Stellar Sci-Fi Alien Action Short Film 'Hybrids' from Patrick Kalyn

April 22, 2013
Source: Vimeo


"352 days since their arrival." There's another new sci-fi short film that just hit the web that many folks are flipping over already. I've received numerous emails linking me to this film Hybrids, an 8-minute science fiction alien action/revenge short written & directed by Patrick Kalyn. It stars Daniella Evangelista as a badass warrior girl who fights her way through a number of blue-blooded alien creatures, with weapons. It's pretty cool for something made for nearly nothing and is the directing debut of Kalyn, a visual effects artist on films like Avatar, District 9 and King Kong hoping to make this his big debut. It's worth a watch below.

From Vimeo: An ex-special forces soldier seeks revenge after losing her daughter at the hands of an alien infestation. The film was written & directed by Patrick Kalyn, with cinematography by Cliff Hokanson and music by Sam Hulick, produced by Gabriel Paul Napora & Triton Films. Kalyn explained: "I've been a visual effects artist for the last decade and have worked Avatar, District 9 and King Kong to name a few. The short is pretty VFX heavy as you could imagine. Triton Films produced, we shot this thing for no money. It was a labour of love… blood, sweat and tears for the last 10 months for everyone involved." Visit hybridsfilm.com.

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Okay, that was incredible...

Akira Money ♕ on Apr 22, 2013


And sadly, again is proved that good, even very good vfx does not make a movie more compelling, original, entertaining, the acting better, etc...

framecat on Apr 22, 2013


Hm I found that absolutely terrible - almost every aspect of it. Super cliché (the lines spoken, the innocent little girl killed, the contrasts between the flower dresses and her military apparel as well as between the flashbacks and the hunt, etc.), the incredibly dumb aliens, the poorly choreographed fight (at one points she bends backwards to avoid the arm of the alien - what exactly prevented it from lowering his arm/weapon on her instead of bringing it back?!), the fact that she seems to be a terrible hunter, the very poor acting... I love science fiction, but there was absolutely nothing original (whether in SF or in general) about this. I genuinely do not see what is supposed to be good about it :/ Probably fun to make and see for those involved, but how can anyone else be "flipping" over this?

Paul K. on Apr 22, 2013


In fact, the exact fight moment I'm talking about is featured in the picture included above with this article. If he lowers his arm, she's dead.

Paul K. on Apr 22, 2013


I was thinking the same thing in that moment. The alien had just contracted the blades like a pincher. If it just expanded the blades again, she would have been done. I agree with the rest of your assessment as well.

Elbak on Apr 22, 2013


Yes. But have you not seen that movie in a thousand Kung-Fu movies?

David Banner on Apr 22, 2013


*seen that move(ducking that way)

David Banner on Apr 23, 2013


Seemed like it happened in a split second.

Xerxexx on Apr 22, 2013


I agree. Lame from top to bottom. Not one original idea in the whole thing. I just don't understand how someone can put so much effort and time and money into something like this. The creators have to know that what they are making is creatively bankrupt. If they don't, they need to do more research before making anything else. Wow...just so dull.

Greedo on Apr 22, 2013


There are a lot of people out there who are creatively blind. Must have been 10months of real sweat and real tears. Good effort at least.

redman on Apr 22, 2013


Effort doesn't matter. A lot of people put in effort and have no results, do we have to give them a prize too?

John Michaels on Apr 22, 2013


Effort doesn't matter? Relax dude! How much did you pay to see this? They're probably making no cash on this as it's an indie project. It may not be the most groundbreaking plot for a film under 8 minutes but I'm sure he'll get more job opportunities as a result of it. Enjoy it! Sheesh..

Nick Sears on Apr 23, 2013


Everyone involved probably lost a lot of time and money on this, which is why it's upsetting. I don't like thinking about the people whose time was wasted based on the 'vision' of some VFX nerd who thinks he can direct/make actual films.

yeapp on Apr 23, 2013


FOX probably thought the same thing about Joss Whedon's Firefly.

Nick Sears on Apr 23, 2013


Well said, Nick. I can't believe the thrashing this is receiving when it was an 8 minute demo that any up-and-coming director would be thrilled to have made. Good grief, was everyone expecting Avengers?

johnnyu on Apr 23, 2013


How goes the saying: Those who can't do, hate?

buckethead on Apr 22, 2013


What funny is by your definition, you are a hater too. What's wrong with having an opinion, a specific one at that . . .

John Michaels on Apr 22, 2013


On the contrary: By my definition, I am a doer. And I have one other skill: Telling a troll from a critic.

buckethead on Apr 23, 2013


That must be a wonderful skill to possess. I'm sure the movie studios would love to hire you to go about on message boards and silence any criticism of their films.

Nifty Films on Apr 23, 2013


It's a gift... and a curse. You are the Arnold fan who watched just the first minute, correctamundo? At least you have the guts to admit to the lack of a basis for intelligent criticism. Hats off.

buckethead on Apr 23, 2013


Yep, since I thought the very first minute was pretty bad I can't intelligently criticize it. You missed where I said that they should have worked on a better screenplay rather than the CGI. I could have just said that it sucked, but I try to give some constructive criticism when I don't like a film.

Nifty Films on Apr 23, 2013


No, you can't: Not based on <13% of the running time. Ever heard of movies that get a slow start? But thank you: For making the arduous trip from the future. And for blessing us with your positivity. Memo to Skynet: The 'constructive criticism' must have landed in an alternate timeline.

buckethead on Apr 23, 2013


Why is it when people give an intelligently constructed criticism of a film that people say that they must be a 'hater' or something like that? Ridiculous.

Nifty Films on Apr 23, 2013


Read the log line - pretty much sums it all up. Yawn

TomWeaver on Apr 22, 2013


Yes the story was generic, but I thought overall it was a good watch. Its amazing what filmmakers can do now with very little money.

John on Apr 22, 2013


But high production value doesn't matter. That's easy these days. Access to high-quality equipment is not indicative of storytelling talent.

esbanks303 on Apr 23, 2013


I never said access to high-quality equipment is not indicative of storytelling talent. I said the story was generic. But I enjoyed the tone and visual style that this film had. This can apply to features as well: a lot of movies have below average storytelling, but still fun to watch. To suggest that production value doesn't matter is just silly. And try telling a visual effects artist, production designer, or sound mixer that their work is nothing but "easy" these days. There is only so much "story" you can fit into a 7-minute short anyway.

John on Apr 23, 2013


it's got to be pretty damn hard to choreograph a fight like that, especially on no budget. All in all I thought it was technically very impressive, even though the science fiction plot/acting/script was threadbare and cheesy. We must demand more from our entertainment, but as far as VFX go, he's obviously got real chops.

Linkfx on Apr 22, 2013


Why do you need a budget to design a fight? You sit in your room at night and make storyboards. You do it over and over until it's good. Maybe even original. You watch what's been done before, and you add your own ideas. (If you have any.) You have your friend over for a beer and you try out the choreography in your living room. Again, why are you making excuses for them?

Greedo on Apr 23, 2013


Not making excuses for anyone. I just know personally how hard this stuff is to do, especially if you're trying to maintain control over the whole production/post production from the director/vfx supervisors POV. Would be a tough balancing act. It's definitely not good by any stretch, but choreographing a fight where you only have one actor and need to move the camera to make sure you're getting head room for an imaginary tall creature isn't as easy as you say.

Linkfx on Apr 23, 2013


There's no room for the 'nice attempts' in Hollywood. This would be impressive if it were made by a friend of mine that I didn't know had any talent. For someone who is trying to legitimately use this as his segway to directing feature films, it isn't going to accomplish anything.

sorrykalyn on Apr 23, 2013


That was AWESOME! I hope Elysium Turns out this good. I found myself invested so much in the mothers internal struggle and her ability to avenge her daughters death. I dont know who that actress is but she has got it. Look out Steven Spellberg!

cameron Simmons on Apr 22, 2013


You worked on the short film didn't you??

Kaim on Apr 23, 2013


What? Hahahahahaha!

Greedo on Apr 23, 2013


This sounds just like one of those film quotes used on DVD covers that is from a film blog that gets maybe one hit a day. Well done you!

Nifty Films on Apr 23, 2013


This has to be a joke......

Russell Shouse on Apr 23, 2013


Vimeo short films usually have more substance than this. very disappointed

C on Apr 22, 2013


This reminded me too much of the TV-Series "Falling Skies". But there, the aliens are mostly in the dark. Mostly.

David Banner on Apr 22, 2013


"It was a labour of love... blood, sweat and tears for the last 10 months for everyone involved"... Look at the numbers of the cast and crew who managed to pull together and create this piece of work for virtually no money, meaning everybody donated their time and energy for FREE... from runners and actors to VFX personnel... don't be too quick to harshly judge a first time effort from a very talented bunch of people. I say well done to all involved. Keep going.

Az on Apr 22, 2013


I don't agree. Every one of those people has seen hundreds of movies. To put in all of that effort, and not understand that you are doing nothing new is sad. I'd be pissed off if I put in tons of free work, and the director did not have one original idea.

Greedo on Apr 23, 2013


I really disagree, and think it's kind of sad that no one on this team just stuck their head out and said that the project looked shitty, and that they were wasting everyone's (I'm assuming valuable) time and effort. All in all, this has SyFy channel written all over it. Will never become a Hollywood feature as they seem to be gunning for.

sorrykalyn on Apr 23, 2013


so lame.

john michaels on Apr 22, 2013


I watched the first minute and couldn't go on. Opening dialogue is really, really terrible. Films should start concentrating on having good screenplays instead of CGI.

Nifty Films on Apr 22, 2013


I'm surprised she lasted a day, let alone 352 days...

Neuromancer on Apr 23, 2013


Ummm. Okay. That was pretty lame. Sorry, but it didn't impress me at all.

guest@gmail.com on Apr 23, 2013


I didn't think it was that terrible. it's great that someone already working in VFX has the time and energy to make a short. It is true that it could have been better written, or more original, but it was only a short. It shows that unless there is the right team, it doesn't always come together, but at least they're doing stuff. Like with the trailer for the animated film below, the guy has developed an amazing render system, but I've found his stories in the animation slow. the movies look so beautiful that I want to be in that world, but unless your glued to the character all the great sets and effects don't matter. Compared with films from Studio 4. Anyways I'm away on a waffle. Here's that trailer: https://vimeo.com/63794503

Carpola on Apr 23, 2013


Curiosity kills, but do you have a link to Studio 4?

buckethead on Apr 23, 2013


Hey Bucket head, here's the link: http://www.studio4c.co.jp/english/ They made Mind Game and Tekkonkinkreet, both incredible animations, also they worked on the Animatrix and Batman; Gotham Knight shorts too, here's a link to the animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP4bxXZ3rXc Enjoy!

Carpola on Apr 23, 2013


Not exactly original. Lots of cliches. Lots of bad acting. I think what I do appreciate about this is the coordination of effort and the drive to "get it done". Just because the material isn't all that impressive in a "content" sense, doesn't mean there is a lack of quality. I hope those involved keep at it, improve their craft, and learn from their mistakes as much as their successes. Good luck guys.

l.21 on Apr 23, 2013


No chingen hablen en español....

nebursitho on Apr 23, 2013


I stopped watching after a few mins...not very good

Guest on Apr 23, 2013


Look, I appreciate the fact that everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm not the type to care about, or acknowledge "haters". BUT. Why not show some basic humanity and spare a thought for all of the talented people that worked long and hard to create this. THEN. Next time you feel like JUST posting about all of the things that the creators did WRONG, why don't you also give them some kudos for all of the things that they did RIGHT too. Imagine for a second how you might feel if you spent however long it took them to do this, and then someone just comes along and takes a dump on it. Gotta give some praise with your criticisms, otherwise one day nobody will be bothered doing what these people just did anymore. But hey, that's just me. Nice work Patrick and Co.!

AnotherDan on Apr 23, 2013


You can saute your mushrooms PERFECTLY but if the omelete sucks, I'm gonna complain to the chef. I genuinely feel bad for them that they put so much time and energy and money into this. There is a lot of talent here that's being wasted on a terrible project. And if we clap and say "good job you tried really hard!" then we learn nothing, the movies don't evolve, and we just keep getting the same crap. I WANT people to tell me if something I do is terrible because as the creator, I clearly can't see objectively what was wrong with it, and I don't get better if I'm not criticized. And something this bad needs to be very harshly criticized so they do better next time. I'm not saying lynch him and never let him make a movie again, I'm saying he'd better damn well learn how to tell a good story, or else not bother wasting money, time, and talent on something as bad as this.

Esbanks303 on Apr 23, 2013


I hear what you are saying, but if you make films, or write, or make music or whatever, you need to assume that some people will not like your work. This isn't school, we don't need to lead with the positive. This is the real world, and that director is hoping to get real world director jobs. I make my living as an author. When my books get reviewed no one pats me on the back for getting them done, or working hard. They say that either I did a good job or a crap job. The reason that I am so harsh on a film like this is that every day on movie sites, people complain about lack of originality. We cringe at hollywood making sequel after sequel after reboot after prequel. Then, someone decides to spend all of this money, and effort on an independent film, and they don't bother with an original idea! That's what frustrates me.

Greedo on Apr 23, 2013


Ok, I understand the points that you're both making, however, I haven't actually seen many (if any at all) people that said "you did this, and I thought this, and in my opinion, you should've / could've done this instead to make it better". Criticising WHILE offering suggestions for improvement means that people will exponentially improve what they're doing, otherwise they're stuck in a sort of "trial by error" approach to fixing their problems. It's not about "a pat on the back for finishing" as much as providing positive feedback.

AnotherDan on Apr 23, 2013


Why did he cast the least believable woman on the planet to be fighting aliens? Why does the alien who's sneaking up on her and hiding behind a box make loud snarling noises the whole time? How did they cause such havoc when we have walking tanks and all they seem to have is wrist blades they limply slap at you with? I loved his VFX work but that does not automatically make him a good storyteller, and this movie really reinforces that.

Esbanks303 on Apr 23, 2013


Wouldn't pay to see this made into a movie. Wouldn't fund a movie based on this short either, if I were on the production end. Style over substance x1000 (with the style extremely lacking as well). VFX are not bad, but Hollywood doesn't really have room for 'not bad' especially in a genre like this. Or for a project like this that seems to heavily depend on VFX. Go watch 'Alive in Joburg' and compare it to this, and then realize the difference between 'creative genius' and 'the ability to throw a lot of time/effort into something.' I actually think it's sad that no one on the creative/production team for this short told everyone that they were on a bad track. This guy (Kalyn) won't ever direct, ever. Best case scenario they pay him for the VFX work he did and hire another director/creative team. Also the VFX themselves are kind of dumb; the aliens look stupid and would not function well as the antagonist force in a movie. They look like they're straight off SyFy. The only remotely cool thing is their retracting hand-blade. The direction is laughable here. Literally.

sorrykalyn on Apr 23, 2013


Hope you can improve on the rather predictable story line and clichè characters. Believable action sequences too will give more depth. More originality would improve this piece.

Eye-ridium MF on Apr 23, 2013


I really enjoyed it. Kudos and respect to the whole team who obviously are very passionate and poured their love and expertise into the production. The location and the look are pretty incredible with no budget! Also thought the actress Daniella was great as a lead for this short (there hasn't been a lot of great female leads in sci-fi since Sigourney Weaver). Best wishes to the director and team, hope this takes them to something bigger and better.

Jules43 on Apr 24, 2013


What a turd! Lousy script, awful acting and dumb choreographies. Dump the director, hire the FX designer.

Atreides on Jun 2, 2013

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