about a movie that actually deserves it... like that wedding movie.

Sky on May 3, 2013


You watch wedding movies? haha You guys need to read comics more, it's a let down for us that read them. It's a parallel universe, the movie universe, but they all suck from xmen, to spiderman to iron man, marvel/disney needs to get directors that actually know and read comics from marvel. We do have the right to complaint because personally, I spent $14 on a 3D movie, that wasn't even 2D, and it kept making me fall asleep!

Alvaro Dorner on May 4, 2013


I've been reading Marvel Since i was old enough to read, and i couldnt be more happy with what Marvel has done with their Comics.... Iron man has always been funny, with intense action thrown in around it wo make it a comic. If you have read the read the comic book like you have said, you wouldnt have written what was above. And no we dont watch wedding Movies you idiot, its another movie out in theaters that deserves people actually hating it rather than people hating Iron Man... DUHHHHH

Sky on May 4, 2013


wedin totally dropped the ball. The mandarin is supposed to be a badass with the 10 rings of power. Not a drug abusing dumb ass.

wterry on May 6, 2013



xavier ramos on May 6, 2013


Black did a terrible job...sry I blame the executive for hiring him, obviously no knowledge of the Marvel Universe.

Andrew K on May 5, 2013


I know, right? I really wonder if 75% of the people who comment on movie sites like this one even like movies...

Bl00dwerK on May 3, 2013


Wow. Chill out. We are talking about IM3, not about my taste in movies. I'm sorry if my commentary has in any point make you waste your precious time. Kisses.

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2013


Ive been on this site for 6 yrs, never really letting the comments get to me, never spending more than a min reading these horrible people talk.... but i have had enough.... i pick to Defend Marvel till their dying breath

Sky on May 4, 2013


Noble commenter, I admire your epic words. To the comment battle!

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2013


First mistake!

xavier ramos on May 6, 2013


You win. I've stopped going to these weak, formulaic comic book movies a long time ago. Now please tell me, how do we get whiny fanboys like you to stop posting your garbage on the internet?

racquetman on May 4, 2013


Thank god you stopped showing up racquetman, now the theater will stop smelling of BO

Sky on May 4, 2013


I am sure lots of people could write such a poor script.

Brian Sleider on May 4, 2013


I'm sure you have plenty

Sugar Skylar Salt on May 5, 2013


Lol go back to your dark & sad world you fucking Scrooge. The movie sucked get off of Marvels dick.

Nick on May 5, 2013


I feel you but don't at same time... The obvious reason we still watch is because that's all Hollywood continues to put out. Each summer we get a large influx of Superhero movies year after year. I think the film industry lacks originality, all we seem to get is Superhero movie or a remake of an old film and/or TV Show. On one hand it's great cause we get to see themes & ideals that we grew up on come to life on the big screen. On the other a lot them are let downs when you have already great built up storylines that get lost in translation when they develop a script for them. Though Marvel is progressively getting better; there are still some loopholes in some of their movies. Eliminate X-Men series (Bryan Singer butchered them)... I don't think the Marvel movies have been all that bad. I was really disappointed how the portrayed the Mandarin… HUGE LET DOWN!!!! The Mandarin is to Iron Man, what the Joker is to Batman.

David Dilley on May 6, 2013


They put a blogue entry here for a reason. So dont get all twitterpainted when people post their opinions. If YOU cant handle it, then dont come here anymore! And this isnt just about enjoying a good movie, its the fact that directors keep making the same mistakes with these so-called "Comic-book" movies over and over again its become vexing.

xavier ramos on May 6, 2013


I disagree completely. It shows the effects Tony is having from his encounter with aliens and trying to save NYC and the world. It has much better action than both previous IM films and the jokes were all dead on. The film is much darker in tone despite the jokes than I thought. But coming from the guy behind Lethal Weapon I shouldn't have been surprised Terrific film

rocky728 on May 4, 2013



Sky on May 4, 2013


Lots of suits with no real context for their existence. Oh Im sorry Tony "couldn't sleep" So he goes ahead and makes 50+ suits which he then promply destroys giving up Iron Man but then at the end he IS Iron Man. Act 3 was a joke..

Brian Sleider on May 4, 2013


he wasnt giving up Iron Man Compeletly dingus... then there would have been the teaser at the end of the credits... after the post-credit sequence

Sky on May 5, 2013


Agreed, very boring movie indeed.

Broseph Brosullini on May 5, 2013


I enjoyed it and if this is the last stand-alone Iron Man movie with Downey, or last stand-alone Iron Man for a long time, I'm fine with that. A2 might be Downey's last (he has a 5 movie deal). There's 9000 other Marvel characters(maybe more?) to pick from. Marvel/Disney are making 2(?) movies a year? They could up the ante and make 4 at least. The humor or jokes in the movie were probably fun on set, but few were in the theater, the kiddies didn't find them that clever, I guess the jokes were there for them? Happy should just have died, Pepper should have had more screen time at the end (She-Hulk vibes there ), end credits scene was funny. Go see it.

David Banner on May 4, 2013


@Alex B is there any movie you don't like? to fuel up the fire with you, i dont remember a movie yo don't like :S to be honest with this movie, sucks big time. i dont have to get on the details but really?? no more reactor?? WTF with mandarin?? armor it's a joke!! without exaggerating a 90% of people i know and people i heard talking on the streets didn't like this movie. the other 10% did like it but because they are not aware of the comic and girls that just love robert downey jr.

IronMan3sucks on May 3, 2013


Yes, plenty of movies I don't like. I hated Amour. And I didn't like Upstream Color or To the Wonder. I love movies, that's my thing. If I dislike something I usually don't want to waste time talking about it. How does this movie suck big time? There may have been some odd twists and weird things happening, but it's still a very well-made movie with some great action moments. Have you even seen it yet?

Alex Billington on May 3, 2013


Yes i saw it last week. in mexico they are one week ahead with this movie. I agree with you with the CGI and the final battle scene it's real cool. but the thing is... i have the extremis graphic novel and it's well adapted kind of diferente but still it's well adapted to the big screen. And everything was okay until they got to the mandarin. To me that was it. they've destroy the whole thing with the number one nemesis of iron man. When i saw the first trailer i was so hyped about the mandarin that was the whole thing with me. And they made a joke of him that made me real mad and dissapointed. When i see a Marvel movie i expect to see well adapted things from the comic. SPOILER SPOILER to remove his chest reactor at the end was a real big kick to the balls for me and some other people (friends) to see Mandarin as an actor int he movie (a real joke to me) was even worse. And i got tired to see the mark 42 destroy like every half an hour. Sorry but this was lame to me. Wasted of good CGI. Juest read the comments a lot of people agree with what im saying.

IronMan3sucks on May 3, 2013


Sorry for my grammar i type to fast and eat or misspelled some words.

IronMan3sucks on May 3, 2013


I have to agree with you 100%, my fiancee loved it, but she has no comic book base to compare it too. I felt really threatened by the Mandarin and hes Iron Man's arch nemesis, and there's something about his terror threats that is really frightening (more then the Extremis guy, ooo red lights and eyes) and when he was a actor, a fool, a joke, that killed the whole vibe for me. They also wasted Rebbecca Hall, shes a great actor, and hot and they totally wasted her, she tries to redeem herself and boom dead sorry bye... Maybe I'm getting old but the Iron Man unmanned army was lame to me, it "looked good" but was too busy and ridiculous. Also Rhodes was a stern more serious balance to Tony Starks wittiness but even he was making jokes in the heat of battle, etc. it seemed weird and out of character. Then, the, eh I just decided to finally cure myself and destroy my life's work, hopefully no bad Aliens show up in town tomorrow... Wow... Also, Christmas? Why? Talk about distracting and out of place for a Summer movie, now I'll only watch the Blu-ray during Christmas or it will feel weird. I would say, technically it was a very good looking film, they just went in a direction I really didn't like, and it sounds like I'm not alone in that.

MMAniac911 on May 4, 2013


Oh also so, just because this Guy (lol) heals me, now I have to become an evil bad-ass warrior even if I spent my life in the military protecting American citizens, now I will murder whoever, whenever? I'm surprised more people weren't pissed about that.

MManiac911 on May 4, 2013


Oh ya and why was he outside his suit and doing the remote thing all the time, even when there was no reason at all to do that? Even when hes running to get Pepper, he doesn't take a suit with him, friggin tell like 4 of them to go save her then... ANYWAY what I did like: the banter with the kid, the fact that he has Anxiety attacks, when his house got blown up and he put the suit on Pepper then, when she kicked ass at the end, these were really great moments, the overall movie was bad tho, not like Wolverine Origins bad, but for the Iron Man series, bad.

MMAniac911 on May 4, 2013


Ah, That explains why first showing is not promoting upstream color, one of he most important events in American Cinema. Way to help out independent cinema guys. When it needs hou most. Carruth is self destributing and could use support. which would be to support the whole concept of purging the poison from the system. You are on the wrong side of history. Oh yeah, iron man three looked like crap from begining. Same ole same. Here we are with something new on the rise with Shane Carruth and you double down on the 80's with Shane Black. No accounting for taste, nor excuse.

Skotos Khrodos on May 3, 2013


Say what? I just don't like the film, this has nothing to do with supporting it or not. I'm planning to write a review once I see it again, but there's no taking sides here, if only to say that I don't think Shane made a good film.

Alex Billington on May 3, 2013


Honestly don't know why you give these people your time. If the guy even used the site he would know that you have complimented many "independent" and low budget films.

Guy who comments on things on May 3, 2013


You guys act like you don't understand that independent films depend heavily on buzz,--- reviews and notice. You don't hesitate when blockbusters come out, and they don't need your help. This is a bigger issue than just what you like and don't like. You don't have to like a film to post one of your "what do you think?" Notices. This film is a big deal aesthetically, head and shoulders above Malick, but even if you don't get that you should appreciate what the success of a self distributed indoor dent film could mean. This is historical dude. Lynch tred it with Inland Empire and it didn't go so well. Shane may be creating the model for what is to come. Both aesthetically and marketing. Carruth understands marketing is part of the films narrative. Not commerce.

Skotos Khrodos on May 3, 2013


HE JUST DOESN'T LIKE IT. IT IS ALLOWED. JUST BECAUSE INDIE FILMS NEED SUPPORT (although if you watch the soderberg talk on the state of cinema I'd suggest a fewer number need more support) DOESN'T MEAN WE ALL HAVE TO LIKE EVERY SINGLE ONE.

blargh on May 4, 2013


Oh dear Alex you just can't win, one guy asking you to name movies you disliked, the other damning the entire site based off of a film you dislike. It's a tough gig this internet eh! =D

Michael Power on May 4, 2013


This movie sucks big time because it was poorly written and doesn't even have Tony in the suit for 1/3 of the movie. They completely turned the Mandarin character into a joke and I can't even believe Ben Kingsley could be a part of this mockery.

Jason Savinon on May 3, 2013


Really you can't believe that?

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


Does it matter if he's in the suit or not? The suit doesn't make Tony Stark

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on May 3, 2013


But it does make Iron Man....

sanluisobispo on May 4, 2013


But if they're one in the same, does it matter?

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on May 4, 2013


Ben Kingsley wasnt the Mandarin, did u even watch the movie

Sky on May 4, 2013


a third? Try like 1/8 of the movie Pretty sure he had less suit time in this than in 2..and he only have like 25 min of suit time in 2.

Brian Sleider on May 4, 2013


i think Pepper Potts had more time in the suit than Tony lol

xavier ramos on May 6, 2013


it didn't suck big time. it could have been way better, but first it would have to decide what type of movie it wanted to be; a fairly faithful adaptation of the gritty "Extremis" story, a super hero movie or a merchandize selling Juggernaut. SPOILER ALERT - the final action sequence lacked visual clarity (couldn't really tell what was happening between Armor vs Etremis soldiers - beware when fights/action takes place in the dark), to many standard Hollywood stunts (hanging from ledges, jumping incredible distances, ETC,) , the whiz kid was lame to the extreme (putting a goofy relationship with a kid in a movie doesn't make it a kids movie. surprised he didn't have a dog), Mandarin -WTF (very interesting idea, great twist but seriously?), I never for one second believed that Pepper was in danger (next time grow some and just kill her since you already FKD up the Mandarin), I'll forgive the numerous plot holes (pretty standard in modern film making), I could keep adding but it will get covered by somebody. the main problem is that it is out of context with the other 2 films and the Avengers. should have been called"Starkfall". I did enjoy it but that doesn't make it a good movie. it is ok to say "I liked it but it sucked." Tony Stark is just as interesting as David Banner but no where near as enjoyable as Iron Man or the Hulk. I was looking for the the feeling of the spontaneous audience cheer when the Hulk punched the Chitari ship, but got something vastly different. interesting direction for Marvel films.

Karl on May 3, 2013


sorry for the sentence break up something happened while pasting it or posting it

Karl on May 3, 2013


edit it

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on May 3, 2013



karl on May 4, 2013


Click "edit". Its to the left of "reply" on your own comment

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on May 4, 2013


I agree with you Alex. I thought the film was great. It was so different to the first 2 films and it had Shane Black's stamp all over it. It also showed more depth to Tony Stark's character. Also Guy Pearce is great as the villain. Well he was way better then Mickey Rourke which isn't much of a stretch. Great beginning to the Summer.

Last Son on May 3, 2013


You're right Alex, I too saw it in Mexico and I enjoyed this movie for what it is, some parts reminded me of Lethal Weapon in a good way... but Fanboy-wise, I have to be honest... the treatment The Mandarin had was BS, among other details, that's pretty much enough for the Fanboy Rage to be Unleashed... so yeah, it's a good movie that it's easy to hate.

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on May 4, 2013


It sucked because it was already made four times in the 80s and 90s. Buddy cop team of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover ... Umm, I mean, RDJ and Don Chedle save Rene Russo ... err... Gweneth Paltrow! and rescue the President of the US from the evil terrorist. Ummmmm. Holy [expletive]!!! If Shane Black wanted to make another Lethal Weapon, then why didn't he?! Did I seriously just see that [expletive]? Am I living in the Twilight Zone? This was a gag, right? When does the real movie come out? ...

livinginreality on May 4, 2013


Well made? Yes Well Written? NO.

Brian Sleider on May 4, 2013


Iron Man 3 was bad, but not on the level of Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Wolverine, and Iron Man 2.

ticketmaster on May 3, 2013


Good point!! I agree 🙂

IronMan3sucks on May 3, 2013


spot on

gripstick on May 4, 2013


Wow I'm a die hard iron man fan but that was terrible the plot of the whole movie was stupid they tried to make it funny and was worried about putting the suit on him too much and seriously the madrin was horrible i can't believe they did him like that

sjcampos713 on May 3, 2013


Iron Meh 3 is what it should be called 4/10

Luke Hanna on May 3, 2013


you damn right about that hahahahaha

IronMan3sucks on May 3, 2013


IronMan3Sucks Sucks

Sky on May 3, 2013


Hodor! Hodor hodor, hodor!

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2013


u'll reget those words

Sky on May 4, 2013


Seems like a lot of people expected one Iron Man film and got something unexpected and different. I for one like different.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


Agreed. People go to the cinema now wanting to be baby fed exactly what they expect and when Someone is brave enough to try and come from a different angle and surprise them they get all offended and whine. No wonder why Hollywood rarely tries anything new.

Guy who comments on things on May 3, 2013



Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


we are all in the matrix and fed with popcorn movies...

Avi on May 4, 2013


The Matrix movies are actually pretty good. Do a little research on the lore of the world and it all becomes clear.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2013


It seems like every bad review I've seen hates on all the creative things they did in the film, which were the main reasons I loved it. Kickass (inventive) action scenes with partially armored Tony, crazy armors at the end getting destroyed and flying on mid-air, the Mandarin twist, all great stuff.

Matt on May 3, 2013


Epic Shane Black I'd say.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


oh, for sure. The whole film felt 100% Shane Black, which was awesome.

Matt on May 3, 2013


I absolutely agree with both of you...I loved it because it subverted expectations and chose to be different so often...I always appreciate films that try to actively throw you for a loop. A lot of the turns and twists taken in this movie were quite surprising to get in a big crazy superhero movie.

Chris Groves on May 4, 2013


Could not have said it better mate.

Fidel Reyes on May 4, 2013


I for one like GOOD opposed to different.

Brian Sleider on May 4, 2013


its all subjective.

Xerxexx on May 7, 2013



Brian Sleider on May 7, 2013


I loved it such an improvement from the last one I found the jokes in 2 and a lot of the acting miss matched 3 had a good storey and a good tone throughout the film, every character was a real person even the henchmen. I'm a big Ironman fan but I still liked what the did with Ben Kingsley, it can be hard to supprise an audience especial when the material is so well known. I loved the action too not just the end with the big showdown I like the fact that the bad guys are people after 2 films watching 2 men in suits fight it can get old. All so this one was the first of the 3 film that I felt there was a real relationships between Tony, Pepper and Roady all in all good followup to Ironman 2 and the Avengers

Phil on May 3, 2013


Okay so Mandarin is suppose to have these rings that give him awesome powers which are made from alien tech from a downed why not use the huge alien invasion from Avengers to set up his character rather than make him some junky with a boat?

josh on May 3, 2013


Exactly what I thought. The Mandarin could have been a dark character like Bane was in Rises. This movie should have been epic.

Logan on May 3, 2013


What the hell is wrong with everyone here!!!!! He wasnt the Mandarin you idiots!!!!!!! Guy Pearce was the Mandarin the whole time. And they tell you that straight forward. Everyone on here keeps talking about how the Mandarin wasnt cool, and he was a wimp, and drunk.... that wasnt him!!!!!!!!!!!

Sky on May 3, 2013


But that would have been so typical and expected..."Oh, lets go dark and epic"...what they did was a lot more inventive and true to the Iron Man films...which have never tried to be the typical superhero films.

Chris Groves on May 4, 2013


Such a shame what they did in this movie. It was pretty awful. The 2 things they manage to get right are the suits and Tony Stark's personality. But EVERYTHING else just FAILS on ALL levels. It was so silly and stupid and for a moment I thought i was watching the dictator instead of iron man 3. This brought back the memories of the awful Iron Man 2 dance and drunk scenes which I have tried to forget for years. Very Very Very disappointed as a film fan. 5/10

hi hello on May 3, 2013


So disgusted with this movie. If this is to kick off the road to phase II then we marvel fans should be worried. The fact that everyone is selling it as a great film is disgusting. Never thought I'd see people treat mediocrity as greatness. After marvel dominated with Avengers, this is the follow up?!??! Man of Steel is going to getting around that. Fucking DC fans are going to be relentless come June and it's all due to Shane black's ego. If Thor 2 follows this road, looks like cap is going to have to put the team on his shield! Easily the transformers 2 of the mcu. An overhyped, underperforming mess. 6/10

Marvelboy31 on May 3, 2013


Dude...thank you! Your post sums up exactly how I feel! I don't even have to post because you said it all for me. But have faith in Marvel, they will rebound.

KeyserSoseOwnsYou on May 3, 2013


Man Of Steel doesn't have much going for it. WB doesn't have a good track record either. Superman Returns, Green Lantern. Neither does Zack Snyder: Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Guardian of Gahoole. That's 3 strikes!

Legion on May 3, 2013


I see you left out TDK trilogy. And you are high if you don't think Man of Steel has much going for it. So,in the words of Les Grossman: take a step back and literally....FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!

ShireSquireDrax on May 3, 2013


April Fools!! Oh wait...this is May

Guest on May 3, 2013


People celebrated Avatar.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


Probably because it was good...unless of course you think making 2.7 billion at the box office, scoring over 85% at RT and winning countless awards is the mark of a bad movie.

Guest on May 3, 2013

98 was certainly watchable but nothing amazing. The awards were for visual effects and art direction the only thing it had going for it...nothing for acting or writing, which in my opinion really mean something. Just because its pretty doesn't mean it has a soul.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2013


Golden Globe for Best picture.

Guest on May 5, 2013


So? A lot of bad films get awards...this is my opinion. You don't have to like it.

Xerxexx on May 5, 2013


Do a lot of bad movies make 2.7 billion....get over 85% in aggregated reviews...get nominated for best picture at the Oscars? You're are entitled to your matter how silly it is

Guest on May 5, 2013


Money does not make a movie good. A lot of sub-par films get acclaim. Calling my opinion silly does not change the fact that Avatar was a epic re-hash...the only difference was is that it had great effects.

Xerxexx on May 7, 2013


avatar was a bad movie. there are many bad movies that sell to the public. the mark of a great movie is story; flow of film; and acting....avatar failed on all 3.

dianeT on May 3, 2013


avatar was a bad movie????????????? It wasn't a classic but a bad movie???? In what universe makes james Cameron a bad movie? Is this the level of fair and objective criticisme on first

Avi on May 4, 2013


Avatar haters are so bad that even trolls look down on them

Guest on May 5, 2013


Then how do you explain it being a smashing success amongst the public, critics and award givers? Oh I get're smarter than everyone else. Avatar was a fantastic movie and was incredibly well made.

Guest on May 5, 2013


The Dances with Wolves remake wasn't bad per say it just wasn't good.

Brian Sleider on May 4, 2013


Have you even seen Dances with Wolves or did you just hear someone else make that comparison and you think it makes you sound smart by pointing it out. Star Wars borrows heavily from well established must think it wasn't good either

Guest on May 5, 2013


Yeh I saw it in the theater. Borrow heavily and steal the whole plot are worlds apart.

Brian Sleider on May 5, 2013


Yeah....because Dances with Wolves had aliens, and space travel, and marines, and the ability to download your mind into another body, and floating rocks, and greedy corporations....oh had none of that

Guest on May 5, 2013


Plot is the SAME location is different. Get a guy to go in and make friends with the natives, guy falls in love with a native girl, guy goes on to help the natives win against the bad guys. The movie was fun and amazing to look at, the writing, acting, and plot line were nothing special.

Brian Sleider on May 6, 2013



mistermysteryguest on May 9, 2013


I actually loved the Film...doesn't really explore much into Tony himself, but gives us a nice look into how one of the "mortals" from the Avengers can be susceptible to regular emotions... I am going to throw out there that I was expecting grandiose things from this film, after the Awesomeness that was The Avengers and all, but I think that was my mistake...I felt disappointed at first leaving the theater as I wanted this to be The Avengers 1.5 so bad...but as I didn't get any cameos and I brought myself back down to earth, I thought about what the movie was or IS...An Iron Man film, I forced myself to focus on the Extremis plot, and now am thinking that this is a pretty Awesome stand alone film...!!!!!!!! I can't wait to go back and watch it with the right set of mind (in my case) Also, I loved what they did with The unexpected twist, and I think a really good distraction...(there was that Batman wannabe in the second Batman, there sure as hell can be people wanting to play villains also in other films). But I was really hoping that the end credits or something would give us a peak at the ACTUAL Mandarin or something...Maybe Thor will give us something as how that is actually Cosmic in a sort of way, leading up to Guardians...I NEED MORE MARVEL

zeldaprimed on May 3, 2013


they can only have people wanting to play villains if they actually exist in the universe in the first place. there was NO Mandarin setup for the actual villain known from the comics and therefore it seems they are choosing to eliminate the possibility of him existing at all. such a shame imo. and for those of you who say that Mandarin is actually Aldrich Killian, you are mostly right in the sense of the movie by itself. but if you go from the comics, they just upped his role in the story as he already existed as a character in the Iron Man universe and wasn't actually a villain.

Tim on May 4, 2013


I agree. It was a mess overall. My number one peeve with the movie is of a different nature. Marvel, Black and RDJ missed an opportunity here. Tony Stark built like 50+ suits and no one of the above came with the idea to call one of the suits YINSEN or THE YINSEN. This in memory or/and to honor the man who give Tony Stark his second life in the first movie in the grotto.

paranam on May 3, 2013


I had an awful experience watching the film on it's Norwegian premiere (April 26th). Smudgy 3D-glasses, tired eyes, some kid next to me shouting at his mom. The works. I ended up giving it a 7/10. I'm seeing it again on Sunday though. Not in 3D thankfully.

Nielsen700 on May 3, 2013


Sooo disapointed!! The whole Mandarin thing was a big joke. I mean, when he is the nemesis of Tony, why do they turn him in to a joke. Worst film so far, and when he removed the arc reactor i just like, what the hell! Just hope that he will return for the avengers 2

Slash on May 3, 2013


Just so many questions. It was not perfect. No where near as good as IRON MAN. I just wish there was more combat and less discussions with the little kid.

DAVIDPD on May 3, 2013


It's not out until tonight so ... it's unknown as of yet.

Zanpher on May 3, 2013


I agree that it was enjoyable and fun, but there were some things in the film that threw me off a little bit and I know it will piss off the hardcore fanboys.  It was a huge departure from the previous Iron Man Films.  Even though I liked what Shane Black brought, it was a little too similar to his style in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang especially with the narration.  I liked Shane's direction but it was just a little too unfamiliar from the Iron Man universe. Also Don't tease Ben Kingsly as a bad ass Mandarin when you're going to just use him as a joke, I got what they were trying to do and I eventually got over it as the film went on, but it pissed me off in the moment.  It was a great movie in my opinion but they made a lot of risky decisions, especially at the end of the movie. So is Tony no longer Ironman? I could see marvel going in the direction of the kid becoming iron man especially after Tony leaving him a workshop.

Zade_92 on May 3, 2013


I don't get the strong dislike from people. It was a good movie, just not a great one. I think @Xerxexx:disqus is spot on with it didn't go as expected which is likely why so many have problems with it. Personally I feel they did a great job of showing the impact of The Avengers on Stark while still making it a stand alone film. I am conflicted on The Mandarin. Kingsley was brilliant in the role and it was definitely an unexpected twist, but I also feel cheated by the potential of an epic nemesis for Iron Man. Since the 10 Rings group was used in both of the first 2 movies they miss on a chance to truly tie all 3 together. In all the dialogue and action sequences make it good for me, but the very end keeps it from being great. *SPOILERS* It seems like they just gloss over what exact happens with Pepper, unless I missed something. Does he reverse and get rid of it or simply give her the ability to control it? If it was as easy as simply having a surgery to get the shrapnel removed from his chest, why on earth didn't he do that in the 1st movie?

Corey Ragland on May 3, 2013


Enjoyed it quite a bit overall (and now that I've had a day to to let it sink in, I'm liking it more), but the misdirection with the Mandarin and the poor acting from the kid that played Harley knocked it down a peg for me.

Adreth Stark on May 3, 2013


does anybody know if Iron Man in the comics builds in his armour in his body? likef the movie 6/10! but disleked when peppe rtakes the lastfinish!

rangol on May 3, 2013


That's the problem with this movie. It has no thematic ambitions. No juice. No punch. And that twist is borderline offensive. Coming after the Avengers this is a disappointment.

Alboone on May 3, 2013


SPOILER ALERT Looking back on the film, the Mandarin in the videos had on rings while the actor Mandarin never had on rings. There could be perhaps a twist to the twist that the real Mandarin is yet to be seen.

Mandarin Twist to the Twist on May 3, 2013


Killian was the real Mandarin

Guest on May 3, 2013



Sky on May 3, 2013


The Ten Rings thing is never commented on the film. It was supposed to refer to the first film.... but, wait! everything was a lie!

capitandelespacio on May 3, 2013


This film took a great concept from the Extremis arc, made it bigger and better in every way, and delivered by far the most satisfying ending to an Iron Man film to date. Keeping Iron Man out of the suit is something that would usually annoy me, but the way it was implemented here worked amazingly well, delivering fast paced action both in and out (and half in) to the point that I was never just waiting around during the Tony moments for the next big Iron Man action scene. The use of all the suits together at the end was great, and the Mandarin "twist" was a hilarious surprise that worked perfectly with the story being told. Also, huge props to the marketing team for not spoiling every little surprise in the trailers. Even the things I had seen a hundred times in trailers and promos were paced completely differently in the film itself, so everything still felt fresh and exciting. I'll have to see it again soon, but as it stands right now, IM3 is easily the best of the trilogy, and possibly the best Marvel film to date.

Matt on May 3, 2013


Hit the nail on the head. I was so incredibly impressed with how they kept Stark vulnerable and interesting - as opposed to spending most of the film in his invincible suit (rewatching The Avengers made me realize just how ridiculously unbreakable it is). I am actually in awe at all the hate here - especially from comic book fans. The Mandarin is a villain that couldn't really work in the MCU. They found a way to incorporate him and keep it fresh and interesting. Shane Black's stamp is what kept this film from being just another dull action film, MCU or not.

Stephen on May 3, 2013


Wow, wasn't expecting this much hate. Looks like the departures from the comics really pissed off a lot of people. And that's fair enough I guess. I thought it was really fun. Not flawless but lots of bang for your buck in entertainment. A huge improvement on the terrible Iron Man 2, but still no where as cool as Iron Man 1. The 3D was a joke. I only saw it 3D because all of the big screens were showing it in 3D only. The 3D was subtle to the point of not needing it. It added almost nothing. But I was grateful at least that it didn't distract, like my memory of watching Underworld 4.

SV7 on May 3, 2013


It has nothing to do with any departures from the comics as the movie by itself is just awful.

hi hello on May 3, 2013


There are heaps of people here pissed about comic elements like the treatment of the Mandarin. For me, there was a lot of fantastic moments, the action and vfx were very well handled and I was entertained throughout.

SV7 on May 3, 2013


Thank you Shane Black you managed to ruin Iron Man 3 in such a bang that I had to come here and bitch about it. First off this movie should have been called Iron Man's Got a gun or Iron Man 3: Full Metal Jacket. There seemed to be more shooting with guns which isn't what I was paying to see. Second as a fan of War Machine to make him into the Iron Patriot and not do a single thing with him at all was a big waist of fucking time. As and actor if I was Don Cheadle I would have walked off because he didn't have a part. The reason why Iron Man became such a hit was because it was modernized but still stayed true to the concept of the comic book. The only good thing about this movie is Shane Black can direct some pretty bad ass action scenes, but he let me down and changed everything about what I loved about the Mandarin. If you liked it, fine, but don't call yourself a true Iron Man fan. If you don't know anything about Iron Man and your a band wagon fan, this movie is for you. ALSO THIS MOVIE DOES NOTHING TO SET MARVELS PHASE 2 AT ALL. If you haven't seen it, that's a good thing. Don't go waist your money wait for it on Red BOX or bet yet wait for it to hit Netflix. Yeah that's how much I hated it. Jon Favreau should have made this movie period. Good luck Joss Whedon because so far the way Iron Man 3 ended it looks like Tony Stark is done being Iron Man. (yeah he took out his arc reactor and tossed it into the ocean.)

Blkstar on May 3, 2013


Thank you. (Clicks upvote, smiles inside as Blkstr provides cathartic release.) I only wish I could upvote you 20 more times.

Truth Seeker33 on May 4, 2013


I only wish I could upvote you 20 more times.

Guest on May 4, 2013


Yeah, this movie was going to make hundreds of millions of dollars anyways. Why make the movie "different" instead of good? And finally, why not make it true to the comics to make the original/true fans happy?

si1ver on May 5, 2013


the mandarin "twist" was bulls!@#...other than that loved the movie

rofhockeycast on May 3, 2013


Jon Favreau would have done a much better job, he would have done the Mandarin justice. This movie was garbage. The more I think about it the more I want to punch Shane Black in his vagina.

blkstar on May 3, 2013


I love this film and everything about it. It wasn't just fun and enjoyable. It's a great movie that explores nicely on the human side of Tony Stark outside of the suit and how he manages to survive by himself. And the actions and the suits were awesome, especially the final fight at the end was just wonderful. I don't think anyone in the right mind wouldn't love this movie. It's the best in the trilogy and it's the best among the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies by far.

Hà Huy Hoàng on May 3, 2013


I give it a B+. Aside from the GIANT middle finger to Marvel fans involving the Mandarin plot twist, and the last battle scene that goes on a little to long, this is a solid popcorn summer flick. Nothing more, nothing less.

Matt97 on May 3, 2013


Incredibly underwhelming. Seems the suits are weak and a dime a dozen. I'm having a tough time reconciling this Iron Man with the ass kicking guy from last summer. This left a real bitter taste in my mouth.

Casey on May 3, 2013


I agree with the original post in that I wasn't expecting the Mandarin twist, and still don't know what to think about it. I think Ben Kingsley was underplayed. I really enjoyed the movie, I just don't know how much I enjoyed it yet. There are too many components to consider. I must watch it a few more times before I can say whether or not I actually like it. THe story is definitely not what I was expecting.

The Brasco on May 3, 2013


My thoughts on Iron Man 3: Thought it was great! Best Iron Man movie yet. As far as Marvel movies go, I still like The Avengers and Captain America more, but I really recommend Iron Man 3. The acting was great all around. RDJ is great in anything. Guy Pearce stole most of the scenes he was in and everyone else was really good. Action scenes were really exciting. Also, best villain of the 3 films easy. Story was very different from past Marvel films and probably the most comic booky, which is a good thing and I love that Marvel is mixing things up. It’s pretty different than any comic movie in the past couple of years. And I personally prefer Shane Black to Jon Favreau as a filmmaker and thought his screenplay was pretty bold. If you're familiar with Black's work, you'll see his stamp all over the movie. Funny, slick, and awesome, I loved Iron Man 3. I’m very excited to see where Thor 2, Captain America 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy go before we get to The Avengers 2 in 2015. Now I’m going to read a few of my hundreds of Iron Man comics. and I don't mind the Mandarin thing. The movies are not the comics

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on May 3, 2013


I saw the film a few hours ago, and I must say that my initial reaction is one of slight disappointment. I had high hopes for this, but it didn't leave me satisfied. To me, the first Iron Man is still the best Marvel film to date. I thought that even the second film (although flawed) was more fun than this one. Also, I don't like the approach Marvel is taking - they are moving farther and farther away from any kind of realism or plausibility. I understand that Thor, Guardians, etc. cannot be grounded in reality, but I hoped that Iron Man would at least stay grounded. But Killian breathing fire is the opposite of grounded. There were a lot of moments I liked, but overall it was a mess and I think it is Marvel's weakest film so far.

John on May 3, 2013


It is a fun movie, good jokes. And that's all. In general, a bad and mediocre movie. And about the post-credit scene, this one must be the worst of all of the post credit scenes ever.

el copi on May 3, 2013


Spoilers (DUH) Saw it today and I don't know what to feel about it. I think I mostly felt disappointment. It was way more entertaining than Iron Man 2 but the way they handled the extremis and The Mandarin really let me down. I expected Tony to get it injected into him somehow. I think if they wouldn't have shown us that they were injecting Pepper with extremis, her falling in the fire would have had more of an impact because it was pretty obvious what was going to happen next. The whole thing with The Mandarin really caught my by surprise. It made me chuckle at first but in the end it kind of pissed me off. And the whole running gag with every suit Tony puts on being torn apart so easily got old really quickly. I guess I expected things to be a little more faithful to the comic and had my own idea as to how the movie would play out but fuck me for having an imagination, right lol?

Chris Amaya on May 3, 2013


How could they mess up his ARCH NEMESIS!!!!!! That's like faking people out in the dark knight suggesting some actor guy pretended to be the JOKER.....AWFUL!

SkyNet300 on May 3, 2013


It takes a lot to hold onto the threads of story that surround a character like Tony Stark. On the one hand, You have the hero who needs to save his love and sometimes the world, but with Iron Man it's always been a little more complicated, with Tony's ego and his struggle to find purpose after realizing what a wreck he's been. With Iron Man I felt like we saw a character who set on a goal to better himself and give something back to a world that gave him everything. With Iron Man 2, we saw a little about how despite his change his past demons come back to haunt him an ultimately his commitment to "the right thing" is tested and Tony learns a little more about what is important to him. I absolutely love this film and its because through every twist and turn and with every plot complication, in the end it concludes the story of a man who has everything and uses it to better himself. I don't think this is the end of Iron Man, I just think its the end of an Iron Man who uses his intellect and technology to correct his past. When Tony takes the leap and decides to have the Arc in his chest removed, I got the sense that Tony was learning that the drama of his life, the heroism, the villany, is all a by product of his own decisions, his own past. The twist with the Mandarin says the same thing to me as Tony moving past his suits. We want there to be a villain so we know what target to hit to do the right thing, but the right thing is not as simple as that. Tony says for the last time that he's Iron Man when he realizes, as we should, that his story has never been about the action and drama of whats going to happen or how epic it will be, it has, since the first movie, about a man who had power all along and learning to live with it. Its hard to put everything into words, but all I know is that there is a lot to digest here, and I will be thinking about what Tony Stark's journey means to me long after Iron Man 3 sits on my shelf at home. If you think any of this is stupid, I really don't care. This is how I feel so save your sarcasm and your counter "arguments" for someone else.

RAVEK 022 on May 3, 2013


What the F did they do to the Mandarin???? I thought Marvel made good with their property characters. Still can't believe it. Wasn't what I was expecting at all.

nate on May 3, 2013


Was bored senseless through most of it only waking when the humour hit which less face it was the only reason I didn't walk out before the end!!!! Huge disappointment tbh

Dar-El on May 4, 2013


I really enjoyed the film. I don't really care that the story line deviated from its source, stop being fan boys. I think my biggest problem with 2 and 3 is Don Cheadle. I love him as an actor but I still think Terrance Howard had better chemistry with Robert Downing Jr. Also, I wish they stuck with a movie genre. If they want to make it a PG-13 then make it a solid PG-13 and take out all the kiddie crap. I don't want to feel like Disney has any part of these movies other then the castle being shown before the movie starts. I've started noticing that the thing that makes Iron Man flicks kind of bland is that the villains always have some personal vendetta with Tony... It's silly. There's never really any real motive other than to screw Tony over. If Pepper would have died it would have made things very interesting... then I remembered that it's Iron Man not Game of Thrones. The scene after the credits was stupid. I remember when the post credits scenes were actually cool. Nick Fury's intro in Iron Man,Thors hammer in Iron Man 2, Loki in the mirror at the end of Thor... The one in this movie just made me feel like I sat through 10 minutes of credits for nothing.

Ind3lible on May 4, 2013


Good Movie... easy to hate though. Uneasy balance to it. The thing that really got in my nerves was the fact that I almost peed on my pants to watch the worst after-credits sequence of all Marvel films... I mean, it's cool to see Dr. Banner again but I was really expecting a Tease at some other unseen character... or the slightest hint at Guardians of the Galaxy... even effing ant-man would've been worth the wait.

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on May 4, 2013


Who else felt that The Mandarin was a big Middle finger to the audience?

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on May 4, 2013


Why is it in Iron Man 1 the Suit is all but Indestructible, yet in this movie it only takes a bump and the whole suit falls apart ?

Paul Kerlin on May 4, 2013


Not to mention a quick fire touch completely disables War Machin...I mean Norman Osbor....I mean Iron Patriot. (Yet later in the film a protracted amount of burning fire to the midsection takes several minutes to disable an online War Machine in chains that could easily be broken if continuity was observed at all.)

Truth Seeker33 on May 4, 2013


Yea, so I'm really disappointed that they let a very good story be turned into a buddy cop 80's flick. The horrible writing of this film was only matched by the direction, which at times reminded me of watching a child with Down syndrome try to open a door with a buttered knob. In fact, the darkest part of this movie was the Eiffel 65 song in the opening credits which I'm pretty sure what was found blaring through James Holmes' ear buds when they caught him. But, honestly, by the time I had seen thousands of Christmas lights, a pony tailed villain wielding a silenced UZI, and a speed boat getaway I was hoping to see the theater exit door flung open and be relieved from this Shane Black horror show by a shower of sweet sweet bullet sleep. Overall, the only thing that brought me in was the title of Iron Man, and the chance to prove the hypothesis that prayers do not work. I mean seriously, I know you're busy with kids in Africa and what not God, but Iron Man and America always come first...

Andrue112 on May 4, 2013


Great moments in comic book movie history: 1. Superman learns that Krypton was never destroyed and his father sent him to earth because he was an illegitimate child born of a Martian mother. 2. Batman discovers that his parents weren't actually murdered, but he hallucinated the whole thing and they are actually alive and well on a farm in Montana. 3. Captain America loses his shield in a drunken game of high stakes poker, and he then goes home with a stripper as consolation. 4. Dr. Bruce Banner is hit by a brick in his prefrontal cortex, losing the ability to control his emotions and become angry, thus losing his ability to become the Hulk. His IQ also drops below fifty. 5. Wolverine loses his claws in a freak accident with electromagnets and changes his name to "Soft Hands Logan." 6. Peter Parker becomes popular at school, the press praises Spiderman as a hero, Mary Jane loses the ability to be annoying, and all supervillains make a promise to never harm Peter's loved ones. 7. After a successful operation to remove the shrapnel from around his heart, Tony Stark removes his arc reactor and tosses it into the ocean, thus losing his power source and purpose for being Iron Man.

Truth Seeker33 on May 4, 2013


Tony Stark will always be IRON MAN. That was the whole point of the entire ending sequence! Fanboys are getting super annoying with them all trashing the movie just because their precious Mandarin was given an alteration and twist. If you want to see "The Mandarin" go read comic books people! Nobody's considering the fact that Shane Black and Co. had the balls to do this to the character and give it a different meaning while still nodding to the fans. I guess fanboys are too dumb for movies because clearly they couldn't (and I'm referring to you) find the meaning behind the entire ending sequence of the movie. Tony Stark said that they can take his house away, they can take his toys away, but he will still be and always be IRON MAN! Arc reactor or no Arc reactor, house or no house, suits or no suits, TONY STARK WILL ALWAYS BE IRON MAN!

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on May 4, 2013


No, you obviously don't fully understand the implications and repercussions of what an unoriginal play for a "meaningful character arc" does to the characterization of Iron Man and what it means to be a hero. Black and Pearce were so concerned with being "different" and tying everything up in a nice neat bow (combined with a visible and admitted ignorance of the comics) that they completely failed to understand what makes Tony Stark the Iron Man. First, his arc reactor, and the shrapnel it keeps at bay, is what helps to define a hyper-intelligent, obscenely-rich, playboy philanthropist's humanity. It is a weakness that emasculated him at the same time that he was forced to make weapons for others. Subsequently, he realized that his gifts could be used to help others, and by building the suits he was able to both regain his strength and help others who were helpless in the face of those who would hurt them. This defined the new Tony Stark and transformed him into a hero. By taking away the arc reactor and making Tony's resolution a self-absorbed revelation that his love affair is more important than his heroic ideal of helping the helpless, they made him the complete farce of what his self-aware excessive confidence was always cognizant of but never fully let define him. To put it in perspective, the ending to "The Dark Knight Rises" was similar, in that Bruce Wayne stepped away from the cowl to pursue a normal life. However, he did so by appearing to sacrifice his own life in order to instill a new ideal in the people of Gotham, making Batman a representative symbol that forced society to realize that they could count on each other to selflessly change things for the better. Bruce also couldn't continue b/c of his body's deteriorated condition, so it was an intelligent way to pass on the mantle. In IM3's case, sloppy screenwriting gave us a finale that took away almost everything that makes Tony Stark the Iron Man, and left an ambiguous veneer of character "resolution" to satisfy those that are unwilling to think deeper than simple images and words force them to. As Shane Black himself said: "I thought we needed to do something in the third movie to make it feel like a game-changer." Doing something simply for the sake of "changing" things and being "original" is meaningless and shallow if the end result is to fundamentally change something noble and humane into something vapid and antithetical. Yes, we all get the cute, self-affirming "I am Iron Man," which itself is a reemphasis of the first film's resolution, and music to the ears of those who are unwilling to make hard choices and sacrifices for what is right. What makes Spiderman so beloved is the fact that he sacrifices his own personal life and relationships for the well-being of others. Simply existing and telling yourself that you're fine the way you are is always easier, yet not heroic. Tony Stark without the suit is simply a rich genius inventor, regardless of what you and Shane Black think. The suit and arc reactor are the defining parts of Iron Man along with Tony Stark's character. And the heads at Marvel know this: "After filming a particularly controversial scene, Downey Jr. asked Feige: 'What does this mean if we wind up doing an Avengers 2? Kevin looked at me and said, ‘That’s Joss’ problem to solve.’" So, we're pretty much going to witness a retcon or protracted explanation to justify why Tony Stark returns to the suit, and most likely, the arc reactor. Congratulations for losing it over a joke to the point of insulting others in defense of a movie with plot holes, numerous characters with barely-defined motivations (what were Killian's ultimate goals, and why?), continuity errors and incongruities within the same film, and virtually no awareness of what defines the central characters.

Truth Seeker33 on May 4, 2013



Fidel Reyes on May 4, 2013


Rhodey has no Arc reactor and he still is War Machine/ IRON Patroit.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on May 4, 2013


I'll give it a 3/10 (spoiler alert) Tony was out of the armor about 80% of the movie. He also was suffering from panic attacks. The story was boring, and my biggest complaint is they made the Mandarin a punk b**ch. He wasn't the bad a** from the comics, he wasn't the guy that could beat and kill Iron Man, he was a sniveling little drunk hired by the real villain of the movie to be the face of the bad guys. He played the part of a villain on camera, but off camera he was a drunk and drug addict. What a poorly written part for such a great actor. Why Ben Kingsley took the roll is a total mystery. I'm very disappointed in this movie. Do yourselves a favor and just wait till it comes out on DVD and rent it do wast the money on seeing it in the theater. I defiantly will NOT be adding this one to my movie collection. Hollywood messed up Spiderman 3 Xmen 3 and now Iron Man 3. What a huge disappointing turd of a movie.

soloman_grunde on May 4, 2013


To be honest Alex this movie really was a huge money maker for marvel you have to admit. The iron legion was nothing but an excuse for marvel to sell toy making rights for some suits and make heaps on merchandise. As for the movie itself. Too many plotholes. What happened to AC/DC? The music choice reminded me too much of Spiderman 3 and that movie was horrible. Was I the only one wondering WTF when the Iron legion showed up. I mean he had all those suits the entire time and chose not to use them. Why didn't he use them to rescue the people from the plane. If Jarvis controlled them he could have just said "hey jarvis send a few suits to rescue the people from the plane". I mean this is Tony F***ing Stark the genius and he didn't think of that. Iron Patriot was a joke. He was easily captured, made to eject from his suit without fighting back. Every man and his dog can use the suit by the looks of it. Even the president was in the suit. Seriously they let him on Air Force one without him saying one word or showing his face. The Mandarin was dealt with without a care for the fans of the comics and made him into a complete joke. He is pretty much the arch enemy of Iron man why why why did they have to throw him aside like that. Jon Favreau said in an interview during iron man promo that he was building a world where it would eventually be able to accept a character such as the Mandarin. I thought that the events of the Avengers made a perfect start for his origins with the alien tech left on earth. Overall I thought this movie was a complete joke. This could have been a deep character building movie like the Dark Knight but instead it veered more towards Transformers. This is a beautiful vfx movie but not much more. The script was bland with a lot of jokes that were very hit and miss. If you are an Iron Man fan I'd steer clear of this one.

TK on May 4, 2013


It was fantastic to tell the truth. Shane Black averted and subverted your expectations at every turn, making you think one thing, and then doing another. I absolutely loved it as a viewer because it kept me on my never felt formulaic at all. I wasn't exactly a fan of the finale of the climax(Not the 3rd act as a whole, and the climax in general, those were great...just the very resolution of the final battle) felt kind of tacky...but all in all it was just too great. And that END CREDITS SCENE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ACTUAL END TO THE MOVIE! Easy 9-9.5 out of 10.

Chris Groves on May 4, 2013


Saw Iron Man 3 yesterday and I loved it,it had a unique style to it thanks to Shane Black which is what each of the marvel films need. Each director has their own style and from what I'm reading on here,all you guys wanted was Joss Whedon's Iron Man 3,don't get me wrong I'm a huge Joss fan and think Avengers is epic but if Marvel just kept churning out the same stuff over and over it would ruin the entire cinematic universe. And to the comic readers,I understand your frustration at the reveal of Ben Kingsleys character but if you actually paid attention you would have heard that he wasn't Mandarin,Guy Pearce was. They took two characters from one medium and combined them to actually surprise the audience in another. Shock horror! A film that actually dares to have an original idea instead of copying everything from the comic exactly the same. I await the snotty comments back about how I've probably never read any of the comics or graphic novels,blah blah blah. For once guys just go to the cinema,leave the comic book comparisons at home and just enjoy a funny,exciting,well thought out,fresh,cool as fuck movie. Which is exactly what Iron Man 3 is.

Darren Hicks on May 4, 2013


Wasn't really that, that got me. It was the fact that there were so many plot holes. Having 42 suits and spending half the movie fixing a broken one was pointless. Using that one suit to rescue 11 people when he could have used Jarvis to control the other suits and rescue them instead. Why didn't Jarvis use the suits to stop the choppers that attacked the house?. Why didn't Rhody fight back when he was getting burnt out of that suit? Seemed a bit convenient he didn't have to say anything to get into Air Force One and anyone can use that suit. Wow really, it only took surgery to remove the why didn't he do that earlier considering it was a major arc in the storyline and part of the reasoning for his anxiety. I have never read the comics either but still even I found the storyline and script was a bit lacking.I won't be glazed over by shining vfx.

TK on May 4, 2013


Yeah it had plot holes like the suits not getting activated by jarvis (his battery ran out) or the suits not breaking through the vault (the vault been the only thing not destroyed by the attack,probably reinforced) I get the points about Iron Patriot getting used by anyone and not fighting back,bit strange. probably a shit tonne of deleted scenes that explain it all. As for being glazed over by the fx,I liked the stuff with Stark out of the suit,having to improvise. And the whole character ark for Stark over the films was that the shrapnel and Ark reactor defined who he was. The whole journey taught him that he didn't need those things to be the "hero" anymore.

Darren Hicks on May 4, 2013


Don't get me wrong. I loved the ark for Stark and that is a great way for him to break out of the bounds of the suit but just thought it could have been better handled. I really thought they would have gone with actually having the Mandarin. The avengers set that up perfectly given that he forges the rings out of alien tech and that would have made for an epic ending given that part of Starks anxiety attacks is because of the events in the Avengers. I do see you point though but all in all I guess some people will enjoy it and some, like myself, won't.

TK on May 4, 2013


Being a big Marvel fan, this was my favourite Iron Man film so far. The Mandarin angle was completely unexpected and despite not being true to comics, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Particularly liked the whole Tony/little kid team up/emotional angle. Highly recommend it. And don't forget to watch after the credits as per usual 🙂

RevolutioLeni on May 4, 2013


Saw it this morning and found it to be just as entertaining as the other Iron Man flicks. I never saw the first Iron Man as a great film, but an entertaining movie which is why I'm placing this third installment right next to it. The second one wasn't as good, albeit entertaining nonetheless (it has almost no rewatchability in my opinion). I have to say though, that the villains for all 3 Iron Man movies have been disappointing. Now on to what pissed me off. I saw this movie early in the morning because there's less people and the price is almost half of what it usually is (I'm cheap, so what?). So this viewing had only 1 other person and me (I think children might prefer to go to the 3D version that's playing, no offense intended). So I stayed for the post-credits scene while an usher was already checking seats/floor as per usual. I apologized to him after the scene for staying so long. Anyway, the post-credits scene is just like the movie. You're expecting something and you're getting something else. Don't expect to see a glimpse of something insane during this scene (but it's worth it anyway, what else are you going to do for 10 minutes).

Neuromancer on May 4, 2013


Disappointed. He kicks Thor's ass in Avengers but loses a ton of different armors to some humans with hot hands ... come on ... He had too many anxiety problems, This should be called Silver Linings Playbook, with Red Armor!

Deltasolo on May 4, 2013


I'm starting to think that none of the previous movies is related to this one.

capitandelespacio on May 4, 2013


Yeah I thought the same thing too. To me this felt like a money grab for Marvel. Having all those suits sure does make for good merchandising. Too many plot holes for my liking. I think people got taken away by all the cool stuff that was happening and didn't care much about the story. That's cool an all but they were just too blatant for my liking.

TK on May 4, 2013


and wtf was that "teaser" at the end of the credits?! what a waste of Mark Ruffalo and everyone else who stays to the ending credits scene. totally pointless and doesn't "tease" anything.

Tim on May 4, 2013


It shows that Banner and Stark are still going strong in their buddy friendship.

Xerxexx on May 4, 2013


I'm jumping on the bus a little late but it's ok finally saw it last night not at all what I was expecting or hoping for. The first half of the movie I really enjoyed and thought it showed real potential but then just started flying all over the place. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: But having Mandarin as a puppet and an actor was a clever ballsy and stupid move. The whole lead up of the character was very dark and unsettling and then we find out the truth and as Alex says you almost think it's a joke at first. I'm just bummed cause I would loved to see him in The Avengers at some point and really have him kick ass like he does in the comics. In the contex of the movie though I think it's pulled off fine. It's just some of the jokes and pacing of the overall film seemed pushed and the Christmas element almost seemed to get overshadowed in everything.

N. on May 4, 2013


Overall I enjoyed it for what it is and will most likely grow with me over time it's fun and enjoyably filled with action and comedy I just hope Man of Steel wins the summer and not this movie.

N. on May 4, 2013


Buddy cop team of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover ... Umm, I mean, RDJ and Don Chedle save Rene Russo ... err... Gweneth Paltrow! and rescue the President of the US from the evil terrorist. Ummmmm. Holy [expletive]!!! If Shane Black wanted to make another Lethal Weapon, then why didn't he?! Did I seriously just see that [expletive]? Am I living in the Twilight Zone? This was a gag, right? When does the real movie come out? ...

livinginreality on May 4, 2013


They killed Iron Man's biggest rival by making him an 'actor.' I was hoping for a post-credits scene with him in prison and giving us a hint that the Mandarin has a much bigger picture in store...Also, start hinting at names of villains from the Marvel Universe. Would've been a great scene that opened up a whole other door for the MCU.

Brandon on May 4, 2013


The suits looked cheap, the twist was completely unnecessary and as for Killian...a nerdy, long haired bespectacled scientist ignored by a billionaire and vows revenge? Can anyone say Edward Nygma from Batman the volcano men looked tacky as hell after a while.

Darius on May 4, 2013


Multi-million Dollar suit stolen by terrorist? No big deal let me use my direct line to the VP to sort it all out. How did Pepper use the suit in the house scene? They are all coded to Tony, that's why Rhodes could not use one at the end. Sure he put it on her but how did she USE it? So many holes in this movie. Fun popcorn flick badly written. Shame that it will still do so well. Gives the studio no incentive to do better.

Brian Sleider on May 4, 2013


fuck disney

el toy on May 4, 2013


Remember Captain America's line in The Avengers "Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?". That is what Iron Man 3 is about and I loved it!

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on May 4, 2013


If you love Iron Man mythology from the comic books, you will be disappointed. Mandarin was a gimmick to sell tickets. The character wasn't even necessary and the theme of who is the REAL villain has been done before. Mandarin was Iron Man's "Joker", so to speak, and was cheaply portrayed in the film. Other than that, Robert Downey was excellent and nicely portrayed Tony Stark post Avengers film. Had Mandarin been cut from the film, comic enthusiasts like myself would have thought it perfect. As it was, it was good, but in my opinion the worst of the three films.

comic enthusiast on May 4, 2013


This movie was very average. Solid C and I'll tell you why. This movie just felt like a big joke to me, too comedic. And it was really made for children. Action was MEH at best, the ending had so much potential with all the Iron Men but they got too lazy with it. We see the big Hulk looking Iron Man coming just to fix something that was falling? So lame. Jokes every 2 minutes or so, story was bland, no character development. This movie was just average.

Jin on May 4, 2013


The best one yet absolutely loved it. Keep them coming marvel.

Ben Sharkey on May 4, 2013


Iron Man has been chasing its own tail since the first film. It had 3 things going for it that can't continue past the first film: 1. It was an origin story - that's where the meat of a character lies 2. RDJ was such a delightful tonal surprise for most audience members that he defined the character for most people (even those that have read the comic religiously for years all agreed, he nailed the role) 3. The last line of the film blew audiences away - no one in the theatre was expecting Tony out himself in the first film. And with Black Sabbath blaring right after he drops it - everyone left the theatre SUPER jacked! The film itself wasn't actually superb, but it was great and was super fun to see in a packed theatre. Following that up is next to impossible, and we have seen that in the 2 subsequent films. There are no amazing reveals or trump cards left in the deck for Iron Man. Short of killing Pepper somewhere in the second act of the film, there's no real stakes - we know this character was going to win in the end - all he had to sacrifice was his mansion? Not enough... Maybe if they had gone another direction and played out the Tony Stark alcoholic story (which would have fit nicely with PTSD after The Avengers) we could have seen his relationship with Pepper come under fire. Or he could have made a mistake he had to atone for... OR they could have laid some seed that would have gotten us closer to the civil war storyline - talking about the Super-Hero Registration Act... I didn't mind the Manderin twist because it felt at least like they tried to surprise the audience - that's all they could do really, when your hero can jump in mid air and pick and choose which virtually disposable suit of armour he wants to wear to win the day... LASTLY - just remember - THIS IS A GREAT SUMMER FOR MOVIES and this was only the first in a long line of awesome. Even if this wasn't a home-run, it was still fun to watch - if everything this summer manages to be better than this, then we are in for a huge treat!

mikefly on May 4, 2013


Huge iron man fan but to me Shane blacks iron man 3 was a little lacking. Generous amount of humor and wise ass remarks ala Robert Downey but where was iron man and the big showdown the story was a little weird and pepper saves the day what she was glowing it looked cool with extremis but not what it could have been in the hands of a scifi director Shane black is good lethal weapon is sick. But still no scifi I give it 2 and a half stars

Luke S on May 4, 2013


Watched it in 3D and enjoyed it. For whatever reason, the PTSD version of Tony Stark bothered me, not because it wasn't a legitimate idea since he did just fight off a mass of evil aliens, but because I so enjoyed the consistently cocky, snarky, confident Tony in the first 2 films. But, there was enough condescending Tony here and there to keep my interest and wanting more. Where it missed the mark for me was the limited time Tony had spent with Rhodey. I craved intense battles with Ironman and Warmachine (aka Iron Patriot) taking on droves of villains. Oh well. All in all I enjoyed it, but really felt it was at times messy. However, it won't stop me from watching it again. Good action sequences, interesting (if not strange) story line, and explosive ending. Solid summer film. Solid.

Quanah on May 4, 2013


Not as good as 1, not as bad as 2. Here's my gripe; first act was pretty solid, i was on the edge of my seat, especially the exploding guy in hollywood and the heli attack. But then it really fell. The Mandarin twist, however clever and funny, was pretty lame. Kingsly was an amazing choice for the role. Someone here on the board mentioned they could have used the alien attack (avengers) to set up the magic Mandarin rings for Kingsly's character. That woulda been bad ass. "theyll neverrrr see meeee cominnn". So cool.. Why were all the suits so weak? they broke like every 2 seconds, the mark 43 broke when it hit a truck? really?? At the end when they were attacking the extremis goons (whos powers were only usefull if you got close to them) they would just fly right into them and get creamed, wtf.. they could have leveled the boat with repulser blasts and cool repulser missles.. Stark taking out his new element arc reactor at the end, wtf? Didnt hate it but.. was really expecting more, especially after The Avengers.

Seannyskills on May 4, 2013


Just read an interesting theory about the Mandarin "Let’s talk a bit about THE MANDARIN now. If IRON MAN 3 has an element that is able to dynamically piss off fans of IRON MAN, it will be how most take in Ben Kingsley’s performance of this character. There’s a twist and reveal that changes everything that you’re expecting with this character. But that first twist when Tony meets him… I feel is not the only twist. And I have to talk about it in this review. Because in many ways it is incredibly intriguing to me. The mere fact that one of the rings he’s wearing has the same symbol as Faran Tahir’s Raza – and we know that he was a part of an organization that was referred to as TEN RINGS – which we all took as being a reference to The Mandarin. Now in this film – we’re given a whole bunch of misdirection with The Mandarin. He’s given several names in the film. THE MANDARIN is his outward Television Terrorist persona. In private, Killian and all of Killian’s men refer to him as The Master, which also seems to be the security’s codename for The Mandarin as he is being transported and moved. Then there’s who Tony Stark finds coming out of a bathroom to bed two beauties he found in the Mandarin’s chambers. Tony has the drop on him – and suddenly he’s an actor playing the part of the Mandarin. He’s laid back actor – who claims he’s being used to create a character for Killian. Tony wants to believe this immediately cuz Killian has engaged Pepper – and Tony does have jealousy issues regarding Ms Potts. Ben Kingsley’s performance as the Mandarin for the television threats is very deliberate and dramatic. As The Master – we never actually see him become The Master… except once, I feel. After Tony has been taken out of the room – and he’s asked by Killian and I believe it was James Dale’s Savin about what information he gave Stark… This is where I see a third persona – the most guarded of them all… He’s laughing about the whole situation, but when asked – his eyes get a completely different look – his voice becomes colder and he smiles and then the tone of his voice shifts… and he gets a serious look on his face, while smiling inside satisfied with himself. Later, when he’s being interrogated by Rhodes and Stark, he gives them the Vice President as a clue. This is still really giving them nothing, they think the Vice President is in danger. This is actually misdirection that The Mandarin has given them. But let me ask you this… Why, in private, would Killian call a down on his luck actor, MASTER? Where did Killian and Maya get the money to finance their Extremis work? Perhaps The Master/The Mandarin has set in motion a second salvo at Tony. His men captured him in Afganistan and now this. If Marvel is playing The Mandarin as I suspect – we will have a scene where Tony stumbles straight into a situation where he feels completely safe in his presence… and Kapow. Sure, that’s all theory and hypothesis on my part, but pay very close attention to what Kingsley is doing with the role – there’s sub-text and layers to this performance and nothing is by chance. In many ways this could be the very embodiment of everything that Liam Neeson was trying to teach a young Bruce Wayne in BATMAN BEGINS. Theatricality & Deception. The Master indeed." And if you think about it, pierce with the dragon tatts and the fire breathing... Fin Fang Foom anyone????

readitsomewhere on May 4, 2013


That would be amazing. That would make The Mandarin a hell of an actor. Killian was talking to the actor/Mandarin pretty disrepectfully though, IIRC. Would be interesting if it was TM that made the breakthrough in the Extremis work (lending credit to his genius) also if TM becomes a terrorist before he gets the Ten Rings. Maybe the entire time his plot is going on TM was trying to crack the secret of the Rings or trying to get something to unlock the secrets. The Cosmic aspect would help set up a real Mandarin story. Alas, I doubt Marvel has the balls for something like that. Clearly, they didn't mind tricking the comic book fans but won't have the balls to trick the general audience like that.

si1ver on May 5, 2013


The movie was pretty good but i hated how they made the mandarin other than that it was pretty good not as good as the first two...

Tony B on May 4, 2013


Pretty boring. I love the Tony Stark character but the last act is a mess and I just walk away not caring.

solarshock on May 4, 2013


I doubt anyone will read this with this many comments, but any movie that has 161 comments about the movie on is worth seeing.

Cody W on May 4, 2013


I was very much looking forward to this movie, and ended up being a little dissapointed. It just seemed so isolated from the previous movies with no tie in or connection to upcoming movies. I felt that it was not much of a kick off to Marvels phase Two but more of a farewell to Iron Man. Did anyone else feel that way?? Not to mention that everytime there seemed to be a dramatic moment you were almost immediately hit with a comedic curve ball, it really got annoying by the end, not to say i didnt laugh cause i did quite a bit but i felt the movie should have taken itself a little more seriously. And the way the story unfolds with The Mandarin was a huge dissapointment. However ive always been a fan of Guy Peirce who's character was fairly enjoyable to watch. Also I think Tony Stark spent way to much time out of his suit in this movie but Gweneth Paltrow was as beautiful as ever and super hot at the end (no pun intended lol). Overall this movie was enjoyable but not the best of the Iron Man movies to say the least.

batsupe on May 4, 2013


Pros: great vfx, great action Cons: why Christmas? Added nothing. Voice over was pointless. Where was tony driving too before he left for Miami? Also pointless. Breathing fire? Ok... And way too much humor. Panic attacks made no sense. I got the idea of where they were going, but the Script felt too muddy.

One on May 4, 2013


it was meh

redskulllives on May 4, 2013


I saw the film the 2nd time today, and the audience was laughing by the jokes, "Whoohoo" outloud, and applauding both times. So how the hell is it a bad movie?

Hà Huy Hoàng on May 4, 2013


You can say the same thing about the avengers it started out great for a lot of people including fans then when people got over the excitement and started analyzing it after a while it became revered as a not so great super hero movie.

BinaryChaos on May 5, 2013


If you consider the last battles of the first two movies, this one was pretty great. Iron Monger and Whiplash went down pretty fast. This one was pretty hectic. The jokes were great and I like the relationship between Tony and the kid.

Tyrell Antonio on May 4, 2013


Very disappointing 🙁 4/10 Terrible script, please don't hire Shane Black again!! Extremis and the Mandrain are two different just did not work well.

Andrew K on May 5, 2013


SPOILER ALERT (Iron Man 3 is not a good follow up to the Avengers) - Why would you NOT keep the Mandarin as the focus of the film? Terrorism is ever present, and this plot line could've been brilliant. Kingsly looked great, his voice was a little stupid, but when you find out who he actually is? That was really stupid. - Tony Stark is back to being an uber douchebag. He's a dick throughout the entire film. Which is funny sometimes, but after awhile? It becomes obnoxious. Kind of like the Amazing Spider Man. - Finally, even with a terribad script, who wouldn't have wanted another Avenger to show up in the film (I know about the end of the credits and that is not what I'm talking about)? Sure each cast member only has so many films they can be in before renegotiating their contracts, but this is the age of the Avengers!? The only guy it makes sense to NOT have anyone show up to help out is Thor while he's away in Asgard. Who wouldn't have forgiven this garbage of a script if the Hulk had appeared out of nowhere and just started tearing sh*t up at the end? It would've been much more interesting than a hundred exploding firework Iron Man suits. This movie was a bomb to fans everywhere. While it offers some entertainment value, and begins with a truly interesting villain, it steadily devolves into another Studio turd. There was a lot of promise that was missed in this one. Iron Man 3 gets a D.

quazimotto on May 5, 2013


We get it Shane Black, you wrote Lethal Weapon/directed KKBB.

si1ver on May 5, 2013


Movie had ZERO stakes on an emotional level and on an overall plotting level. In a world where Nolan can do what he can do, and how impressive The Avengers was, Iron Man 3 stunk.

Wanted more on May 5, 2013


I'm starting to think that Jon Favreau really was in a coma, because had he been conscious, there's no way he would've allowed Shane Black to belittle the Mandarin so dastardly! Right?

Cagestin on May 5, 2013


Fan Bingbing is in the Chinese version of Iron Man 3, as (a) Dr. Wu's Wife. The Chinese version is ca 4 mins longer, and rather pointless. Next time we'll see her in a Marvel movie(well, FOX) is X-Men: Days of Future Past as Blink/Clarice Ferguson. Not sure if she is Clarice Ferguson in Iron Man 3, as she's only listed as Dr.Wu's Wife.

David Banner on May 5, 2013


It had comedy,romance and action. Though a few parts were silly such as when Tony uses somewhat home made objects as weapons and his targeted 'villain' is an actor. I liked its message. It is the man who makes the suit,it shows even Tony Stark is human,he can break down too and he makes mistakes but he "fixes them". As all Marvel movies I wish they were more like the comic. Of course that equals mean Stark never had a relationship with Potts. But it would have given the movie more action. To be honest my only disappointment was the removal of his arc reactor. It was what e was known for,his signature so to say. A symbol! Oh well. Nevertheless I still liked the movie

LeSabre11 on May 5, 2013


Only people who have no actual knowledge of the Marvel universe will love this movie. For reasons that Lesabre 11 listed. But this movie was a hug slap in the face and I can't believe they made the Mandarin into a huge joke. Good luck Joss Whedon on trying to bring back Tony Stark without his Arc Reactor. The symbol of being Iron Man that has been with Tony Stark since he was created, Shane Black destoryed in a movie that only idiots will praise in the years to come. I thought Marvel was done releasing shitty movies but I guess not, I guess I should be surprised after what they did with Spiderman 3, the Fantastic four, X-men 3, and that shitty Wolverine Origins story.

Blkstar on May 5, 2013


Shane Black, You are not wanted in the world of Marvel any longer! Talk about hitting wide of the mark! For the first time I have walked out of a cinema feeling let down. I have seen bad movies before and have left cinemas feeling a little ripped off but this is different. It is a shame I won't be completing the Blu-ray trilogy and I hope word spreads to the paymasters at Disney that Mr Black has ruined what should have been the best superhero trilogy! I won't break down the films many faults as plenty of posters have already outlined them. See the film by all means guys but this is not the Iron Man that we all know and love and these great actors are forced to try their best with a phenomenally bad script. Shane Black I would like my cinema fee back and you to stick with what you are good at directing, poorly scripted action movies where cheap one-liners are more important than the story.

DonnyDan on May 5, 2013


(Spoilers a little) It followed the Extremis comics fairly well...felt like they threw the Madarin in there just to hype of us hardcore comic fellas..but this movie was about the Extremis..and in the end Tony explains how he was able to fix pepper and "after a little bit of tinkering" fixes himself...which means, if anything like the extremis comics, Tony will be able to control all of his suits and his tech/satellites with his mind + the healing & enhanced strength..Seems like it'll come in handy vs Thanos But I rather enjoyed the movie, seems to be a minority on this site, but it was battle scene was light years ahead of the first two final battles A little bleh about the how they did the whole Madarin character, but ah well..on to Thor

Corey Ross on May 5, 2013


I loved Iron Man Three. I'll add it to my collection. I didn't see it in 3D and don't plan too since I pretty much hate 3D.

Marvelous_Marvin_Haggus on May 5, 2013


Shane Black ruined the character..he should be "Black"listed from this franchise. Favreau's movies were 10 fold better..The soundtrack alone was enough to turn me off...where is my AC/DC?? it worked so great for Iron Man 1/2, making the audience pumped up and ready to kick was the slow jazzy music garbage..Iron patriot..stupid as shit..didnt even do anything eventful the entire movie..bring back the War Machine we saw in Iron Man 2....Mandarin was completely a 10 magic..WTF what that about..the analogy has been said many times between Joker and just cant ruin a great villain the way Black did. Iron Man felt like Tin Man the whole movie..he was halfway armored..mostly malfunctioning the whole time..suits were destroyed we was a trash movie..I expected an 11/10..i got a 7/10..just a extra comment..the after credit scene..pointless..they are suppose to get you excited about the next movies..Thor 2 / Avengers 2 something..the comedy scene worked well for Avengers..but we are at phase 2 now..time to build up anticipation for the next chapter..its was slapped together and was weak sauce. Mark 42 was cool..but it was over played and took up to much plot time. Thats my take on movie..but not what was expected for a final trilogy

OmegaONe8 on May 5, 2013


People seem to forget that there are COMIC fans and MOVIE GOING fans. Marvel tries to appease both but even I know that there are MILLIONS of movie goin fans and yeah, comic fans kinda got slighted as far as the Mandarin PLOT is concerned but I thought it was kinda cool! I've been reading comics (including Iron Man) since I was 8. I'm 34 now and I take my son to the theaters. We both loved it AND the after end credits. However, one of my life long comic friend HATES the movie just because of the Mandarin deal alone. You can't please EVERYBODY. I thought it was better than part two and the fact that the kid was actually a cool addition and not an annoyance is pretty awesome. As a whole, the movie's tone was so different that I liked it more than I thought. Pepper's role was cool as well. I dunno, different strokes for different folks. Twas fine to me 🙂

JudgeMethos on May 5, 2013


Disney ruined the movie. Their grubby hands are all over that terrible "twist" & the less than exciting ending. 4.5/10

Nick on May 5, 2013


very stupid, boring and depressing plot. It was one of those big disappointing movie wish never see. It ruined my day! Damn It....

wilcool on May 6, 2013


Totally messed up the mandarin. Not accurate at all.

wt on May 6, 2013


First of all, shane black? Really? I'm truly Jon Favreau didn't come back to run the show... at least he seemed to know Stark and the iron man. In jons films the story was clean, the humor was tastefully placed and I believe he was just in tune with what the fims should offer. What Shane brings to the table is garbage! I was excited for many mofre chapters of marvels most promising hero. What I saw was my favorite heros storyline skipped over, chopped up and turned into a joke. His bland attempt at tuning tony stark (a man who for years battles alcoholism, a laughable apathy for others and an all around loneliness in a world of ignorant yuppies) into riggs (his over emotional lethal weapon detective) left me feeling ripped off. And he topped it off with a cheap ending that was anything but applause worthy... can we please bring jon back n pretend IM3 never happened yet!

brandon on May 6, 2013


I think Favreau wanted to come back, but Marvel tends to lowball its talent in the sequels and that may have driven him away. They did the same to Terrence Howard, Kenneth Branagh, a couple others.

ikkf on May 6, 2013


To be honest i have only become a fan of iron man since the first film came out...never read the comics or knew much about him at all...i say this because i have no view of what the mandarin should have been like (nor do i have any emotional attachment to his story) .. only a few things i read online as prep. In my opinion when making a movie based on licensed material, be it comics video games or books the original piece of art warranted this movie because it stood out. it had enough fans for studios to say ok we can take this turn it in to a movie and for sure we will have people in the theater to see this on day one. Now, a movie is the hardest form to tell a story compared to comics books or video games just bc its so much shorter of a time frame. Added to the fact that when seeing something on the big screen its usually harder to believe. so when transitioning a story to a movie script its understandable that things will be changed...when necessary. As i was watching the movie i noticed the subtle changes they made to the character and was ok with it...ben kingsley had me entertained and believing that this terrorist really is iron man's worst nightmare...on the edge of my seat how far will he push iron man? what is going to take place that will take tony so deep down the rabbit hole that he will just have to explode out for the grand finale of this trilogy? You see they had the potential. besides some other small story issues the ground work for a great movie was there. i left the theater so confused as to why they took that rout. in retrospect i don't think it was horrible, just a pretty good movie with enormous potential. i feel cheated like if they made the real movie then for some reason they said no we have to change it...i can only imagine how the true iron man fans feel......(oh and ironman suit fireworks?????lame!!!!)

tur on May 6, 2013


The boy in me is left wondering WTF!!!! For the life of me, I cannot understand why you would introduce "Mandarin" and you give us that BS you gave us. Though the build up was great, final product was nothing what I expected. Mandarin was a badass, Iron Man's arch nemesis... The evil villain with the 10 rings of power, such a rip off. I'm a little salty about that. Word to the big movie directors, "you can't have a superhero without having a even greater villain." DC seems to get it now, but Marvel is still missing the mark at times in some of their films. Other than that, great movie... Worth a watch, entertain for the kids. Not quite better than Avengers & Amazing Spiderman, but good. For now "I'm On To The Next One"

David Dilley on May 6, 2013


I agree John. Entertaining to a small degree such as; graphics, some fights, some humor blah blah blah. Once again, another marvel flop in my opinion. These movies may be good to the general public, but what the creators of these movies are not understanding is that the majority of the people who watch these movies are die-hard comic book fans and when something does not go according to comics, then it is a true let-down. 1) too little iron man too much tony stark 2) too much dialogue and not enough action. This is probably the last iron man, we should be wayyyy past the whole more dialogue than action sequences 3) why the F*** was the Mandarin made to look like some created character?! His background was totally off. His powers were totally off. Nothing about his awesome martial arts skills or the Seven rings. I mean what the hell was this director thinking? i would of been happy knowing Ben Kingsley was the enemy at the end. Word to the wise all comicbook movie newcomers..........when making a movie about a comic book character and his foes, MAKE IT REFLECT THE COMIC BOOK AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE HOLLYWOOD HAPPY AND ALL THE SHEEP WHO JUST WANT TO SEE NICE GRAPHICS ON THE BIG SCREEN!

xavier ramos on May 6, 2013


Yet again after my post the other day seemed to fall on deaf ears. Guy Pearce was the mandarin,did nobody else pick up on that? Black pulled a bait and switch on you by using Ben Kingsley then merging two of the comic books villains giving us,the audience, a twist and a bit of originality for once. Comics and films are two different mediums,these films are made not only for the comic fan base but for film fans that may have never read iron man in their lives. When you bitch and moan about it not being exactly like it was in the comic book you sound worse than hipsters and nobody likes hipsters. Go watch green lantern,ghost rider or cat woman then tell me this wasn't a great film.

Darren Hicks on May 6, 2013


Yeah guy we got what Shane Black was doing, I find it pretty stupid you felt the need to explain that. As if you were the only smart person in the theater who understood the bait and switch. The problem with that is the Mandarin has been changed into something he wasn't made to be. Obviously you're not a person who understands what artistic integrity means. Which is why I am sure you praise Shane Black for his failed attempt at Iron Man 3. I agree these movies are for people who are not fans of the comic books. But go back and re watch Iron Man 1 and 2. Faverua single-handedly did this without making any drastic changes to the story and pleased both fans and none fans which is why these films did so well. If only others would do the same thing then we wouldn't have these problems. You must not be a fan of the Marvel Universe which is why you probably love this movie.

blkstar on May 6, 2013


I'm a massive fan of the marvel universe,love what JF did with IM 1, not so much on 2 but I think that was more studio pushing him to promote Avengers. Although it does get better with more viewings. As for being the only smart person in the cinema,not at all friend. Just getting my opinion out there but came across as a bit of an arse.

Darren Hicks on May 7, 2013


Lol @ Guy Pearce being the Mandarin. I take it you don't know who the Mandarin is so I won't waste my breathe. But allow me to share with who the Mandarin is... Special Powers: The Mandarin is a master of Martial Arts and because of his training his body has become calused and as hard as rock. The Mandarin is also a master of chi energy to make him be able to channel it into his hands and feet to make his punches and kicks more powerful. Rings: The mandarin got from the alien makluan rings(he can now mentally generate these powers since they're now grafted onto his spine). Ring 1,Ice-blast: can create a blast of cold that freezes anything it hits. There is no known limit to how cold it can get. Ring 2, Mento intensifier: gives him telepathy, allowing him to create illusions, read minds, and control minds. Ring 3, Electro-Blast: this ring allows him to manipulate and create electricity, There is no known limit to the power of the electricity. Ring 4, fire-blast: can make the user create a heat beam that is so hot it sets anything it hits on fire and can manipulate radiation of all kinds, there is no known limit on how hot it can get. Ring 5, White Light: makes him manipulate electromagnetic energy to control machines, gravity, and alows him to teleport. Ring 6, Black Light: makes Mandarin control all forms of darkness, and can solidify it for attacks. Basicly it is a dark force emiter. Ring 7, Disintegration beam: allows the Mandarin to emit a beam of energy that seperates the molecules in an object/person causing them to disintegrate. Ring 8, Vortex: helps Mandarin to control all forms of gases, some of which help him levitate and fly. Ring 9, Impact-Blast: allows the Mandarin to create and manipulate sonic forces and use them as energy bolts, and make concussive blasts. Ring 10: makes Mandarin control molecules, giving him the ability of telekinesis, creation, and controlling his and other people's bodies for shapeshifting, stretching, and particle manipulation.

David Dilley on May 7, 2013


Yeah pal I'm aware of the mandarin and his powers,back story etc. I'm just pointing out that the comics and the films are always going to have differences,same as book to film adaptations. Not everything will work on screen as it does on the page. Black took a risk by messing with the Mandarin and in my opinion it worked,would have liked to have an end credit scene of Kingsley in jail looking up and smirking. Double bluff style but unfortunately not.

Darren Hicks on May 7, 2013


There was hole in film I think alot of people missed... Why did the call him "Master"? Even when they abducted Pepper, Maya Hansen said something about Master won't be pleased. ???? Never made sense to me, if the Mandarin was a fake. I don't have a problem with them tinkering with story... like how Stark got hurt in Afgan vs Vietnam for example. My issue is completely writing off a vital character to Iron Man Saga. The Mandarin is to Iron Man, what the Joker is to Batman. The movie would have be perfectly fine without him. What hurt was that they made him out to be a total BADASS only to find out he was a fraud. I posted this earlier... My issue with these movies are each summer we get a mass influx of Superhero movies year after year. I think the film industry lacks originality, all we seem to get is Superhero movies or a remake of an old film and/or TV Shows. On one hand it's great cause we get to see themes & ideals that we grew up on come to life on the big screen. On the other there are a lot them are let downs when you have already great built up storylines that get lost in translation when they develop a script for them. Though Marvel is progressively getting better; there are still some loopholes in some of their movies. Eliminate X-Men & Fantastic Four series (Bryan Singer butchered them)... I don't think the Marvel movies have been all that bad.

David Dilley on May 7, 2013


Alex runs one of the best movie sites while at the same time is one of the worstt movie critics out there today, but hey what can ya do.. ...And THEY RUINED MANDARIN...

Sorry on May 7, 2013


See this is the problem with adaptions, people want it to be exactly like the source materials and when it isnt you talk about the entire film negatively. Well i didnt know about the origins of The Mandarin and i though the movie was pretty good. I read no spoilers so the trailers though me off. I thought this was going to be Tony having to battle all his suits instead, it ended up being a thriller with some decent twist and turns. The only parts i didnt like were the death of the female scientist,( i mean her entire involvement in the story line just felt unneeded. It just seemed like a way to introduce Aldrich Killianm ) and blowing up the suits. I at that moment in the film, we dont know how many "10 rings" agents are still alive and with the way the iron man suits are flying around, i would say a good bit, it just makes no sense. but other than that, great movie.

Derrick Syl.James Jr on May 8, 2013


I have to say personally it's a 9/10 (I save 10/10's for something that gives me seizures.. so this came close) I enjoyed practically all aspects of this film and got choked up at times. Those claiming to be more "mature" I think are just losing touch with themselves. The humor hasn't changed to me, and Tony's still Tony. I didn't see any messiness in the second act and found the (SPOILERS) Kid that he interacts with to be quite humorous and played his part well. I even hate Guy Pearce AND Ben Kingsley as actors, (I find them overrated) and I LOVED the jobs they did in this film. This film seemed to me the most sincere of the Trilogy, I find the first Iron Man to be a great origin story but the mess with Obi and that suit was just boring to me, liewise Whiplash and Jason Hammer in Iron Man 2. I love both of those films and they provided me with what I expected more or less, but Iron Man 3 stands out on its own and I think works the best out of them all.

Dresden on May 8, 2013


Shane Black ruined this movie. 4/10.

Dev on May 8, 2013


i give it a 75. it could have been great ,but it doesnt.Downey rocked as usual.LOved Guy's performance.I think hes the best villain from the Marvel series (yes better than Loki).The story was the disappointing one.Everything was conveniently arranged and predictable.Ben's reveal ,though hilarious ,completely ruined the intense atmosphere the first half had brought up.

Rojage Geo on May 15, 2013


Iron Man 3 was a garbage movie and Shane Black should stay away from any superhero movies from this point forward. Does anyone here wonder how Iron Man can keep up with Thor in Avengers but has his suits ripped to pieces by Extremis agents? Does anyone here wonder why Tony Stark has downgraded from who he became in The Avengers? Why his tech is terrible and malfunctions constantly? Tony Stark IN the Iron Man suit is what makes him IRON MAN! We don't want to see him control his suit from a freaking van... which was by far the coolest IRON MAN scene and he wasn't even present in the suit. Shane Black set things up for Jarvis to take over! At some point you would think the AI would become aware like Skynet and say the hell with Tony. This movie was garbage and I don't see how a true superhero fan could have enjoyed it. What a shameful start to phase 2... I couldn't be more disappointed. How is this new recreation of Iron Man supposed to go up against Thanos????

Ryan on May 15, 2013


*some spoilers*iron man 3 had some sucky problems including abandonment of the superhero code. first iron man's black sabath war pigs paranoid music should be iron mans main theme was missing in this when he says i am iron man at the end it should have ended with the paranoid i am iron man music. secondly both man of steel and iron man 3 had uncharacteristic hero charisma with superhero's aparently thinking its ok to kill badguys. to me the coolest things about comic book superhero's are why they choose not to be evil and help protect people such as batman's bruce wayne having a tragedy of his parents and helps fight crime. not even batman in traditional non graphic novels kills bad guys, tony stark is asked if he's going to kill the mandarin by a reporter and says yes and thiers a serious then turned comedy scene where tony stark tells two guys holding him prisonor he's going to kill one of them.hero's in comics are policemen and support the law even batman who works for commisioner gordon. also the big problem is ben kingsley is a hell of alot more interesting as the mandarin than guy pierce. it would have been cooler to have the mandarin personaly involved physicaly there destroying tony starks house than sending guys in choppers at the start of the movie. also stan lee's cameo was patheticaly non funny wich is usualy terrific in the last two iron mans and barely 3 seconds. downey and kingsley are the best thing about this movie. iron man 2 and 3 both have problems for me while mildly liking them, i still think the first iron man was the best of the trilogy, it would have been made better sticking with the first villan and giving him more to do.

Guest on Aug 16, 2013


lots of shoddy things about this movie. kingsley should have been in the movie as the main villan from the start with him personaly thier destroying tonys house would have made this much more interesting and not have a switch to a 2nd villan. guy pierce was far less interesting for me personaly. no black sabath war pigs music especialy at the end wich should be iron mans theme. shoddy placement of stan lee who's cameo is not funny and lasts 2-3 seconds. complete abandonment of the superhero code by marvel and DC with man of steel, now superhero's think its ok to kill bad guys, first being a reporter asks him if he's going to kill the mandarin wich he says yes. in traditional (non graphic novel) comics only the punisher kills bad guys who's a vigilante, the rest of the superhero's are a mix of police and rescue. superhero's now have no moral compass. i thought the first iron man was the best. robert downy jr. and ben kingsley are the best thing about this film.

Harry Schmoe on Aug 16, 2013

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