Sound Off: Neill Blomkamp's Second Film 'Elysium' - Your Thoughts?

August 9, 2013

Elysium Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "They will hunt you to the edge of the Earth for this." The 2013 summer of sci-fi concludes with Elysium, the second feature film from visionary filmmaker Neill Blomkamp who brought us the outstanding District 9 in 2009. This time Blomkamp has Matt Damon playing the unlikely hero in a future where the wealthy citizens of Earth reside on an orbiting space station that can cure any disease. Damon must confront the likes of Jodie Foster as the Secretary of Defense and her merc Sharlto Copley. If you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on Blomkamp's Elysium.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the fire, I thoroughly enjoyed the visual spectacle of Elysium but was otherwise a bit let down with some of the story elements. There are some incredibly awesome fights and some kick ass sci-fi moments, which make it enjoyable. However, the rest of the story squeezed inbetween all that felt campy at times, forcing extra emotion into moments where it wasn't needed. Matt Damon is good, and Sharlto Copley as Kruger is such a badass, but the rest of the cast is a bit odd. Wagner Moura as Spider almost became too annoying, and I still can't figure out if Jodie Foster is that bad or that good. I love the world and creations that Blomkamp comes up with, and I do think his social commentary is apt and accurate. But there are too many dumb scenes in this for me to say I loved it as much as D9, but it is still a hell of an entertaining film.

What did you think of Blomkamp's Elysium? Better than District 9 or a sophomore blunder? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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It may not have been as singular a film as 'District 9', but it was highly entertaining and hands down the best film of the summer. And while the sociopolitical metaphors were so obvious, at least this film HAS ideas, which is more than I can say for any other film to come out this summer. As popcorn spectacle, it delivers what even massive scale films like 'Pacific Rim' and 'Man of Steel' couldn't; which was intense and thoroughly rewarding set pieces. Overall, I enjoyed it plenty. Not nearly as good as D9, but thankfully ensures that Blomkamp is far from a one hit wonder. This guy is the real deal. With that said, I'm glad he's returning to bizarre sci-fi with 'Chappie.' I feel that film will return Blomkamp to the status he attained after D9.

Chris Bob on Aug 9, 2013


man of steel was better than this.

tellytime on Aug 9, 2013


The story itself is a bit all over the place and heavy handed at times. The constant flash backs to childhood come off a bit cheesy. But it's not unbearable. However, the crisp visuals and the tech in this movie are fantastic and worth the price of admission. It's probably some of the most realistic future tech I've ever seen in a movie, the computer terminals actually look and behave like computer terminals. What was up with Jodie Foster's accent? Was it South African? French? I couldn't tell, kinda distracted me a bit whenever she was on screen. Sharlto was good, Damon was great. You can really tell he gave it his all. This is good, original sci-fi people. If you want more of it, get your butts to the theater this weekend!

axalon on Aug 9, 2013


Not very original. Aside from the Johnny Pneumonic, Man of Steel, Captain America and Matrix inspired scenes you've got this

Pietro Filipponi on Aug 9, 2013


All those movies you mentioned were inspired by other movies and materials. Nothing can ever be wholly original, or if it it happens it's extremely rare. In terms of sci-fi and the same old stuff we've been seeing all summer, it's nice to have something relatively original.

axalon on Aug 9, 2013


I think I saw Johnny Pneumonic. That was the movie where Keanu Reeves played a cyborg lung. Or was it a vaacum cleaner? Either way it was much better than Johnny Mnemonic. Also, a movie that came out only a few months after Man of Steel could not possibly rip off Man of Steel.

robephiles on Aug 9, 2013


Pietro = moron

Guest on Aug 9, 2013


Actually , here my only question is : is it better than "Oblivion " ?? 'Cause I see both movies as the same story told from opposite sides . And I'm only seeing one of them ( granted I can watch Oblivion for 4.99 now is it at least worth that ? ) . Not a Cruise fan as is . looks like from reviews that Elys has better tech ... let me know

Dominic on Aug 12, 2013


Pacific Rim = Best film of the summer. I'm one of those who was a tad underwhelmed by District 9...

Chris Groves on Aug 9, 2013


Best joke in thread.

Jace on Aug 9, 2013


I´m seeing it again soon. That´s how much I enjoyed it. It wasn´t as good as D9, and that had to do with the story and characters. Like Alex I found the character of Spider more annoying than interesting - it could be that we never got to learn more about what motivated him - one moment he was an opportunist only interested in money and then the next moment he wanted to save all mankind with the help of Max. Same thing with Jodie Foster´s character who was an over the top villain and not very believable. In the end it was the awesome action and worldbuilding together with Charlto which made the whole movie so cool, Kruger made us root more for Max than what we would probably have done.

Kill my Bill on Aug 9, 2013


I loved it. The movie had it's flaws but it immersed me in a world that had me glued to my seat. The last act (which I see a lot of critics dissing) was actually my favorite.. I think Blomkamp is excellent when it comes to pay-offs.

Jujube on Aug 9, 2013


I fucking LOVED IT. My second thoughts - Jeremy Kirk is an idiot.

kLO on Aug 9, 2013


It didn't blow me away as much as District 9 did, but that's probably because D9 came out of nowhere and gave us a science fiction story with great effects, action and something to say. Elysium is a very good follow up to that. The world feels very much like the D9 world. The pacing was fast, and there were very few moments where I wasn't riveted to the screen, be it the performances or the imagry or the action. Blomkamp does some very interesting things with the camera in the action scenes. Sure, the story does have some problems and some of the loose ends are tied off a little too tidily, but they are minor gripes at best. I think people who think this is a bad follow up to D9 had wayyyy too high expectations. This is probably my favourite film of the summer (up there with Star Trek Into Darkness) for the sheer entertainment value. And yes, Sharlto Copley's performance as the psychopathic bounty hunter is almost worth the price of admission alone.

fazha on Aug 9, 2013


I enjoyed the film, like others said, the world they created drew me in immensely. The visuals of a rundown Earth, both from the view of Earth and Elysium itself was breathtaking. The fight scenes were very detailed, at some points a little too fast paced, but over excellent, even some of the weapons/ammunition used reminded me of the Prong weapons from D9. The character of Jodie Foster was one the fence, in the beginning you can tell she seemed evil and cared only for power on Elysium, but as the story took off, she showed signs of weakness, and her overall death in the movie. Sharlto Copley was amazing as Kruger, shear ruthlessness, out for his own amusement. He drove the movie to the point of enjoying his death as the true villain. The flashbacks mid movie did distract you from the main point of the plot. If Blomkamp had started off the movie and ended it before Damon's death scene with the flashbacks, it would of fit better. To Matt Damon, I am a big fan of him as an actor and loved his role as Max, going from an ex-convict to working man. Overall, I'd give Elysium an 8/10. Great visuals, story was good, minus the flashbacks thrown in between it all.

jNeuRaL on Aug 9, 2013


I liked it but why do directors just ignore basic logic? I know im being nit picky but after getting your head drilled you wouldn't even make a face? It just suddenly went into superhero'isch land, maybe a bit too much for me. I appreciated the fast tempo of the movie but i felt it went too fast. In the end i just did not care about any of the characters. On the other hand, Copley is such a bad ass. The BEST actor. What a talent. I wanted more back story to him. The visuals were just perfect. Nothing ever looked fake. Props to the team who pulled that off. D9 was better but Elysium isn't too bad either. Solid 7/10.

toksin on Aug 9, 2013


spot on toksin. Your not being picky... the part of the movie where he gets operated on was completely not believable in the context of the movie. He was exposed to enough radiation to kill him in 5 days but yet survives getting all that shit drilled and attached to his body? those elements need to make the viewer feel its real in the movie to support the rest of his journey in the movie. but it fails miserably... thus you don't invest a single ounce of emotion into the story or what happens to the character. the movie got zero emotional investment from me also on the characters. Copley is a great actor. I still thought the move was ok.

jimfromtoto on Aug 10, 2013


I used to love this website but the more I read your slack ass reviews the more I want to never look at it again u guys are straight up mind bent if you had something bad to say about this film D9 was the best thing from scifi hell from film in a long time in the way of freshness and originality the only reason this didnt do the same for you is because it came second. It was awesome all the actors nailed it. With D9 you only had to care about one human character small stories are easier to engage and pull you in this was a much larger scale thing. Great great great all levels awesome. Neil is by far one of the best there is right now. Cant wait for his next venture what an astounding director his camera work was so swift and unique I was blown away.this websites review of this movie was terrible it almost made me not want to see it thank god I dont trust you guys at all.

tyler on Aug 9, 2013


Alex your summary was spot on. It was an entertaining SCI-FI flick. Action and effects were really amazing. But plot/story was mind numbingly simple which really surprised me compared to D9. D9 was a way better movie. This seemed all chopped up at times. Like Kruger going from being a rapist murdering troll to a maniacal intelligent malevolent wanting to take over Elysium? Oh I forgot that he falls in lust with Frey along the way also. WTF? There were moments in the movie that just made zero sense in the movie. Dont get me started on Spiders character all of a sudden turning into a hero and forgetting that he was a scum sucking crime lord in LA. Oh and the end when they show all of the medical ships landing and start curing all of the sick people on earth just because they became citizens? where did that come from? There was not even a hint anywhere in the movie that if Damon's character was successful with the reboot those ships would provide medical aid to people on earth. I have it on very good authority that Sony had a heavy hand in changing a ton of stuff in the film while it was in production. It shows. The worst part of the movie for me compared to D9 was that I could care less about what happened to the main character. In D9 it did not take very long for you to get emotionally involved with main character and start to feel sorry for him. I judge my movie's by the way I feel the moment its over and get up to leave the theatre. This movie left me with a meh. feeling. did not hate it . did not love it. meh. I wont be recommending this to anyone. and there is no way this movie even get close to some of the other great movies out this summer like PAC RIM or MOS. bottom of the heap. 😉

jimfromtoto on Aug 10, 2013


Yes the production companies had a heavy hand in it but thank them for that because i got to see the original version at a test screening back in late January/early February and it was even worse. Trust me this version was WAYYY better. Not only was it unbearably long (2 hours 40 mins) but Jodie fosters accent was even more terrible than it is now, it originally sounded like she had peanut butter in her mouth. Also the ending was completely different and actually ruined the movie. So im glad the studio stepped in because it would have been a train wreck if they didnt

guest on Aug 10, 2013


How does one get to see a test screening?!? What made it worse in the original?

Isabelle Carbonell on Oct 12, 2013


Simple, campy and cheesy story with a great world built around it. But some of the writing was very amateurish and not new or fresh at all.

Spirre on Aug 10, 2013


You sir are literally too stupid to insult

Guest on Aug 11, 2013


Did anyone watch the same movie I did I feel like u all sat there and drooled on yourselves while it was playing. The second everyone found out what was in his head they all knew they could rule elysium and at that moment their motives changed I.E. Spider from scum crime lord, which I didnt ever get that complete feel from him, to save the world. And kruger wanted to fuck them all over the second he was decomishioned HELLO did you even watch the movie! Or were you too busy being up your own ass to even care. As far as the ships at the end I dont see why they had to mention that they had them there. The whole damn movie was about healing sick people I mean cmon did you watch the movie I say again. I cant stand criticism from movie goers that want nothing more than to hate hate hate. Pacific rim was a joke compared to this movie if you thought it was original your crazy check out any anime in history i can name a few but ill throw Neon Genesis Evangelion in the mix as one that came to mind. There is also a great SciFi book by author Joe Haldeman called Forever Peace where drivers of giant war machines are "jacked" in and control the machine like the matrix like the drift like every damn thing youve ever seen! that movie was in your face cgi action and nothing more the only person who could act in that shit fest was idris elba this whole world has gone to shit no wonder there are never any good movies any more everyone of them that comes out people dog on im blown away. Did u even watch the movie! When you realize that you can rule the world you want to. And as soon as you realize that you can save it you want to its within human nature to do these thing on either end of the spectrum. Sorry I dont like to or usually rant on the internet I hate it but I felt like I had no other choice here blomkamp is one of the best of our era and I want to see more from him.

tyler on Aug 10, 2013


Elysium, a film that I was not at all excited for, but still saw it. Blomkamp is back after the success of one of the best sci-fi films in along time, D9. So, visually the film is incredible and that’s what I think is the films strongest aspect. The vast landscapes of this poverty filled Earth is beautiful, yet so dirty. You can actually believe this is Earth because with a lot of neglect over time, Earth may or may not turn out that way. And then there’s Elysium, that I find to be an extremely cheesy utopian world. I was chuckling every time there were shots of that world and the people in it. Everything too perfect. Yes, I know that’s the point, but I just think the way it’s executed is really cheesy. The visual effects are perfect and blended extremely well. The CGI looks as real as you can possibly get with CGI. There wasn’t a moment when I was questioning whether it’s CGI or not. I honestly thought it was all real. The robots are so fascinating because of their colors. The robots are bright colors like red, yellow, orange, which is a contrast to what Earth is. The set and production designers are top of their game with Elysium. My biggest problem with the direction of this film is the shaky-cam. I’m usually a fan of the shaky-cam because it can add a grittiness to the film and most of the times it does in the film, except for the action scenes. Almost every action scene has so much shakiness you get disoriented to what actually going and which character is where. I would have loved smoother and more clarity to the action scene because I want to see what’s going and what fight technique each character has. And having a ton of cuts during the fight scene doesn’t help either. It’s like one shaky tight shot, cut to another and another, then to a medium, then to a wide and back to a million more close ups. Thus being said, that didn’t stop me from getting into most of the fight scenes. My favorite fight scene is probably the first one once Max is attached to the exoskeleton machine because you get introduced to the weapons and the strength this machine brings to Max. My least favorite is the final fight scene between Max and Kruger because the way it’s shot makes me so disoriented and seems really rushed to get over with. Also, I love the gore. Get ready for some imploding and exploding humans. The script is by far the weakest aspect of the film and it really turns me off big time. The film starts out pretty good with comparing the situations on Earth and on Elysium to show the social and economic inequality. But we kind of lose all that once the action starts. These issues just back into a corner and stay hidden, so it just turns into the “good guys” vs the “bad guys.” And that’s it. Of course you know the character’s motives and what not, but I still just found that way over powered by one dimensional characters. There’s hardly any character development for except for Max and Frey, which told through flashback, which I fairly enjoyed, but nothing new to storytelling. Finding out about Max’s and Frey’s relationship/friendship in the past still doesn’t get me emotionally attached to the two character. Their relationship and motives seem way too mechanical. No other character has any character development. I think it’s really comical that basically everyone on Elysium are rich white people, which are portrayed as evil bigots and then Earth is only filled with people of different race and Matt Damon is apparently the last white person on Earth. The film also takes cheap shots at healthcare. Elysium just rudely slaps you in the face with a political agenda about inequality of wealth, healthcare, and race. The whole film is also carried by really cheesy dialogue that is quite laughable at times. I’m just going to start out by saying that I think Jodie Foster is comically dreadful. I remember when she is first on screen and delivers her lines, my girlfriend and I look at each other with confused looks. Foster is way too over dramatic with the way she delivers her lines and facial expressions. She literally pauses after every other word. And what kind of accent or should I ask accents is she speaking with? Her movements are stiff and robotic like. Foster is a bad actress by any means, but holy shit, she’s unwatchable in this. Matt Damon is decent in the film. He does what he’s hired to do and shows some emotion, which is nice, but nothing special. I don’t have anything to say about Alice Braga besides, meh. Now, Sharlto Copley has by far the best performance out of everyone, but I still don’t like him in the film. Copley disappears into his one dimensional character. His performance is very much a caricature, but that voice, that voice! My best, yet poorly way to describe his voice in the film is like a high pitched Australian Grouch from Sesame Street. I was annoyed from beginning to end. I almost forgot, Diego Luna is my favorite part of the whole film and he only has like 15 minutes of screen time. I think he has the best performance and most likable character. He connection emotionally with me without any character development, weird. Maybe I’m in love with the actor. I saw Elysium with three other people and we all left the theatre joking about how bad it is. At least we got $10 worth of laughs out Elysium, right?

BryceH6 on Aug 10, 2013


The overuse of shaky came was nauseating. Jodie Fosters worst ever performance. I hated every moment she was on screen. There was so many problems with dialog in this film ... at times it was impossible to make out what some of the actors were saying. I bet you could watch this film with zero dialog and understand more just based on the visuals. It was brutally disappointing compared to the excellent dialog and script of D9. So many problems with the whole story. Even the flash backs completely lacked any emotion and relevance to the present time... how many times did we need to hear and see Matt Damon's character being told he was going to some how change the world in the future. He then grows up to be a car thief? makes no sense at all. It also made no sense whatsoever that robots so advance could police the earth acting autonomous but yet not advanced enough to be used to make robots? They could carry guns, shoot, service humans and administer health care but humans were the only way they could be made. One of the major plot elements was the company making the robots was not efficient enough at making profits thus making a deal with Fosters character to over throw Elysium in order to not go out of business. how about using robots to make your company more efficient? Then there is the problem of the way unauthorized ships which fly to Elysium get shot down. Instead of having a defence system on Elysium there is a mental case rapist on earth who gets a call to fire missiles that shoots those ships down. I laughed out loud at that part. only to realize at the end of the movie one renegade ship is able to land on Elysium because the same mental case who had the missiles before was on Elysium recovering from getting is face blown off. Are you fucking kidding me? There was only one guy on the whole fucking planet who had missiles to shoot down ships headed to Elysium? You have these medical machines that could heal people but apparently those RICH people are so stupid they could not afford or were even smart enough to have their own defence system in place? how fucking stupid is that? and the biggest stupid part of this whole movie was the end. If each person on Elysium had their own healing machines... why the fuck were there ships maned by robots waiting in the wings to get released to heal the planet. Blomkamp sucked the life out of his own movie. Lets call it what it is ... a piece of crap movie with stunning visuals.

jimfromtoto on Aug 10, 2013



BryceH6 on Aug 10, 2013


Agree very much with this. I blame, as with most of movies these days, lazy writing. The movie doesn't follow its own logic and after working at the factory would Matt's character not be AWARE of the danger of entering that stupid chamber? Door's jammed? Come on. Would he really not know that the door would close right after its fixed? It was pretty much the beginning of the end for me. Robots do everything but build more robots. It should've been much more about Damon wants to help his girl out of love. Then realizes there's much more at stake. The whole selfish i have 5 days was just weak. While i do appreciate a fast paced movie, it was too quick. Almost none of the characters had time to establish themselves. I didn't care for anyone really... And Foster? WTF. Did they really tell themselves during editing "oh wow shes great"? Prolly worst part and a complete miscast IMO. The flashbacks were not really believable. He looked 5 and she looked 12. Maybe being too picky but i cannot accept this as a followup to the brilliant D9 much... Really a shame. The amazing visual fx can't save it.

toksin on Aug 11, 2013


OMG Blew my mind!

DAVIDPD on Aug 10, 2013


FUCK IT, I`m giving it a 10/10. Saw it in IMAX on a 5-6 story screen. CGI looks REAL. The world depicted on Earth/Elysium is so stunningly realized, yet somehow very similar to "District 9". The performances are great & memorable (LOVED Spider, so much personality haha). Great gritty/epic soundtrack. Great messages, not preachy, fast paced & satisfying both emotionally & action wise, violent as hell too. And LOVED the finale scenes. Loads of hidden gems there. And Sharlto Copley is AMAZING in this film. He just looks & acts like a literal madmen, as if literally villainous...I loved it....oh yes.

mmmmmmmmm on Aug 11, 2013


It must been a custom cut of the movie just for you. Ive def seen a much different version.

toksin on Aug 11, 2013


No...he's just not a hating troll

Bob on Aug 12, 2013


It felt like it should have been longer. The future presented was scary and could even be a possible future for humanity, but it was very much by the numbers. If Sharlto Copley hadn't been so damn cool the movie would be very basic and cliche.

Joe on Aug 10, 2013


Really Matt?? This is the most prejudice movie I have ever seen!! So the poor Hispanics and a few blacks ruin the earth causing the rich and asshole white folk to flee? Even worse, the earth can only be saved by a white guy? And, since when is medical treatment free? Since when are people in our country refusing medical treatment to ANYONE? Ever heard of Doctors without borders? Ever heard of the Hippocratic Oath? Are white wealthy Americans really that bad, even though they give more $ to poor countries, etc. than any other nation? If anyone should be starting a revolution, it should be middle class Americans, because it is us, regardless of race or ethnicity, who are burdened with paying for the poor's health care-- Matt, if you really feel this strongly about the "injustice" of our country, why don't you donate a few of your millions, if not billions to help those less fortunate,, and according to the film, are not resourceful enough to succeed on their own, but have to invade another place that only the RICH can successfully create??? I am embarrassed for you!!!

Janice on Aug 11, 2013


Hmmm as one of those "few blacks" I clearly see your point . Apparently Bloomie couldn't create a narrative that had a mixed-race dominant class overseeing a mixed-race Earth minority . tho , he's in good company ; what other writer/director has ? Few .. However , I feel compelled to point out that what he did was give you truth ( it's easy enough). , and then wrote it campy from there . Or have you not heard of white flight ? If you move your family to a little suburb that only has people that look like you , how different is that really , from moving your family into real orbit ( your own little one ...) We all do live in our little " orbits " , from home to work to hangouts to friends . Maybe that's a metaphor u missed. "Even worse, the earth can only be saved by a white guy? " Hey , white people need heroes too :;o)) Ostensibly it was for the narrative irony of a white guy destroying THE white enclave , bringin' down the MAN for all us soul brothers lol .. kept it from being more racially overt Still if I'm gonna spend $18.50 for IMAX , I want a better story to go with these "stunning visuals " . The detractors make legit points ...

Dominic on Aug 13, 2013


the story was hacky and the characters were all paper-thin. AMP, the sci-fi short from last week, was more intriguing than this film.

Linkfx on Aug 11, 2013


you've got issues

Guest on Aug 12, 2013


Just saw it...loved it

Guest on Aug 11, 2013


Cool action and effects, but the story is like something we've seen a hundred times over. You get to see this same type of plot next time in a different form through the upcoming Hunger Games. All told through the simplistic mentality of a 16 year old.

Jim Dawkins on Aug 11, 2013


Name one movie with the same story

Bob on Aug 11, 2013


how about ANY Clint Eastwood movie ? lol ( ok not the cop ones) or any "Lone Rider " type Western/ martial arts film ? What a lot of sci-fi writers lean on for storytelling , Westerns .... How about the forthcoming " Ender's Game " ? a lone wolf kid has to free Earth from oppressors and destroyers , in this case alien ....

Dominic on Aug 13, 2013


Those are the same story? you sir are a moron

Bob on Aug 13, 2013


Johnny Mnemonic

averagetexasguy on Aug 13, 2013


saw it this morning, going back tonight. loved it.

Astroboy3000 on Aug 11, 2013


Saw it again totay and I liked it even more this time around. Loved that moment with the little girl telling Max a story. Enjoyed the character of Spider more than first time, and loved the over the top si-fi violence. Best line in the whole film: "I´ts only a flesh-wound!" Can´t wait to see what the director does next.

Kill my Bill on Aug 11, 2013


Great CGI and visuals, very beautifully done. If they ever make a Mass Effect movie, they need to get the CGI and visual team from this movie! The one thing I don't get, is why the people of earth didn't have their own med-bay pod. Since they build everything else on earth, i.e. robots, weapons, coding, etc, why wouldn't they have their own med-bay? Especially since they have robots on earth. Also, if all the rich are on Elysium, that doesn't mean all the smart people are on there, why couldn't they just build a better society on earth, just no rich people? I'm a fan of Neil's work ever since D9, but this story just has too many holes to poke thru, there is no reason why Earth had to look this way, it was showing that the inhabitants of Earth are a bunch of idiots, but we have Doctors and regular medicine and schools and know-how of technology? Have you guys watched Mike Judge's "Idiocracy"?? If it were like that, then the whole movie makes sense, but it wasn't so I'm left to question...

Paolo Umali on Aug 11, 2013


Most of those holes aren't holes...

Guest on Aug 12, 2013


Amazing. Terrific flick. Much needed hard sci fi fix done. Could've done without the political undertones (yeah yeah, rich people suck & all that, we get it Hollywood,) but otherwise, surprisingly solid (not that D9 wasn't.) Now more convinced than ever that we'll be telling our grandkids (or kids at this point,) that we remember when you could actually tell the difference between CG and the real thing.

avconsumer2 on Aug 12, 2013


Absolutely loved favorite movie of the year

Guest on Aug 12, 2013


anyone with a south african, Australian, new zeland accent makes me giggle when they talk. and when they try and play a villain tough guy? i lose my shit

Jont on Aug 12, 2013


I'm an Australian, and let me be the first to state that the "cliche" Australian accent is cinema POISON. Uh, it's pains me every time in a movie, or even in a show, when a character has the dumbest Australian accent I've ever heard. Pacific Rim was the WORST example thus far... we're made to sound ridiculous! It's so over the top and stereotype. And, as I have South African relatives, I can tell you that the one in the movie is also over the top as well, not saying there aren't people like that, but its not the norm. Note to film execs, STOP WITH THE DUMB ACCENTS.

FullySecular on Nov 29, 2013


Went in a skeptic after reading the reviews, But I enjoyed it, not the greatest film ever, but worth the dollars to see it.

Skeptic I guess on Aug 12, 2013


Best movie of the year

Bob on Aug 12, 2013


Though it took some short cuts on the story side of things it was a visual spectacle and Matt Damon was bang on. I could watch Neil blomkamp blow up characters all day long. It also had a lot of Halo in it. The ring concept The pelicans And some helmets.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 12, 2013


When people scream "my movie of the year", based on what? Oblivion? It was shit on top of shit. Men of Steel? It was just shit. Into Darkness? Prob this years worst scifi movie. So yes, if you base that rating on these movies then Elysium surely was great and better. But still. The movies story was so weak and full of plot holes, its like i was written by Damon "I mess with movies and make money" Lindelof. Its just painful to see all the awesome visual FX, ideas and design only to have it surrounded by mediocre story telling. They are cool but personally, it frustrates me more then anything because it has so much potential.

toksin on Aug 13, 2013


Ok my apologies for the grammar errors.

toksin on Aug 13, 2013


You should apologize, instead, for your taste in films. Man of steel was beautiful, as was into darkness.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 13, 2013


Name a better movie then

Guest on Aug 13, 2013


You are right!! Man of Steel was disjointed and edited by a wack job. It's like the got high before writing the different acts. Oblivion was great visually, ok story I guess. Into Darkness was alright, not that special really. Over all I think this years movies suck. I think last years movies sucked too though.The PG-13ing of the film industry takes the meat out of the movies. I did like The Wolverine though. Very smart of them to make an utter crap fest for the first one so the sequel shines like a diamond.

billy on Aug 13, 2013


yea a good 5 of 10 stunning to look at week on story an whats up with Jody Foster character was her voice dubbed.

Arsie on Aug 13, 2013


here's a great breakdown why this movie dissapoints on multiple levels

Linkfx on Aug 13, 2013


My only problem with this flick is, Wikus was promised that the cock roach would return in 3 years.... It's been 5 years and Blomkamp gives us a decent but mediocre film that you can see the ending 15 minutes in, instead of District 10.

Timothy Francis on Aug 19, 2013


OK I just saw it and have to say a few things. First of all, definitely a compelling film. I mean, I was glued to my seat. I wanted to watch the whole thing. It's very interesting. Issues: What's with the intense stereotypes? Why does Matt Damon have an accent in Spanish? If he's growing up in the slums of a spanish neighborhood (which I thought was in Mexico until they cleared up it was Los Angeles) why the hell does that kid not have a fluent accent in Spanish? Not real. Robots are everywhere policing your every move, able to even discern when you're being sarcastic. OK. So why are their PEOPLE building robots, and not robots building robots? It's fine, but its never explained, so it's not fine. He gets massive radiation, enough to kill him in 5 days, and these little blue pills or whatever make him feel fine until the moment he will die. Is that why he's able to sustain all further injuries? The injuries he gets are really bad. Major wound in the stomach for example. I think it would have been way more believable if some kind of prototype med-vac (is that what they're called?) was on earth that they put him in there and it half-healed him. That would have explained his constant recovery. Spider = unsympathetic crime lord... becomes creator of equality for all? Motivation behind his character should be explained more in depth. Like he's a genius that has gone into hiding for all these years until he gets the right chance. And why would he send Matt Damon as his special envoy to getting this data and not himself?!? I don't know. Something amiss here, in his motivation to send Matt. He's half dying from radiation, even with his exo-skeleton, and he's going to get your sensitive information? No one else is capable? It's not clear that Matt is some kind of supra-intelligent rebel... he's only been portrayed up to this point as a great car thief who got into trouble, but stealing cars doesn't automatically make you genius in all aspects of thievery. More establishment of Matt's intelligence is needed and why he's THE man for THIS job. Jodie Foster - no one has mentioned this, but I love that she goes against-type. In all sorts of ways. I love that she's a WOMAN, and that she's so power hungary. I think it shows that woman or man, we're all capable of ugly things. It makes your skin crawl to hear her. Yeah, her accent is a little weird, but I thought she did her part well even though I was distracted by her Jodie-Foster-Ness. OK what's up with the stereotypes though? - Hispanics are still the world's poor, gang-ish. Spanish is used to denote this, clearly. -Why are the "rich" people speaking french? Why is french still used to show chique-ness or richness? There are plenty of dirt poor french speakers out there. -Too many white people on Elysium, really? I thought that the relationship between the two worlds wasn't established or explained enough. Why does Elysium stay close to earth? If they're a perfect world, why not drift away to some better place, leaving behind the earth to fend for themselves or whatever? I mean... do they need earth? That's not established. What are their ideas about earth's current population? Other than Jodie Foster's role, where she obviously hates the living guts out of them, we're never explained what their value is. Are they used as workers? Does Elysium want them to be eventually exterminated? Whatever, some more connective background tissue is needed here. Alright. I'm done. It's still worth watching. But I had no emotional investment. I didn't root for Matt that much, I didn't get teary eyed at the end, nothing really moved me, although I was very interested by the premise of the story.

Isabelle Carbonell on Oct 12, 2013

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