Steven Spielberg Drops Directing Bradley Cooper in 'American Sniper'

August 5, 2013

Steven Spielberg

Following news at the beginning of the year that Steven Spielberg was delaying his adaptation of Robopocalypse, the director and his DreamWorks banner decided to join Warner Bros. in a co-production of American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper. The film is based on Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's autobiography American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History with a script from Jason Hall, who wrote the forthcoming Paranoia with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman is adapting the story of how Kyle racked up the most confirmed kills for an American during his time in the armed forces. However, the project now needs a new director as Deadline reports Spielberg has dropped out. Read on!

Supposedly, Spielberg just couldn't get his vision lined up with the budget, so he and DreamWorks decided to let Warner Bros. and producer Bradley Cooper find a new director. The drama certainly packs a punch as the story of his success as a sniper is punctuated with passages from Kyle's wife detailing how his affections turned from her to the SEALs and the war. Kyle was a man passionate abouout weaponry and marksmanship and spent his time teaching others how to shoot, but he met his end when a fellow discharged veteran gunned him down at a Texas shooting range.

As for Spielberg's next move, Robopocalypse won't be his next project, and now we're left wondering what the director will do next. Recently, Spielberg was said to be interested in another script from Hall, an adaptation of Thank You for Your Service, David Finkel's book which dives into the psychology of war and examines veterans returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder. There were rumblings that Spielberg wanted Daniel Day-Lewis for that role though, and the actor had talked about taking a break from acting for awhile again after making Lincoln. We'll have to wait and see what Spielberg does next.

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Damn you Spielberg for not getting out your comfort zone, you used to be more dynamic and bold picking your movies. Now you just pick boring movies all of them Oscar Bait, very unimaginative, they are just a waist of your style and talent...

Nuno Lopes on Aug 5, 2013


Probably since minority report

martyo on Aug 5, 2013


Yet, I can see how he might have turned this film into a typical "Spielberg Product", which would only further arguments that he's lost his ability to be innovative. I am sadden by this news, as I can see you are, but the big question is: what caused him to walk besides budget? Is there some other project that grabbed his attention, and if so, what is it?

Quanah on Aug 5, 2013


That first paragraph of the article took far to long to get the the topic issue of it's title. Carry on....

Rob Julianelle on Aug 5, 2013


Sounds pretty cool if you ask me.

DAVIDPD on Aug 6, 2013


I wanted him to do Interstellar more than any of these. It was going to be his last great film. I wouldn't mind him finally doing Chocky. I think Steven is tired and has nothing else to prove. I also think he wants to badly win 1 more Oscar so he and John Williams can announce that they are retiring. Most movies that win oscars are overrated anyway. Silver Linings and Argo were good movies but I think they were overrated. Lincoln was good also but most people were expecting to get a SPR treatment of the Civil War and Lincoln was not a war movie.

Me Again on Aug 6, 2013


I think what happened is Spielberg has Stopped making movies for us and now he is making them for himself. He needs to do his fans a service and make one more film that reminds us of his golden years 75-83 or something like that. Spielberg has proven that he can still make an effective movie but he seems like he is just not into it anymore. Maybe Peter Pan has finally grown up. Was Hook a biopic??? Lol

Me Again on Aug 6, 2013


I think there are arguments though that he has had flashes of gold since 83. Schindler and Jurrasic, Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, Munich. Granted, there is a lot of sentimentality in his body of work, but those films I just listed also have a great deal of brutality.

Quanah on Aug 6, 2013


None of us have a clue as to what's really going on here. It's all just mindless opinion chatter of no worth. Why Spielberg does or does not do whatever is his own business. This sniper story. Will it have any real truth to it or will it just be some manufactured slop to make Americans feel good about themselves? I was a Drill Sgt. in the Army many years ago. The military and the mind-set that goes with it can be very pathological. This sniper guy loved the military and guns more than his wife? Um.....and was his being this gung ho sniper/killer a part of his personality that somehow triggered another military minded nut job to shot and kill him at a firing range? What was this sniper killer like? To think that it was just a maladjusted veteran who lost it is a bit too simplistic and shallow. What was this sniper guy's part in all this? Would that be a part of this story or would they just simplify it as I stated above and not deal with the darkness in this guy's life and persona. He was a bit nutty...a killer...a sniper no less which is a pretty crazy thing to do. What was going on between him and the guy who shot and killed him? We'll never know as that's way too dark for the folks...and perhaps Spielberg too. Although Munich is a very, very good film and a very dark and truthful film about about the madness of killing and getting even and all the heavy stuff Isreal is doing and still doing.

Bo on Aug 6, 2013


To add to what I just posted. Spielberg took a lot of flak from both Jews on the whole and Isreal for Munich and he's jewish. The one and only time I really had respect for Spielberg; for making this amazing film, Munich, and knowing what the flak was going to be. My hat went off to him for that and still does. Most of his other stuff is pure junk to entertain the low-brow masses and make him a rich and powerful man. Which it has done! Ha!

Bo on Aug 6, 2013


Man Bo, you have to got me the most elitist bastard Ive seen on these forums.

Cody W on Aug 6, 2013


Honestly, I just want one more Sci fi adventure out of him, maybe his magnum opus. But I get the feeling hes getting bored. Hes passed up like 3-4 projects in the last year hasnt he?

Cody W on Aug 6, 2013

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