Sound Off: Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' - So What Did You Think?

June 14, 2013

Man of Steel Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "In time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders." Superman is back. It's time. Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has arrived in theaters everywhere. Henry Cavill is Kal-El, or Clark Kent, in this new take on the DC Comics superhero. Russell Crowe stars as his Kryptonian father Jor-El, with Kevin Costner as his Earth father Jonathan Kent. Diane Lane plays Ma Kent, and Amy Adams reporter Lois Lane, with Antje Traue as Faora and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. So how is it? Does it live up to the hype? Better than Bryan Singer's Superman Returns or not? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Zack's Man of Steel.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the fire, I love Man of Steel, I think it's Zack's best movie yet. Upon a second viewing I actually loved it even more. There's just something about it, they really went all out and give us everything by the end. I love the flashback structure, I thought it was refreshingly bold way to tell the story without showing a young Superman growing up, rather giving us a real character to follow. The scenes with Pa Kent, played by Kevin Costner, are the best and I tear up during that tornado moment every time. Nearly every scene with him and Kal contains some kind of valuable lesson, I love hearing their chats. Beyond that, it's vastly entertaining to watch and the world is epic. The final third is almost a full 45 minutes of intense action and hits everything, from buildings to satellites to Kryptonian spacecraft. It's not perfect, but it's the best summer movie so far.

What did you think of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel? Best Superman yet or one big trainwreck? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Disappointing.. Expected more

Bike Bus Film on Jun 14, 2013


Superman Returns (2006). 75% FRESH on the tomatometer Superman Man of Steel (2013) 57% ROTTEN on the tomatometer I use Rotten Tomatoes just as an example of a critic aggregate site. I agree with BikeBusFilm and everyone else who agreed this film fell flat. Guess what?... Just like The Hobbit, Man of Steel had a critic review silence until a few days before the film. Anytime a film does this it means the film flat out SUCKS...or at least WB knew this film will have mixed to lower than expected reviews, which it is getting. Snyder might perhaps be the M. Night Shaymalan of action movies. One or two good films and others are mediocre to so so. For AB to say he loved this film it wasn't a surprise. Can't bad mouth a director after interviewing him. But as it stands... Superman Returns will always be more liked than Man of Steel

Man of Suck on Jun 14, 2013


If you don't like Billington's reviews then don't visit here. Why is RT so important to people? Superman Returns was a bad movie...overall.

Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013


Chill pill? To play devils advocate, I don't think he said he didn't like it. He just stated that because he interviewed Snyder. And possibly he just used RT as an example. Maybe he could've said meta critic, IMDB or what other people have said. People can have their opinions. Is it right to always have positive stuff? I'm sure healthy negative criticisms should be acceptable for not only for this site but for every site. Otherwise it would seem suspicious that they would delete all negative comments. So if someone has a negative feeling towards your opinion I assume its not OK because of your above statement. Let people share their comments, negative or positive without sounding like a douche.

Charles on Jun 14, 2013


opinions are welcome, yours as much as mine and even Man of Suck's...I'm sure he/she posted under that pseudonym for obvious reasons. As far as imdb goes ratings wise...well it is strongly urged not to follow.

Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013


I'm confused. You noticed his name was "Man of Suck", right?

Quanah on Jun 16, 2013


I'm astonished...literally can not contemplate, how these guys find Sup Return to be a better movie than MOS???? I thought it was the best sup movie to date!

JBrotsis on Jun 14, 2013


Agreed. The only good part was the "Heart and Soul" scene.

Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013


MoS is the best Superman to Date

Sky on Jun 14, 2013


I feel that All Star Superman was the best superman movie.

Mr Guest on Jun 15, 2013


In my opinion... superman 2 is the best superman movie to date. It really took the secret identity moniker and put it on its ear. I also appreciated the humanizing of kal in s2. Plus... stamps zod was way better than shannons... (still love him though)..... the only thing mos has going for it was its kickass jor-el.... and costner.

duane on Jun 16, 2013


RT is like kryptonite to me...I really do not care for it at all.

Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013



Xerxexx on Jun 17, 2013


RT is a cinic-hipster's cave.

capitandelespacio on Jun 14, 2013


This is idiotic, Superman Returns is one of the worst movies ever made, it was worse than Superman 4. This had heart, a real story, and set up thing for the future. The visual were so amazing, they had me gripping the side of my chair and digging my nails into my arms. THIS IS NOT A BAD MOVIE

Sky on Jun 14, 2013


Sorry but Returns died under the weight of Donner's masterpieces and Singer's fandom for those masterpieces and the pressure just as Man of Steel suffers from an ADHD eye candy culture and Goyer's overrated piss stained script.

Johnny Neat on Jun 17, 2013


Because a film has a review embargo until just a few days before the film comes out does not mean it flat out sucks. The majority of giant blockbusters have a few reviews come out throughout the week prior, and then reviews are allowed to come in. Don't you remember the frenzy when Nolan's Batman films came out (just as an example)? And who gives a shit. You are arguing that a movie is bad because you read other people's opinions.

Chazzy on Jun 17, 2013


Takes a lot to please people these days I guess... I loved it, great movie and a great START of a franchise

K1ng on Jun 14, 2013


For people that saw it, In the fight scene b/w Zod & Supe at the end. Zod picks up two tanker trucks and throws them a Supe, the sides on that truck, LEXCORP

Sky on Jun 14, 2013


Wayne enterprise symbol was on satellite during Superman and zod fight scene

Jaren Davis on Jun 15, 2013


Air Force chick who called Superman hot, her name was Carrie Farris. Green Lantern's love interest is Carol Ferris... Something or Nothing?

K1ng on Jun 15, 2013



Brian Sleider on Jun 17, 2013


Which seemed to be a nod to Superman II, when a bus was picked up and thrown at Superman and he didn't dodge it to save the people on it. He got smashed. This time, he lightly glided over it. (Of course, there were no people in the truck)

Quanah on Jun 15, 2013


Yup, it was a very uneventful Superman film like Superman Returns and Green Lantern. I have no desire to see this film again. If I could do it all over again I would wait for Netflix.

Buttons on Jun 14, 2013


how was this movie uneventful lol, did you actually watch it?

Crowned Clown on Jun 15, 2013


Uneventful? I think you may need to choose different words. At times, I felt it was highly busy. There was a lot going on to build up the final 45 minutes. Granted, I enjoyed the back story, but felt it was chocked full of information, action, and story line.

Quanah on Jun 15, 2013


Are you 109? I'll take you to get your eyes checked so you don't end up walking into After Earth again.

Ross80 on Jun 16, 2013


What to you counts as an event?

Brian Sleider on Jun 17, 2013


Feel sorry for those caught in the hype film will ever be as good as the hype proclaims.

Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013


Yep me too, but U just can't stop them

Tester on Jun 14, 2013



Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013


Agreed. I thought it was a great re-imagiming that will catapult future films. I liked the serious tone...A lot. I find it ironic that the complaints given for Superman Returns by the big name movie reviewers (i.e. not enough action) was exactly what was served up this time around in Man of Steel, yet many critics complained about the amount of action.

Quanah on Jun 14, 2013


“What is a critic if not a person who watches too quickly, arrogantly,but never wisely?"

Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013


Nice Cloud Atlas reference

N. on Jun 14, 2013


I try.

Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013



Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013


Why thank you.

Xerxexx on Jun 17, 2013


I just watched Atlas tonight and then hopped on FS, just barely caught this reference. 😉

JL on Jun 17, 2013


I love that they only mentioned the name "Superman" like less than 5 times here. They even bill Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Kal-El. It shows how Zack and co really try to reboot, rebuild the whole myth of Superman. Love the action too! Watched on IMAX and every penny was worth spending! It's the best summer movie this year so far, and I've got a feeling that this one is going to punch its way to the top the whole year!

Paul Mahesa on Jun 14, 2013


Pure Epicness, nothing can be said beyond that. A MUST SEE movie for the Superman and (not so) fans... book now in theatres near you.. Lets put it this way, This is how it meant to be made. Acting - 10/10 Story - 09/10 CGI - 8.5/10 Direction - 10/10 Overall - 9.5/10

Clark K on Jun 14, 2013


As much as I want to disagree with you Clark, I must say "Pure Epicness" indeed, it was an outstanding performance even though I was not in it. However, they did mention my company tycoon name in reference so I'll give you that. I'll see you in the next installment with my shinny piece of head. 😉

Lex L on Jun 15, 2013


This. I like this conversation. Please continue.

Chris Amaya on Jun 16, 2013


agreed. although i thought Lois's character was weeeeeaaaaak

truff66 on Jun 18, 2013


I agreed with Jeremy's review completely. Such great imagination at work, and the style was simply perfect. I do wish they had converted a good 30 minutes of fighting into more character development, growing the relationship between Kal and Lois, and looking more into his mind while realizing his destiny as a hero. Not that the fighting wasn't way cool; but I think there was a little too much concentration on that aspect. So great though.

John on Jun 14, 2013


Not really I would have enjoyed to see them together as a couple in the last movie of the franchise

Jaren Davis on Jun 15, 2013


Thoroughly loved it. As of now, for now, it's the best origin superhero movie. I don't get the disappointment but it's whatever. The problem I have with reviews that I just can't stand after seeing the movie finally is that there is no heart. I completely 100% disagree and don't think they watched the same film I did.

Jake on Jun 14, 2013


Agree with you about the movie having heart--it did. I honestly do not know what the critics who panned the film were expecting, but....

Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013


I thought it was a great movie. A great reboot to the boy in blue. It's cool how they only said the word Superman once in the movie. The beginning pretty much had me at go with Russel Crowe being a bad ass. I was like Maximus is back, lol. The flashbacks did a good job of filling in his back story. Plus the action scenes were top notch. Especially the Smallville street scene where its 2 against 1. I will definitely go watch the movie again.

kenshin2811 on Jun 14, 2013


I thought Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill, and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane did a good job, The rest of the cast was bleh.... especially Amy Adams as Lois Lane was pretty awful imo. Not 1 scene with the President of the US?? Only some 3 star General? uhh.... It started off pretty good, I actually probably would of preferred earth and humans never being in the movie at all as that is when the film gets weaker imo. Thankfully we get a few more glimpses of Jor-El later on. Thought the story was pretty weak, and the fighting while it looked very cool and fun to watch..seemed pretty pointless the whole time as no one was ever in danger of injury it seemed. Very odd way for Lois to just randomly follow around Superman in Antartica... That was REALLY poorly done and absurd. The orgin/flashback was ok.. except there seem to be too many of them.. probably because the main storyline was pretty weak to stick with. Also I didnt get the ending at all.... So is every human just acting like they have no idea who clark kent is?? Seems kind of assbackwards? Should he of been working there already? BEFORE Zod came to Earth??? ... Oh well. 7/10 at best and its mainly due to the cool special effects and soundtrack/sound effects that rocked in IMAX (non 3D Showing) OH And the product placement was lame. How many times do you need IHOP in your face? 7 Eleven, UHAUL, SEARS, ..... uhggg... really annoying.

none none on Jun 14, 2013


...I see signs for those companies every day.

Xerxexx on Jun 14, 2013


Im glad im not the only one who feels this way. The story was outrages. Nothing made sense. Typical, the stupid, dumb american military. Stereo typical General. Angry. Hes not impressed. WHERE was the world being WOW'd by a dude who can fly? Where?

Buzzfunk on Jun 14, 2013


Yeah. exactly.

none none on Jun 15, 2013


Did they have time to be wow'd? I mean, the world was under attack...If aliens landed on my planet and began tearing apart a city, I wouldn't be the guy going, "Well, we're all going to die, but look at that dude flying. So cool. Wow. However, we're all dead."

Quanah on Jun 15, 2013


Yea that goes out the window when someone says you have 24 hours left to live

Tyrell Antonio on Jun 16, 2013


Don't forget Nokia, and Budweiser.

Indianamcclain on Jun 14, 2013


But they also had product placement for Wayne Enterprises and Lexcorp. And they smashed up that IHOP really good too.

supesfan on Jun 14, 2013


No one was ever in danger of injury. What movie did you see because at the end almost half of Metropolis was destroyed. You think all those giant sky scrappers held toys or just cars.

Diego Young on Jun 15, 2013


The destruction was a bit excessive in my opinion. I enjoyed the movie; I would not say it met my expectations yet it wasn't a disappointment either. One criticism I can share with your comment is that Superman never seemed remotely moved by all the destruction and innocent people lost in the chaos. I know its production value; the masses flock to big explosions, but I wanted Superman to feel like his presence was bringing more harm than good... Earth was only destination because of Superman's presence there and not once did he feel any guilt... I need more acting in that regard.

Luis Gomez on Jun 15, 2013


Lois was done very poorly. Who would go out at night like that? What would you expect to find? You would freeze to death...She appeared in every second scene and it even didn't make sense...though I understand that she was needed in some of the scenes, like in the end with Superman, but not the way it was done...

dawko on Jun 15, 2013


I drive past a shopping area every day to get to work. I see Home Depot, Walmart, 7-11, Cabelas, Best Buy...not that unusual.

Quanah on Jun 15, 2013


Not Perfect and it never really seems to find sure footing. That having been said, it was one hell of a ride. I'd see it again in IMAX.

Matt97 on Jun 14, 2013


Yeah, not the best comic book film, but I will surely watch it again for its visuals. Great job in that area.

Luis Gomez on Jun 15, 2013



JACK on Jun 14, 2013


Epic I loved it the only thing that bothered was the love and spark between Miss Lane and Supes seemed to forced and not as natural as it has in the past. I can understand the naysayers but in my mind it was exactly what it needed to be I'm already anxious for the sequel!

N. on Jun 14, 2013


My fav scene was in the end. when Clark was playing with his dog wearing his red cape and his father looking on. Classic. Best Superman film ever! Even better than Rises!

Tey on Jun 14, 2013


Loved it and can't wait to see it again. I get where some criticism is coming from. But I saw a different movie. Which delights me to no end. It's my favourite superhero adaptation now, alongside THE AVENGERS. And there's really no need to rank between these two because they're so utterly different in almost every regard anyway. Hope it does well at the box office. Snyder deserves it.

Jan on Jun 14, 2013


I'm with you. I can see some of the criticism, but some comments are really out there. I'm going to see it again soon. I thought it was an amazing vision for Superman.

Quanah on Jun 15, 2013


It had heart and great action. That being said, it felt like something was missing. Maybe Man of Squeal will be Snyder's Batman Begins (which is a great orgin story) and his next one will be his masterpiece. 7.5 hitler mustaches out of 10.

Parker on Jun 14, 2013


That's what I believe. Next film we'll see Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet, unraveling a mystery that require Superman to get involved. I think Brainiac would make a great villain. A nice brawn versus brain story.

Quanah on Jun 15, 2013


I thought it was probably the best action in a superhero movie I've seen. I liked the story, liked seeing Clark as a wandering loner looking for answers. The LexCorp logo appearing in some places was a nice a nice wink to the fans. Shannon was awesome. The alien technology on Krypton was cool. The action? Wow. Epic. I never liked the previous screen incarnations of Superman. The tone was always too cheesy, and the powers that Supes has were never portrayed in a convincing way (technology and/or budget limitations, etc.) The carnage and mayhem was as extreme as you would expect from these characters clashing. This movie exceeded my expectations, which were very high from the get go. The only disappointment for me was the end when Clark went to work as a reporter. I know, it's what Clark is supposed to do when he's not suited up, but the fact that he puts on a pair of glasses and nobody can recognize him, even when he is always near events that require superman is part of the cheese that I never liked about the character. Still, for me, this was at least 9/10

Elbak on Jun 14, 2013


I was hoping for a new angle on the Clark Kent/Daily Planet thing as well. What about a guy who takes beat reporting and is rarely at the office? I don't think the lovable geek would be the way to go. Chris Reeve did that perfectly. Maybe he's the online journalist who works from home? Doesn't report to the Planet but rarely. When he comes in he's in a disguise?

Quanah on Jun 15, 2013


Epic... by measure of pace, didn't nearly feel like a 2.5hr movie. Engrossed the entire time. Went to a Wallyworld 3D pre-screen and it was perfect... maybe 45 die-hard fans and that was it. Plenty of anticipating chatter beforehand, but dead silent and engrossed in awesomeness throughout and followed by applause at the end.

F.S. on Jun 14, 2013


The movie itself is a great stand alone Superman movie. It's not shinny, perfectly looking. Has this shacky/blurry cam, but it does well. The sense or the tone is perfect, bitter-sweet almost. Great cast and perfectly acted, Henry Cavill IS Superman. Zack Snyder directed his best film yet and make the imposible with this movie. Try to compare this to the Batman franchise or the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a waste of time. This is how great movies are made, they stand alone like individual pieces of art.

capitandelespacio on Jun 14, 2013


Call me a troll, call me someone who 'just wants to stir shit up', whatever. This movie was a complete and utter failure. Loud, annoying and completely inconsistent. Have we gotten so fucking used to mediocre shit that we settle for anything? Do the amazing fx make up for the movie as a whole? Sorry but anyone who grew up with the original Superman movie's will feel the same way. Man of steel has CG, lots of good actors, a somewhat decent superman but it has zero heart. This wasn't a superman movie. It was a scifi movie with Superman thrown into it. Snider should be ashamed of this utter garbage. And heh, if you LOVED it, please knock yourself out. Give the studios all the reasons to make more of these.

Buzzfunk on Jun 14, 2013


And to add one thing. AMY fucking Adams was THE WORST casting in history of movies. She can't act. Terrible dialog. Story made Zero sense.

Buzzfunk on Jun 14, 2013


You do realize that there are 4+ billion people alive today that were alive when Superman: The Movie was released? So "growing up" with the movies doesn't really put you in any elite status. But yeah, I "grew up" with the original movies too (and to do you one better, I "grew up" with the comic books as well), and Man of Steel was the Superman movie I've been waiting to see my entire life. And before you go insulting directors, you should really learn to spell their name first. :/

Kev on Jun 14, 2013


Dont make me laugh. When did i ever say ELITE? When? where? In my opinion (get it?) the movie is an utter crap fest. If this is the SM movie you waited for all your life then HEH, GO CELEBRATE and enjoy.

Buzzfunk on Jun 14, 2013


Are you really unaware that you can use the English language to make statements by implication without stating the implication exactly? And I shouldn't be able to MAKE you laugh. If you're so impressionable that I can make you do anything then your opinion on anything holds no value because it was probably derived from that of someone else.

Kev on Jun 14, 2013


You gotta drop that smart ass, i saw your post on twitter post attitude. Are you insulting me personally now because English is not my first language? And what are you talking about? My opinion isn't any greater or less valid then your own. I didn't like the movie. End of story. This thread doesn't read "if you hated it dont post". But don't come at me with personal attacks here.

Buzzfunk on Jun 14, 2013


You made the absolute statement: "Sorry but anyone who grew up with the original Superman movie's will feel the same way." All I was initially saying is that I am one of the 4+ billion people that grew up with the original Superman movies, and I do not feel the same way you your premise to begin with was false...

Kev on Jun 14, 2013


u dumbass

jack on Jun 15, 2013


Drop it or what?? Lol, you'll spit more of your garbage? The movie was awesome, you suck big balls. The End.

Actuallyseenit on Jun 16, 2013


Superman is sci fi. He's an alien with unimaginable power and for once we were able to witness him showing how powerful he is. I grew up with the original Superman movies as well and this movie did well to not only show the man but the super as well.

Jason Savinon on Jun 14, 2013


I really enjoyed the film a lot. I give is a High B+ to a Low A-. Its a solid story with some great actors. I'm super (no pun intended) tired of people complaining about too much action. This is freaking Superman. I want, no NEED, to see him fight someone. People too often complain that they don't like Superman in the comics because he is too strong. So Nolan and Goyer pit him against another Kryptonian. Great move. I liked the most that they made Superman and ethical hero, which is what he is. (SPOILER) He does not kill people, that crosses the line. Yet there are times (even in the comics) where he has to kill someone and that it never an easy option for him. They showed that struggle, while only a short glimpse they still showed the internal struggle. I liked the serious Superman take that they had. I'm tired of a bumbling idiot portrayal of Clark. There is always in the previous movies and depictions like he is some puppy dog that is too big for his paws....but not here and THANK GOD. And I usually do not like Snyder films, but I thought the story was told in a great way. I loved the non-linear storytelling and the use of flashbacks. It was a great way to break up an origin movie. I hope this blows does great in the theaters because I want to see more.

troykinney on Jun 14, 2013


@Troykinney. Absolutely agree with you here. After a few days and talking it over with some people I feel there were a ton more memorable scenes throughout that were filmed really well. I usuall dont care for over abundance of CGI but the end fight where superman is punching Zod back and forth in mid flight and all the destruction .... Going through buildings... Fighting in space!!! Oh, so good!! That was the kind of thing I read in the comics. Shannon as Zod was very believable and menacing. Anyone else notice the nod to Watchmen with supe in front of all the tanks with a desert landscape, similar to a scene with dr. Manhattan, who was based off superman in the first place! MoS was quality movie making fun all around. Can't wait to see it several more times.

Nick M. on Jun 15, 2013


Awesome movie! Will go see this multiple times in the theaters. CRITICS CAN GO TO HELL!

Kev on Jun 14, 2013



capitandelespacio on Jun 14, 2013



axalon on Jun 14, 2013


The movie was FUCKING AWESOME! Great story. Great acting. Great pace. Awesome ending. I love how they flashed back to sequences when more was needed to explain the story or history. The opening act on Krypton? OMFG. i wanted to see more of that world. Some people are saying its missing heart? WTF... every time we saw his interaction with his adoptive father... goosbumps. the actor who played young superman was killer. And the scene when he finds out his mother is at risk and pounds the shit out of Zod to save her while screaming "thats my mother"... inside I was cheering. The idea that he was vulnerable kept me on the edge of my seat wondering when and how this movie was going to get cheesy. It NEVER did. ZACK did an AMAZING job giving us his interpretation of what it would be like if this was real. Even when the alien looks human ,humankind, has ZERO trust in him. The line at the end when he says to the general .. "I am as american as you I grew up in Kansas" The purity of his convictions when he needed to finally kill was what kept this story together. he was not a wishy washy Superman. nor was he a love seeking blithering idiot every other superman show/movie portrayed him to be. He was a MAN. even when he was a kid. It was FUCKING AWESOME. Multiple trips to the theatre needed for this one!!

Seb on Jun 14, 2013


Amazing!!! This was the Superman I've been wanting to see. The fight scenes were epic and really showed how powerful these characters are. I don't know people can say this film had no heart when the scenes with his father were extremely emotional. Costner and Crowe were at the top of their games and Cavill was definitely the right man for the job.

Jason Savinon on Jun 14, 2013


I read alot of spoiler free reviews before going to watch MOS and so was expecting the film to have no heart, poor storyline, weak characters and the action pieces to go on too long....I was blown away,it nearly brought tears to my eyes at least four times the beginning middle and end.They dealt with the age old problem of Lois not recognising superman as Clark really well and the action towards the end was Amazeballs. I wanted to watch the whole thing again straight away.for every criticism I'd read it was like they'd been watching a different film.I loved it and I'm not even a big superman fan:)

jayjay on Jun 14, 2013


Finally an awesome Superman movie. Great story, FX were incredible, Zod was dead on with his portrayal. Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White was genius. Amy Adams was OK as Louis Lane but I think she can grow into this role in future installments. My only two problems with this movie were Pa Kent's death and Zod's death. First Pa Kent, is supposed to die of natural causes. This serves a very valuable lesson to Sups that he cant save everyone despite all his powers. And sorry folks but I would not sacrifice my fathers life just because a 20 or 30 people would see me use my powers. And second, Superman does not kill. And if he had to kill Zod then it deserved a lot more screen time than the three second scream we get in this movie. I felt the writers really didn't know how to get Zod back into the Phantom Zone and just got lazy. That being said I loved every other aspect of this movie. Like I said Finally a Superman movie worthy of the name. Now if someone could please deliver an awesome Wonder Woman movie, we would be in geek heaven.

mikmar83168 on Jun 14, 2013


One more thing that has not been mentioned. I absolutely loved the fact that they mentioned his Full name Kal son of El. That showed incredible respect to the source material.

mikmar83168 on Jun 14, 2013


It is respectful to the comics, I'll give you that, especially the post-Crisis reboot from the 1980s.

Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013


I did enjoy the film but IMO it's not close to the best of the genre (I.e. TDK trilogy). One of my main criticisms was the non-linear story telling with the flashbacks. To me, it did not work out the way it did in Batman Begins, and I feel that the film would have benefited from a more chronological story telling. I give them credit for trying the flashback method but it just felt off to me. I think Jonathan Kent's death would have been a bigger deal had we seen his other scenes beforehand, and I feel like a better emotional devotion and connection could have been made with Clark had we seen a more chronological telling of his troubling childhood. I think Jonathan Kent was short changed with screen time too. I was also not really a big fan of Lois Lane's role in the film, and I felt there were a handful of throwaway characters (hardy, dr. scientist guy). I did really enjoy the ending though and the way it set up "Man Of Steel 2", which I feel will be more of the "definitive" Superman film. Of course this is after my first and only viewing, and I'm sure my thoughts will change for the better with future viewings.

ZKuhn on Jun 14, 2013


I am not a superman fan, i dont even like superman at all. But for me, man of steel delivers...its not perfect, but its a great of the summer yet...brilliantly done...i gave it 8.5/10...i hope there will be a sequel...this movie been made for superman fans and general audiences...its not been made for pleasing movie critics...i am very sure many superman fans and general audiences will love this movie...

safichan on Jun 14, 2013


Superman FINALLY throwing some PUNCHES in film. If that NOT AWESOME, I dont know what is..

Clark Kent on Jun 14, 2013


yeah... that was bloody awesome. Especially when he was flying. 🙂

Seb on Jun 14, 2013


I loved this movie not that it was perfect. I expected a gloomier, darker movie with not a lot of character development based on what the negative reviews were saying. Those reviews were wrong on both accounts. I enjoyed seeing the world of Krypton. I liked how Clark's life was told in flashbacks and from them I got why Clark was the loner he was. Afraid of revealing who he is because people may be afraid of him and reject him. What a harsh life when you have no one to confide in (except your parents). I got why he has this attraction with Lois. Lois finds out and not only doesn't reject him. She keeps his secrets. He can vulnerable with her and she won't exploit it. Though I felt it was rushed and they could have spent a little more time developing this relationship or put that in the sequel. And what are these complaints on the action. This is Superman against Zod and other Kryptonians. They are not humans so when they go at it, lots of damage is going to occur. Plan to see it again this weekend!

Irene on Jun 14, 2013


i dont care what other people with narrow mind say's about the movie ..because for me its a good movie i mean its a fucking goood movie the fighting scenes were epic remind me how goku fight frieza or majin buu and give us new point of view and inspire us also...that DC superhero like superman can stand alone with any invasion ... and for me superman is the best superhero rather than any member of avengers or any superhero of marvel..

jesusrocks on Jun 14, 2013


Man Of Steel is a triumph for DC and for fans alike! Without reservation, I loved the film. I loved that it had so much depth of heart. I am thinking that this may be one of the differences between DC and Marvel. Marvel delivers action goodness with high doses of fun and cheeky, while DC (aka Nolan) delivers action goodness with high doses of drama and heart that go deeper than you expect (for better or worse sometimes). Clearly this is a great stand alone film. But I'm so wondering what Supes 2 will include. I'm honestly less concerned with the identity of the antagonist than I am how they continue to explore the layers of Kal's heart... his fears, his hopes, how he handles the weight of his decisions when he puts on his Kryptonian clothing, and how he handles having a life and while also being "him" now that the world knows "he" exists. I hope the writers and director continue to give real weight to the emotional core the MAN. I left the film feeling 100% pleased. Man Of Steel is not perfect. It is, however, no less great with any flaw that others might find. I couldn't shake one feeling as I watched this film. The way they portrayed Clark's life growing up in Kansas. That setting. That farm. Those sounds. That other-focused agrarian ethic. Honestly, I felt that was Tom Welling's territory. Not a knock or a complaint in any way. I think I just realized how much I appreciate the job Welling (and that production team) did in most cases in portraying Clark's youth in Smallville. To me there was a link, making that whole Kansas portion simply feel true, feel real, and feel pleasantly familiar. Good stuff!

Tarnwood on Jun 14, 2013


It's good but not great, was really expecting more...personally will rate it 7/10.

Seb on Jun 14, 2013


MOS was a pretty good Superman movie, probably the most enjoyable since Donner's 1 and 2. As far as action goes, this one delivers where Returns failed, but I felt that it had a bit too much destruction. On the scale of feeling like I was watching Superman Doomsday. I don't know what the critics are talking about, those freaking stiff @$$! Right now it has a rating of 57%, are you seriously kidding me? No way is Returns more enjoyable than this one. As far as comic book movie goes, this one deserves to be consider one of the top to have come out. People are complaining about the relationship between Lois and Clark, but this movie wasn't really suppose to be about that. To me it's a good setup for their relationship to build in the sequels. I hope this one does really well in the B.O., cause I can't wait to see the next one.

nate on Jun 14, 2013


It's funny to see half of the people diss the movie, smh. The movie was great.

blueorangeny on Jun 14, 2013


I saw MoS 90 minutes ago. I've seen just about every single iteration of Superman, except for the radio serial and most of the black and white matinee serials that used to appear in the movies. This version is the best by far. It is much better than Superman Returns. Loved the "Truck" gag. I realize it was about the only bit of humor in the film, but it was good. Characters were all solid, however, to be honest with you, I thought Perry White was kind of flat. Come on Laurence, you can step up your game a bit more. Great reboot to Superman.

comicman on Jun 14, 2013


I liked it. Very visual and sort of a nice new superman storyline. I can see how people didn't like it. My only complaint is I think Nolan had a bit too much influence.

tyban81 on Jun 14, 2013


Nolan had a lot of influence? Oh so it must be amazing then

Guest on Jun 14, 2013


Loved the movie and its feel but I thought Snyder and Nolan missed a gold opportunity by simply leaving the origin out of the movie entirely. It would have been a much cooler and mysterious start for everyone if no one knew where he came from and have Zod give him his first lesson of his origin on Krypton. Then over the course of the Superman movies, he and those of us watching them would learn about where he came from and how he got here. They could have shaken the dust off the old story by doing something new in that area. Overall though, I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. Now bring on Justice League!

Hattori Hanzo on Jun 14, 2013


Great great great. Thus far its my fav super hero movie. Even over Batman, Avengers etc. It definitely delivered..It had heart, well done action, good acting overall.

Jim Dawkins on Jun 14, 2013


I liked Man of Steel, but it was a bit boring in the beginning of the film seems it took forever for the movie to kick into some serious action..I agree with Alex, the scene with Costner and the tornado almost bought tears to my eyes.. I felt like a lot of the action towards the end, was a bit repetitive, the same knock'em sock'em over and over, through buildings, through streets, buildings crumbling, I mean, we've seen this type action from all types of action movies over and over, this didn't offer anything new IMO...overall, an okay movie...I am disappointed that we didn't get a tease or anything JLA related..

jah p on Jun 14, 2013


Ahhh, I so want to love it! I liked it, but it fell short of my expectations (which I guess was inevitable). I Liked the energy, and the pacing was fine, but there weren't enough 'wow, Superman' moments. Earth had already been introduced to extra terrestrials by the time they get to know Superman, so he's almost like an 'also ran'. It would have been much better if they had been completely floored by this apparently unique individual and THEN been introduced to a bunch of super powered bad guys (that's what Richard Donner did brilliantly with Superman 1 and 2). As it was, it really buffered the impact of his reveal to humanity. Also, everyone totally thanks Superman for saving their lives, yet the earth would not have been in danger at all if he hadn't been there in the first place to lure Zod here! I suppose these are minor nitpickings. It looked great and the 2 hours flew by, so it did it's job, but even a couple of hours after viewing, I really can't say I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

fazha on Jun 14, 2013


I For One Truthfully Enjoyed The Film and Since Its A Start To A Franchise, We Know That The Relationship Between Louis And Kal/Clark Will Grow. Like The Dark Night Trilogy The First Film Was The Weakest But Set The Stage For The Future Instalments. Hopefully It only Gets Better From.

Jesse Bahia on Jun 14, 2013


The scenes between kal and Jonathan were BEAUTIFUL. The visuals were breathtaking. I have no clue how this movie got such mediocre reviews. My jaw physically dropped when he snapped Zods neck.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 14, 2013


I JUST WANT THIS TO BE SEEN For people that saw it, In the fight scene b/w Zod & Supe at the end. Zod picks up two tanker trucks and throws them a Supe, the sides on that truck, LEXCORP

Sky on Jun 14, 2013


Yeah that was an easter egg of the presence of Lex an already established business man but did you see the Wayne Enterprises Logo? That particular easter egg is leading people to speculate that Christian Bale may return as the Dark Knight since the Logo resembles the one from the Nolan films but of course Zack Snyder is denying that saying Superman is the first to rise up in the universe and the other heroes will follow behind him seeing Superman as their inspiration to step up and defend the world.

BinaryChaos on Jun 14, 2013


Yea, after posting this i went on to read Ethan's article about all of that. Of course he mentions the exact thing, i was talking about, in his 2nd paragraph. I'm still pumped about Justice League starting up though. Even as a bigger Marvel fan myself, MoS blew Iron Man 3 away. But they are different movies. Iron Man feels more like a Comic Book, MoS was like a work of superhero art. (Still really liked IM3)

Sky on Jun 15, 2013


I enjoyed it. It had its flaws, but Superman was just made too damn perfect and will never satisfy the people. The only way to hurt him is to hurt those around him.

mooreworthy on Jun 14, 2013


You just can't top Donner. I just wish they would Lucasize Superman 2 and update the CGI with epic battle scenes between Superman and Zod's minions. That movie would be so freaking Epic after getting major touch ups.

BinaryChaos on Jun 14, 2013


It was okay, but i can see why the peeps here are loving it. It's a slick production that uses the Nolan intensity of music and somber/epic tone, and convinces you that every serious moment is an epic revelation. The action is good, if without grace, the acting is serviceable, and it has some good identity and father/son themes. But really, it's just an okay flick. Script brings it down the most. A bit going through the motions, and no surprises or emotions that aren't surface level. But hey, if you enjoyed it than you enjoyed it. 6/10... Much better flicks out there right now: Mud, This is thr End, Before Midnight, Frances Ha...

Lane on Jun 14, 2013


i really got the feel that kal el was an alien, and not specifically superman. I give allot of credit to snyder because i believe that he tried to do that and accomplished it with great success. i enjoyed the movie allot, and hope that everyone can get the chance to see it and enjoy it the same way i did

Thomas Loehle on Jun 14, 2013


i thought it was alright

THEBATMAN on Jun 14, 2013



John on Jun 14, 2013


Good movie, a bit choppy though I must say. It doesn't quite flow as well as I was hoping. Henry Cavil was awesome as the new Man of Steel. Though I thought there would be a little more substance and structure to this film. I enjoyed all the action sequences but i felt the movie was a bit rushed. All the characters were great but I wanted a bit more interaction between them all. This version had a lot more of a sci fi factor to it. And I kept being reminded of the matrix for some reason lol. This movie was definitely a new take on a character I have missed on the big screen for a long time now. All in all I have to say I'm 50/50. Not a bad movie at all but not great either.

batsupe on Jun 14, 2013


Man of Steel… oh my god… that was so BORING! I’m serious, the beginning with the story of sending Kal El to Earth and the destruction of Krypton was cool. Michael Shannon as Zod was cool, Russel Crowe was amazing, Henry Cavil is a good Superman, all the actors were great except Amy Adams. The final battle scene was cool. But the whole hour and a half was so bad. We know the story of Clark Kent, we know the struggles he suffers from. Superman is the most recognizable character next to Jesus Christ. Don’t even get me started on the forced Jesus thing on Superman. I’m not kidding you. Zach Snyder literally forced the idea that Superman is Jesus Christ. David S. Goyer needs to stop writing movies. Christopher Nolan is turning into George Lucas and ruin ever other film he makes, Zach Snyder is a hack for a director. Who did they hire to do the Principle Photography? Michael J. Fox??? Seriously!? Outside the outstanding cast, and a good idea of a story. I blame the Director, the producers, the writer who allowed this to happen, Legendary Pictures. I’m very very disappointed. First The Dark Knight Rises, now this… Come on! *sighs* Beginning of the movie. Good, middle, SUCKS SO BAD, Ending when Zod decides to commit genocide onwards. Good. This movie is a 2.

Hal on Jun 15, 2013


Nolan is turning into George sir are literally too stupid to insult

Guest on Jun 15, 2013


Stop talking and open the god damn pod bay doors!

GodsAdvised on Jun 17, 2013


was anyone else disappointed by the overempowerment of lois? don’t get me wrong, i want her bold as brass, but 5 minutes into her screentime she’d already uncovered his identity. 5 minutes aboard an alien spaceship she was already quite skilled with their weaponry. 5 more minutes of the film & she’d have probably been speaking fluent kryptonian. her grandiose character & the near destruction of metropolis & smallville ruined this film for me unfortuantely…

Lana on Jun 15, 2013


Meh Of Steel for me.

Harry on Jun 15, 2013


If you're a Superman aficionado like myself, then you will absolutely love this movie. While I'll admit that the story line was a bit fast-paced, leaving little room for character development, and the audio was a bit loud - the movie in its entirety was just amazing. I was absolutely engrossed in it from start to finish. The action was intense, the CGI was beautiful, the actors and the directing were on par, the audio and music were mesmerising. Overall, this movie is just fantastic - it will leave you exiting the theatre feeling great. Please ignore the critics and their negative reviews, and go enjoy watching this movie.

ali3000 on Jun 15, 2013


I'm a Superman aficionado as well and I couldn't disagree with you more. This cookie cutter Superman lacked character and charisma. Lois tracks him all the way to Smallville? The CGI was so fake especially the CGI Superman and Zod fighting at the end. The plot devices and plot holes are comical. The drama was forced. Pa Kent dying over a dog HA HA HA! Jor-El doing MMA? Zod was constantly yelling and over the top angry. WB has a campaign to flood the fan sites with positive comments to offset the more accurate negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Do not believe every postive comment posted. Some are by actual WB employees.

Martin on Jun 15, 2013


You can sully this movie all you like, but the bottom line is that you (and others) will enjoy or have enjoyed watching this movie. You will get your money's worth, or "bang for your buck" if you will. Which in this day and age, is quite a rare commodity.

ali3000 on Jun 15, 2013


Oh I saw it. And I couldn't disagree with you more. Man Of Steel is not the definitive interpretation of Superman for the modern age.

Al Merrick on Jun 15, 2013


Hmm, I can sit here all night long and argue with you about your opinion, or I can go have dirty, filthy, animal sex with my girlfriend til we pass out.

ali3000 on Jun 15, 2013


I'm a total comic book film junkie and I have to say Man of Steel was a hack job. It was borrowing heavily from recent blockbusters films and video games. That normally would be ok if it wasn't for the fact it was put together so poorly by the hack masters, Zack and Goyer. This Superman is definitely in line with Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern. Is this the kind of Justice League film we want?

Cloutiaux on Jun 15, 2013


To much spectacle and not enough soul! where is the character development so we can feel for these people. The best moment for me were the little ones - pa Kent raising his hand to protect his son and dying in the process, that made me feel! Not enough time on screen for Costner, more of that please. Superman just felt relegated to body moved from situation to situation, he hardly spoke!

Ian Eastoe on Jun 15, 2013


Is that what he was doing? It was a pointless death. He went back to get the dog....? Jeez

Lucius on Jun 15, 2013


Quite dull in every way. The much lauded action sequences were actually poorly designed and executed made even worse by handheld cameras. Unevenly paced and little resonance and impact. Felt like an episode of Dragonball Z. The CGI was a step back. Who was the Visual Effects Supervisor? He should be banned from doing any more CGI intensive films.

Channing on Jun 15, 2013


How could WB have screwed up so bad with this Superman reboot? There's so much great source material to work from. With Marvel well into Phase 2, what was WB thinking? Do the execs there have any idea how bad Zack Snyder and David Goyer really are? Man of Steel was a terrible, terrible film. Superman killing Zod like that was so forced! Lois so easily tracking down Clark Kent and figuring out who he was was ridiculous. Superman fighting the Burly Brawl in Metropolis like it was Matrix 3 was LAME! I noticed it's the same VFX Supervisor too for this film as Matrix 3. Poor choice, WB. Come on! Marvel is 10 years ahead of you now. I want to see kick ass shared DC Universe set of films, but not with this Superman and Green Lantern and dare I say "realistic" Batman.

Kyle Robinson on Jun 15, 2013


Ugh. These commericals remind me just how bad this film really was. Jor-El was so pretentious and arrogant about foisting his son on the people of Earth. He talks about freedom of choice to become who he wants to be and then dictates what he expects his son to be, a great leader that may one day repopulate the Earth with Kryptonians. Utter crap

DJardine on Jun 15, 2013


I don't understand the criticisms about it not having heart, it had plenty of heart. I get the feeling when people say it doesn't have the heart of the original films and they wanted more warmth, what they really want is the cheese and corniness of the original films, and personally I'm glad we've moved on from that. This is the Superman movie I always wanted.

khel on Jun 15, 2013


This is DEFINITELY the best Superman movie up to date. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'm sure those saying they didn't like it aren't even fans of Superman to begin with or know anything about him aside from the 'alien sent to earth, weak to green rock, has a lot of powers" because that's basically every non-comic fan ever knows about him. This movie had story, it had action, it built up a future for a series. What else do you want!? Did you really want to have another intro movie where the first hour and a half are about how he came to Earth and how he was raised? NO! If you don't already know that by now (2013) then you're out of the loop and that's all on you as an individual because if you were interested in the character, we have this thing called the internet now, it's even on phones now!!! So really people, I say decide for yourself, but this is definitely a movie worth watching, DO NOT go by any "reviews" given by people who would rather watch Superman stalk Lois from high above the skies as she lives her life with her husband(Superman Returns).

Crowned Clown on Jun 15, 2013


A complete let down, dour and boring, awful script, with some absolutely dreadful cgi, a waste of time and money, that said with all he product placement the movie has already made a 100 million dollars from the companies Nokia, Bud etc etc, Anybody who has not seen this awful awful movie should avoid it and wait until it is on Blu Ray/ DVD and can be found in a bargain bin somewhere. Such a pity Nolan and Goyer had anything to do with the movie their unmistakable (horrible) touch is all over the movie. Avoid.

Noel O Flaherty on Jun 15, 2013


Visually and acting wise I loved it, but the writing was really bad in my opinion. It seemed choppy and rushed in some way, and some dialogue and situations just seemed ridiculous. I know superman is supposed to be ridiculously powerful according to the comics, but I just felt like the movie was just sensory overload with the sheer amount of damage and explosions. I liked it, don't get me wrong—but more in a "this is fucking nuts" kind of way. I never felt any tension as everyone just seemed invincible. Overall I'm impressed with how tastefully done this was, despite the character and costume. A challenge to do in a contemporary and realistic way... But I wish they spent a little more time with the backstory, which I found more interesting than the main one.

Shaun on Jun 15, 2013


I was blown away by the visuals. But a few aspects here and there felt a little forced. I didn't even know how to explain it after coming out of the cinema I just didn't feel that impressed overall...

Guy who comments on things on Jun 15, 2013


O God. It was a great movie. People expected a Superman/Donner look a like. This film was AWESOME. It has heart it shows a real superman. Better than rises. better than Iron man. I loved it

Frank D. Gutierrez on Jun 15, 2013


MOS was a very good time at the Theater. It was not of a God-type-Supes and more that made it fun to watch. I think Paid reviewers become Jaded and forget what the Theater experience can be like with a Superman type movie. They spend to much time taking mental notes and not enough time enjoying the ride. And for the RT crowed notice how the Audience reviewed it.

Average Joe on Jun 15, 2013


it's actually good. was expecting it.

JoeG on Jun 15, 2013


Definitely better than Superman Returns. For me the best Superman film I've seen. Henry Cavill was perfect. Cast was great. I love the movie. Will watch it over and over again

R Christine on Jun 15, 2013


Zack Snyder's worst movie. This movie is a mess... It's unbelievably cheesy and sloppy. The dialogue will make you want to headbutt a knife. I can't believe that I really got excited for this. I now believe that it's impossible to make a good Superman movie.

Ben Moore on Jun 15, 2013


I thought the movie was great, but it definitely lack something. The pace was a bit awkward at the beginning. Taking us from a wonderful crash course Krypton background story, to all of a sudden Clark fishing on some random boat and getting involved in some sort of accident. Overall the pace was a bit hard to get into. The special effects were great and the fighting sequences were even greater. But I couldn't get over that storytelling. Another thing that mas annoying was Louis and Clark's almost zero chemistry. Yes they had their moments but you could never get into them. Hopefully that'll change in the next film. Anyway I don't want to bash the film cause I really thought it was good and I actually like Snyder (Still think Watchmen its his best movie to date). I'm definitely looking forward to what happens now. P.S. Superman Returns was also a good movie. We had epic moments like Superman's speech to his son, Superman getting stabbed with the kryptonite shard and when he tossed the giant piece of land into space while fighting the effects of kryptonite and then collapsing in mid air all the way to the ground. It felt like the man of steel could be brought down after all, and to makes matters more dramatic, taken down by a simple human.

Ga3z on Jun 15, 2013


My biggest complaint about the film is that lack of chemistry. UGH. Why did they cast Amy Adams, anyway? 🙁

tati is not a twit on Jun 16, 2013


Sites like RT & IMDB are a platform for people to piss against the wind. Man of Steel, like Stat Trek and Iron Man 3 was a great film. And like those other films this has its critics. But let them live in the darkness...Man of Steel is the perfect example of why I go to the movies - I felt giddy as a 7 year old walking out of the cinema.

Gomez on Jun 15, 2013


I liked it! I was never a huge fan of Superman, but I really enjoyed this film. The first part was much better than the heavy second, which was bogged down by too many shaky-cam action scenes. Think it would have been better with more focus on the characters, particularly more screen time with Lois and Clark. That said, I'm looking forward to the sequel! I did like the last few minutes with Clark putting on his glasses-disguise and Lois being the only one, for once, who knew his true identity.

arnique on Jun 15, 2013


Best super heroes movie I've ever seen (and I've seen them all).

Gianni Persello on Jun 15, 2013


My thoughts from thursday night: Just got home from MOS (walmart advanced screening). Very awesome film! The action is the best of its kind ie any recent Marvel, Transformers, etc. To see super fighting from super hero/villians was incredible. The interesting parts about Krypton, Superman's revised origins were that- interesting. Unfortunately, i must agree with critics reviews about the "heart" or human element of the film. I did not get the tingles up my spine and goosebumps i expected. Having seen the Chris Reeves original in theatre when i was about 6 or 7 and then watching again few years ago i have to say that movie hits you somewhere this one doesn't. So to me it is a testament to Donner and Reeves. The trials of Clark in Smallville in that original SM film are much more "relatable" and give you more feeling/concern for him as a youth dealing w being different. I also believe this films use of flashbacks to his childhood contribute to not feeling too attached to the "poor kid" dealing with it. Those scenes are spread out through this film so you dont get to hang with him as he grows up (too much jumping around). So final words: best action film of SM ever but Reeves (and younger teen actor that played him) gave you the most "human" portrayal. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your viewing because i gaurantee you will!

Wish01 on Jun 15, 2013


I loved it. I do understand the negative criticism though. For me, the first half of the movie was very messy. I felt they really lacked lead-in's for most of their scenes, like they just didn't have any clue how to transition from one scene to another (for example, the transition from Clark and Lois in the interrogation room to them standing in the desert). It just felt like it lacked flow. But from that point on, holy crap, it was insane. The action was incredible, sfx were on point, never felt like they overdid it at any point, and kept wanting more. The more I think about this movie, the more I want to see it again.

Danimal on Jun 15, 2013


as a movie, it was action packed, a thrill ride, intense, and made 2 1/2 hours go by really fast; but as a Superman story, it may not even be top 20; as an origin story, definitely not top 5; Superman kills a man and doesn't care about all the people in all the buildings that collapsed and died...I don't know about you all, but that is not the Superman I know...

yoddle on Jun 15, 2013


Then you obviously don't know Superman. If you'd read the comics, he kills General Zod in one of the adaptions. It's the only person he's ever killed. As for the people in buildings collapsing, I can agree with that lol.

dvt on Jun 15, 2013


Yeah, he killed Zod in the 1980s Byrne reboot comics...because he didn't have a choice. Just like in this film.

Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013


yoddle Your right .. its not the Superman you know.....For me thats what made this so based in reality and just enhanced the horror of it all. He could not save everyone.... like in every other Superman movie. It was brutal to think people were in the buildings that were collapsing. His single purpose was to stop ZOD and once he accepted Zod would not stop, he had to kill him. The way he killed him made it seem like he could have done that right from the first punch. He knew all along he could kill him but chose not to until he had to.

seb on Jun 15, 2013


You people are fools!! Man of Steel was the best Superman Movie hands down. I had to show up at the movie 45 min early to get a seat and when I got there every other showing except mid-nite was sold out! The plot and story hit the ground running starting with how Krypton was destroyed. Also, I like how they didn't just make General Zod some cliche supervillan but a true antagonist who was fighting for a cause other than power or money. There was definitely greater than Return of Superman (which was a waste of money)! You people clearly have not seen the movie b/c you are not discussing anything specific just a bunch of lame general comments from a some -diehard Marvel rejects!

FlyGuy! on Jun 15, 2013


I loved it as well...though it had some flaws, especially in screenplay. Just like Goyer screwed up TDKR, he managed to screw MoS as well...Pa Kent's death - I understand what they were going for, but I didn't feel it was set correctly...Too much Lois Lane!!! Am I the only one who was questioning her being everywhere at the right time? I can see that she needed to be there in those important moments, but I felt like she just teleported to all important scenes...especially in the end with Zod... Henry Cavill is SUPERMAN, no doubt about it, his acting is so believable, you just love him from the first moment. All actors did well, however, Antje Traue was exceptionally good, totally loved her. In terms of the action, OH MY GOD! I just smiled throughout the last hour of the movie, because I knew that Snyder did it, he delivered action Superman deserves. Finally using most of his abilities at the same time in order to defeat his enemies!!! Avengers can go quietly hide in the corner, their action compared to MoS, just looks small, non epic. So yep, Snyder delivered what he could, Goyer screwed up, but finally, we got Superman we always dreamed of.

dawko on Jun 15, 2013


I agree about the action--man, it was something else!

Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013


There are truly some layers to Superman, his story and his character that people do in fact connect with… for different reasons. Superman has a Secret Sauce that makes him a Superman Concept Model you can look up

Win on Jun 15, 2013


Obviously, there are two groups. I'm in the group that thought it was great. The acting was phenomenal, the special effects were really good, and the story, although predictable, was well done. I'm really hoping it does well enough to warrant a sequel. Bring on Lex Luthor!

mdisloki on Jun 15, 2013


Man Of Steel was absolutely immense. If The Avengers raised the bar for superhero movies, MOS took that bar, shoved it up Iron Man's arse and hurled it into the sun! Donner's Superman was elegant & magical. Snyder's is brutal, raw and powerful beyond equal. This film makes anything Marvel are producing look like a Muppets movie.

Matt on Jun 15, 2013


@45ba6018dfaa22e982d3261c3243752c:disqus Dude... you are so right. I hope to never see Superman eating a shawarma after defeating an alien invasion.

seb on Jun 15, 2013


it's funny, that was one of my main annoyances with the movie; everything was so serious, i would have liked a little more humor. and am i the only one who thought some of the cgi looked horrible? i thought the first half of the movie was brilliant, and the effects on krypton were amazing, but the second half fell short of that bar it set. not to say it wasn't a good movie, i just expected more.

tonedef420 on Jun 16, 2013


The best movie ever, I've watched it twice now.

royalopez06 on Jun 15, 2013


I just saw it. It is better than that less masculine Superman Returns. It was a decent movie. As for what the critics think, well, it's definitely not at the level of Iron-Man part one, Batman Returns or The Dark Knight (Joker one). So, the critics do have a point. So, many super-hero movies have come out that they have higher expectations. If you liked Batman Begins then you will like Man of Steel. My only significant gripe about Man of Steel is General Zod! The whole time while I was watching it it felt like a rehash and I kept thinking things would have been better with Doomsday, Darkseid, or even Brainiac. Darkseid would have been far more of a cool villian than the bland General Zod. Henry Cavil came off one dimensional without much personality. At this point I don't think that anyone can beat Christopher Reeve's performance. In any case I hope there is a sequel since it looks as if they put more thought into this than was put into Superman Returns. At least we have a great Lois Lane this time around.All of clarks parents, both human and Kryptonian gave awesome performances.

kneel on Jun 15, 2013



Vic on Jun 15, 2013


I really liked it, visually pleasing, and although there wasn't a whole lot of dialogue anywhere in the movie, it was a plus for me. The best part about it was that Lex wasn't the main bad guy. I'm a marvel person not much for DC anything but I want a Justice league movie to eventually happen and so I threw in my little bit of support. I didn't expect much, but this was better than my expectations. I liked Superman returns quite a bit, but now that I can compare the two I much prefer the injection of reality this one had. I still prefer the actor from Superman returns but thats just me. I'd see man of steal again and again. The people around me kept making jokes about when superman got his 'suit' and the the next scene you see him clean shaven in the face but his chest hair popping out. I'm all for superman having physical testosterone, not the macho mentality testosterone either. I really wished he looked at the cape as if to say 'seriously?' or 'awesome' because that's a normal reaction not the indifference he's a vibrant red cape and it deserves it own reaction. I'll also never understand the disguise bit of superman either....never ever. Just nit picking now but it was worth my money and time

Barbara Ruiz on Jun 15, 2013


I never liked the stupid spectacle disguise either and as I've said on another forum they should have changed the glasses into some kind of alien technology, that he built while on the ship through the help of his holographic father, that alters the wearers facial features to be unrecognizable to the naked eye but when he takes the glasses off you see superman's face! That would have been more believable and given more credibility to this reality based movie. With Krypton being the only planet in the universe carrying such advanced technology in their arsenal you'd think the writers would have come up with something as easy as that. With a lot of people praising this movie I say they are suffering from Avengerism where in the beginning almost everyone felt The Avengers movie was the best superhero movie ever made while a minority felt different about it and then months later since it's release those same people that praised the Avengers movie now say it's a crappy story and I feel history will repeat itself with Man Of Steel. The movie alone is so incredibly flawed people can't see it with all the eye candy it has to offer.

BinaryChaos on Jun 16, 2013


I thought the movie was pretty good. Nobody attack me but I thought some parts of the film weren't fully explained or well thought out. Maybe someone on here can help give me an answer. SPOILER ALERT: 1. Why would the council willingly agree to banish Zod and his army knowing that their planet may be destroyed therefore indirectly protecting him from certain death? 2.Why was Zod so intent on terraforming earth when it was obvious that kryptonians could survive and even thrive on Earth without changing a thing? Once again I thought it was good but I think the pacing and parts of the script kept it from being great. But my hope is that now they can learn from this film and make the sequel a superman film that everyone can undeniably agree is the best.

chillmoviegoer on Jun 15, 2013


--The council didn't seem to realize that Krypton was about to die. They didn't listen to Jor-El, from the looks of it, and assumed that there would be no consequence to their plans for using the core of the planet as a power source. ...that's just my view, though. No attack from me. I loved the film, but I'm also looking forward to a second one too.

Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013


I have been anticipating this film since last year when I saw the trailer at "The Dark Knight Rises" midnight showing. That being said, the movie did not meet my expectations; however, it did not fail to impress me in some facets of the film. First, the movie provides some breathtaking cinematography and visuals. The fighting sequences were better than what I have witnessed in other comic book movies. HOWEVER, the complete chaos and destruction was a bit too overwhelming, and I can't seem to be able to shrug off the thousands of innocent lives that are overlooked when all this fighting through buildings is happening. I understand its amazing to look at! and I admit to it, but for once I want a hero to be aware that... "hmm, perhaps I should take this fight elsewhere... since my presence here is only putting others in danger". As for acting and screenplay, I liked the approach with the flashbacks to capture the origin story in a timely manner (although they could've cut the time devoted to action to focus more on the story development). There could've been more interaction between a few characters... for instance, between Clark and Lois so we could have a better idea how that bond was established. The middle act should've devoted more time to character development with the final act being reduced and delivering a more sensible, succinct fight between Superman and Zod/company. With all that, I can't get over how amazing the movie was to look at. The visuals were just BADASS, and when he flies for the first time not only does it capture some of his childlike/humane characteristic, it was a thrill to watch. Still, it lacked in story so thats why I feel the movie was an 8 out of 10 at most... but a 7 more reasonably. the 57% at RT is a bit exaggerated. Should be at least 77-83%. I hope Snyder delivers a better sequel... Keep the visuals but focus more on story 🙂

Luis Gomez on Jun 15, 2013


Epic. Great movie. Must see.

Richard on Jun 15, 2013


Man of Steel was a superhero movie. Just not a Superman movie. I get it, you're trying to make it edgy, or closely related to the New 52 reboot of the comics. I get it, character development will change. Sure, it had pacing problems, sure, it had that annoying giant spider robot that Kevin Smith talked about years ago...I could forgive everything about this, because this man was genuinely flying effortlessly. I cannot forgive that ending. I accept that from any other superhero. I cannot accept it from Superman. We basically got the Dark Knight Rises of the Superman franchise right away. It could've been excusable, he had the right reaction. Suddenly it cuts to him being an 'All-American Kansas boy'? No. Just,

Pabster on Jun 15, 2013


Great flick. I read the critic's reviews, Thought the NY Times as always had valid points. But hey, I loved the back and forth on the timeline of Clark Kent. Everybody was great in the flick. Michael Shannon was just incredible and Kevin Costner did really well. Best superhero flick so far this year.

Brian on Jun 15, 2013


"You think you can threaten my mother?!". OMFG, that was exciting.

el copi on Jun 15, 2013


I loved it, the action scenes were awesome and fast paced. I want to see it again. By the way check out the underside of the "world engine" for an easter egg. Im sure there are plenty others

Tyrell Antonio on Jun 15, 2013


This was Amazing! Just another display of why DC is by far surpior to Marvel! Loved the Logo on the satilite too!

C.j. Irving on Jun 16, 2013


Overall, I thought the movie was good...but not great. Better than Superman Returns though. Things I did like: 1) Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. I think he definitely looks the part but hopefully he gets more dialogue next time. 2) Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. Those flashback scenes were really good. The few things I had a gripe with: 1) The suit. Although I liked the design; why were the colours so dull? And in some scenes it looked shiny(?). 2) Single-handed camera direction. There was so much going on, that I thought a one dimensional view didn't quite cut it to show the scope of the action/destruction. 3) I was not impressed with Michael Shannon's General Zod. Sorry! 4) I thought some of the dialogue just felt flat.

Ron on Jun 16, 2013


Amazing the Superman film I've been looking forward to for a very long time. Shannon was brilliant as Zod finally giving Superman a real threat and someone to fight. The only down side I was left with at times through out the film was I didn't think the special fx whilst superman was flying were up to standard, we got a lot of close ups and very fast moving cgi but to me it was not upto the standard set for flying special fx by iron man in the avengers and iron man 3. Easily the best superman film ever made. On par with te avengers if not better.... For me didn't top the dark knight trilogy

r0undy on Jun 16, 2013


how can you compare one movie to a whole trilogy? just sayin

mr.enigma2099 on Jun 16, 2013


I still think that the next movie will be the definitive characterization of Superman...something like The Dark Knight....

dawko on Jun 16, 2013


Critics are never satisfied. They criticized Superman Returns because it lacked action. Now they criticize Man Of Steel because it's too much action. Really? Sounds like bullshit to me. People of the world, Kal-El is an alien with super human abilities! He's an alien fighting other aliens with weaponry and space ships far more advanced than us. It is only logical and realistic that if they fight shit is going to get blown up! Znyder caught this perfectly in his film! He finally gave us a Superman film that captured what would really happen if we would find out that an alien had been living among us for decades. This movie, unlike its predecessor Superman Returns, had some astonishing great action sequences, driven by a beautiful plot and storyline. This movie is NOT about Clark Kent discovering he's Superman and can resolve world issues. NO! This is a movie about a man who literally has the power to make himself a God among us, but hides, because he's afraid of the world finding out who he really is and panicking. Even after he discovered his true purpose on this Earth and finds out he can actually fly, he decides to go back to Smallville to be with his mother. It is not until Zod shows up that he realizes he must use his gifts and abilities to save us from the the unresolved problems of Krypton. It's amazing! Also some people are complaining that Clark Kent is ignored in this movie. But people, this is barely the beginning! I taught it was awesome how this movie all builds up to the Superman we all know and love! At the end we have Superman established as a public hero and Clark working at The Daily Planet. All of that will be explored in the sequel which where we'll see Clark established in Metropolis and being SUPERMAN.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Jun 16, 2013


I'll admit that I thought the movie was good but I had some problems with it like pacing and stuff in the script. But I'll also admit that I like your perspective on Clark still going back to Smallville and still not revealing himself. I guess in a way this movie is really about Clark overcoming his deep fear of who he is. I'll also agree that even though I was slightly disappointed that I think this movie can potentially create an awesome sequel. If they use this as a platform to show how he becomes the "big blue" and the "beacon of hope" that even legends like batman, aquaman, and wonder woman look up to then 1. I'll be extremely satisfied 2. this film itself will be seen as more epic in the long run since it showed the beginning of that trajectory. If anything I think it's pretty awesome seeing this film garner this much discussion on the intricacies superman. It's really a testament to the complexity of the character.

R on Jun 16, 2013


I agree. We'll just have to wait and see the development of Man OF Steel 2.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Jun 16, 2013


im glad i didnt get caught in the hype for this movie but its probably best to do that with any movie. but anyways i am more of a marvel guy than dc and never was too crazy over superman but after watching man of steel feel in love with it and will go as far as to say best superhero movie to date. i r eally dont understand how critics didnt enjoy it at all fast and furious got better review than man of steel. did i miss something ? what was so wrong about the film?

mr.enigma2099 on Jun 16, 2013


I believe it was very well done. A lot better than marvel

Joe Mckinley on Jun 16, 2013


agreed joe

mr.enigma2099 on Jun 16, 2013


Man of Steel has completely erased the existence of Superman Returns. This movie was awesome and it was the superman film we finally deserved. I will be seeing this again.

Bitmap'd Gamer Tees on Jun 16, 2013


I feel like I am in Bizzaro world... I do not know what film people are talking about here but "Man of Steel".... Was simply Awesome. Great story, effects, great acting from everyone, heart felt, serious, and something that imo was one of, if not thee best super hero film put on the big screen. My advice... Do not listen to the self proclaimed movie critics here, go see it, and judge it for yourself. It seems to many people these days seem to go to films to find whats wrong with a film, rather then enjoying what is right with it!

Chris McDermid on Jun 16, 2013


I agree with most critics that Man of Steel lacked the fun and characterization of the 1978 film, but that didn't stop it from being a great moviegoing experience. The action was epic, and the Krypton stuff at the beginning was fresh and made that world seem bigger that what's been seen before. A perfect movie for IMAX, and should be the best summer movie this year, and stand as one of the better superhero movies in recent years.

Dpatch on Jun 16, 2013


I loved it! Remember when everyone complained about the new spiderman being so close to the first one and you wanted something more and different. But Yet this is much more and much different then the original Superman but yet people wish it was Chirstopher Revee all over again. Make up your F*cking minds people. This was a great reboot and I can't wait to see the next one!!!

Professor_Bedlam on Jun 16, 2013


A disaster!

Jackmooney9 on Jun 16, 2013


Michael Shannon as Zod really stole the movie for me...and Russell Crowe and Jor-El was very good...this is the best adaption of Superman to date, in my opinion..Cavill is a great Kal-El

Corey Ross on Jun 16, 2013


This is with out a doubt the best comic book superhero movie I have ever seen! It tops the Avengers and the Nolan/Batman movies 100% percent!

Sean on Jun 16, 2013


Loved it. Just a damned great movie, and the cast was excellent, especially Cavill. It's probably the best Superman film I've seen since the original; it blows away the others. It's certainly one of the best comic-book movies ever, in my view.

Scopedog on Jun 16, 2013


Yeah...82% of audiences approved in RT...8.3/10 rating viewers from IMDB...8.5/10 rating viewers from metacritic...sot A- for cinema score...and many many more great rating from comicbook dedicated forums/websites and blogs...clearly critics sometimes are moron...

safichan on Jun 16, 2013



Guest on Jun 16, 2013


Loved this movie. My uber-critical friends loved this movie. People twice my age, who don't like movies I like, loved this movie. I don't agree with anyone who wasn't blown away by it, just as those who weren't blown away won't agree with me. It's a difference of values and butt-hurts. For example, Richard Roeper is butt-hurt (presumably from childhood) by people more imaginative than him. In his review, he claims that what Snyder does with Krypton in the opening of the film is "pretentious." No, Richard - it's visionary. He had the balls to create something we had never seen in an exciting way that enriches the back-story of Superman, rather than rehashing the same old shite I've already seen in other, less imaginative, versions of the same story. Just an example of a big butt-hurt man who didn't love MoS.

Ross80 on Jun 16, 2013


I loved how they told the story of an alien. This one addressed how earth would respond to an alien living among us. I thought that was cool and it changed how I enjoyed the film. I also loved the contrast of both Kal-El and Zod's assignments. Both were invested in saving their people. I actually empathized with Zod. For people who are saying there was not much story, I thought there were alot of great plants in there. As for the flashbacks. They didnt have to spend too much time with those cause we know those parts of the story. They introduced us to a different angle of the story. Loved the dynamic between him and Lois and how she discovered him. It was a cool interpretation. For those who are saying it's not perfect. I have yet to see a perfect movie. Because everyone is entitled to their opinion. The best I can do is enjoy!!

disqus_X6AQqSm2pP on Jun 16, 2013


Well, it certainly isn't a classic. There was no humor or charm to be had. The camera moved so much even during the non action scenes that it was hard to focus on anything. Synder is usually better than that. He didn't shake the camera like that for 300. Overall, it was good. Not great, not a classic. I will say that it was much better than superman returns and much, much better than the last superhero reboot that was amazing spiderman.

cs on Jun 17, 2013


Anyone who thinks that MOS sucks.....suckss..

Wermoman on Jun 17, 2013


I just saw MOS for the second time and I loved it. I have been waiting years for a superman movie to come out and give me the same feeling I got when I first saw the Christopher Reeves series as a kid. My wife and I got teary eyed when Clarks dad dies. LOL. (thats when you know a movie is good). I was so worried I was hyping this up too much and that I would be dissapointed. But that is not the case. It was beautifully done. I loved everything about it. I thought Krypton was awesome. I wanted to actually see more of it. I wouldn't mind if they were going to make just a Krypton movie, which has never been done. I was kind of bummed there wasn't a easter egg after the credits. I hope they will put one in the sequel and listen to the audience. Also I would of liked to see him run fast. The only thing I am confused about is what happened to supermans crystal? Did it get destroyed in that black hole thing that created the phantom zone? Does superman not have a fortress of solitude?

timnimbus on Jun 17, 2013


The "Crystal" you speak of is not a crystal at all it's just a very high tech USB drive that holds an endless amount of memory and it wasn't destroyed Lois Lane had it all along when she left the ship on the escape pod. There was no such thing as a "Fortress of Solitude" in this version of Superman. Technically the ship you see him get his suit in was his fortress of solitude but we don't really know if it's destroyed since towards the end of the film we just saw the ship crash land. You have to remember there are thousands of abandoned Kryptonian scout ships out there so all Superman has to do is pick and choose which ever one he wants as replacement. He isn't really alone....

BinaryChaos on Jun 17, 2013


Ohhhh! Thank you! So did Lois pull out the drive after activating the phantom zone portal??

timnimbus on Jun 17, 2013


Now looking back yes it was destroyed the ship can only run with the "key" inserted within it much like a car. I'm sure it can be recreated with that "fortress of solitude" ship but that's if Superman is able to salvage it, with the assistance of Jor-El since he is uploaded on the ship, since we last saw it crashed land on Metropolis.

BinaryChaos on Jun 17, 2013


Pretty good! More sci-fi-ish than expected - but fine with me. Maybe could've paid a little more homage to the Donner version, could've used a little more humor, wasn't overly impressed with the Dragonball Z style fight scenes, but those are all nitpicky items. Well done. Will see again.

avconsumer2 on Jun 17, 2013


Finally, I can join this late discussion. As a childhood fan of Donner's Superman films and as a comic book reader for too many years past, I have to say it was a good foundation, but with a lot of what the fuck moments. A tiny bit sloppy in that respect. I am okay with Zod going first, Luther second with Brainiac and then third with Doomsday if it must come down to it that way. We gotta leave Apokalypse for the Justice League imo... but really Snyder and Nolan have to avoid anymore WTF coincidences and oversights in future Man of Steel movies. P.s. I also must add that the way they wrote (established) Superman (Clark) and Lois' relationship sucked. I mean wtf seriously.? Why does she know so much so soon and why in the world would Clark go gaga over her in this movie? I also must say I'm not anti Snyder, as I loved Watchmen and dug 300, but this was a bit of a mixed bag. Nolan should have monitored this better, especially the fucked writing. In the end, I blame Goyer, who is so overrated. He takes cool comic book established premises and pisses all over them with his not so fine touches.

Johnny Neat on Jun 17, 2013


I liked it. Thought it was the best one y et. Not like the remake of the karate kid.

wt on Jun 17, 2013


Who listens to the critics anyways. They are supposed to slam the movie. The users are where it is at.

wt on Jun 17, 2013



+1 on Jun 17, 2013


Did not live up to hype, but rarely does anything live up to that level of hype. Was fun I walked away happy. Only gripe is the way they went on and had Lois figure out who Superman was before they ever really met.

Brian Sleider on Jun 17, 2013


She's an investigative wouldn't take much to figure out who he is

Guest on Jun 17, 2013


I agree it was done well, But she knew who Kent was before he ever worked at the Planet. I did not like that.

Brian Sleider on Jun 18, 2013


I thought it was a good movie over all. I thought the attack on Metropolis was a bit much with all the people that got killed.That part looked like a Mike bay film. Might be to much for younger viewers.

mtdude on Jun 17, 2013


I have a few questions about this movie that I guess I didn't get. First I'll say that beginning of the movie was awesome sci-fi, I want a movie just about Krypton... 1) How/why did Clark know there was a giant alien ship in the ice? It seemed like he was just going in and out no big deal, you'd think he would be more in awe of finding the thing. 2) Why was the ice around it 18 thousand years old or whatever, I didn't get that part at all, that's the ship that had all the krypton babies in it? Or was it that ship that just had his outfit etc, I guess it was his fortress of solitude? What was the real deal with it being in the ice for so long, way longer then how old Clark is? 3) Speaking of Krypton babies, there was still a bunch in a spaceship, so what was that about all the babies being in Clarks DNA?! 4) Why didn't Clark seem to sad when all the Krypton babies got killed and basically everyone from his homeworld was decimated? 5) Why was that Krypton chick fighting for awhile all bad ass, then the last blow took her out? Did he stab her with a knife or cunt punt her or something? 6) Am I wrong that Clark was never in any danger except when he was on the Generals ship? He just powered through everything else, he should have been in mortal danger to make it more exciting. 7) What was the deal with the Cyper? it looked like a Ape skull with gold writing on it... 8) Why didnt they show more super powers and fighting, it was kinda repetitive, punch, fly, crash into stuff, red eyes, repeat. 9) Easter Eggs? I thought I heard there was easter eggs in there for other DC or Justice League stuff, all I saw was LexCorp trucks a couple of times. Don't get me wrong I really liked the movie, there was just stuff I didn't get that seem glaring. Maybe if I get those cleared up, I can watch it again and really enjoy it.

MMAniac911 on Jun 17, 2013


1) He was probably drawn to it 2) Because the ship was that old...seemed pretty straightforward to me 3) The codex contained much more. It was the collective everything from Krypton 4) I don't believe those babies even had identities yet. Just potential vessels. 5) Superman is strong 6) He was definitely getting his ass beat by the two kryptonians 7) not sure 8) What else would they have shown? 9) Didn't notice any myself

Guest on Jun 17, 2013


I don't think you were paying attention to the movie cause all those questions are already answered in the movie. The one question I will answer is the ship being buried over 18,000 years. There is a backstory to that involving Supergirl being the first Kryptonian to visit planet Earth by accident. She and other crew members were on a mission to find a planet habitable to populate it with Kryptonian workers such as those embryos found on the ship. There were thousands of Scout ships deployed with the sole purpose to populate habitable planets with Kryptonians that would use that planets resources to replenish the citizens of Krypton. Just google man of steel prequel comic to get more information on that.

BinaryChaos on Jun 17, 2013


the whole Superman concept is just so juvenile... I really dont know why they spend so much time & money trying to make it something an adult would find entertaining... no matter how you spin it up, it is kid's stuff...

guido_ jenkins on Jun 17, 2013

224 are SO smart....too smart for the rest of us...let me guess you... took time off from some think tank to post this....please don't slow down your progress on a cure for cancer to remind the rest of us how dumb we are.

Guest on Jun 17, 2013


^ And I'm guessing you are a Superman fan, "Guest"? Are all Superman fans as rude and obnoxious as you are?

tom on Jun 17, 2013


Great Movie overall. Snyder did say it was a re-amagining of the superman story, but I think he might of gone a bit far. Out of the whole movie I can accept how he got his/recognise and adapted his powers (just like smallville). But the one thing that has stayed true to Superman DC world for all time is that he is the ultimate super hero and that he never ever ever KILLS. Due to the change in this DC world, which is oviously a much darker world they thought well lets just make him a killer. Lots of collateral, don't think he saved more people than were taken out during the attack and superman Vs Zod battle. Even with the changes I loved every bit of it. Can't wait for the next one.

jarad on Jun 17, 2013


Superman has killed before...this is hardly new

Guest on Jun 17, 2013


I thought this was a great new start. My family loved it. I do expect more from the next films. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

MDC4LIFE on Jun 17, 2013


I was disappointed with it. The first trailer I saw for it was wonderful and the film didn't surpass the film that the trailer created an impression of. Virtually all of the decent lines are in the trailer and Costner is criminally underused. It's like there is just too much action in the film with a lot of it having little resonance or consequence. Buildings collapse all over the place but no sense of loss. When they topple, people seem to treat them like a tumbling lamp post rather than 40 storeys of crashing concrete and metal. Unfortunately once Supes has piled through the third or fourth building, it kind of loses it's punch. Cavill looks good but although I don't think he has a great deal of personality, the material he's given doesn't allow the viewer to really engage with him or care. I think it suffers from a problem that many films nowadays have. The writers try so hard to create these overly complex reasons and bad guy motives, that they completely forget to concentrate on the basics of emoting the characters and fleshing them out. It's a real shame for it was a great opportunity and I like Snyder but ultimately it had too much noise, too much action and not enough development. I'd have to give it a 6/10.

Payne by name on Jun 18, 2013


Had a great experience. as soon as jor-el flew off on that alien flying lizard I had goosebumps. also, one of the only movies where i didn't start to get bored towards the end. the action blew me away. The fight in smallville was AMAZING!

dipdippotatochip on Jun 18, 2013


My only real gripe was Russel "Ghost Dad" Crowe. It takes the emotion out of his death when he's in the rest of the movie...

Cameron on Jun 18, 2013


Seeing as this article has run it's course and my comment is gonna get shot to the bottom of this feedback, I'm hoping someone can answer this....Kal said his "S" symbol stood for Hope, but I was always curious what Zod's upside down "?" stood for (or whatever symbol it was he wore)?

JBrotsis on Jun 20, 2013


Is funny to read reviews-comments by those who never read a comic book in their lives. This is the best Superman movie!

avaloki on Jun 23, 2013


I was blown away by the film: great script, beautiful effects, great acting. For me a perfect action super hero movie and I want to see it again.

ChristophedeNice on Jun 24, 2013


I' am a huge fan of Super man and i love Man Of steel but, looks so grainy. I don't know why Snyder use this grainy style. I hate it.

tony on Oct 23, 2013

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